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How do i pluck the piranha flower ?

On tiny - huge island how do i pluck the piranha flower and where is it ?

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untuxable answered:

well, you don't actually pluck the piranha plant, you just kill it by punching it. The piranha plant you need to kill is at the very opposite end of where you start. Basicall, if you're in the lake staring at the mountain, the plant you need to kill is in the back left corner on an island, if i remember correctly.
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ughwhoawee answered:

1st, go to tiny world, then go switch to huge world at the pipe. 2nd, there is a lot of piranah flowers.(6) You can either punch it, or the easy way. the bottom left has a mushroom for u to get then kill all the piranahs. If you can't find the other 2, They are behind the pipe and on the lower plattform on the right.
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ughwhoawee answered:

Oh sorry the mushroom is at the bottom left, but u have to pound ground the red log. Also, the star will appear after u kill the piranahs.
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