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       | |\  /| | | |__       | |    | |__| | | /  \ |    | |    | |  \ |
       | | \/ | | |  __|      | |    |  _  _/ | |  | |    | |    | |  | |
       | |    | | | |____     | |    | | \ \  | \__/ |  __| |__  | |__/ |
       |_|    |_| |______|    |_|    |_|  \_\ \______/ |_______| |______/

                         /-TOTAL WALKTHROUGH WITH FAQ-\
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                |  ____/ |  _  _/    | |    | | \/ | | |  __|
                | |      | | \ \   __| |__  | |    | | | |____
                |_|      |_|  \_\ |_______| |_|    |_| |______|

                          \-WRITTEN BY infinitys_7th-/
         _    _   _    _   __    _   _______   ______   ______   ______
        | |  | | | |  | | |  \  | | |__   __| |  ____| |  __  \ /  ____|
        | |__| | | |  | | |   \ | |    | |    | |__    | |__| | | |____
        |  __  | | |  | | | |\ \| |    | |    |  __|   |  _  _/ \____  \
        | |  | | | \__/ | | | \   |    | |    | |____  | | \ \   ____| |
        |_|  |_| \______/ |_|  \__|    |_|    |______| |_|  \_\ |______/

                               /\             /\
                              /  \           /  \
                              \  /           \  /
                               \/             \/

                   /\                                     /\
                  /  \                                   /  \
                  \  /            ___________            \  /
                   \/            /    ___    \            \/
                               _/ ___/   \___ \_
                              /  \           /  \
                              \___\__     __/___/
                   /\           \_\_ \   / _/_/           /\
                  /  \            \_\_\_/_/_/            /  \
                  \  /                                   \  /
                   \/                                     \/

                               /\             /\                         _____
                              /  \           /  \                       /-----\
                              \  /           \  /                       |00 / |
                               \/             \/                        \__/__/

|                          /                                             [TOCT]
|  I.  Table of Contents  /

   Section Number and Name                                               Code
   =======================                                               ====
   I.    Table of Contents...............................................[TOCT]

   II.   Updates.........................................................[UPDT]

   III.  Introduction....................................................[INTR]

   IV.   Story...........................................................[STRY]
      A.  Instruction Manual Version.....................................{INMV}
      B.  In-Game Introduction Version...................................{IGIV}

   V.    Hunter Profiles.................................................[HRPF]
      A.  Samus Aran.....................................................{SMUS}
      B.  Noxus..........................................................{NOXS}
      C.  Spire..........................................................{SPIR}
      D.  Weavel.........................................................{WEVL}
      E.  Sylux..........................................................{SYLX}
      F.  Trace..........................................................{TRAC}
      G.  Kanden.........................................................{KAND}

   VI.   Controls........................................................[CTRL]

   VII.  Adventure Mode Walkthrough......................................[AMDW]
      A.  The Hunt Begins:  The First Octolith in the Celestial Archives.{OL#1}
      B.  Ruins in Fire:  Alinos and the Second Octolith.................{OL#2}
      C.  ***Coming Soon***..............................................{OL#3}
      D.  ***Coming Soon***..............................................{OL#4}
      E.  ***Coming Soon***..............................................{OL#5}
      F.  ***Coming Soon***..............................................{OL#6}
      G.  ***Coming Soon***..............................................{OL#7}
      H.  ***Coming Soon***..............................................{OL#8}
      I.  ***Coming Soon***..............................................{SCRT}
      J.  ***Coming Soon***..............................................{FINL}

   VIII. Items...........................................................[ITEM]
      A.  Sub-Weapons....................................................{SWPN}
      B.  Energy Tanks...................................................{ENTK}
      C.  Missile Expansions.............................................{MSEX}
      D.  Universal Ammo (UA) Expansions.................................{UAEX}
      E.  Pick-Ups.......................................................{PKUP}

   IX.   Logbook.........................................................[LGBK]
      A.  Lore...........................................................{LORE}
      B.  Bioform........................................................{BOFM}
      C.  Object.........................................................{OBJT}
      D.  Equipment......................................................{EPMT}

