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Warioware: Touched!
Toys FAQ

Well, hey there. Looks like it's time for a new FAQ. This covers all 
the toys you can get, what they do, and how to get them. (I'll update
as I find more.) Toys aren't in any particular order.

To get to the section of the FAQ you want, just do a CTRL+F search
for the part in particular. For instance, if you want to get to Wario
Paint, just search for "-9-". The - marks will keep you from having
to search through other numbered sections.




-I- Recent Updates
-II- Frequently Asked Questions


-1- Kitchen Timer
-2- They Hunger
-3- Clacker 
-4- Reel-to-Reel 
-5- Calculator
-6- Big Hurl
-7- Orbit Ball
-8- Pong Ping
-9- Wario Paint
-10- Grandma Simulator (W/ quotes list)
-11- Game Credits
-12- Piano
-13- Snow Man
-14- Wind Chime
-15- Custard
-16- Metronome
-17- Pyoro T
-18- Juggly Boy
-19- Play By Ear
-20- Turntable
-21- Snore Rope
-22- Yo-Yo
-23- Wario Spinner
-24- Pet Brine Buddies
-25- Air Dude
-26- Pet Chameleon
-27- Party Tooter
-28- Bubble Blaster
-29- Light Show
-30- Spirometer
-31- Pet Parrot
-32- Air Toss 2000
-33- Whistle a Tune
-34- Mona Pizza (w/ lyrics)


-E1- Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
-E2- Special Thanks
-E3- Contact
-E4- Closing




-I- Recent updates

This will just be a log of everything I do in-game for the
time being, until I get this out and actually have to make 

2/17/05-Started this FAQ after getting the game the previous night.
I noticed a lot of topics involving lists of toys and whatnot, so
this seemed like a good FAQ to do. For now I don't have many toys,
but I hope to get more listed later. 

2/18/05-(V1 COMPLETE) I felt I had enough info to submit it, so I did.
First I have to edit it into a TXT file. AGAIN. Somehow Wordpad ended
up formatting itself into a Word Processor form. Ugh. Thank God
this FAQ isn't as big as my previous one. Anywho, here's hoping...

2/20/05-(V2 COMPLETE) Turns out I missed an item. Crud. It was
Air Toss 2000.  Anywho, aside from the Whistle and missing item
from Twisted, the list is complete. Also, I messed up, it's Light
Show, not Light Snow. >_> Well, I actually have decided to pull the
original unfinished one and send this full one in.

2/25/05-(V3 COMPLETE) I edited one thing on the description for the
Game Credits. Also, I can now at least confirm the Mona Pizza video
is in the game still, thanks to a Nintendo Power article, but no
description as of yet. Also managed to confirm the "missing toy"
of the Japanese version...And added to the updates which version
I was on when writing this. Whee.

2/27/05-Just made a few edits to specify some stuff. I probably
won't be sending in the final version until I get "Whistle a Tune"
and the Mona video, so...Yeah. Just letting the world know that I
updated here.

2/28/05-(V3.1 COMPLETE) Updated about the Snore Rope, Pyoro T
and the Turntable. Also made a few small updates based on some things
which I've been told by a few people which are quite interesting to
know, so I threw that in. There's just two more things I need in here
until I can consider it "final": I plan on ordering the FAQ by the Toy
Room each item goes into, and I still need info on Mona Pizza. The Toy
Room revamp will take a while, but...Muhh.

3/13/05-Hi. ^_^ ...Also added a Grandma Simulator quote thanks to

3/15/05-Added two more grandma quotes thanks to OmegaEmerl, once

3/16/05-(V3.2 COMPLETE) Added another Grandma quote. Figured it
was a good enough time for an update, so I did.

3/27/05-Well, I just had a huge Spyware incident, but thanks to 
an old Floppy with work from 3rd grade I had lying around, I
can still update this FAQ! Huzzah. Finally got around to adding 
something Hatake Kakashi65 filled me in on about "They Hunger" 
and how you can blow the little guys away. I knew about it, but
I was too dumb to realize that it's an interesting tidbit and 
really not that obvious to the average Joe. Also fuddled around
with my silly little credits. Decided to organize them a bit.
I'm sending this in, but it's not really worthy of a version
change. Not playing Warioware much anymore, I recently
purchased the Sonic Adventure remakes and Yoshi's Touch & Go,
but I'm leaving the FAQ open, because you never know when you're
going to want to update it. (And eventually I'll get off my lazy
butt and sort the toys by their room, which will qualify for a
full version update, but I'm too lazy and have studying and crap
I have to do, and a revamp like that would take some time.)

