Mini-Game FAQ by Revned

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                               Super Mario 64 DS
                                 Mini-Games FAQ
                                   by Revned

                                  Version 1.12
                             Last updated: 12/10/04

                   This document is Copyright (c)2004 Revned.


 Table of Contents

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1. Version History
2. Introduction
3. Yoshi's Games
4. Mario's Games
5. Luigi's Games
6. Wario's Games
7. Rabbit Information
8. Special Thanks
9. Copyright/Contact Information


 (1) Version History

1.12 (12/10/04) - Fixed a mistake I made last update.

1.11 (12/08/04) - Fixed a few minor typos.

1.1 (11/30/04) - Added an introduction, added which rabbits unlock which 
                 mini-games, added more details to the game descriptions, and 
                 made a many major and minor corrections. 

1.0 (11/24/04) - Added all the rest of the games and put up a list of all the 
                 rabbit locations, thanks to HyperShadow128.

0.8 (11/23/04) - Added several more of Luigi's games and a couple of Wario's.

0.7 (11/22/04) - First version, my first FAQ too!


 (2) Introduction

One of the most entertaining aspects of Super Mario DS is the many Touch Screen 
oriented mini-games that were included. There are 36 in all, and most of them 
are very fun and challenging. They also offer a major source of competition for 
high scores on message boards. 

When you first get the game, 2 games for each character are unlocked. You must 
get the rest of them in the main game by catching rabbits scattered throughout 
the castle. When you catch a rabbit, they give you a key. The key unlocks a 
mini-game in the Rec Room. Each character can find 7 rabbits, making 9 games 
each, and 36 total.


 (3) Yoshi's Games

Most of Yoshi's games are skill oriented. You have to think fast and act 
quickly to win them. These are probably among the first games you will unlock.

In-Game Description:
   It's easy to get lost in the crowd! Find the one who disappeared and touch 
   him. There he is!

   When the game starts, you will see one of the characters' faces on the top 
   screen, and a whole bunch of little ones on the bottom. Your goal is to find 
   the face on the bottom that matches the one on top and tap it before the 
   time is up. You get a 5 second bonus when you find it, and a 10 second 
   penalty if you tap the wrong one. You can have a maximum of 50 seconds. As 
   you get to higher levels, it becomes much more difficult to find them. 

Loves me...?
In-Game Description:
   Play this mini-game for advice on your love life! Pluck the petals to find 
   out how your crush feels about you.

   Not really a game, but you tap the petals on the flower to take them off. 
   You see the old "Loves Me" and "Loves Me Not" thing on each petal, and the 
   final one is supposed to determine if your crush loves you back. You get to 
   see Yoshi plucking petals on the top screen. If you get the same thing 3 
   times in a row, it becomes either "Really Loves Me!" or "Really Loves Me... 
   Not!" The flowers range from having 21 petals to 1 petal. For reasons 
   unknown, the flower that appears after a 1 petaled one strangely loses all 
   its petals. They all just fall off, and the face is sad, but no message is 
   shown. Another fun thing to do is catch the petals after you pick them and 
   play around with them.

Hide and Boo Seek
In-Game Description:
   Rub the Touch Screen where the Boos are hiding! For the first 15 levels, you 
   get 3 seconds to find them. After that, you only get 2 seconds.

   When the game starts you will see ghosts flying around on the bottom screen.
   Then the Boo on the top screen will pull the light switch, leaving you in 
   the dark. You must quickly rub back and forth where you think the ghosts are 
   to expose them to light. They continue moving in the dark, so you will need 
   to predict where they will be. If you get them all within the time limit, 
   you go on to the next level. 

Puzzle Panel
In-Game Description:
   Match the Touch Screen picture to the top screen. Touch a panel to turn over 
   the surrounding panels. Harder levels will take more turns to solve.

   This puzzle game can get quite tricky. You will see two grids, one on top 
   and one on bottom. Your goal is to make the bottom match the top. Tapping a 
   square on the bottom will make it and the 8 surrounding tiles flip over. You 
   have a limited number of flips, so be sure to think it through before you 
   tap. There is only one way to solve each puzzle, and you get 3 tries per 
   puzzle to find the solution. If you don't, you lose. 