   X.    Bosses..........................................................[BOSS]

   XI.   Multiplayer Guide...............................................[MPGD]

   XII.  Unlockables.....................................................[UNLK]
      A.  Movies.........................................................{MOVI}
      B.  Multiplayer Characters.........................................{MPCT}
      C.  Multiplayer Arenas.............................................{MPAN}

   XIII. Frequently Asked Questions......................................[FAQS]

   XIV.  Game Review.....................................................[GRVW]

   XV.   Legal Notes.....................................................[LLNT]

   XVI.  Contact Information.............................................[CTIF]

   XVII. Special Thanks..................................................[SPTK]

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|                 /                                                      [UPDT]
|  II.  Updates  /

Current Level..............................................................0.25

 3-28-06                                                                 + 0.12
 =======                                                                 ======
 I started this guide.  So far I have finished I and added everything listed in
 it.  I am about done with the IV and have finished III and VI.   Completed VII
 A.  Added XV to protect work before I submit it.  Submitted to GameFAQs.

 3-28-06                                                                 + 0.00
 =======                                                                 ======
 Fixed some grammar issues.  Finished V.

 4-12-06                                                                 + 0.00
 =======                                                                 ======
 Fixed some grammar and spelling issues.  Finished III.  Revised VII.A.  Worked
 on VII.B.

 4-14-06                                                                 + 0.13
 =======                                                                 ======
 Fixed some grammar and spelling issues.  Revised VII.A.  Finished VII.B.
 Resubmitted to GameFAQs.

|                       /                                                [INTR]
|  III.  Introduction  /

     Welcome to my first video game guide; as you can see it is for the game
Metroid Prime Hunters.  For a long time I have been a fan of the Metroid
series, though not so much a purist as many others.  I loved Super Metroid,
Metroid Fusion, and Metroid Zero Mission, and further enjoyed Metroid Prime and
Metroid Prime 2:  Echoes.  As a tidbit of information, Metroid Prime is my
second favorite game of all time, only behind the timeless classic that is The
Legend of Zelda:  A Link to the Past.

     Metroid Prime Hunters is a derivation from the typical Metroid formula,
though it still keeps some of its predecessors' attributes.  Where the past
Metroid games emphasized exploration, this game is more linear.  Where the past
Metroid games emphasized a single player experience, this game has a single
player that, to some, is considered outclassed by the multiplayer aspects of
the game.  However, I can tell you that it maintains the atmosphere, story, and
isolation elements that Metroid games in general (and, more closely, the Prime
trilogy) contain.  The graphics are extremely impressive for a DS game, the
controls are impressive for a FPS (despite the learning curve and the
occasional arm cramp), and the game overall gives a very good experience.

     Thus, I would like to continue with my guide.  I hope that it provides you
with assistance in those situations which become frustrating, such as giving
tips for bosses or helping you find that last scan or Missile Expansion.

|               /                                                        [STRY]
|  IV.  Story  /

|  A.  Instruction Manual Version  |                                     {INMV}

     In the most distant reaches of space, beyond the territories controlled by
the Galactic Federation, is the Tetra Galaxy, once home to a mighty race known
as the Alimbics. An advanced civilization, peaceful, prosperous and powerful,
the Alimbics maintained stability over the region forcefully but judiciously.
They reigned over a vast region known as the Alimbic Cluster. One day, perhaps
thousands of years ago, perhaps tens of thousands, they simply disappeared,
leaving behind artifacts, all scattered across the Alimbic Cluster, all
protected by a lethal arsenal of the Alimbics' most advanced weaponry.

     Today, for the first time in centuries, the long-dormant Alimbic System is
stirring, delivering strange tidings. A telepathic communication originating in
Alimbic Cluster, has downloaded into the brains of some of the most exceptional
bounty hunters in our galaxy. The message translates into a thousand different
languages on a thousand different worlds. But the message always is the same:
"The secret to ultimate power resides in the Alimbic Cluster."

