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-=Super Mario 64(DS) Bestiary- by Lord_Yojimbo29=-

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Version #: 1.70

 I. Table of Contents
I. Table of Contents-What you're reading now. Pretty self-explanatory.
II.Legal Disclaimer Stuff-Skip here.
III. Version History
IV.Normal Enemies-The things that you should not have a problem killing.
V. Unkillable foes-Stop trying to kill the Thwomp already. 
VI.  Bosses-Those giant, ugly monsters that are barring your progress
VII. Other Star-Bearing Sentinents(i.e. Koopa the Quick, MIPS, Dorrie, etc.)
VIII.About the Author(yeah, like you want to know about me.)
IX. Conclusion-The End of the guide.

 II. Legal Disclaimer/Contact Information
This guide can be used in any medium, just so long as my name's at the bottom
and no information(unless it's wrong) was changed. It can be hosted on a non-
profit website, used as the Holy Text for your own personal religion, or used
as padding for your hamster cage, just so long as I get credit for it. Chances
are, if you're reading this, you didn't spend hours of your free time writing

If you have any questions:
Email me at, with the heading "SM64DS Bestiary", and I
will try and get back to you. Just make sure it's a question that was not 
already answered in the guide, or it's about where you can host this guide. If
it isn't, then it will be deleted. Do we understand each other? Good. Errors, 
typos, and other mistakes are welcome to be sent in as well.

 III. Version History and Other Trivial Stuff
1/3/06 - Version 1.0: Composed this guide over 3 or 4 days, originally for the
orginal SM64. It got rejected. D'oh!

2/10/06- Version 1.2: Began making strategic changes to better suit this for 
the DS version.

3/06-9/06: Version 1.4: Made additional changes, but mainly forgot about it.

10/26/06: Version 1.5: Attempted to make final changes before resubmission.

1/16/07: Version 1.6: Fixed some errors that others brought to my attention. If
you are one of those people, you will be listed in the Special Thanks section.

3/4/07: Version 1.7: Making some more revisions, and fixing errors. For all of
you asking, yes, MIPS/rabbit's section will finally be fixed. 

III. Normal Enemies(in no particular order)
Here's the template I'll use throughout the Bestiary:

Name of Enemy:
Description that spans a few lines.

Attacks: What the enemy will use to send you to hell.

How to Defeat: How to kill the enemy.**

Rewards: What you get, if anything, when you kill the enemy.

World(s) seen in: Where you can find them.

Other Notes: Anything else important/interesting to say about the enemy.

*Enemies marked with an asterisk denote that alternate forms of the species
exist as bosses.

**Since Yoshi can kill most enemies by simply swallowing them and spitting 'em
out, I don't feel that he needs a strategy for a lot of the normal enemies. The
strategy listed will work for all characters, or the 3 plumbers, Mario, Wario,
and Luigi. Yoshi won't be able to kill a good deal of these foes, but hopefully 
you're not using him for combat.

The simplest, easiest, and most stupid enemy in the game. Chances are
you know what a Goomba looks like already if you've played a Mario game that's
not Super Mario 2. If not, then they are small, brown mushroom guys with feet.

Attacks: They just run at you for 1 point of damage. Nothing else. 

How to defeat: Anything will work. Punches, jumps, kicks, groundpounds... Yoshi
should handle these guys by eating them and then spitting them out. Curiously, 
they explode if they run against a ledge for some time. This seems to work more
often if they have a cap, though.

World(s) seen in: Bob-omb Battlefield, Jolly Roger Bay, Bowser in the Dark 
World/Fire Sea/Sky, Shifting Sand Land, Tall, Tall Mountain, Snowman's Land,
Tiny-Huge Island, Goomboss Stage

Reward: 1 coin normally, but if you groundpound those monstrous ones in the
Huge Island, you get a Blue Coin, which is worth 5 yellow coins.

Other notes:N/A

Koopa Troopa:
You know these guys. They're the bizarre turtle/bird fusion in many a Mario
game(except SMB2) that you stomp on to force them into their shell. Apparently
Bowser's consistent assaults on the Mushroom Kingdom using these guys has had
a negative effect on their population, seeing as there are only 2 in SM64. If
you don't know what a Koopa Troopa looks like, then they're bird-like turtles
with green shells.(The red ones died out?)

Attacks: These guys don't seem that interested in killing Mario, really.
Figures. However, running into one will do some damage, so don't mess around
too much.

How to defeat: Jump on a Koopa once to force him out of his shell, then jump
again on the shell-less Koopa to finish him. Yoshi can't eat these guys.

World(s) seen in: Bob-omb Battlefield, Tiny-Huge Island

Reward: You'll get a Blue Coin from defeating a Koopa, as well as use of his
shell as a surfing tool within the course until you hit a wall or other
physical impediment.

Other notes: It's also possible to find Koopa Shells in '!' boxes in several
other courses. I believe that they are available in Jolly Roger Bay, Lethal
Lava Land, Shifting Sand Land, Dire Dire Docks and Snowman's Land. Also, some
are located in those big black bricks that only Wario can break.

A SMB2/SMB3 enemy originally, the Bob-omb is a walking black bomb. There are
quite a lot of Bob-ombs in Super Mario 64, actually. Apparently they're more
popular at Nintendo now. They have little white eyes and seem to be a Nintendo
equivalent of suicide bombers.

Attacks: If a Bob-omb sees you, he'll run at you until he explodes for a nice
bit of damage.(2 points, I believe)

How to defeat: Pick them up with A and throw them by pressing A again, at which
point they'll explode when they hit the ground. Or just get their attention and
run away from them until they explode. If you're using Yoshi, simply eat them
and spit them out. They'll blast upon impact, so you could use them as a possi-
ble weapon.

World(s) seen in: Bob-omb Battlefield(did the name tip you off?), Bowser in 
the Fire Sea/Sky, Shifting Sand Land, Tall, Tall Mountain, Tick-Tock Clock,
Rainbow Ride

Reward: 1 yellow coin, a small explosion, a Star(see 'Bosses' for more
information on the Star)

Other notes: While black Bob-ombs are aggressive exploders, the pink ones,
the Bob-omb buddies, open the cannons for you in many courses, as well as 
reveal the location of the Red Coins in the level. Also, there is an interesti-
ng glitch concerning the black Bob-ombs in most courses, if you're playing the
original SM64. 

This massive, rectangular lug makes his debut in SM64. Whomps are big stone 
fellows that have feet and a very angry face. They're grey, but a diamond 
Whomp would look awesome. Don't you agree? Diamonds are rocks...right?

Attacks: If a Whomp sees you, he'll try and pancake you with his huge girth
and hardness. Should you have the misfortune to get crushed by him, then you'll
temporarily be in a small pancake form, as well as take 3 points of damage. Now
THAT'S a rock.

How to Defeat: Get out of the way when a Whomp tries to jump on you, then do
a ground-pound on the bandage on his back to kill him. This should work for

Reward: 5-10 yellow coins(see other notes), the satisfaction that you just 
killed something by slamming it with your ass, a Star(see 'Bosses' for more
information on the Star)

World(s) seen in: Whomp's Fortress(no way!), Bowser in the Sky

Other Notes: The normal reward for killing a Whomp is 5 coins, but if you stand
on the bandage, you'll get an extra. You can get up to 5 coins before you kill
the Whomp in this manner. This really makes getting the 100 coin star for  
Whomp's Fortress easier, considering that you can get up to 20 coins from the
2 Whomps in Whomp's Fortress.