Boom Box
In-Game Description:
   Each time you open a treasure chest, you'll hear a sound. Open 2 chests with 
   the same sound. Win by matching all pairs!

   This is just a matching game with sounds instead of images. Tap a chest to 
   hear a sound, then tap another one and try to get the same sound. Once you 
   get a match, they disappear. Get rid of all of them to go to the next level. 
   You can only make 3 non-matching pairs before you lose. If you don't make 
   any mistakes on a level, it says "Perfect!" Some sound effects can be 
   difficult to distinguish from one another; some even require you to pay 
   attention to which speaker it comes out of.

Tox Box Shuffle
In-Game Description:
   Oh, no! Yoshi's trapped in a Tox Box! Find which one he's in to save him!

   This is one of those classic 3-cup shuffle things. Yoshi will get put in a 
   box, and the boxes will shuffle around. You must keep track of which one 
   he's in, and tap it when they're done moving. As you get to harder levels, 
   there will be both a green and a blue Yoshi. You must remember where both of 
   them are, because it can ask you for either one. You can guess incorrectly 2 
   times per level before you lose.

Which Wiggler?
In-Game Description:
   Touch the Wiggler on the Touch Screen that matches the one on the top 
   screen. Choose carefully, though; he has a terrible temper.

   All you have to do for this one is tap the Wiggler on the bottom screen that 
   is the same as the one on the top screen before the time is up. Watch for 
   the patterns on its body sections. Later levels will have many more Wigglers 
   that move all over the screen. A correct answer gets you a 5 second bonus, 
   while a wrong one takes 10 seconds off the timer. If you click the wrong 
   one, they will all turn red and get angry. You can't tap them until they 
   have stopped being mad. You can have a maximum of 50 seconds. If you click 
   the wrong one, they will all turn red and get angry. You can't tap them 
   until they have stopped being mad. You lose when the timer runs out.

In-Game Description:
   Line up the slots on the Touch Screen to form a face. Win more coins by 
   matching the center face in the slots to the one on the top screen.

   This is a simple slot machine-like game. Tap a slider to stop it, and try to 
   line up the face that is shown on the top screen. If you get it right, you 
   get 3 coins, if not, you lose 3. You lose if you have 0 coins. Make sure to 
   complete the face on the top screen, as you will be penalized even if you 
   match up one of the other faces. My suggestion is to tap the bottom slider 
   first since it's fastest. Then you can more accurately stop the other two.

Puzzle Panic
In-Game Description:
   This mini-game takes Puzzle Panel to a whole new level. Put on your thinking 
   cap. You're going to need it.

   This game is exactly like Puzzle Panel, only with a larger grid. Your task 
   is to make the bottom grid match the top one. Tapping on a square flips it 
   and the 8 surrounding tiles over. You are given a set amount of taps when 
   the level starts, so be careful and think it through before you tap. You can 
   get it wrong three times per level before you lose.


 (4) Mario's Games

Mario's games require lots of skill. They involve falling Marios, Koopa shells,
and lots of line drawing.

Mario's Slides
In-Game Description:
   Guide Mario down the slides to the Star. Draw lines on the Touch Screen to 
   create new routes for him. Collect 5 Stars to move up a stage.

   There are 4 vertical lines when the game starts, and a few horizontal lines 
   on the top. Mario's head will go down one of the lines, and it will take 
   every horizontal line it comes to. Try to guide him to the star by drawing 
   lines between the main 4 on the bottom. Your lines stay there for 5 levels, 
   so don't make it to crazy or you won't be able to finish the next levels. 
   Your lines disappear at the end of the 5th level. Then the level gets harder 
   with either more lines on top, quicker speeds, or multiple Mario heads to 
   guide. Hit the arrows on the side to make Mario fall faster. You lose when 
   Mario lands in a Piranha Plant.

Bounce and Pounce
In-Game Description:
   Mario's in free fall, but he can bounce back if you touch him. Stomp the Fly 
   Guys, but make sure he doesn't fall off the Touch Screen.

   3 Marios will fly up on screen, and you must make them fall on top of the 
   Fly Guys on the bottom. Tap on the Marios to make them spring into the air. 
   You can sort of steer them by tapping on their sides to make them go in the 
   other direction. After you defeat the Fly Guys, you will get to the next 
   level with more of them in harder positions. They can even get smaller, 
   making them difficult to hit. You lose after you drop 3 Marios. High Scores 
   are counted as the highest level you got to.