3/28/05-(VERSION 3.3 COMPLETE) o_o I sent in an update, but for 
some reason it didn't update any of the things I changed. At all.
So maybe I need to change the version? I dunno. I hate to be
manipulative and change the version for nothing, but if I really
have to, VERSION 3.3 IS COMPLETE! ...Now, I need to go and touch
some Yoshis. (Get it? Yoshi's...Touch and Go? Har. ...I'm doing
this at 9 in the morning. I need a life. Or more sleep. God.)

6/11/05-(VERSION 4 COMPLETE) Hiya and whatnot. I got Warioware
Twisted! tonight, so I figured I'd throw in a small update for
the Mona Pizza video. Someone IMed me with a decent description,
but I forgot the name of the guy; so I'll just update with my own
description. Sorry, person. ;_; Anyways, this will probably one of
the last few updates, although I'll probably find some nitpick
worthy enough of constituting an update. But I'm only doing this
now because this is a big matter. I'm using my mom's computer;
my normal one is busted. So that will also limit the amount of
work I could do on the FAQ. And I've been busy with other factors.
School, chatrooms, and whatnot, y'know. So...Ehh. Any other
questions relating to Touched would gladly be answered on AIM or
via e-mail. I plan on doing a Twisted! souveneirs FAQ too sometime
down the road, so yup.

6/26/05-(VERSION 4.1 COMPLETE) Made minor adjustments and made the
sucking up to people a little more broad so there isn't any weird
questioning should my peers ever take a gander on this. (God forbid.)
Now that it's summer, I may start working on sorting the toys by room.

6/28/05-Did more cleaning up.

7/06/05-Changed contact address. Since I'm sick of dumb kids IMing me
all the time, I changed it to avoid them. (Oh, don't worry though. You
guys are COOL. ^_^)

8/04/05-Changed e-mail. Gmail will be helpful for filtering through
some idiocy--I mean :D!!! Err, expect this to be my last update, though.

6/04/06-Not an update! Just changing the thank yous. Some of them
have nostalgic memories with me, but...some just embarrass me.

-II- Frequently Asked Questions

...Or a FAQ, if you will. I'll answer any questions I may get here,
but for now I'm just going to put a few I expect to get later.

Q: What are these toys?
A: Whenever you accomplish something in-game, such as beating a
level orscoring 30 points on it, you will get some neat little toy.
Most of these are pointless, but some of them are little bonus games.
Usually a secret toy will be marked by flashing text in a level or
toy's description. 


Q: When I accomplish the task for a toy, how do I get it?
A: Once it's done, you'll see the toy go into Orbulon's ship.
Click the ship and you'll see the toy come out. You can play
with it there, or move it to the Toy Room to keep the game
area uncluttered.

Q: I heard a toy got replaced from the Japanese version, what is
A: I think the toy was a longer version of one of Mike's games,
or so I hear. All I do know is that this toy was replaced by
"They Hunger".

Q: Can I contribute to your FAQ?
A: Of course, as long as it's toy-related. If you have info on
the Whistle, or useful input on toys, as well as giving me
Grandma Simulator quotes I may be missing, I'd really appreciate
the help.

Q: Does the parrot have any sort of trigger that causes him to
start recording? He always seems to get the tail end of whatever
it was I was trying to get him to repeat. Except the one time I
couldn't get him to stop saying "Bacon!" Don't ask. (Asked by 
"TalkingOdlor" on AIM)
A: He usually just starts recording once he hears something,
and records whatever it can pick up at that point. So
usually it would be wise to just say "Hi" or something quick
before whatever you want him to say.