Piranha Plant*:
These guys were there since the original SMB, waiting for an unsuspecting
plumber to step on their pipe, then attacking with big, pointy, teeth, or, in
SMB3, fireballs. They look like normal plants, except, you know, the big red
blossom that houses a mouth full of sharp teeth. They too, took a hiatus in the
second SMB, like most enemies from SMB. Not surprising, considering SMB2 was an
adapted form of a game called Doki Doki Panic. The SMB2 that was released in
Japan was a version of the first SMB called 'The Lost Levels'.

Attacks: Depends on where you are. The ones in Whomp's Fortress will bite at
the player if he wakes them up, while the ones in Tiny-Huge Island and Bowser 
in the Sky spit fire at you. The bite does about 3 points of damage, and the 
fire will do about the same amount.

How to Defeat: For the ones in Whomp's Fortress, just quietly sneak up on them
(if they wake up and start thrashing violently, you're being too loud), and 
punch them. The ones in Tiny-Huge Island and Bowser in the Sky don't need to
be snuck up on, just punched(if they're big) or jumped on.(if they're small)
Yoshi can't fight a lot of these guys.

Rewards: The Whomp's Fortress ones will give you a Blue Coin if you kill them.
The other ones in the game should yield one or two yellow coins, or a Star, in
Tiny-Huge Island. Smaller ones yield a single coin, while the giant ones will
give you two yellow coins. (See 'Bosses' for more information on the Star)

World(s) seen in: Whomp's Fortress, Tiny-Huge Island, Bowser in the Sky, Goomb-
oss Stage

Other Notes: One of the Piranha Plants in Whomp's Fortress has a Red Coin 
directly behind it. It may be a good idea to kill him first before going for
his coin.

These ghostly fiends, first seen in the fortresses of SMB3, slowly....moving...
towards Mario or Luigi when the plumber had turned his back. They were quite a
pain in the buttocks in Super Mario World. Now they're here. Hooray. Anyways, 
Boos look like small white ghosts. When you look at them head-on, you'll see 
the reward you get for killing them.

Attacks: Boos pretty much damage the hero for 3 points of energy by just touch-
ing him. However, they only really attack when your back is turned. Boos also 
move pretty slowly, so it isn't hard to avoid them.

How to Defeat: The technique I use is to jump when facing in front of them, 
then groundpound them. Make sure they're underneath you first. They got a bit
smarter between SM64 and now, so this may take several tries. 

Rewards: A Blue Coin, or Stars(See Bosses for more information)

World(s) seen in: Boos are exclusive to Big Boo's Haunt, but they also appear
in the courtyard outside of the entrance to the level, and the area inside of
Big Boo's Haunt where you battle Big Boo(see 'Bosses' for more information) for
Luigi's Key.

Other notes: N/A

Scuttle Bug:
These multi-colored spiders roam around the dark and scary places of SM64DS. 
They have really big eyes. Not really that much else to say about 'em.

Attacks: The Scuttle Bug will just run into you, like the Goomba. They're a bit
faster, but still pretty easy to evade. You'll take about 1 point of damage if 
you get hit.

How to Defeat: Use the same strategy you would use with a Goomba, use anything
you want. 

Rewards: 2 yellow coins

World(s) seen in: Big Boo's Haunt, Hazy Maze Cave

Other Notes:N/A

A water-strider enemy that glides around the water in Wet-Dry world. He looks 
like a water strider. He, like the Scuttle Bug, were newcomers to the 
Marioverse when SM64 launched.

Attacks: They'll just try to run into you for 1 point of damage, really. 
They're not that dangerous.

How to defeat: Either jump on them for a coin, or swim underneath them and get
past them.

Rewards: 1 yellow coin

World(s) seen in: Skeeters are only found in Wet-Dry World and Goomboss Battle.

Other Notes: Wasn't there one of these guys in a backdrop in Mario Party 3? 

A book that attacks with big sharp teeth. More disturbing then it sounds,
really. Only a few in the entire game.

Attacks:...Flying at you with their teeth. For about 3 damage.

How to Defeat: Jump and kick. It's simple. Too simple. Yoshi, though, will 
probably not be able to take them out, but they'll most likely crash mid-flight
, making them simple to evade.

Rewards: A blue coin(combine them with the Boos, and you will realize how easy
it is to get the 100 coin star in Big Boo's Haunt), realization that you killed
possibly-great literature

World(s) seen in: The only place where the Bookends are bestsellers is 
Big Boo's Haunt.(surprised?)

Other Notes: They seem to guard the highest area of the level, where the last
2 stars are located in Big Boo's Haunt.

Crazed Crate:
These tan fellows resemble boxes with different faces on them. When you pick up
a Crazed Crate, they'll jump 3 times, then land and explode into 5 yellow coins.

Attacks: The Crazed Crate doesn't attack Mario/Luigi/Wario/Yoshi.

How to Defeat: Just wait until they reach their 3rd jump, then they'll explode.
Or ignore them and walk around them.

Rewards: Access to a difficult location to reach normally, 5 yellow coins

World(s) seen in: Big Boo's Haunt, Shifting Sand Land, Tall, Tall Mountain, 
Goomboss Stage(I think)

Other Notes: Exercise caution when using a Crazed Crate. Their 3rd jump may 
land your character off of a cliff or in another area that results in death. 
For example, you may land in the quicksand near the pyramid in Shifting Sand
Land if you use it from the wrong angle. Be safe, kids.

Pokey, being a cactus, is a pointy desert plant. The 4 Pokeys in the game are
located in(big surprise here) Shifting Sand Land.

Attacks: As one may expect, a pointy object can injure a non-pointy human by 
touching him. He'll do about 2 points of damage upon impact.

How to Defeat: Jump on or hit his head. To make it easier, punch away at the 
bottom parts of a Pokey to gain easier access to his head.

Rewards: a Blue Coin, bloody knuckles

World(s) seen in: It WOULD be illogical for a cactus to exist anywhere but a
desert, now wouldn't it?(Hint: Shifting Sand Land) 

Other Notes: This area-specific foe actually originated from SMB2, which is 
interesting since most of the classic Mario enemies here in SM64 were from 
different games, most likely SMB or SMB3. 

Fly Guy:
These flying midgets just hover around. Occasionally, they attack. Fly Guys,
along with Bob-Ombs, Pokeys and Snifits, were enemies first seen in Super 
Mario Bros. 2. Curiously, they gained the ability to fly since then.

Attacks: Fly Guys will spit small flames at your character. They do less damage
then normal(only 2 damage rather then 3), but avoid them all the same.

How to Defeat: One hit will take a Fly Guy out, but you can jump on his head
for a temporary hover abillity. If you don't want the hover power, just punch
or groundpound him.

Rewards: Two yellow coins, a temporary hovering abillity(optional)

World(s) seen in: Shifting Sand Land, Snowman's Land, Tiny-Huge Island, 
Tall, Tall Mountain, Rainbow Ride

Other Notes: The blue/green/yellow/black(flying Anti Guy from Paper Mario, 
anyone?) Fly Guys are missing, but they still got that KILLER mask. For real.

The Snufits are violent floating midgets similar to Fly Guys. However, they 
spit bullets at you. They exist only in the toxic maze of Hazy Maze Cavern,
thank God (and the area of HMC with the Secret Star that held the Metal Cap in
Super Mario 64).

Attacks: They'll shoot three bullets at you for 1 damage each, stop, reload, 
then fire again. Not fun. Avoid at all costs

How to Defeat: Just jump onto them or otherwise hit them. Use Metal Wario for
maximum effect.

Rewards:Two yellow coins

World(s) seen in: You'll only encounter Snufits in the toxic gas maze of Hazy
Maze Cavern and Cavern of the Metal Cap Switch.

