Castle Secret Stars FAQ by Mother Shabubu

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Super Mario 64 DS
Castle Secret Stars FAQ
by Mother Shabubu

Version 1.4
First Version

FAQ is Copyrighted by Mother Shabubu (C) 2004 Mother Shabubu

Table of Contents

1. Version History
2. Introduction
3. Main Hall Secrets
4. Basement Secrets
5. 3rd Floor/ Clock Tower Secrets and The Toads
6. Special Thanks
7. Copyright/ Contact Information


(1) Version History

Version 1.0  (12/6/04)  First Version, Introduction, 1st Floor Secrets,
                        Basement Secrets, Upstairs Secrets 
                        and the Toads, Special Thanks, Copyright/ Contact
                        Information. All 30 Secret Stars Listed

Version 1.1  (12/11/04) Made some minor changes in some sections, added a
                        little more detail.

Version 1.2  (3/20/05)  Fixed the Fountain Star, Sorry bout that.

version 1.3  (8/16/06)  Minor changes based of a number of complaints on a
			fact or fiction basis.

version 1.4  (11/28/08) Few changes to better explain on how to get some

version 1.5  (3/21/09)  Reworded a few stars to better explain how to find 


(2) Introduction

Hello. Thanks for checking out my FAQ for the Secret Stars. I got stumped
on trying to find all 30 secret stars and at that time, there was no FAQ
to help me, I found what I can find and I'm giving you the chance to know
what I know in hopes of making your struggle for the big 150 a little
easier. Enjoy and I hope this FAQ gives you the Information you need. Also,
I have already collected all 150 stars and unlocked all the minigames, if
you get stuck and none of the listed FAQs help you, go ahead and e-mail me
your question.


(3) Main Hall Secrets

The Secret Aquarium - 1 Star, Located in the Jolly Roger Bay Painting Room,
Look up at the wall to your left as soon as you enter, there will be a hole
in the wall, simply jump up into it.

? Switch - 1 Star, When You Unlock Mario you'll notice a Beam of light
shining down in the Castles Main Hall, Look up into it to enter the level,
You also Unlock the ? Boxes this way. 

****Important Note****
For the ? Switch level. Make sure you are playing as Mario when you look up
into the beam. If you are any other character the game will say "Hey Mario!"
indicating you need Mario to do this stage. Also make sure you are standing
in the center of the beam when you look up into it.

The Princess's Secret Slide - 2 Stars, First one you get by just completing
the Slide, it'll be in the yellow box. The second one you get by Completing
the slide in under 21 seconds.

Sunshine Isle - 1 Star, Located in the Rec Room. the Painting of a Beach,
just collect the 5 silver stars to get the gold star.

Empty Room/Glowing Rabbit Key - 1 Star, The Silver Lined Door in the Character 
Switch Room. Catch all 8 glowing Rabits to get, the key for this door. I 
cought the rabits as Mario in the Basement, they just randomly appear.

Goomboss Battle - 2 Stars, You need To have *Unlocked* All the Characters or
Have Access to all the Hats to get these stars, The First one is an 8 Red
Coin Star, The Second Is a Switch Star, To do the Switch Star, You need
Mario, Hit the Switch then go Inside a Cage tower lookin thing and wall
jump from side to side till you get to the top, the star will be there
for only a limited amount of time.

Bowser in the Dark World - 2 Stars, One of the stars is a 8 Red Coin Star,
The Second is a Switch Star, The Switch is Located towards the End of the


(4) Basement Secrets

Fountain Courtyard - 1 Star, This is an 8 Red Coin Star. Just collect the
8 Red Coins located inside random Boos. Once you've collected them all
the Star will appear above the doorway.