Anywho, let's get started.


~~~The Toys~~~

I know I said this three times, but you people don't get it.

-1- Kitchen Timer
How to use: Click the buttons with the stylus, hit the start
button, and you have a timer.
Purpose: Nothing, really. If you need an egg timer or something,
use this. But who would leave their precious DS next to a cooking
pot? Also, if you're pretending to go on a secret spy adventure,
use this as your ticking time bomb of DEATH!

-2- They Hunger
How to use: Stick your stylus on the screen and the thingies
will come for you! OH NOES!
Purpose: Just a cool little tech thing to show off the DS.
They also make shapes if you leave it alone. You can also
blow them away.

-3- Clacker
How to use: Pick up one ball with the stylus, lift it, 
and drop it so it crashes against the other one.
Purpose: Fun to watch. Reaaaalllllyyyyy fun to

-4- Reel-to-Reel
How to use: Spin the reel around to make the Chain Chomp
in the movie go.
Purpose: Well, it's ONLY the BEST MOVIE EVER. ...Or not.

-5- Calculator
How to use: If you don't know how to use a calculator, see
your local doctor. Calculators are not for everyone. If you
have a serious brain problem, do not attempt to use this toy.
Purpose: Well, it may not be able to divide or multiply, but
you never know when you're gonna need a two-screened calculator
to remind you that 2+2=4.

-6- Big Hurl
How to use: Spin around the little guy, build up power, and HURL
Purpose: Unlocks the a new toy if you score 80 meters or more.

-7- Orbit Ball 
How to use: Similar to Kat and Ana's boss level, draw lines to
bounce the little head guy into space.
Purpose: It's fun, and if you bounce him over 1000 miles up, you'll
win a toy.

-8- Pong Ping
How to use: This is a multi-player game. You swipe at the ball using
the L button for one player and the R button for another.
Purpose: Wario wants you to D-D-D-D-DUEL with Pong Ping! It's a fun
little thing to goof around with.

-9- Wario Paint
How to use: Pick a color from the palette and start painting!
Purpose: Giving Wario pink teeth, of course!

-10- Grandma Simulator
How to use: Blow into the mike to cool your granny's tea, and she'll
give you some advice. Depending on how you blow into it, she'll give
you different quotes. GRANDMA RULES.
Purpose: Come on, nothing's better than a FRICKING GRANDMA SIMULATOR.
Grandma Quotes: "Wario is a big grump." "Knitting rules!" "Listen
to your elders." "Eh? What did you say?" "Mind your manatee."
"I need more tea!" "Never say diaper." "Practice makes pudding."
"Take naps." "Make loafers, not war." "Use a coaster!" "Celery happens."
"Easy come, easy go-kart." "Rock the mic!" "Don't rock the cruise
boat." "I need to...Zzz..." "There's always yesterday."

-11- Game Credits
How to unlock: Beat Warioman's level.
How to use: Umm...You click on the icon and watch the credits. Duh.
Purpose: To credit the people who made this game. Also, enjoy the
nice medley. ^_^

-12- Piano
How to use: Touch the keys to get this thing working.
Purpose: I can play the music from the credits of Pokemon Ruby and
Sapphire on it! LOOK AT ME MOMMY! ...Seriously though, it's kinda fun,
but it loses it's touch now that there isn't an old lady yelling at you
for screwing up like in the piano-related microgame. (That game had me
cracking up...)

-13- Snow Man
How to use: Roll it up with your stylus and it'll roll into a big
Purpose: None whatsoever, except if you, like me, love destroying
cute things like it's some sort of British cartoon we're in.

-14- Wind Chime
How to use: Blow into the little mic there and it'll go.
Purpose: It's kinda fun. I dunno. Useless but fun.

-15- Custard
How to use: Pick at it with the stylus and drag it around and
around and around.
Purpose: It's fun to jiggle. ^_^ 

-16- Metronome
How to use: Swing it around with the stylus.
Purpose: Even more useless than the Kitchen Timer. Ugh. Although,
I do recall someone at the message boards saying they used it to
help in their music class when their normal metronome broke. SO

-17- Pyoro T
How to unlock: Get a silver crown on every character in the Album.
To do this play their levels in Games mode until you get everyone's
microgames unlocked.
How to use: Touch anywhere on the lower screen, and pull outwards.
This stretches Pyoro's tail. You can fling the tail at enemies.
Purpose: A fun little game. It IS Pyoro, so you should expect such. 
Score over 3000 points on it to unlock the Snore Rope.

-18- Juggle Boy
How to use: Click on the hand the juggly thing is gonna land in to
throw said juggly thingy.
Purpose: Unlocks a new toy after 40 points are scored. Easier said
than done.

-19- Play By Ear
How to use: Press a button and blow into the mic. Pressing the button
tunes the harmonica.
Purpose: Hey Nerdy McGeekerson, maybe you and your pals and form a