     This message has intrigued and enticed some of the most formidable bounty
hunters in the galaxy to make the long journey to the Alimbic Cluster, each of
these great warriors motivated by a different reason. Some desire power for
themselves, or for their planet or people, while others simply have a
relentless desire to hunt, or to kill, along with a fierce determination to
prove themselves the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. Now, it's a race
against time to see which bounty hunter will triumph over the others, who will
discover the secret behind this promise of "ultimate power."

     The Galactic Federation has heeded this strange, suspicious communication
as well, and has called for the help of Samus Aran. Her mission: to discover
the truth about this mysterious message, to protect against a potential threat,
and to keep the Alimbics' ultimate power from falling into the wrong hands.

|  B.  In-Game Introduction Version  |                                   {IGIV}

      |                     ---MISSION FILE 79109---                    |
      |                                                                 |
      |   "The secret to Ultimate Power lies in the Alimbic Cluster."   |
      |                                                                 |
      |                     ---DATA CONFIRMATION---                     |
      |                                                                 |
      |   The repeating neural thread, originating from an uncharted    |
      |   region of the Tetra Galaxy known as the Alimbic Cluster,      |
      |   was recently intercepted and translated by Federation         |
      |   empaths.                                                      |
      |                                                                 |
      |                       ---ROGUE CONTRACT---                      |
      |                                                                 |
      |   1.  Discover the meaning behind this mysterious telepathic    |
      |   message.                                                      |
      |                                                                 |
      |   2.  If the "ultimate power" can be secured, ensure            |
      |   Federation control.                                           |
      |                                                                 |
      |   3.  If the power cannot be secured, ensure that it remains    |
      |   secret or destroy it.                                         |
      |                                                                 |
      |                  ---POTENTIAL COMPLICATIONS---                  |
      |                                                                 |
      |   This operation must remain covert.  The Tetra Galaxy is       |
      |   outside of Federation-controlled space, and the Alimbic       |
      |   Cluster is a wild and uncharted region.                       |
      |                                                                 |
      |   While we have kept our communications classified, we know     |
      |   other entities have intercepted the thread.                   |
      |                                                                 |
      |   The lure of ultimate will be irresistible to many.            |
      |   Disposition of rival interest is presumed hostile.            |
      |                                                                 |
      |                   UPLOADING KNOWN COORDINATES_                  |
      |                                                                 |

|                        /                                               [TOCT]
|  V.  Hunter Profiles  /

|  A.  Samus Aran  |                                                     {SMUS}

Species:  Human

Origin:  K2-L, Zebes

Affinity Weapon and Effect:  Missile Launcher (homes in on enemies when
                             charged; has a larger blast radius)

Alt-Form Information:  Morph Ball; weapons are Morph Ball Bombs and abilities
                       include boost capabilities

Description:  Samus Aran is well-known throughout the galaxy as an efficient 
              and experienced bounty hunter.  Few other hunters can compete
              with Samus's long history of successful missions, most of which
              were carried out against seemingly insurmountable odds.
              The heroine of the Metroid series, Samus Aran is bounty hunter
              who is frequently contracted by the Galactic Federation to deal
              with various problems, usually in the scope of the series dealing
              with Space Pirates and Metroids.  In this case, she is required
              to investigate a telepathic message coming from the Alimbic
              cluster, try to find the "ultimate power" that the message speaks
              of, and, if this power falls into the wrong hands, destroy it or
              ensure that it cannot be used by the wrong group or entity.

|  B.  Noxus  |                                                          {NOXS}

Species:  Vhozon

Origin:  Vho

Affinity Weapon and Effect:  Judicator (freezes opponents when charged)

Alt-Form Information:  Vhoscythe; attack is an appendage coming out of the side
                       of the Vhoscythe, which spins with the Vhoscythe and
                       causes damage on contact

Description:  Noxus is a member of the Vhozon, a proud and reclusive race that
              inhabit the outer rim of the Galaxy.  A spiritual being who walks
              a harsh, righteous path, Noxus has become a bounty hunter to
              administer justice to the galaxy's criminals and evildoers.
              Noxus is one of the two bounty hunters that can be said to not
              have an agenda harmful to Samus; however, he still sees her, or
              more likely the Galactic Federation, as unworthy of the "ultimate
              power" talked about in the telepathic message.