Other Notes: No blue or grey Snifits. Is blueness and grayness simply a rare
genetic trait among Snufits and Fly Guys, or did something else happen that I'm
not aware of?

Oh Christ. I've hated these things since the first SMB. If you don't know what 
a Lakitu is, go to the mirror room and look at the dude with a video camera
reflected in the mirror. Now, picture the same guy, throwing spiky eggs at you.
Those eggs hatch into Spinys. Unfortunately, they love attacking the heroes.

Attacks:They just throw Spiny eggs at the plumbers or Yoshi. Those things hurt,
but they're very easy to dodge.

How to Defeat: Jump into Lakitu to finish him. Wait until he descends, though.

Rewards: 5 yellow coins, annoyance

World(s) seen in: Tiny-Huge Island, Rainbow Ride

Other notes: Your cameraman is a Lakitu. Luckily, he doesn't throw pointy 
objects at you if you die or miss a Star when using the cannon.

A plain ol' indigo bat. Whoopee.

Attacks: They'll just fly at you for 1 point of damage. They squeak before they
take off, so it's pretty easy to evade them.

How to Defeat: Just hit him. He'll die. In a small poof.

Rewards: 1 yellow coin, a neat little poof

World(s) seen in: Hazy Maze Cavern

Other notes: I don't think that there were bats in the Mario series before.
UPDATE: No, I lied. There were some in Super Mario World.

Mr. I:
An eyeball that constantly watches the hero. One of the more creative enemies
in this game. I love these guys. However, no veins in the eye. So much for

Attacks: He'll shoot multicolored balls of God-knows-what at you, but they're
pretty easy to dodge. If you touch him, you'll suffer 3 damage.

How to defeat: Run circles around him. When he spins very quickly and shrinks,
that means he's about to die. 

Rewards: A Blue Coin, a cool death animation

World(s) seen in: Big Boo's Haunt, Hazy Maze Cave, Lethal Lava Land

Other Notes: The Mr. Is in Lethal Lava Land are directly near warps in Lethal
Lava Land. Suffice to say that it would be wise to kill them before using the
warps, unless you want to get ambushed as soon as you materialize.

Mr. Blizzard:
A snowman that pops up out of the ground. He's none too easy to defeat. Mr. Bl-
zzard often preys on plumbers or dinosaurs stuck in the snow after a large 

Attacks: If you touch Mr. Blizzard, you'll take 2 points of damage immediately.
His snowballs are less dangerous, only dealing one point of damage.

How to defeat: Run around him, like you do to a Mr. I. This is tough to do on
Cool, Cool Mountain, because the places you usually encounter Mr. Blizzards on
that course are rather cramped and sloped. It's way easier to defeat one in 
Snowman's Land.

Rewards: 3 yellow coins. Is it really worth it?

World(s) seen in: Cool, Cool Mountain, Snowman's Land, Chief Chilly Challenge

Other Notes: 2 of these guys are on a narrow bridge in Cool Cool Mountain,
that leads to the top of the cabin near Mama Penguin.(see her entry under 
"Other Star-Bearing Sentients") Be very careful here, because if you rush, 
you'll take a LOT of damage. Use the gondola instead.

A bizarre creature that appears to be a coin, but turns into his true form when
approached. Is a green, hopping thng with a Black Mage-like(see: Final Fantasy)

Attacks: Moneybags will just jump at you for 1 or 2 points of damage, if you
get hit. Like so many enemies here, his attack is really easy to avoid. 

How to defeat: Jump on him. He's done. No problem. Right?

Rewards: 5 yellow coins. Not bad.

World(s) seen in: The only economy Moneybags exists in is Snowman's Land.(OK,
that was a bad one. Sorry.)

Other Notes: This one surprised me when the coin transformed. The 2 Moneybags
lie in wait in clusters of coins, one directly near the 3-D ice maze, and 
the other near the freezing lake.

These horned black balls are rather distinctive. They try and push Mario into
pools of lava or other painful substances. These things move FAST, man. Get
ready for a fight.

Attacks: The Bully's only attack is to push Mario towards the lava or other 
painful liquids. When you hit the substance that the Bully is pushing Mario at,
you will suffer 3-9 points of damage, depending on how many times you touch the
substance, usually lava. 9 points of damage is greater than a full life bar, so
it kinda goes without saying that Bullies are dangerous.

How to Defeat: Fight fire with fire. Attack back at them. If you push a Bully
into the lava, he'll die in a cool melting animation.

Rewards:1-2 yellow coins most of the time.(See 'Bosses' for more information)

World(s) Seen in: Lethal Lava Land, Bowser in the Fire Sea, Snowman's Land
(see 'Bosses' or more information on the Bully in Snowman's Land), Chief Chilly

Other Notes: You can't really say that much more about something that tries
to push you into lava. Avoid 'em in Bowser in the Fire Sea.

These bizarre, dress-garbed snowmen appear to have a flower in their head.
Someone designing enemies obviously got wasted one night. If you kill them
with a jump, you'll get a spinning jump like you do with the Shy Guys.

Attacks: You touch them, and you take one point of damage. 

How to Defeat: Just hit them. They should be easier targets than Shy Guys since
they don't fly.

Rewards: A yellow coin, and a temporary spinning jump.

World(s) Seen in: Cool, Cool Mountain, Snowman's Land, Chief Chilly Challenge(?)

Other Notes:N/A

Monty Mole:
Lovely. These are enemies I love to hate, because you can get 1-UPs from them,
but they always respawn very quickly.

Attacks: They'll throw a rock at the player for about 1 point of damage. 

How to Defeat: You can't kill them, per se, because they respawn almost immedi-
ately, but just jump on or hit one to temporarily defeat them.

Rewards: 1-UPs, if you defeat enough of them, frustration

World(s) seen in: Only Hazy Maze Cavern and Tall, Tall Mountain seem to have
rodent problems.

Other Notes:N/A

These purple guys LOOK like Bob-Ombs, but they don't run at you and explode.
Really. They do throw you, as the name suggests.

Attacks: They'll pick Mario up and throw him. The throw could result in either
no damage, or instant death, depending on where Chuckya throws you, though you
are far less likely to suffer death from falling off a high ledge from the one
in Wet-Dry World.

How to Defeat: This is cool. Pick Chuckya up from the back, and throw him.
He'll explode. 

Rewards: 5 yellow coins, and a nice, full explosion

World(s) seen in: Tall, Tall Mountain, Wet-Dry World, Tiny-Huge Island,
Rainbow Ride, Goomboss Stage

Other Notes: Did I mention that Chuckyas aren't Bob-Ombs?

 IV. Unkillable Enemies(in no particular order)
None of the plumbers or Yoshi can even harm most of these foes, so all you will
get for trying is pain. Pain, I say! You have been warned.

This electric orb, complete with bloodstained teeth, hovers around many areas 
of Super Mario 64 DS, particularly dangerous ones. He usually rotates around a
pole-like object. Like all of the enemies on this list, it's absolutely 

Attacks: If you get hit by an Amp, you'll suffer a point of damage, and be
paralyzed 1 or 2 seconds.

Rewards: Not getting zapped if you avoid it, a 1-UP at the top of poles

World(s) seen in: Bowser in the Dark World/Fire Sea/Sky, Vanish Cap Under the 
Moat, Cavern of the Metal Cap, Snowman's Land, Wet-Dry World, Tick-Tock Clock,
Rainbow Ride, Goomboss Stage

Other Notes: Amps usually rotate in a set pattern around a pole in most levels.
Remember that if you plan to use those poles, you may find a 1-UP at the top as
a reward for your troubles.