band entirely composed of DS harmonicas. ...That'd be the geekiest
band ever...

-20- Turntable
How to unlock: Score over 15 points on the Snore Rope.
How to use: Pick one of three songs: Mario Paint, Hogan's Alley or
Ashley's theme.
Purpose: So every Ashley fanboy in the land may obsess their 
Ashley shrine whilst they listen to their favorite theme song.. 
...Seriously, though, they're pretty good songs, even Ashley's. 
I'm just...Y'know. Joking.

-21- Snore Rope
How to unlock: Score 3000 points on Pyoro T.
How to use: Use the mic to keep the senior citizen floating,
but remember to keep him in the boundaries of the 
Purpose: It's a neat little game. It unlocks the Turntable for
clearing 15 points too.

-22- Yo-Yo
How to use: Hold the DS upside down, then use the stylus to
flip it down. 
Purpose: Cool idea, and slightly entertaining, but come on,
you can't even do more than just fling it downwards? You can't
send it around the world, or walk it like a doggy? Or make an
Eiffel Tower out of it? Please...This is a pathetic excuse for
a yo-yo.

-23- Wario Spinner
How to use: Blow into the mic to spin the spinner so the two
pictures look like one.

-24- Pet Brine Buddies
How to use: Pick up the magnifing glass and look at the little
bacteria. The light will attract the creatures.
Purpose: It's kinda neat. Other than that, pretty useless. Also,
there sometimes might be a MERMAID in there. And she must be 
pretty little to be in there. *Hit* Ahahaha...I'm such an ass.
(Thanks to TalkingOdlor again for telling me this. Actually, I
already knew, but it wasn't until he told me that I actually
thought of putting it in here. >_>)

-25- Air Dude
How to use: Blow into the mike to keep Air Dude afloat. 
Purpose: A cool little mini-game, despite being 
pathetically easy, and if Air Dude makes over 100 yards,
you can unlock a new toy. (I got EXACTLY 101. Go me. Goby.)

-26- Pet Chameleon
How to use: Pull down a wallpaper to make the chameleon 
change color.
Purpose: "I have changed colors! I have become...
CHAMELEON MAN! Eddy can be my sidekick, the Frog-Mouthed
Kid! And Double D is our butler...DOUBLE D!" ...In other
words, useless.

-27- Party Tooter
How to use: Blow into the mic to toot this baby.
Purpose: Is it New Year's and you lack a party tooty thingy?
Use this! ...But don't expect anyone to hear you. 

-28- Bubble Blaster
How to use: Blow into the mic and blast bubbles.
Purpose: It's cool...I guess...Oh screw that, it sucks. 

-29- Light Show
How to use: Scribble around and your scribble will get all 
Purpose: It's sparkly and nice.

-30- Spirometer
How to use: Blow into the mike to raise the ball to a certain
level, depending on how long you can blow into it.
Purpose: It's actually kinda interesting to find out 
how long you can do it, and it's fun to see how high you
can get it.

-31- Pet Parrot
How to use: Talk into the mic. Don't blow, that'll sound weird.
Wait a bit and he'll mimic you. 
Purpose: There hasn't been many other good chances to show off
the mic, and they all involve blowing into it, so this is to
show it off a bit. I got the parrot to mimic the episode of
Fairly Oddparents with the April Fool, too, and my sister
made him sing "Oops I Did It Again". ^_^

-32- Air Toss 2000
How to use: ROCK THE MIKE, ROCK THE MIKE! ...And blow to make the
tiny little ball fly. 
Purpose: You can scare your drunk friend by dropping your pressure
just right and make the ball sound like a police siren. Wario says, 
"DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE, kids! Unless you crash into a bank, then by
all means tell your old Uncle WARIO!"

-33- Whistle a Tune
How to unlock: Get all gold crowns in the album.
How to use: (Thanks to TalkingOdlor for telling me) 
"...the Whistle a Tune thing seems to play notes based on how loud
it hears you blowing into the mic. Not very useful if you already
know how to whistle. Well, not very useful at all. It's hard to
get it to stay on one pitch."
Purpose: To piss off everyone who toiled countless hours to clear
the album. Heehee, just wait until Twisted, folks. It has the best
fricking reward item ever. No kidding here.

-34- Mona Pizza
How to unlock: Play "Warioware Touched!" with "Warioware 
Twisted!" in your GBA slot.
How to use: Watch the fricking movie, you dolt. -_-;;
Purpose: A little bonus for playing two wonderful games.
As if you needed any incentive. Note the in-game description:
"Just for forking over your money, you get to watch this hot
new video! It hasn't even shown up on the Internet yet!" Of
course, Nintendo doesn't realize the game was in Japan first
and the move could've easily been ripped from the game. Somehow.
I guess.
-BIG NOTE:- You can start karaoke mode in the video by hitting 
the A button.

Lyrics: (Aren't I nice for doing this?)

This here is Mona Pizza!
