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How do you beat Bowser the first time?

I entered the garden where all the Boos are and went down the sewer. I am trying to beat Bowser and am swinging him around, but he doesn't die. Been swinging him for an hour.

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romeo777 answered:

You need to throw Bowser at one of the bombs around the battlefield. You just need to do it once to beat him the first time - and you'll get a key to the basement.
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GuyWhoGames answered:

To defeat him, you need to run around him and grab his tail ( as Mario luigi or wario ). Then spin him around a few times using the dpad or touch screen. Then aim towards one of the bombs near the edge of the platform and throw him at it. If you do it right, he'll explode and you'll defeat him.
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kirbymastah56 answered:

throw him into the boMbs
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yehudis123 answered:

You have to be Mario to beat Bowser the first time. Once you start fighting Bowser try to press A and B near his tail then take your stylus and move it around in circles then aim for one of the bombs on the battlefield and press A then he will be defeated for the first time and will give you the key to the basement.
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