A cousin to the Amp, these are stationary black balls(yeah, go ahead and laugh)
that spit flames at Mario when he ventures near. Like Amps, these also appear 
in many different stages. Take caution when you see one.

Attacks: This one isn't too hard to figure out, right? The Fire-Spitter will
spit flames at you, for the normal fire damage. If you do get hit, then my
advice would be to jump while you're burning. You'll still take the damage, but
your character won't run himself off of a cliff(oh, it happens) or something 
like that, because you have no control over him while he's burning.

Rewards: No barbecued plumber/Yoshi. That should be enough.

World(s) seen in: Shifting Sand Land,Dire, Dire Docks,Wet-Dry World, Tiny-Huge
Island, Tick Tock Clock, Rainbow Ride, Bowser in the Fire Sea/Sky, Vanish Cap
Under the Moat, Cavern of the Metal Cap, Goomboss Stage

Other Notes: Actually, while you can't kill them in the traditional sense, 
Yoshi can swallow them and use them for fire-breathing ammunition, just like
the campfires, which does indeed get rid of them. Thanks to 'thecheat4evur' for
the correction.

Thwomp is a huge, cube-like stone that moves up and down in preset pattern. He 
crushes Mario into a pancake if you get hit by him. Hey! What happened to his
spikes, like he had in SMB3? Anyway, Thwomp isn't seen too often in Super Mario
64 DS, but that's still too often for SOME worlds.(Oh, trust me, you'll get it
when I describe the one in Tick-Tock Clock)

Attacks: If you have the misfortune to get squashed by a Thwomp, you'll take 3
damage and get pancaked. However, since they move in a predetermined pattern,
dodging one should not be a problem.

Rewards: Not getting crushed, a Star(in Tick-Tock Clock, see Thwomp's entry in
'Other Star-Bearing Sentinents')

World(s) seen in: Whomp's Fortress, Tick-Tock Clock

Other Notes: One of the Red Coins in Whomp's Fortress is on top of the Thwomp 
near the top of the stairs. Jump on him to get it. Also, as a user known as 
Crenshaw Meehan has informed me, if you are using a Super Mushroom, it is 
possible to destroy them by simply touching them.

Grindel and Spindel are basically mummy Thwomps, though they're only native to
the pyramid in Shifting Sand Land. Grindel is the one that moves up and down(he
looks more like a Thwomp than Spindel), and Spindel is the cylidrical one that
rolls in a predetermined fashion trying to crush you.

Attacks: They'll just try to squash you. You can avoid them pretty easily, but
there is a node in the corridor where you see Spindel that you can hide in if 
you don't think you can jump over him. Grindel will slam you into the roof if 
you wait too long, so jump off of him quickly if you're using him to get to the
second floor of the pyramid.

Rewards: Easier access to the second floor of the pyramid(Grindel), pretty much
nothing else

World(s) seen in: The pyramid in Shifting Sand Land houses Grindel and Spindel

Other Notes: N/A

At first, these aggressive mechanized dustpans look useful, as they throw you
up in the air, and to new heights. However, unlike Crazed Crates, which are 
equally as helpful, they seek you out. Don't mess with a Heave-Ho. Really.

Attacks: Should you get caught in a Heave-Ho's dustpan, he'll try and fling you
off into God-knows-where. When you land, chances are that you'll suffer a nice
2 points of damage, or possibly instant death, if they fling you off a cliff. 

Rewards: possible access to higher areas, pain

World(s) seen in: Wet-Dry World, Tick-Tock Clock

Other Notes: N/A

Tox Box:
These multi-faceted, cube-shaped metal boxes clang their way through some areas
in Shifting Sand Land. They're hollow on one side, interestingly. Tox Boxes are
kinda like Thwomps, except they move in a preset pattern on the ground, not by
jumping up and down.

Attacks: Tox Boxes don't really attack you, but you'll take the normal damage
you would recieve from a squashing by a Thwomp. Just duck into the hollow side,
and you'll be alright. It's also possible to get a short ride if you stay in 
the hollow side.

Rewards: A short ride, not getting flattened

World(s) seen in: The Tox Boxes are located in the quicksand maze in Shifting 
Sand Land.

Other Notes: Wario can destroy Tox Boxes by punching the crap out of them if he
is inside of their hollow region.(Thanks to J. Hunter for bringing this info to
my attention.)

Mad Piano:
Jesus Christ, did this scare me the first time I saw it. Anyway, Mad Piano is a
horrorific piano with huge, pointy fangs. Seriously. This is one of the most 
frightening things I have EVER seen in a videogame. Someone has a twisted sense
of humor at Nintendo, scaring the crap of impressionable children with this 

Attacks: When you get close to Mad Piano, he'll run at you with his huge teeth.
Luckily, this monstrous Steinway reject is pretty easy to avoid. Use the Vanish
Cap(if you're using Luigi) in the next room to get past him and to his Red 
Coin. If you're not using Luigi, just jump over him. If you get hit by the Mad
Piano, you'll take 3 points of damage.

How to Defeat: Don't even try. Just don't, unless you want Mario get horribly 
mauled by this thing.

Rewards: His Red Coin, if you can get it, terror, nightmares(if you're less 
than 7-years-old)

World(s) seen in: You'll never want to go back to Big Boo's Haunt after you see
the Mad Piano, where he resides.

Other Notes:N/A

He's a shark that swims around Dire, Dire Docks. That's all you need to know.
Wouldn't it make for an awesome cutscene if he came after you Jaws-style?

Attacks: Sushi won't attack the player, but if you touch him, you'll take 3 
points of damage. That should teach you to keep your hands to yourself.

Rewards: None. Come to think of it, there's no real reason for going after him.

World(s) seen in: Dire, Dire Docks(Hey, Sushi's a Docks native! Cool!)

Other Notes: N/A

The little orange/red fishies have been Mario mainstays since SMB. Thankfully,
they can't fly, like they could in some levels. Where did the green ones go?
Anyway, they hang out around the whirlpool in Dire, Dire Docks.

Attacks: If you swim towards a Cheep-Cheep, they'll swim away, but if you touch
it, you'll take a point of damage.

Reward: N/A

World(s) seen in: Dire, Dire Docks

Other Notes:N/A

These stationary mollusks live in Jolly Roger Bay and Dire Dire Docks. They 
look like clams. They open and close in a preset pattern. Sometimes, you can
find treasure inside of them.

Attacks: If you're slow enough to get caught in one, or get too close when they
open, you'll take 2 damage.

How to Defeat: You can't kill clams. Besides, why would you want to? They have
neat treasures inside of them, like breakfast cereal and Happy Meals.

Rewards: Red Coins, a Koopa Shell, 1-UPs.(depends on which ones you raid)

World(s) seen in: Jolly Roger Bay, Dire Dire Docks

Other Notes: You'll need to swim down to get the 2 Red Coins inside of clams
if you want the Red Coin star for Jolly Roger Bay.

He might sound like a cleaning product, but he's really a cloud monster. I hate
this guy, since he's so dangerous. In Rainbow Ride, Fwoosh can guarantee that
your controller/DS will be thrown into the upper exosphere and be mistaken as a
meteor by NASA.(see 'Other Notes' for information on this phenomenon.)

Attacks: Fwoosh will either blow your hat off, or blow you off of a cliff.
Either of these are pretty undesirable, so avoid him.

How to Defeat: He's invincible. Don't even try to kill him.

Rewards: A Star(see 'Other Notes' for more information on this Star)

World(s) seen in: Only two. Tall, Tall Mountain, and Rainbow Ride.

