Question from Lonewoolf23

Asked: 2 years ago

Why do i have the same problem with The Battle Pelennor????

I too got stuck in this area. After destroying all the orcs, there was no black rock to summon ghosts. I have started the level over a few times, and i still get stuck. Does this mean i have to buy a whole brand new game because of some stupid glitch????

Accepted Answer

From: bewitched817 2 years ago

I went through this level three times and called 5 stores in the area to see if anyone was having this problem and returning the game because of it. On the 3rd time through once I got to stage three (where people have been having trouble getting the stone to trigger) I used Legolas to kill all the orcs (his kill count will show in the bottom left). I think it has to do with the storyline. Hope this works for you too!

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