Sort or 'Splode
In-Game Description:
   Guide Bob-ombs to the black carpet and Bob-omb Buddies to the red carpet. If 
   you bring in a wrong colored Bob-omb, it will blow up!

   This game is very intense. You will see a red box on the left and a black 
   one on the right. You must drag the Bob-ombs that come out of the top and 
   bottom doors into the boxes of the same color. They will not blow up if they 
   are in their own boxes. If you don't drag one into its box fast enough or 
   if you put one in the wrong box, it will blow up. It will also destroy the 
   other Bob-ombs in the area. After one blows up, it will count up your score 
   as the number of Bob-ombs that are safe in their box. If you fill a box with 
   40 Bob-ombs, it will empty them out and add them to your score, and you can 
   continue playing. Also note that the Bob-ombs can't walk into the boxes, so 
   you don't have to worry too much about them wandering into the opposite 
   colored box.

Trampoline Time
In-Game Description:
   Draw a line on the Touch Screen to turn it into a trampoline. You can draw 
   up to 3 lines at a time. Help Mario bounce to safety!

   Several Marios will drop down from the top left, and you must guide them to 
   the door on the right that is lit up. Draw lines on the Touch Screen, and 
   they will turn into trampolines. You can angle them to make Mario bounce a 
   different direction. Bounce him into the correct doorway to get more points. 
   If he gets near the ledge beneath the door, he will grab on and climb up. 
   The big trampoline at the bottom only lasts 3 bounces. After that, you have 
   to be very careful not to let any fall. You can miss 3 Marios before you 
   lose. Your score is the number of Marios that made it to the door.

Shuffle Shell
In-Game Description:
   Use the paddle to push the Koopa shells to the target. The closer the shells 
   land to the center of the target, the more points you will earn.

   This game is just like shuffleboard. Drag the paddle at the bottom into the 
   shell above it to knock it towards the target. You get points depending on 
   how close to the middle you were. If it doesn't land on the target, you get 
   none. You get 5 shells, and the total score is added up after all of them 
   have been hit. Be careful not to knock your good shots off the target! 
   Here are the values of the rings: 
      Blue         -   100 Points
      Outer White  -   300 Points
      Red          -   500 Points
      Center White -   1000 Points

Bounce and Trounce
In-Game Description:
   Mario's surrounded by Fly Guys to trounce. Touch him on his left, right, or 
   center to make him bounce in that direction.

   This game is very similar to Bounce and Pounce, except it is point based and 
   not level based. Three Marios will fly up on screen, and you must make them 
   fall on top of the Fly Guys. You get a point for every one you land on. Tap 
   on a Mario to make him bounce into the air. Tapping on his left will make 
   him fly up and to the right, and vice versa. After you land on a Fly Guy, 
   more will come. They come in all different sizes and move around the bottom 
   screen. You can drop 3 Marios before you lose.

Connect the Characters
In-Game Description:
   Draw lines to match the characters' heads to their bodies. Press "GO!" when 
   you're finished to see how you fared!

   You will see four heads at the top of the screen, and your goal is to make 
   them fall to the correct bodies. Draw lines between the four main ones to 
   create different paths. Each head will take every horizontal path it comes 
   to. After you're finished placing lines and are confident they will fall 
   correctly, press go to see if they make it. If they do, the heads will go 
   back to the top in a different order, and you have to do it again. Notice 
   that your old lines are still there, so it can get pretty complicated after 
   a few turns. Make sure when you are placing lines that fixing a line for one 
   head won't mess it up for the others. Every 5 turns your lines are cleared 
   away, and it gets more difficult. There might be different characters' 
   heads, or pre-drawn lines on the top screen. 

Shell Smash
In-Game Description:
   Hit Koopa shells together to score points. Hit many in a row for even more 
   points. Score even higher points by smashing green shells together.