Other Notes: In Star #7 of Rainbow Ride(Over the Rainbow), make sure that you
shoot Mario(or Yoshi...or Luigi...or Wario) OVER THE RAINBOW. If the human 
cannonball is too low, a Fwoosh will blow him into the sky, which is pretty
damn frustrating, since the cannon part is the last thing you need to do to
get this Star.

Bubba/Big Bertha/Boss Bass:
This monstrous fish loves to devour plumbers whole. Bubba is the name of this
pain in the ass, but Boss Bass and Big Bertha, the names of similar fish in 
SMB3, are also acceptable. 

Attacks: If he can catch you swimming, he'll eat you in one bite and you'll die
immediately. When you see him, just know to get the hell out of the water.  

Rewards: You can't kill this steroid-addicted Cheep-Cheep, so you'll get no
reward for killing him.

World(s) Seen in: Thank God, these guys are only in Tiny-Huge Island.

Other Notes: N/A

These chairs will fling themselves at you recklessly, in the same room as the
Power Flower box.(right near the Mad Piano's room) 

Attacks: They'll fling themselves at you for 2 damage, but you can dodge them 
if you use the Vanish Cap(Luigi) and keep moving.

How to Defeat: You can't kill the chairs, but if you use the Vanish Cap to go 
behind the Boo Panel and kill the Boos, the chairs will stop attacking you.

Rewards: N/A

World(s) seen in: Big Boo's Haunt

Other Notes: N/A

Bullet Bill:
This missile with an angry face has it's turret on top of Whomp's Fortress. He
will shoot at you, but he's not a seeker missile. I wish there were more Bullet
Bills...I always loved to jump on them. :(

Attack: If you get hit by a Bullet Bill, you'll take 3 points of damage. Then
again, like most enemies here, they're pretty easy to dodge.

Rewards: N/A

World(s) seen in: There are three turrets for the Bullet Bills in SM64DS, one 
on top of the tower where you fought the Whomp King, and one near the Star 
Switch. There is also one located on top of the submarine in Dire Dire Docks.
(Thanks to Kay Gee and Nathan Smith for giving me proper locations.)

Other Notes: N/A

 V.Bosses(in the order that you fight them)
The Bosses will be ranked on a star system, from 1 star(a total wimp) all the
way to 4 stars(really hard) under 'Difficulty', to denote the challenge they
pose. Most of these bosses should be confronted with the plumbers, not Yoshi,
but I will try and list a strategy for Yoshi.

***Yoshi will have his own strategy for most of the bosses. 

King Bob-omb:
A massive Bob-omb, a total wuss of a boss, and the challenge that stands in
front of your first Star.(unless you do the Chain Chomp Star first-see 'Other
Star-Bearing Sentinents' for more information on Chain Chomp) The match against
the Lord of all blasting matter takes place under 'Royal Rules', meaning that 
if you throw the King off the top of the mountain, he'll jump back up, and you
will have to restart the fight.

Difficulty: *(for the plumbers), *1/2(for Yoshi)

Attacks: The only danger the King poses to you is if you are thrown off the 
mountain, in which case you would be forced to restart the match. Other than
that, you'll take 1 point of damage if you jump on his crown. He may also throw
Bomb-ombs that will do 2 damage to you.

How to Defeat: Pick him up from behind with A, then press A again to throw him
to the ground. Rinse and repeat this process 2 more times to topple your first
Boss monster.

Yoshi Strategy: OK, when the King throws the Bob-omb, quickly swallow it, and 
spit it back at him to do damage. Do this 2 more times, and Yoshi will emerge 

Rewards: Stars #1 and #4 of Bomb-Omb Battlefield(Big Bob-omb on the Summit,
Big Bob-omb's revenge)

Other Notes: N/A

Whomp King:
Your second boss, the Whomp King of Whomp's Fortress is a little tougher, but
not too much more difficult. He's like the King Bob-omb, a massive version of
his species. If you can take out Whomps easily, you'll breeze by him.

Difficulty: *1/2(Because he can actually kill you.)

Attacks: Like a normal Whomp, he'll fling himself down on the ground to attack
Mario. You'll take the same amount of damage that you suffer when a Whomp slams
you, but you should keep on your toes, because the Whomp King covers a little
more surface area than the other Whomps, if you know what I mean.

How to Defeat: Groundpound his back, like you would do with a normal Whomp. You
will have to slam him with your arse 3 times, but that should be enough for the

Yoshi Strategy: See above strategy, and you'll come out victorious.

Rewards: Star #1 of Whomp's Fortress(Chip Off Whomp's Block)

Other Notes: You must have at least 1 Star to access the Whomp King.

This massive, royal-looking Goomba (also known as the Goomba King in Paper
Mario) holds Mario's Key, and will use his girth and his massive Goomba army to
hold him in place. Unfortunately, he's not counting on the loyal Yoshi to ROCK
HIS WORLD! Get ready for a tough and unique battle!

Difficulty:**(for Yoshi), 1/2*(for anyone else)

Attacks: The Goomboss will charge you with increasing speed, and summon a few
Goombas to come at you, but you should be able to dodge them. Avoid using the
pool of hazardous water in the center of the arena to dodge his strikes.

Yoshi Strategy: Wait until Goomboss is slowing down, then spit one of his 
Goombas at him. He will swell every time he's hit. Hit him two more times to
win, but it will take patience, as he moves faster and faster every time.

Other Strategy: Punch Goomboss' Goombas into him, and wait until a mushroom
appears. Take it, and continue to punch him. You know he is getting injured 
when he swells.

Rewards: Mario's Key, lots of 1-UPs(if you use Mario, Luigi, or Wario)

Other Notes: You must have at least 8 Stars before Yoshi can go after him.

Bowser in the Dark World:
The big bad guy himself makes an appearance for Boss battle number four. King
Koopa(notice a theme yet with the Bosses?) is a little tougher then the fools
you just fought, but he's still pretty easy.

Difficulty: *1/2

Attacks: Bowser has a strong fire breath attack, but it kinda also heals you,
as it is easy to dodge and three yellow coins appear after the flames clear up.
If you touch him, you'll suffer 3 points of damage. Don't sweat it- Bowser is
really easy to defeat.

How to Defeat: You can't hurt him by jumping on him or hitting him, but Bowser
is still really vulnerable to those spike bombs on the ends of the arena. Lure
him close, then run around him, grab him by the tail, then throw him into the 
spike bomb. He's done. Really. That's it.

Yoshi Strategy: Only Mario can fight Bowser in the Dark World.

Rewards: Castle Basement Key, a big explosion

Other notes: You must have at least 12 Stars to access the door with the big
star on it, where you can enter the Dark World and fight Bowser.

Big Boo:
You actually fight Big Boo 4 times, so I'll break down each fight into seperate
difficulty levels. And yes, every time you beat the Big Boo, you'll get a Star
or a key. Use these strategies to take him down. 

Difficulty: *(on the ground floor of the mansion), *(on the carousel), *1/2(on
the balcony), **1/2(in the secret area where you battle him for Luigi's Key)

Attacks: If you touch the Big Boo, you'll take 3 points of damage. Other then 
that, he'll just move towards you. He'll start using energy bursts against you
in the final battle, but they move slowly and are easy to dodge.

How to Defeat: Just outmaneuver him. The Big Boo moves slowly, so this should
not be an issue. When you can, groundpound him 3 times to kill him. On the 1st
and 2nd battles, you'll have plenty of room to move. The third battle against
the Big Boo takes place a slightly cramped balcony, but you should still have
plenty of space to work with. For the fourth and last fight, things change up
a bit. The big ghost will be invisible on your half of the battle field, thus
forcing you to use the mirror to find him and hurt him. He'll also start using
the energy bursts and moving faster, but don't sweat it.

