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How to unlock Mario?

I am having a little trouble with unlocking Mario. i know where to find the picture, but i still need a little help. Thanks

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ghuggi answered:

You have to beat the the Huge Goomba in the Goomboss Battle. Jump into the large hole on the top. Yoshi(you only have Yoshi in the beggining) can swallow those goombass around him and throw eggs on that Goomboss. Swallow your enemy and press R to make eggs and then shoot it on that monster. Hit him three times and there you go!!! You get the key to unlock the main moustache hero!
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Ds_Killer1 answered:

NOTE: YOU HAVE TO BE YOSHI TO UNLOCK MARIO. In order to unlock Mario, navigate north until you get to a pole. Climb up the pole and go to the stump - i think its a stump - and jump in the hole. To kill the Goomboss, swallow a goomba, then run behind Goomboss and throw the goomba at him. Repeat this 2 more times, and you should get the key to Mario's door.
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