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Wow, I never knew Mario could be locked up!1downmushroom9/10
Portable Super Mario 64 Canít Miss, Right?AegisKnight20007/10
Wow. Awsomecaptain_crap779/10
A cheap and frustrating, yet still fairly good platformer for the DS.DarthMarth6/10
Not the best platformer in the world, but still great.davidstebbins8/10
Bringing good games and making them better is...really goodDeathborn 66810/10
Lighter than EverDestination8/10
Is a great console release game a great portable release game?Donald Love 877/10
A good game to get into the new features of the DS and see it's potential.Exodist8/10
Super Mairo 64 DS is a Classic Game Born Anew for a New GenerationFatal_Jester9/10
Great game, but sadly, bad controlFlamingArcher7/10
This is the Best Mario Game Ever!!!!!!gamekid09310/10
This Game Alone is Worth Getting a DS ForGavLuvsGA9/10
A reworked classicGerman Dragon9/10
Here We Go!horror_spooky9/10
It's-a-me, portable!InuYashaYoukai9/10
Super Mario 64 DS Ė more than just a re-make...J49139/10
Thank you so much for a-playing my game... againJurnco9/10
Oh my... Am I really reviewing a Mario game?Kaiden8/10
Mario and friends are updated brilliantly in this "port" of a classic.King Luigi9/10
One of Nintendo's greatest Mario treasures remade on the DS. Ruined by horrific controls.KingContributor6/10
Super Mario 64 DS is a great way to enjoy one of the best Mario games in portable form, despite a few annoyances.KnightsoftheRound9/10
Mario Remade 64leeuyang8/10
A slightly faded star.Malorkus7/10
Yoshi please wake up! I don't think Mario is coming via the cannon in the front yard of the castle. Why don't you go get him instead.Megaman198110/10
An amazing game, destroyed by terrible controls.Michael Kelehan6/10
Great game... but it's-a too hard to control.MSuskie8/10
Although a remake can often fall flat, this game manages to overcome that obstacle.Muk10009/10
5 Stars! Nah, It's more like 150NDS_Master9/10
Still the Best DS Game on the MarketPeaceBeWithYou19/10
Touch fuzzy, get dizzy? No, not in this Mario game.Shivan Reincarnated8/10
What's old is new again.SneakTheSnake8/10
The classic is back - and brings a lot new with it.SuperSmashBro139/10
An amazing trip down memory laneTails 649/10
More than Mario 64 with a bag of chips. More like Mario 64 with a 5-course meal.terrisus9/10
Can little things ruin a game?The Evil Sunny 16/10
That cake better be delicious!WaterMario2228/10
The mini games are what saves this titlewolverinefan6/10
Nostalgia just punched me in the face.zoradude9/10

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This game really isn't that fun...6xdandangp5/10
Excellent lauch title, shows the potential is there for Nintendo DS!AndyKaotik8/10
A re-creation of a great game. A must have for anyone who owns a DS!Asheron9/10
A Great Remake Ruined by Horribly Designed ControlsBeeMario7/10
A Launch Title as a remake of a Launch Title 8 years later!BlueLink5710/10
No doubt an easy way to get a launch title out, yet it still manages to impressburuburu18/10
Mario 64 lands on the DS!ChibiFighter10/10
Awesome remake, with better graphics and more starsComputerdude103210/10
After a well deserved rest, Mario's rump's ready for more poundingcreepyguywithastick9/10
The classic original updated, upgraded, and now ratedCybernetic Fury9/10
Get in touch with your Mario sideDark Forte VII9/10
The Controls Ruin an Otherwise Great Remakeeye_of_death7/10
Take an already hit game and add tons of features and out comes this!Fire Se3r10/10
Nintendo's Masterpiece gets a facelift, but loses its original luster.Gamerguy Zero8/10
A must have DS game.Hacker Elite10/10
An average update to a classic.IsamuKun6/10
Just a beautiful remakeIshbu31169/10
Mario 64 plus Mario Party combinedmcwizardx9/10
God awful control accompanys an awesome game.Megagamer18/10
A 3D Wario game that doesn't suck! Wait... why is Mario's name in the title?MrCardboardTube9/10
Not the best remake ever...nerdyman3457/10
Amazing...Simply AmazingNicomicsrule10/10
If Carling made DS games, then this would be one of them.Ordinary_Gamer9/10
Mario 64... on a handheld?Phange10/10
I know what you're thinking, Super Mario 64 again?!Raven2210/10
A potentially great game absolutely ruined by control issues.RevenantThings4/10
One of the best Mario games in a whileReverendCurtis9/10
Review from a non-N64ersalomonride3119/10
Mario Has ReturnedScarface21258/10
A great improvement on an even greater gameschwagles bagels10/10
You know how it was good? It got better.Starkin Warrior10/10
Is it just another port?SuperKing9/10
Donít fix what isnít broken.UltimaterializerX3/10
64 reasons why this remake failedvideogamer10306/10

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