Yoshi Strategy: It is highly recommended that you use Mario or Luigi for these
battles, but it is possible to win with Yoshi, as Yoshi can ground-pound. Take
the same actions as you normally would, and you'll beat him.

Rewards: Star #'s 1(Go On a Ghost Hunt), 2(Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round), and
5(Big Boo's Balcony) of Big Boo's Haunt, Luigi as a playable character(you get
Luigi's Key from the final battle with Big Boo)

Other Notes: To access the first two battles, you must clear the area the fight
takes place in of normal Boos-that means you'll have to kill all of the normal
Boos on the ground floor of the mansion and the merry-go-round before Big Boo
shows up. There are no prerequesites for the third battle against Big Boo. The
fourth battle is in its own self-contained little area of Big Boo's Haunt. To
find the final battle, listen to Big Boo's laughs and go through the doors in
which the laugh is the loudest.

Giant Mr. I:
He's exactly like a normal Mr. I, except he's 10 times the size. You fight him
in the corridor behind the Boo Panel on the highest tier of the mansion. This 
fight should be over before it begins. A boss version of my favorite normal
enemy. Only Luigi(or another player transformed into Luigi) can fight him, 


Attacks: I guess the same as a normal Mr. I, however, I haven't been hit by any
of his attacks since the fight ended so quickly.

How to Defeat: Just run around him as you would with a normal Mr. I. A few laps
should finish him.

Yoshi Strategy: Yoshi can't battle the Giant Mr. I without use of a Luigi Cap.

Rewards: Star #6(Eye to Eye in the Secret Room) of Big Boo's Haunt

Other notes: You must be using Luigi and the Invisibility Cap to access the
Giant Mr. I, as he is located behind a Boo Panel on the top floor that requires
the Invisibility Cap to get past.

Big Bully:
This guy is pretty much like all of the Bosses you've fought so far. A version
of a normal enemy, except that the boss is usually 10x+ the size of the smaller
counterpart. The Bully is tougher then anything you've fought so far, but that
really isn't saying much, now is it?

Difficulty:**(for the plumbers), ***(for Yoshi)

Attacks: He'll try and boil you in the lava like his smaller cousins. It's not
too difficult to avoid his attacks, but he's bigger than a normal Bully, so my
advice would be to keep on your toes.

How to Defeat: Lure him near the edge of the arena, then perform a jump kick(B+
A) to knock him out. It only takes one shot into the lava to finish him.

Yoshi Strategy: Yoshi will have to use groundpounds to kill him, which are not
as effective against Bullies as a firm, open-palmed punch, so I'd advise using 
a plumber rather than a dinosaur.

Rewards: Star #1(Boil the Big Bully) of Lethal Lava Land

Other Notes: Right by the Southwest corner of the arena, there are 5 yellow 
coins on a platform that you can use if you get hurt by the lava. Let me make a
diagram of the arena to show you:

        |          |
        |          |
        |          |
[coins] |__________|

You'll have to jump off the arena to get 'em, but the Big Bully will still be
waiting for you.

3 Bullies/Big Bully 2:
For this challenge, you'll fight 3 normal Bullies, and Big Bully again. They do
not pose much of a challenge here, even though you're outnumbered for the first
part of the fight.


Attacks: The Bullies will attack in the normal fashion, running at you like a 
bull. Although the 3 normal Bullies will use actual teamwork, they're still
very easy to dodge. The Big Bully has not changed his strategy one bit, and if
worse comes to worse, you'll have a supply of coins to heal yourself with.

How to Defeat: Again, get the Bullies to chase you close to the edge, then get 
them off of the arena. I prefer to use the groundpound on the 3 Bullies, but 
you may come up with your own strategy. The Big Bully fights in the exact same
manner, so just get him close to the lava, then jump-kick him off.

Yoshi Strategy: See the above note for the Big Bully.

Rewards: Star #2(Bully the Bullies) of Lethal Lava Land.

Other notes: Again, you'll have coins to heal yourself with in this fight. You
get one yellow coin when you kill one of the normal Bullies, and, in the middle
of the arena, there will be a circle of 8 yellow coins that you can use to heal

Yay! A unique boss! And it's a pair of rock hands! With eyes! Eyerok is a bit
tough to access, though. You must use the Wing Cap to reach the top of all 4 of
the pillars surrounding the pyramid, then, when the top of the pyramid shoots
off, go to the hole that is revealed there. You'll land in an elevator in the
pyramid, which will slowly take you down to Eyerok chamber. 

Difficulty:**1/2(when both Eyeroks are alive), *1/2(when one Eyerok is left)

Attacks: The Eyerok will try to hit you, or squash you, mostly. However, the
surface area of the attacks is rather low, so you won't find too much trouble 
dodging them. I think that the Eyerok will also try and punch you off of the
edge of the arena. You don't have too much space to work with, so keep moving.

How to Defeat: When one Eyerok comes after you, the other will have his eye ex-
posed. Simply punch him in the eye. This will happen often, so it won't take 
very long to finish the Eyerok. When one of the Eyerok dies, the fight turns
a hell of a lot easier, because the other hand won't have his pal to guard him
when he's vulnerable.

Yoshi Strategy: This fight is only possible for the three plumbers, as a Yoshi
who is untransformed can't punch.

Rewards: Star #4 of Shifting Sand Land(Stand Tall on the Four Pillars)

Other Notes: You must have the Wing Cap to access this fight, but if you don't 
have it by now, take your game out of the N64 or DS and sell it.

Bowser in the Fire Sea:
Well, it's time for Mario's second battle against Bowser, and he is throwing a
curve this time. Bowser in the Fire Sea is significantly tougher then almost
anything you've faced so far, but again, one good shot on the spike bomb will
finish him.


Attacks: Let's get the new ones out of the way first. It seems that Bowser has
almost an entirely new moveset, as he can now dash across the arena, perform a
HUGE jump to slant the arena in the direction opposite of Mario, and teleport.
He still uses fire breath, but that's reduced to one or two small flames that
don't produce coins. Most of his moves are aimed at making it difficult to grab
his tail, none of them are really offensively used.

How to Defeat: A good idea to would be to stand near one the spike bombs. The 
giant Koopa should dash across the arena to get you. Don't bother too much with
the teleport move- Bowser will only teleport small distances and he'll end up 
facing Mario. He'll remain stationary for a few seconds when he tilts the arena
as well-regain your footing quickly, then grab him. It's a farther distance to 
the spike this time, so it may take several tries to throw him correctly. Howe-
ver, eventually, you WILL make it. :)

Yoshi Strategy: N/A

Rewards: Key to the Top Floor of the Castle, another huge explosion

Other Notes: You must have 30 Stars to enter the Room with the Big Star on it,
and you must have gotten the first Star of Dire, Dire Docks to access the Fire
Sea and square off with Bowser again.

Ice Bully:
Another one of these guys? No matter-although he has a cool new color scheme,
the Ice Bully is exactly like the ones you fought in Lethal Lava Land, just a
little bit faster. Oh, and you're trying to knock him into sub-zero water, not


Attacks: The Ice Bully fights exactly like his huge counterpart in Lethal Lava
Land, so he'll attack the same way. It's harder to dodge his attacks now, since
the battle takes place on ice, where the player doesn't have great footing, but
he's still not too difficult to avoid.