   This game is quite crazy and entertaining. Smash the green shell as hard as 
   you can with the paddle. It should hit the other shells at the top, and they 
   will go flying. They will bounce all over the place, and you get points 
   every time they hit each other. The score between the shells increases 
   depending on how many times the shell has hit another. Green shells give you 
   massive points if they hit, up to 2400. A whole bunch of green shell 
   collisions can easily raise your score by tens of thousands of points. You 
   get five shells, and your score is added up at the end.

Trampoline Terror
In-Game Description:
   Only players with superb stylus skills will be able to make Mario bounce 
   through the rings!

   Draw line on the touch screen and they will turn into trampolines. Put them 
   where Mario will fall, and he will bounce up off of them. Try to angle them 
   so that he will go through the rings. You get extra points if you go through 
   multiple rings in one jump. After all rings are gone, more will appear in 
   different patterns. Pretty soon, more Marios will come also. This adds to 
   the confusion as you must make sure none of them fall. The big trampoline at 
   the bottom only lasts 3 bounces. After that, you have to be extra careful 
   not to let Mario fall.


 (5) Luigi's Games

All of Luigi's games are gambling games, mostly cards. Some of the games can go
on for a very long time. Note that you only get a high score if you quit while 
you're ahead. If you do quit without losing, you can also come back later and 
continue with the same number of coins.

Memory Match
In-Game Description:
   Pick two matching cards to make them disappear. Clear all cards to win.

   You are presented with several cards, and you must match all pairs to win. 
   Tap them and they will flip over. If the two you tapped match, they will 
   disappear. Otherwise, you lose one of your 3 coins you can bet per turn. Try 
   to remember which cards are where so you can make matches. If you finish a 
   level, you get 6 times the remaining coins you bet. You lose a star if you 
   miss 3 times, and you gain one if you finish the level. The more stars you 
   have, the more successful you have been. They do not add to your score, 
   though. You lose when you run out of coins.

In-Game Description:
   Touch 2 identical cards that are connected vertically, horizontally, or 
   diagonally to make them disappear. Clear them all to win!

   The game starts with a lot of cards with symbols on them. If you see two 
   identical ones that are touching on the side or diagonally, tap them to make 
   them disappear. After they disappear, the rest of the cards will shift up to 
   cover their space. If the cards get moved in such a way that no more matches 
   are possible, you lose as many coins as there are cards still on the table, 
   then Luigi deals again. If you manage to get rid of all the cards, you get 5 
   coins. After the first level, Luigi has more cards to deal to you, making it 
   longer and harder. The stars keep track of how many levels you have 
   finished. You lose after you run out of coins.

Picture Poker
In-Game Description:
   Get a better hand than Luigi to win! If you're confident your hand is best, 
   increase your bet!

   Luigi will deal you 5 cards. Your goal is to get a better hand than him. Do 
   this by getting combinations of groups of the same card. Look up at the 
   chart in the top left screen to see the different combinations and their 
   multiplier values. The symbols in the chart do NOT correspond with the ones 
   on the cards, however. You could get five mushrooms and still get a 16x 
   multiplier. Anyway, look at your cards and see if you have any matches. If 
   you have any cards that don't match, you might want to get rid of them and 
   get some new cards. First, adjust your bet by tapping the bet thing in the 
   upper left of the Touch screen. Then tap the cards you don't want anymore 
   (optional). Click Hit/Hold and you will get new cards and Luigi will compare 
   his hand to yours. If you have a better combination, you will get your bet 
   times the multiplier coins back. If not, you just lose the ones you bet. In 
   the case of a tie, the symbols on your cards are judged on the value scale 
   on the bottom left. Whichever person has the highest valued cards wins the 
   hand. You lose if you run out of money. The stars on bottom of the top 
   screen represent the ratio of winning to losing hands you've had. If you 
   have any stars, it means that you've one that many more hands than you have 
   lost. If you have none, it means that you've lost more hands than you have 

Mushroom Roulette
In-Game Description:
   Guess where the ball will land on the roulette wheel. Guess correctly to win 

   The game starts with a ball spinning in the roulette wheel, and you have 5 
   coins on the table. If you want to bet on where the ball will stop, drag the 
   coins onto the square of your choice. You can choose from the 12 red or 
   black symbols, or put them on the colored diamonds. If you get the correct 
   symbol, you get 12x the number of coins you bet on that square. If you bet 
   on the diamond, you get 2x your bet back if it lands on that color. You can 
   put up to 5 coins on a single square. You can also put coins on the lines 
   between squares. If either of the squares it's touching wins, you get 6x 
   your bet back. Putting coins between 4 squares gets you 3x your bet. You 
   lose when you run out of coins.