|  C.  Spire  |                                                          {SPIR}

Species:  Diamont

Origin:  Mondreus

Affinity Weapon and Effect:  Magmaul (sets enemies on fire on when charged; has
                             a larger blast radius)

Alt-Form Information:  Dialanche; attack is two piles of rock that spin around
                       the Dialanche, allowing two strikes per attack and
                       ability is climbing walls

Description:  Spire is thought to be the sole remaining Diamont, an ancient
              race of silicon-based life forms whose bodies are composed of
              organic rock.  Spire travels the galaxy as a bounty hunter
              searching for information on the location, or fate, of the rest
              of his people.
              Spire is one of the bounty hunters, along with Noxus, that can be
              said to not really be an enemy to you; however, given his quest
              to find what has become of his people, he is driven to fight.
              Something interesting to be noted is that it has been suggested
              that he wishes to find the "ultimate power" to avenge his race's
              attempted extinction.

|  D.  Weavel  |                                                         {WEVL}

Species:  Cybernetic Space Pirate

Origin:  Unknown

Affinity Weapon and Effect:  Battlehammer (knocks opponents back; has a larger
                             blast radius)

Alt-Form Information:  Halfturret; ability is separation into a controllable
                       mobile half and stationary half, and weapons and attacks
                       are slash (with mobile half) and Battlehammer shots
                       (from stationary half) 

Description:   Once a powerful Space Pirate general, Weavel was critically
               wounded during an altercation between the Space Pirates and
               Samus Aran.  With just his brain and spinal cord still
               functional, his body was fused with a mobile life support
               Weavel's motivations are unclear; it is possible that he wishes
               to bring the "ultimate power" to the Space Pirates, perhaps for
               redemption for his failures, or that he wishes to keep it for
               himself.  Either way, he harbors the animosity to attack Samus
               when he encounters her, as well as the need due to simply reduce
               competition.  Interestingly, the location of the battle between
               Weavel and Samus has been given as Brinstar, on Zebes; however,
               Samus did not encounter Space Pirates in Brinstar in either
               Metroid or Metroid Zero Mission.  Given the conflicts that Space
               Pirates have had with the Galactic Federation, the Federation
               would definitely not want the "ultimate power" to fall into the
               hands of the Space Pirates, how are notorious for wanting to
               find new weapons or tactical technologies.

|  E.  Sylux  |                                                          {SYLX}

Species:  Unknown

Origin:  Cylosis

Affinity Weapon and Effect:  Shock Coil (absorbs enemy health and replenishes
                             your own)

Alt-Form Information:  Lockjaw; weapons are tripwire bombs (when two are set
                       they form a "tripwire" between them, given no obstacles
                       between them, and when three are set all three detonate
                       and deal massive damage to anything contained in the
                       triangle that they form, given no obstacles between any
                       of the perimeter lines; bombs detonated without the
                       previously described effects damage like Samus' Morph
                       Ball Bombs) 

Description:  Little is known about the mysterious bounty hunter known as Sylux
              other than the fact that Sylux harbors an intense hatred for the 
              Galactic Federation and the bounty hunter who has helped the
              Federation time and time again -- Samus Aran.
              Sylux is a very mysterious character; his hatred for the Galactic
              Federation is curious, as it has no given background as of yet.
              He apparently raids Federation holdings frequently, given that
              his suit, weapon (Shock Coil), gunship (Delano 7), and Alt-Form
              (Lockjaw) are all stolen or banned Federation technology.  If
              Sylux finds the "ultimate power," one can assume that he might
              use it against the Galactic Federation.

|  F.  Trace  |                                                          {TRAC}

Species:  Kriken

Origin:  Kriken Empire

Affinity Weapon and Effect:  Imperialist (while the Imperialist is equipped,
                             remaining stationary will allow you to
                             automatically cloak)

Alt-Form Information:  Triskelion; attack is lunge and ability is automatic
                       cloaking while stationary

