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How do I get past eye to eye in the secret room?

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pokemon8 answered:

you need to be Luigi,go up the stairs and run right & then enter the right door and jump on the platform and hit the [!] block and get the power flower to become invizible and then backflip and then enter the door and then run right and enter the boo you'll see a GIANT EYE run around in circles to defeat the GIANT EYE and then get the STAR.
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vince181995 answered:

To get past ,eye to eye in the secret room , you simply spin around and around it.
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gamer_boy997 answered:

You need to take Luigi up the stairs to the second floor of the haunted house, then go to the door that is the farthest to the right, and there should be a platform with a ? block above it in the corner of the room you enter, jump onto the block, then you should see a floor above, backflip to jump onto it, and there should be a door. Enter the door into a room, and there is a picture of a boo and a ? block somewhere in the room, hit the block and grab the flower and jump through the picture of a boo and there is a giant eye inside. Run around it a few times, and it will shrink and the star will appear.
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