How to Defeat: Again, use the same strategy you used with the Big Bully-lure it
near the edge, then jump-kick him. This is a little bit harder to do, but it 
shouldn't pose that much of a challenge. When he falls into the water, the Ice
Bully should release his Star.

Yoshi Strategy: You can use a similar strategy that you used for the Big Bully 
against the Ice Bully, but that is highly inadvisable. Stick with the plumbers.

Rewards: Star #2 of Snowman's Land(Chill with the Bully)

Other Notes:N/A

Piranha Plantation:
A collection of large Piranha Plants greets you as the obstacle in front of the
first Star of Tiny-Huge Island. They only appear in the Huge Island. These guys
should pose no threat to you.


Attacks: The Piranha Plants will spit easy-to-dodge fireballs at you. 

How to Defeat:Punch each one twice. There are 5 or 6 of 'em. After you kill the
last one, the Star will appear. The Piranha Plants also only appear out of the
ground when you get close to them.

Yoshi Strategy: N/A (These guys are too tall to groundpound.) 

Rewards: Star #1 of Tiny-Huge Island(Pluck the Piranha Plants)

Other Notes: N/A 

Oh, sweet! I love these guys! Anyway, Wiggler, the rather-friendly looking bug,
is also a little bit tricky to access, but still not too much of a challenge. 
First, your character must be big in Tiny-Huge Island. Go to the top, and you
will see a small pool of water. Groundpound it to make it dissappear, then find
the pipe. Become tiny, then back to where you just removed the water. Go down 
that hole, and onto the metal grating, where you'll see Wiggler. Talk to him,
and you'll start the fight. Wiggler should be easy at this point.


Attacks: Wiggler doesn't really attack the player, but you will suffer 3 points
of damage if he hits you. He just runs around the arena, really.

How to defeat: Jump on him. He'll get faster after every jump, but you should 
still have no problem jumping on him.

Yoshi Strategy: See above.

Rewards: Star #6 of Tiny-Huge Island(Make Wiggler Squirm)

Other Notes: N/A

Bowser in the Sky:
Well, here he is. The final boss of the game. Bowser pulls out all of the stops
here. Get ready for a long fight. And I love that new rainbow color pattern he
has. It really fits him, considering he's in the sky. He won't allow anyone who
isn't his eternal nemesis, Mario, to enter the Sky and battle him.


Attacks: Bowser pulls out a shockwave attack, but that's his only new one. He
will keep the dash move, but his fire breath is more similar to the big clouds
o' flame that he used in your first battle in the Dark World. The fire breath 
will produce 4 yellow coins, so you can still heal yourself. You don't have
too much space to work with, but none of the attacks are difficult to avoid.
The shockwave will paralyze Mario temporarily, though.

How to Defeat: Use the same strategies you used against Bowser in your previous
fights. He'll dash at you, then he may totter at the edge. Grab him, then throw
him into the spike bomb. After he hits the spike bomb twice, he'll transform 
the arena into the shape of a star, and there will be a little distance between
Bowser and the bomb. It should not be too tough to toss him into the bomb, but
it may take several tries. Note that if you throw him off the side of the arena
before he makes the star and you miss the bomb, he'll remove part of the arena
when he jumps up. The first two spike bombs are really close to the arena, but
the final one is more similar to the position of the bomb when you fought him
in the Fire Sea. 3 hits will kill him for the last time.

Rewards: A really, really big Star(doesn't count towards your total), finishing
the game

Other Notes: You must have at least 80 Stars to access the entrance to the Sky
and fight Bowser for the last time. Also, Bowser will say something different 
if you fight him with all 150 Stars.

 VI. Other Star-Bearing Sentinents(in no particular order)

Koopa the Quick:
This non-violent Koopa runner will hand out Stars if you beat him in a race. He
is also notable for not trying to disembowel Mario upon sight. You'll face him
twice, once in Bob-omb Battlefield, and once on Tiny-Huge Island.

How to Defeat: In Bob-omb Battlefield, you'll win easily if you reach the top
of the mountain within 1 minute, and 10 seconds. On Tiny-Huge Island, the race-
track is smaller, and you'll likely be neck-and-neck with Koopa the whole time,
but stay in front of him, and don't get hit by the falling balls. You should 
get the Star if you come in at about 24 seconds. Long jumps whereever the wind
isn't blowing will help.

Rewards: Star #2 of Bob-omb Battlefield(Footrace with Koopa the Quick), and
Star #3 of Tiny-Huge Island(Rematch with Koopa the Quick)

Other Notes: The Stars that are given by Koopa the Quick are only possible to
get if you are using Mario or look like him.

Unagi the Eel:
The huge purple eel lives in Jolly Roger Bay, and is essential for getting two
of the Stars there. 

How to Defeat: You can't kill Unagi, but to get the first Star in Jolly Roger
Bay, you'll need to lure him out of the sunken ship. Once you do so, drain the
water inside the ship and get the Star. For the second Star, you must lure the
eel out of his hiding place. He'll eventually come out and swim around for a 
while. The Star is on his tail. Follow the big ass eel, and grab onto his tail
to get the Star.

Rewards: Star #1 of Jolly Roger Bay(Plunder in the Sunken Ship), and Star #2 of
Jolly Roger Bay(Can the Eel Come Out to Play?)

Other Notes: You touch Unagi, and you take 3 points of damage. If you're not 
going after the Star, then avoid him.

Mama Penguin:
This large penguin, who is looking for her kid, hangs out near the bottom of 
the slide in Cool, Cool Mountain. She'll give you a Star if you find her child.

How to Defeat: You can't kill Mama Penguin. Anyway, right near the spawning po-
int in Cool, Cool Mountain, you will see a small penguin. Pick him up, and go 
to the edge of the bridge. The warp there should work, and take you to a bridge
near Mama Penguin. If it doesn't work, then slide with the kid down the course
and use the gondola or bridge when you get close. The small penguin on top of
the cabin isn't the one she's looking for.

Rewards: Star #2 of Cool, Cool, Mountain(Li'l Penguin Lost)

Other Notes: This Star is impossible to get with Yoshi, as the baby penguin 
won't allow Yoshi to carry him in his mouth down to his mother.

Racing Penguin:
This penguin stays in the cabin of Cool, Cool Mountain. He'll offer to race you
down the slide. If you beat him, he'll give you his Star. Race him again after
getting 150 Stars...let's just say that not even the negative effects of chole-
sterol on the penguin will help you win this time.

How to Defeat: Just focus on staying on the slide. You WILL win this if you can
stay on the slide, just go around medium speed. When you reach the end, he'll 
fork over the Star.

Rewards: Star #3 of Cool, Cool Mountain(Big Penguin Race)

Other Notes: If you use the shortcut on the slide, he'll say that you cheated,
which results in him refusing to give you the Star.

Body-less Snowman:
A snowman's head that is without a body. Quite creepy, really. You'll probably
have seen him several times on Cool, Cool Mountain before getting him a body.
If you can get him a body, he'll give you a Star as a reward.

How to Defeat: At the top of the mountain, right near the spawning point, you
will see a snowball.(He's on the platform near the Spindrifts.) Talk to him, 
and slide down the mountain. Now, when you get close to the head, talk to him.
If you time it right, then the head will join the body. Talk to the snowman a
second time, and he'll release his Star.

Rewards: Star #5 of Cool, Cool Mountain(Snowman's Lost His Head)

Other Notes: If you time it incorrectly, the snowball will roll off the gorge,
and you'll have to go back to the top of the mountain and try again.

Klepto the Condor:
The chronic hat-thief, Klepto, holds the first Star of Shifting Sand Land. Take
your Star from that rat with wings. Just hold on to your hat.