Mario Slot
In-Game Description:
   Touch the spinning slots to stop them. Get 3 items in a row to earn coins! 
   The Superstar is wild.

   This slot machine features great classic Mario artwork. First, you can 
   adjust your bid at the bottom of the screen. Then tap a spinning wheel to 
   make it stop, and do the same with the other two. If you get any of the 
   combinations listed on top, you get the number next to it multiplied by your 
   bet. The Super Star acts as a wild card, so if you get it and two of the 
   same thing, you get rewarded for three of that symbol AND the single star 
   multiplier. They do not compound, however. You get rewarded for each of them 

Lucky Stars
In-Game Description:
   From a pair of cards, pick the one with more Stars to win coins. Beat Luigi
   at his own game!

   Luigi will deal 2 cards, and you want to choose the one with more stars. 
   First adjust your bet with the counter in the upper left of the Touch 
   Screen, then tap a card. If yours has more stars, you get double your bet 
   back. If not, you lose your bet. You lose when you run out of coins. You get 
   a star on the top screen whenever you win. They keep track of how many more 
   times you have won than Luigi has.

Pair-a-Gone And On
In-Game Description:
   This game of Pair-a-Gone goes on forever! Test your skill and see how many 
   cards you can clear. Go for the record!

   This game is just like Pair-a-Gone without the levels. Luigi will deal 20 
   cards, and you must get rid of them by tapping two adjacent or diagonal 
   cards with the same picture. After you tap them, they will disappear and the 
   rest of the cards will shift up to take their place. Luigi will keep dealing 
   more cards until their are no more matches possible. Unlike Luigi's other 
   games, the you do not have to quit to get a High Score.

Memory Master
In-Game Description:
   If Memory Match was a piece of cake for you, try out this harder version. 
   You now have more cards to play with.

   This is just like Memory Match, except you have more cards and 5 chances. 
   It also reveals some of the cards to you at the beginning. Tap two cards to 
   flip them over. If they match, they disappear. If not, you lose a coin. You 
   have 5 coins, and you lose when they're all gone. You get 5 coins if you get 
   all matches. Try to remember the locations of the cards so you can make more 
   matches and not rely on luck. Each time you finish a level you get a star, 
   and you lose one if you don't. They tell you how many times more you have 
   won than you have lost.

Super Mario Slot
In-Game Description:
   Touch the spinning slots to stop them. Get 3 items in a row to earn coins! 
   The Superstar is wild. Are you feeling super lucky?

   This game plays exactly like Mario Slot. Exactly. The only difference is 
   that you have a much higher chance of winning. First, adjust your bid at the 
   bottom of the screen. Then tap a spinning wheel to make it stop, and do the 
   same with the other two. If you get any of the combinations listed on top, 
   you get the number next to it multiplied by your bet. The Super Star acts as 
   a wild card, so if you get it and two of the same thing, you get rewarded 
   for three of that symbol AND the single star multiplier. They do not 
   compound, however. You get rewarded for each of them separately.


 (6) Wario's Games

Wario's games are pretty random - and fun. They can get pretty crazy at times, 
so keep focused!

Bob-omb Squad
In-Game Description:
   The parachuting Bob-ombs are destroying your flowers! Use your slingshot to 
   knock them out of the air. Hit Lakitu to blow them all up.

   This game is very popular. Your goal is to protect your 4 flowers at the 
   bottom from the falling Bob-ombs. Drag the slingshot with your stylus to 
   pull it back and then let go. A rock will fly up, destroying all the 
   Bob-ombs in its path. The farther you pull it back, the higher it will go. 
   If you hit Lakitu at the top, all the Bob-ombs on screen will be destroyed. 
   Each Bob-omb can destroy one flower if it makes it to the ground, so you 
   have four chances. If you start to miss a few, you can even pull the 
   slingshot up and shoot downwards to get them.

