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How do I get through the jet stream?

In the Jolly Roger Bay Star # 7 Through the jet stream, How do you get through the jet stream?

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romeo777 answered:

You need to have Wario unlocked. Swim into the ocean cave, and kill a Goomba wearing yellow hat. Wear it to turn into Wario. Hit the ? block and grab the Power Flower to turn into metal and be able to walk underwater for a while. Go back to the ocean and grab the Star on the jet stream before metal power runs out. Hope it helps!
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julia2468 answered:

First of all, you need Wario. Second of all, you need to have turned the ? blocks solid.

I'm positive that you don't have Wario unlocked, so in that case, you need to go to the ocean cave and find a goomba wearing Wario's hat. Kill the goomba to get your hat. Swim back out of the cave, and swim over to the platform with the bomb-omb-buddy, and the ? block. Once you're there, hit the block, grab the Power Flower, and quickly jump back into the water. You'll start falling, because you're metal. Now you can walk like normal under water... that is, until your flower wears out. Anyways, look around for the thing that looks like a red net with bubbles coming out of it. Walk over to the center of the net and jump up to grab your wonderful star.
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UltimateDigimon answered:

You will need first wario. Then you must select the level.Then go where bowsers schip was.Then go to the dock with the red box jump against the box and take the flower go into the water and walk to the water pulses that come out of the ground.Walk to the centre of that and wait until the number 5 come and the star will appair.
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