****Important Note****
I get tons of E-mails about this star. Most of them are "I never saw Red
Coins, is there a glitch?" and simular. Others are "There is no glitch."
All I can say on this is that It May or May Not be a glitch. I personally
never had a problem here. People have told me they missed this star and 
later recieved it from a Toad. I dont know if its true but I'm mentioning 
the possibility in this FAQ for the purpose so that you the readers may 
accomplish the goal of all 150 stars. So if you find yourself not finding
Red Coins in the Boo's on your First visit to the fountain. Try talking
to one of these toads located by Hazy Maze Cave Enterence, Near Tall Tall
Mountain, And Tick Tock Clock Room. Im told they will give you an Extra

The Secret of Battle Fort - 1 Star, Located Under The Red Brick Blocks in
the Fountain Courtyard where the Boo's Are, Break the Blocks and Drop in,
Collect the 5 Silver Stars to Get the gold Star.

Big Boo Battle - 2 Stars, Luigi's Painting, Located in Big Boo's Haunt,
AKA Boo's Mansion, Go Up to the Second Floor, and go through the Second
door to your right, walk straight to the Platform, If your Mario you can
get the Flower in the Red ? block and puff your way up, or you can Hop on
the block and back flip up, then go through the Door and you'll see Luigi's
Painting. The 2 Stars are here, a 8 red Coin Star which you'll need Wario's 
Cap for one of the Coins, The Other is a Hidden Star Which you need Luigi,
Just become Invisible Luigi and Jump the Boo Picture at the End of the Stage.

Behind the Waterfall - 2 Stars, Located In Hazy Maze Cave down with Lochness,
One is Easy to get, Just get to the end and hit the Red ? Block, become
Puffy Mario and float up to the Star, the other is a 8 Red Coin Star which
is easiest to do with Wario

The Secret Under the Moat - 2 Stars, Under the Black Blocks when you drain
the Moat, Break them with Warrio then hop in, once inside, Collect the
8 Red coins. The other you'll need Puffy Mario, Check your map and you'll
see a slab of concrete off in the Bottom Left corner that has no path to it,
use Puffy Mario and float over there, Hit the switch and puff your way to
the top, The Slab provides some Red ? boxes so dont be crazy and use the
first puff and try to get to the Top.

Bowser in the Fire Sea - 2 Stars, First one is a 8 Red Coin Star, the Other
is a Switch Star, Located Towards the end of the stage.


(5) 3rd Floor/ Clock Tower Secrets and the Toads

Behind the Mirror - 1 Star, In the Mirror Room where you can find Snowmans
Land and Warios Painting, Go through the door after you use Luigi's
Invisibility and go through the mirror, you'll end up in a solid white room
with a Star in the middle of it.

Chief Chilly Challenge - 2 Stars, Warios Painting Located in the Mirror Room,
First Star is a 8 Red Coin star which you'll need Mario and Luigi to get, The
Second star is a Hidden Star Inside some Black Brick Blocks, Use Wario, Get
the flower to become Metal Wario and run along the Windy path till you come
to Black Brick Blocks, punch them to free the star.

Over the Rainbows - 2 Stars, As Mario, Fly from cloud to cloud Collecting
the 8 red coins. The other Star is Located under the Black Brick Block,
you'll need the Wario Cap Accessed. Fly around and Locate the Black Brick
Block the fly to the Wario cap, Get the cap the use the cannon to blast
yourself to the cloud that black brick block is on.

Bowser in the Sky - 2 Stars, Final Bowser Stage of the Game, First star is
a 8 Red coin star, Which Appears behind the Warp Pipe to Bowser, The second
is a Switch star Located About little over halfway through the stage, Hit
the Switch and run back as fast as you can.

Toad - 3 Stars, Just talk to the Toads, One is Located at the Enterence to
Hazy Maze Cave, Another is located near the Tall, Tall mountain Painting,
and the last one is near the Tick Tock Clock.


(6) Special Thanks

I'd Like to Thank Nintendo for Making The DS and Super Mario 64 DS. If it
wasn't for them and the time I spent at work playing this game, this FAQ
would not have been made. I also want to thank you, The Readers, for using
my hard earned information to make your lives easier.

So Far, No one has helped me on this FAQ, when someone does, They'll be
listed here. 5 Years later still no one has helped. Guess I got it right
the first time! Yay.


(7) Copyright/ Contact Information

This document is Copyright (C) 2004 Mother Shabubu.
Mario and everything else related to the game is a Copyright 
(C) 2004 Nintendo

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