Snowball Slalom
In-Game Description:
   Rub the Touch Screen to roll the snowman's head to the goal before time runs 
   out! Rocks will slow you down, as will touching his head!

   This game can be very difficult. Take your stylus and move it up and down 
   next to the snowman's head. Do not make contact with the screen on the way 
   down, because it will slow you down. The faster you do it, the faster the 
   snowman will go. Rubbing more to the right will make him roll to the right, 
   and vice versa. Try to avoid the rocks. Watch for them on the top screen and 
   steer out of their path. It you hit one, you will stop and lose a lot of 
   time. Do not touch the snowman's head, as it will also slow him down. If you 
   make it to the finish line, it will display your time. The lowest times make 
   it to the High-Score list.

Bingo Ball
In-Game Description:
   Launch a ball into a numbered slot on the Touch Screen. That number will 
   light up in the top screen. Get 3 numbers in a row to score!

   In this game you are given 12 balls, and you must launch them up into the 
   pegs. Drag the plunger down, and let go when the ball rolls on. It will go 
   up, and bounce down into one of the slots. The number of the slot will light 
   up on the grid at the top. Scoring is as follows: 100 points for every 
   number that is lit up, 500 for every row of three that is lit up, 10000 if 
   you fill every number, and 2000 for every ball you have left if you fill all 
   the slots. The highest possible score is 20900.

In-Game Description:
   Pay attention to where the falling coins land. Touch the blocks to retrieve 
   the coins. But if you choose the wrong block, your game will end.

   The game starts when Wario tosses up a Coin Purse, and then tons of coins 
   cascade down to the bottom screen. You need to keep track of which blocks 
   end up with coins on them, then tap them after they're done falling. If you 
   get one with coins, it adds them to your score. If it is empty, you lose. 
   If you get every coin (40 in all), it says "Perfect!" and adds you to the 
   High Score list.

Psyche Out!
In-Game Description:
   Are you psychic? Can you guess what's on the card's other side? Maybe if you 
   stare at it long enough, a vision will come to you.

   This game has a trick to it. You will see a card on the top screen, and you 
   have to use your "psychic" abilities to see it. What you really have to do 
   is look carefully at the card, and you can see an outline of the shape on 
   the other side. Tap the one it matches on the bottom. It gets harder to see 
   as the game moves on, and some objects, like the cloud, can be very hard to 
   make out. After 5 levels it will tell you you're lucky, then you will
   have more cards to choose from.

Slots Shot
In-Game Description:
   The bars swing open when a ball goes in a Piranha Plant. Sink the ball into 
   the pipe to trigger the slots Switch. Get 3 items in a row for a bonus!

   This game is a cross between pinball and a slot machine. You have 9 balls to 
   start with. Pull back the plunger and let go when a ball rolls on. It will 
   shoot up, and bounce around. The mushrooms act as bumpers, and the green 
   ones disappear for awhile if they get hit. If a ball lands in a Piranha 
   Plant, the gates on the pipe will open. If one land s in the other one, the 
   curved blue thing that blocks the pipe will disappear. Then, if a ball goes 
   down it, it will hit the button and start the slot machine. If you get 3 in 
   a row, you get a special bonus. The holes near the bottom return any balls 
   that land in them back to the beginning, letting you shoot them again. After 
   a ball goes in one of them, it closes up for the rest of the game. Scoring 
   is as follows: 300 points for every mushroom that was hit, 3000 for every 
   ball that went in the pipe, 2000 for every ball that went in one of the 
   holes, and up to 10000 points, depending on the symbols, for every time you 
   won the slots.

Lakitu Launch
In-Game Description:
   Shoot as many balls as you can into the tubs within the allotted time.

   Your goal is to launch ball into the shells being carried by the Lakitus. 
   Pull back on the slingshot with your stylus and let go to launch the balls. 
   The farther you pull back, the higher it will go. Try to aim it so it will 
   fall into one of the moving shells. At the end of the 30 seconds, it will 
   count up how many you made. You have unlimited balls, so feel free to shoot 
   tons of them aimlessly. After the Lakitus catch a few of them, they will 
   fall under the weight for a couple seconds. They usually catch a few of the 
   falling balls when they do this.

Intense Coincentration
In-Game Description:
   There aren't as many falling coins this time around, but that won't stop 
   Wario. Watch the coins carefully!