Description:  Trace is a Kriken, one of the most hated and feared races in the
              galaxy.  Every Kriken, when he reaches a certain age, is exiled
              by its clan for a rite of passage.  Trace is currently in exile,
              traveling the galaxy looking for planets to expand the Kriken
              Krikens are given rewards and power based upon what they bring to
              the Kriken Empire; thus, Trace wants to find something that will
              ensure that he gets as much power as possible and will not allow
              anything to stand in his way.  The Galactic Federation would
              definitely not want the "ultimate power" to fall into the hands
              of Trace's species.

|  G.  Kanden  |                                                         {KAND}

Species:  Enoema

Origin:  A Sinister Laboratory

Affinity Weapon and Effect:  Volt Driver (disrupts vision when charged)

Alt-Form Information:  Stinglarva; attack is a homing bomb

Description:  A lab experiment gone awry, Kanden was created to be the ultimate
              soldier.  However, stress from the neural combat encoding
              sequences was more than Kanden's still-mortal brain could handle,
              and left him ferocious, deadly and dangerously unpredictable.
              Kanden, as indicated, was created to be a fighting machine;
              however, something, presumably a conscience, interacted in a
              negative way with the programming he was given, causing him to
              become unstable.  He killed all those who made him what he is and
              went into a field that any remorseless, powerful being would be
              perfect for; that is, he became a bounty hunter.  Kanden is
              presumably hungry for power, wishing to make himself even
              stronger than he already is; thus, he wants to find the "ultimate
              power" and claim it as his own.  This is one of the situations
              that the Galactic Federation had in mind when they gave Samus her
              three primary objectives.

|                  /                                                     [CTRL]
|  VI.  Controls  /

                             ~Nintendo DS Handheld~
            /                                                      \
           /             ______________________________             \
           |            |                              |            |
           |            |                              |            |
           |            |                              |            |
           |            |                              |            |
           |            |                              |            |
           |            |          Top Screen          |            |
           |            |                              |            |
           | .........  |                              | .........  |
           | .........  |                              | .........  |
           | .........  |                       _      | .........  |
           | .........  |                      | |     | .........  |
           |            |______________________| |_____|            |
           |             _               _______||_   _             |
          _\            | |             |       || | | |            /_
         / L\___________| |_____________|       || |_| |___________/R \
         \     ___       _______________________||_____     __   __   /
         |    |___|     |                       ||     |   (__| |__)  |
         |    Power     |                       ||     | Select Start |
         |              |                       ||     |              |
         |      _       |                       ||     |       _      |
         |     |_|      |                       ||     |      |_|     |
         |  ___|_|___   |         Touch Screen  \/     |   _   X   _  |
         | |_(_(_)_)_|  |                              |  |_|     |_| |
         |     |_|      |                              |   Y   _   A  |
         |     |_|      |                              |      |_|     |
         |    D-Pad     |                              |       B      |
         |              |                              |              |
         |              |______________________________|              |
         |                                                            |
         \              | Microphone         Charging| |Power         /
                         Slot-2:  Rumble Pack (if used)

         Hidden: *Slot-1: Game Card (opposite side from Slot-2)
                 *AC Adapter jack (on the "D-Pad" side of Slot-1)
                 *Wrist strap (on the "A/B/X/Y" side of Slot-1)
                 *Stylus holder (to the right of the wrist strap)
                 *Volume (on the "D-Pad" side  Slot-2)
                 *Headset jack (on the "A/B/X/Y" side next to Slot-2)
                 *Headphones jack (to the right of the headset jack)

     There are four different control schemes in Metroid Prime Hunters; they
are accessed through the following method:

                       Main Menu --> Options --> Controls

You can also change control modes while in the Gunship using the following

                        Gunship Screen Menu --> Options

     In both of these menus there are two additional options that affect
controls; they are Look Invert and Sensitivity.  Look Invert controls how you
look up and down in perspective in all control modes.  Turning it off (the
default setting) means that moving the stylus up (toward the Top Screen) while
in SR/SL modes or pressing X or Up for DR or DL, respectively, moves the
perspective up and the reverse movement while in SR/SL or pressing B or Down
for DR or DL, respectively, moves the perspective down.  Turning it on reverses
how the perspective changes for stylus movements or button press (for example,
moving the stylus up moves the perspective down, and so forth for the other
variations).  Sensitivity controls how far moving the stylus or pressing a
button used to change perspective moves your current perspective.  The higher
the setting, the faster the perspective changes when it is adjusted.  It
should be noted that the option has a scale of one to fifteen, but the
numerical value is only shown in the Controls menu accessed from the Main Menu;
the Controls menu accessed from the Gunship Screen Menu is a simple meter with
only one and fifteen shown for reference, but it controls basically the same.

