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I dont know where the third floor door is.does anyone know?

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Super_Sonic_5 answered:


You start on the first floor. There's a basement below that. Up the main stairs is the second floor that runs in a circle. And a staircase up there leads to the third floor, where the large clock is.
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Mike_OShay answered:

Better answer: Beat Bowser 1 (enter the star door in the lobby with Mario and 12 stars) to get into the basement. To get there, enter the wooden doors in the castle lobby and go down the short stairs. Then, turn around and go down the massive staircase to the locked door. You should be able to unlock it if you beat the first Bowser.

Then, get 30 stars and enter the star door with Mario and beat the first star in Dire, Dire Docks. Once that's done, the level will pull back, allowing you access to a hole that leads you to Bowser 2. Beat him and go back to the lobby. Enter the big key doors at the top of the lobby staircase and go up the spiral staircase within. you're now at the second floor.

Once you gather 50 stars, go back to being Mario and turn right when you walk up the spiral staircase. Go through the star door, and you'll be on the third floor.

Next time, just look around the castle, it's not that hard. >_>
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Damion_Michaels answered:

I'm assuming your on the 2nd floor already. From the doorway leading to the stairs back down to floor 1, hug the wall and just keep running to the right. You'll bump into a staircase. These stairs will spiral around for a bit before leading to a door that opens into floor 3. You'll know your on floor 3 when you see a large grandfather clock in the area.

You'll need 50 power stars and Mario as the playable character in order to get beyond the star door which leads to floor 3.
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