   This is a harder version of Coincentration. There are fewer coins, leaving 
   less room for guessing. Wario will toss a Coin Purse up, and several coins 
   will fall down. Try to remember which blocks they land in, and tap them 
   after they're done falling. If the block has coins in it, they are added to 
   your score. If not, you lose. If you get every coin (there are 16), it says 
   "Perfect!" and adds you to the High Score list.

Giant Snowball Slalom
In-Game Description:
   Roll the snowball over a longer course! As before, avoid rocks because 
   they'll slow you down.

   This is a harder and longer version of Snowball Slalom. You must rub your 
   stylus up next to the Snowman's head, and it will roll. It will begin to 
   build up speed, and you must avoid the penguins and rocks. Hitting a penguin
   makes the snowball smaller, which may be helpful near the end. You must make 
   it to the end in 40 seconds to win. You can see how far you are on the scale 
   on the right of the screen.


 (7) Rabbit Information

To unlock the mini-games, you must catch the rabbits that hold their key. Each 
character in the main game can find 7 of them. IMPORTANT - You must talk to 
Toad in the mini-game room (past the character switching room) to get the 
rabbits to first appear. If you don't, you will not find any around the castle. 

Here is a list of all the rabbit locations and the mini-games they unlock.

Unlocked by Default:
   Love me...?

   Hide and Boo Seek ...... In front of the bridge to the castle.
   Puzzle Panel ........... In front of the bridge to the castle.
   Boom Box ............... In front of the bridge to the castle.
   Tox Box Shuffle ........ To the right of the castle entrance. It's in a 
                            flower patch across the wooden bridge.
   Puzzle Panic ........... In front of the door to the basement, after 
                            draining the moat.
   Which Wiggler? ......... In the hedge maze to the left of where the game 

   Mix-a-Mug .............. In front of the Lethal Lava Land picture.

Unlocked by Default:
   Mario's Slides
   Bounce and Pounce

   Sort or 'Splode ........ Near the ledge overlooking the waterfall.
   Shell Smash ............ Under the bridge to the castle, after draining the 

1st Floor:
   Trampoline Time ........ In the room with Jolly Roger Bay.

   Bounce and Trounce ..... In front of the Lethal Lava Land picture.
   Connect the Characters . In front of the Lethal Lava Land picture.

2nd Floor:
   Trampoline Terror ...... In the main circular room with Wet Dry World.
   Shuffle Shell .......... In the mirrored room with the SnowmanÕs Land 

Unlocked by Default:
   Memory Match

   Pair-a-Gone And On ..... In the hedge maze to the left of where the game 
   Super Mario Slot ....... On top of the castle. You must have 150 stars to 
                            get there.

1st Floor:
   Lucky Stars ............ In the room with the Bob-omb Battlefield picture.
   Mario Slot ............. In the room with the Mario painting.
   Picture Poker .......... In an alcove above the entrance to the courtyard. 
                            Backflip twice after entering to reach it. 

   Mushroom Roulette ...... In the depression near the columns that drains the 

2nd Floor:
   Memory Master .......... In the main circular room with Wet Dry World.

Unlocked by Default:
   Bob-omb Squad
   Snowball Slalom

   Bingo Ball ............. Over the bridge to the left of the castle as you 
                            leave it. It is by one of the farthest trees.

1st Floor:
   Coincentration ......... In the room with the WhompÕs Fortress picture.
   Slots Shot ............. In the courtyard.

   Psyche Out! ............ In the dead-end corridor where Toad is.

2nd Floor: 
   Lakitu Launch .......... In the room with the Tiny-Huge Island pictures.

3rd Floor:
   Intense Coincentration . In front of Tick Tock Clock.
   Giant Snowball Slalom .. In the left alcove from where you enter.


 (8) Special Thanks

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HyperShadow128 for the list of rabbit locations.
SilentNinja9292 for the in-game description of Super Mario Slot.
docdude316 for the list of which mini-games the rabbits unlock.
$teVen for telling me about a typo in the rabbit guide.
Halo824 for some info on "Loves me...?"

I'd also like to recognize the following people who I know wrote guides that 
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Logan "LogGamer" Mohs
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