Question from iremember145

How do I getthe star on the ledge in Big Boos Hunt?

How do I get across to get the star on the ledge in Big Boos Hunt?

matty397 asked for clarification:

What ledge?

Damion_Michaels asked for clarification:

I'm sorry but there are many ledges in this game let alone big Boo's Haunt. You need to be more specific please.

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WariosGurl22 answered:

Go to the second floor of big boos hunt and the second door to left side{go in it!} then go threw the maze of books, at the end you will see 3 green books, hit them in the correct order and a secert door will open.
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Lord_Marcos answered:

Look up near the piano area and you should see a place up there, jump on the wall near it and then get there
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