     The control schemes are as follows (please note that Boost only applies to
Samus' Alt-Form, the Morph Ball; otherwise, though, the basic controls other
than map controls are the same no matter what character you choose to play as;
Start controls are noted as to what they do differently in Adventure Mode and
Multiplayer Mode):

   Stylus R (SR)
   Touch Screen: *Look around (Biped)
                 *Change weapon (Biped)
                 *Toggle Combat/Scan Visor (Biped; hold to toggle)
                 *Jump (Biped; double-tap)
                 *Move/Turn (Alt-Form)
                 *Boost (Alt-Form; quickly slide stylus in desired direction)
                 *Toggle Biped/Alt-Form
                 *Toggle Zoom (Imperialist on; double-tap Sub-weapon icon)
                 *Rotate map in pause menu
                 *Navigate menus (for example, interact with Tetra Galaxy map)

   D-Pad: *Move (Biped)                  X/Y/B/A: *Jump
          *Move (Alt-Form)                        *Move (Alt-Form)
          *Move room in pause menu map
          *Navigate some menus

   L: *Fire (Biped; can hold to charge)  R: *Boost (Alt-Form; hold to charge)
      *Scan (Biped; hold to scan)           *Toggle Zoom (Imperialist on)
      *Morph Ball Bombs (Alt-Form)          *Zoom out on pause menu map
      *Zoom in on pause menu map

   Start: *Pause/Unpause Adventure Mode  Select: *Not used
          *Multiplayer Mode game info
   Stylus L (SL)
   Touch Screen: *Look around (Biped)
                 *Change weapon (Biped)
                 *Toggle Combat/Scan Visor (Biped; hold to toggle)
                 *Jump (Biped; double-tap)
                 *Move/Turn (Alt-Form)
                 *Boost (Alt-Form; quickly slide stylus in desired direction)
                 *Toggle Biped/Alt-Form
                 *Toggle Zoom (Imperialist on; double-tap Sub-weapon icon)
                 *Rotate map in pause menu
                 *Navigate menus (for example, interact with Tetra Galaxy map)

   D-Pad: *Jump                          X/Y/B/A: *Move (Biped)
          *Move (Alt-Form)                        *Move (Alt-Form)
                                                  *Move room in pause menu map
                                                  *Navigate some menus

   L: *Boost (Alt-Form; hold to charge)  R: *Fire (Biped; can hold to charge)
      *Toggle Zoom (Imperialist on)         *Scan (Biped; hold to scan)
      *Zoom in on pause menu map            *Morph Ball Bombs (Alt-Form)
                                            *Zoom out on pause menu map

   Start: *Pause/Unpause Adventure Mode  Select: *Not used
          *Multiplayer Mode game info
   Dual R (DR)
   Touch Screen: *Change weapon (Biped)
                 *Toggle Combat/Scan Visor (Biped; hold to toggle)
                 *Jump (Biped; double-tap)
                 *Move (Alt-Form)
                 *Boost (Alt-Form; quickly slide stylus in desired direction)
                 *Toggle Biped/Alt-Form
                 *Toggle Zoom (Imperialist on; double-tap Sub-weapon icon)
                 *Navigate menus (for example, interact with Tetra Galaxy map)

   D-Pad: *Move (Biped)                  X/Y/B/A: *Look around
          *Move (Alt-Form)                        *Move/Turn (Alt-Form)
          *Move room in pause menu map            *Rotate pause menu map
          *Navigate some menus

   L: *Fire (Biped; can hold to charge)  R: *Jump (Biped)
      *Scan (Biped; hold to scan)           *Boost (Alt-Form; hold to charge)
      *Morph Ball Bombs (Alt-Form)          *Zoom out on pause menu map
      *Zoom in on pause menu map