Makers of the world's best eats-a!
Fresh sauce and cheese galo-ore
brought straight to your front do-or!

(Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum!)

This here is Mona Pizza!
(Buon giorno!)
Makers of all tasty treats-a!
Our pie's crispy crunchy cru-usts
Leaves all others in the du-ust!
(Mama mia!)

Grab a hot slice, and take big bite!
It's so good you'll start a fight for more 
Mona Pizza!
(I'm the Manager of this joint!)
Mona Pizzaaaa!
(My name is Joe!)
Mona Pizzaaaa!
(It's a pizza art!)
Mona Pizzaaaa!
(I said "pizza art"! Ahahaha!)

We represent Pizza Dinosaur
We have the most stores in the world!
Our crust is tough and our sauce is thin
But we're everywhere so you gotta give in!

Mona Pizza's got nothing on us!
Because we've got six thousand stores plus!

Pizza Dinosaaauuur!
Pizza Dinosaaauuur!



-E1- Legal Mumbo Jumbo

I did not make GameFAQs. CJayC did. And it is copyrighted to
him. Or trademarked. Or something. I dunno.

I didn't make Warioware. Warioware Inc. is copyrighted to
it's owner, Wario. ...Ok, actually, Nintendo made Warioware.

I made this FAQ though, so do not use this without the
legal consent of the National Football League--Err, me.
Evan1109, Evan, Evang, Evie, Evring, Tails2k, Toast,
MiyamotoFansFansFan, and a bunch of other dumb names.
To put it simple, I made it. You can use this FAQ with my
permission and if you give me proper credit, otherwise,
I will hunt you down and blow you to bits if you've
stolen it from me.

-E2- Credits

Thanks Wario, for making this game.

Thanks, Ashley, for granting kids to hell.

A hearty thank you to Mike for annihilating the competition
with your weapons of mass karaoke. 

Thank you, Pizza Dinosaur, for having six thousand stores

Another thank you to a random Warioware character: THANK
YOU, MCGRUFF THE CRIME HOUND! Errr...Rocky the Reporter.

Thank you, Nintendo, for making the wonderful, wonderful DS.
And all your other magical systems. You rule.

Thanks to GameFAQs for accepting my FAQ, which has nicely cleared
up many of the questions on the forums.

Grandma, I'd like to thank you for minding your manatee.

Thanks, General Bob, for saving us from the ROFL Waffles.
(Look at e-Bay more if you don't get it, people. >:|)

Thanks Batotaur, for having the skills to survive, as always.

Kudos to Ace Bunny, AKA the "Angsty Emo Bugs Bunny" starring
in the upcoming Looney Tunes spinoff "Loonatics". With a crazy
look like that, you deserve all the credit you can get.

If I'm gonna credit Ace, then Shadow the Hedgehog deserves
is that I just typoed "past" as "pasta".)

Thanks to the 777-ish people who read this FAQ as of 2/28/05.
(Even though many of those are bound to be repeats, as well as
myself visiting the FAQ many times. >_>) Also thanks to all 104
visitors of my original Super Mario 64 DS FAQ, and all who see
any of my future FAQs! Strangely, the number of hits they get 
has been decreasing, but that's aside the point. For it is YOU, 
the n00bish readers, who drive me to do this. For without you, 
I wouldn't be detirmined to write FAQs to stop the horrible 

...Speaking of which, thanks to the creators of Animal Crossing
for making the infamous Pitfall item. Is it a NES game? Is it a 
useless white ball thingy? A Glitch item? NO YOU MORONS, YOU

Thanks to all my good pals on a certain dead website. The
Animal Crossing one. You know.

And thanks to my mom, for driving me to Toys R Us to pick up this

Thanks to Angry Luigi, mab, lamename3000 and Ness26 from the message
boards for telling me that the toys are completely random in 
order. (Besides stuff like Pyoro T)

Thanks to OmegaEmerl for a ton of Grandma Simulator quotes.

Thank you, Hatake Kakashi65, for pointing out that you can blow away
the little thingies in "They Hunger".

Thanks to TalkingOdlor for dropping me a line and giving me small
info about the Whistle, the mermaid in the Pet Brine Buddies, and
asking a question which is now in the FAQ, and also seems to be
reoccurent at the forum anyways.


Thanks to the emoticon ":|". Because I used it a lot.

And thanks to me for writing this FAQ! >_> Also, thanks
to me for replaying the Mona Pizza video countless times
to get the lyrics correct.

And of course...THANK YOU FOR PLAYING! ...Unless I already
credited you. Then screw you. And I'm technically telling
myself to screw...myself, so don't worry. ^_^

-E3- Contact

My e-mail is, but I'd perfer it if you IM me
instead at Evang1109 (I use AIM). BUT DO NOT SPAM ME OR BASH ME
PLEASE.  If you do I will curse you for 1 MILLION YEARS OMG. If
you have something to suggest or contribute, just tell me, too.

-E4- Closing

Well, that's it. There goes my second FAQ. So I hope that helped ya.
See you around, everyone. 

...Wow, how anticlimatic. Anywho, as Daggett would say,

"THE END! ...Question mark?"