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Where can I find the Red Bricks?

Does anyone have a partial or complete list of the extras and how to get them?

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YokaiHunter answered:

When, you decide to take a break from the story mode, head back tot one of the areas you have already been to using the world map (touch screen). Head back to the Shire, Bree, or Rivendell. You wil be in Free Play mode since yuo have already beaten and unlocked these levels. Go around and smash things and try to solve all the puzzles, or find the jumping points to the fighting levels (these will be circular green and brown pads that stick out from the surrounding ground colors. By clearing all the breakables, puzzles, and levels in a Free Play area, you should be able to come up with Treasure tokens (not to mention character tokens and studs). Then, go to a caravan/cart in whichever free play area you are at. From here you can buy unlocked characters and redbrick and hints, view your treasure tokens and level progress, enter codes etc. Familiarize yourself with what treasure tokens you have collected by their picture and description (which will give you hints about who to give the treasure to). Then, go around to your available free play areas and find characters who are standing around with gold circles in front of them and thought bubbles coming of their heads. Thir thought bubbles wil reveal which treasures they want. If you can give them all the treasures they want (anywhere from 1-4) they allow you to unlock a red brick. Go back to the caravan cart and buy your red brick if you have enough studs. Turn on whatever extra option you have just bought through the Pause Menu.
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