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How the bacon do I kill Shelob? Plz help

Ok so I'm on my DSI rite and I get to shelobs lair and I've read every answer on the site and I need to get past her and I can't . And I press A and Sam does block ( not that it works to block lol) ands when he gets it rite and Shelob goes so fr back she rears up and I'm too late and I die

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I mean far lol

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kylethegreat38 answered:

U have to be very careful even if u die don't give up. I die a lot trying to be that creepy scary spider form the beginning of the 2nd movie. U must keep hitting Shelob by pressing A nonstop then use the vial of Galaddriel by pressing A when it tells you to then wack the heck out of the spider and at the end keep using the vial to put that spider back where it came from (the cave).

Hope this helps

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