How to Defeat: Stand on one of the pillars on the other side of the pyramid(the
side with the Bob-omb Buddy), and hit Klepto when he flies overhead with his 
Star. The Star will fall to the ground. You're done!

Rewards: Star #1 of Shifting Sand Land(In the Talons of the Big Bird)

Other Notes: In the future, be careful of Klepto, as he'll go for your hat. A
Mario, Luigi, or Wario that has lost his hat takes double damage from attacks,
so that would be bad. If Klepto does take your hat, and you die, then simply 
reenter the course and take it back from him. Also, WTF is up with Nintendo
calling this guy a condor? He is obviously a vulture.

The Manta:
The Manta looks like a manta ray. He seems to produce a jet stream from his
tail. Follow the Ray's aquatic flatulence, and if you swim through 5 rings fast
enough, you will be rewarded with the fifth Star of Dire, Dire Docks.

How to Defeat: Simply stay with him and swim through the rings. The rings tend
to undulate up and down, so be ready to swim up or down at a moment's notice.
Do it right, and you'll get the Star.

Rewards: Star #5 of Dire, Dire Docks(The Manta Ray's Reward)

Other notes: N/A

This friendly sea-creature, who seems to be trapped in the underground lagoon
in Hazy Maze Cave, is essential to getting the first Star in the course.

How to Defeat: Simply jump on Dorrie. You can get her to lower her head, and 
allow Mario to climb up there by groundpounding her back. When Dorrie nears 
the island in the middle of the lake, jump off of her head and get the Star. 
Dorrie also can help you get to the Cavern of the Metal Cap. Wait until she 
gets you close to the red-grated area, and then jump off onto it.

Rewards: Star #1 of Hazy Maze Cave(Swimming Beast in the Cavern), access to the
Cavern of the Metal Cap

Other Notes: N/A

These guys replace MIPS from the original SM64. The rabbits in the DS version
appear all over the castle grounds, and indeed, one of Yoshi's rabbits could 
almost be considered the first boss, as he holds the key that Yoshi needs to 
enter the castle. Rabbits come in five varieties; light brown(for Yoshi), pink
(for Mario), pale green(Luigi), purple(for Wario), and shining white/silver/
platinum. The special colored rabbits appear only when you are playing as that

How to Defeat: Easy. Just catch him with A.(this is easier for Yoshi) They will
relinquish whatever treasure they have. Also, far later in the game, 8 shining
white rabbits will begin appearing randomly in the castle grounds. Catching all
eight of them will allow the player to open that door in the room where you 
switch characters. Entering the door leads to the retrieval of one of the 
Secret Stars.

Rewards: Castle Key, 1 of the Castle's Secret Stars, minigames

Other Notes: N/A

Also, each character has specific rabbits that correspond to them. Catching 
them will unlock minigames, and you cannot find another character's rabbits. Be
sure to revisit all cleared areas with every character to try and find any 
rabbits that were unable to be found with the character you were using the 
first time. (For example, after freeing Mario from Goomboss, later in the game,
have Luigi go back to the room with the painting that leads to Goomboss Battle 
to find one of his rabbits.)

The Big Snowman:
This HUGE snowman is the namesake of Snowman's Land. He has the first Star of
Snowman's Land on top of him, if you don't get blown off.

How to Defeat: When you get to the top, and step on the ice that leads across 
to him, he'll begin trying to blow you off. Simply jump on top of the penguin
that is waddling across the path. When the penguin nears the wooden area on the
left, jump onto it, and climb up for the Star.

Rewards: Star #1 of Snowman's Land(Snowman's Big Head)

Other Notes: Snowman can blow your hat off. Remember that.

Chain Chomp:
This violent, fanged black sphere lunges at you for 3 damage a pop. He also
does catering. See him in Bob-omb Battlefield. 

How to Defeat: Ground-pound his post 3 times, and he'll break the cage that has
his Star inside of it, as well as run off into the distance. It helps if you 
throw a Bob-omb into his mouth to buy you some time.

Rewards: Star #6 of Bob-omb Battlefield (Behind Chain Chomp's Gate)

Other Notes: N/A

Ukiki the Monkey:
This small, brown monkey hangs around Tall, Tall Mountain. He'll either steal
your hat or give you a Star, depending on where you see him. And don't bother
making a pun about the monkey, I'll do that in the 'How to Defeat' section.

How to Defeat: Ukiki is on the high area of the mountain, near the spot where
you got the first Star for this level. Simply catch him, like MIPS. He's a bit
harder, because he can jump, but this should not be an issue. When you catch
him, let him go, and he'll open a cage that holds a Star in it. The Star will
fall near the waterfall, and it will be on the little island near the falls.
You spanked that monkey!(OK, it's done now.)

Rewards: Star #2 of Tall, Tall Mountain (Mystery of the Monkey-Cage)

Other Notes: If you're not trying to get Ukiki's Star, don't pick him up. He'll
take your hat, and you'll have to catch him to get it back. Anyway, this little
guy also is foreign to the Marioverse, actually originally residing in the SNES
classic, Zelda: A Link to the Past, and made another appearance in Zelda:
Link's Awakening for GameBoy. He was a lot less of a pain in those games, as he
allowed Link to progress with his quest in exchange for 100 Rupees and some 
bananas, repsectively.

The Thwomp:
The Thwomp in Tick Tock Clock is guarding a Star. First, you have to get to the
top of the level, with the gears in the clock activated. Then, you'll have to
ride a giant clock hand around to a conveyor belt. He'll be on a platform close
to the belt. 

How to Defeat: This is pretty damn hard to do, but you must jump on top of him,
then jump again to reach a platform behind him that is holding a Star. I recom-
mend a Triple Jump, though you may have to come up with something else, since 
the player has got almost no space to work with here. Try using Luigi, he has
the best jumping ability. 

Rewards: Star #4 of Tick-Tock Clock(Stomp on the Thwomp), frustration

Other Notes: N/A

VII. Behind the FAQ- Lord_Yojimbo29

I made this guide because I wanted to submit something to GameFAQs other then
reviews. So, I hope you got some help from it. I usually roam about the Wii
Hardware and Next-Gen Gaming boards, though it's highly unlikely that you care.

Special thanks:

-Super Mario Bros. HQ, for if weren't for their data on enemy names, I woulda
made them all up. :) Look them up on

-GameFAQs, for being so awesome. If you can't find them, you fail.

-Boredom, for giving me the idea to write this

-The reader, for actually taking the time to read this brigade of text.

-Crenshaw Meehan, for the corrections on Thwomp.

-J. Hunter, for the corrections of the locations of Shy Guy and the tip
regarding Wario and the Tox Box.

-thecheat4evur, for the corrections on the Fire-Spitters.

-Kay Gee and Nathan Smith for corrections on the Bullet Bills.

-iammax, for the extra location of the Koopa Shell.

-Mike Shay, for bringing enormous amounts of corrections to my attention, such
as(here we go) real enemy names, random Goomba explosions, Piranha Plant info,
much of the fixes on the rabbits, and enemy locations that I missed the first
(and second) times. A big thank you is needed to this guy, as he has made the 
most significant efforts to make this guide accurate. 

VIII. The Conclusion

Well, it's that time where I must bid all you lovely readers adieu. Just gimme
a chance to plug for some of my reviews and future FAQs. Good night!

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Grand Theft Auto III(PC version)
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Spongebob Squarepants: Operation Krabby Patty(yes, for some reason or another,I
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Golden Sun: The Lost Age
Super Mario 64
Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild
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Pokemon Silver 
Pokemon Sapphire(assuming it gets posted)
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