   Start: *Pause/Unpause Adventure Mode  Select: *Toggle Zoom (Imperialist on)
          *Multiplayer Mode game info
   Dual L (DL)
   Touch Screen: *Change weapon
                 *Toggle Combat/Scan Visor (Biped; hold to toggle)
                 *Jump (Biped; double-tap)
                 *Move (Alt-Form)
                 *Boost (Alt-Form; quickly slide stylus in desired direction)
                 *Toggle Biped/Alt-Form
                 *Toggle Zoom (Imperialist on; double-tap Sub-weapon icon)
                 *Navigate menus (for example, interact with Tetra Galaxy map)

   D-Pad: *Look around                   X/Y/B/A: *Move (Biped)
          *Move/Turn (Alt-Form)                   *Move (Alt-Form)
          *Rotate pause menu map                  *Move room in pause menu map
                                                  *Navigate some menus

   L: *Jump (Biped                       R: *Fire (Biped; can hold to charge)
      *Boost (Alt-Form; hold to charge)     *Scan (Biped; hold to scan) 
      *Zoom in on pause menu map            *Morph Ball Bombs (Alt-Form)
                                            *Zoom out on pause menu map

   Start: *Pause/Unpause Adventure Mode  Select: *Toggle Zoom (Imperialist on)
          *Multiplayer Mode game info

     Overall, I prefer SR mode; however, I will try to avoid anything
problematic for those who prefer SL, DR, and DL.  A good summary of the
strengths and weaknesses of each mode is as follows:

   Stylus Modes
   +Fast                                 -Must pick up stylus with some turns
   +Accurate                             -May scratch Touch Screen
   +Fast access to Touch Screen icons    -May be unsteady
   +Resembles PC FPS controls            -Jumping may be annoying
   Dual Modes
   +Steady                               -Less accurate than Stylus modes
   +Gives a good hold on the DS          -Poor access to Touch Screen icons
   +All buttons are accessible           -Slow
   +Helps protect screen

     The modes are fairly balanced, as you can see; however, I still recommend
Stylus mode.  You should, however, become proficient with both, as each has
unique strengths.

     The Power light and the Charging light do different things depending on
whether the DS is currently on, charging (on or off), in Sleep Mode, connected
to another DS (or other DS's), or online.  While the DS is on, the Power light
will glow either green with ample power or red when the battery of the system
is low.  Further, if the system is connected to another DS (or DS's) or to the
Nintendo WiFi Connection (WFC) the Power light will flicker twice followed by a
brief pause, and then repeat.  It will also flicker in the same pattern when it
is in Sleep Mode.  The Charging light will only turn on while the system is
charging; it will glow yellow-orange until the battery is fully charged.
Interestingly, the battery life while the Power light flickers greatly falls;
thus, you should keep the DS plugged in while playing connected games when you
can too avoid the possibility of a disconnect due to the system losing power.

     As a note, a cheap and efficient way to protect your Touch Screen (and Top
Screen as well) is vinyl laminating sheets.  For around $4 (USA) I was able to
purchase enough to make at least a great many sets of two screen protectors
(one for the Top Screen and one for the Touch Screen).  The only problems I
have had so far are relatively minor; the screen is hard to see without the
backlight turned on, the adhesive backing leaves a line of adhesive when it is
pulled up (this can be removed by dabbing the line with the removed screen
protector), and it can be difficult to apply.  When and if you make yours, be
sure to leave a tab of the sheet on the fringes of the surrounding border of
the Touch Screen (approximately one (1) centimeter) and to fully cover the Top
Screen and its surroudings.  By the way, an alternative to this method is to
use Hori brand screen protectors; they are generally the most recommended and
use static rather than adhesive to stick to screens.

     I would also like to bring up the frequently occurring problem of hand and
arm cramps.  These can be very frustrating (and painful), and, from my
experience, are caused by trying to hold the weight of the DS in one hand while
keeping it steady enough to play with the stylus held in the other hand.  The
easiest remedy for this is to take frequent breaks and to stop immediately when
pain occurs.  A way to prevent this from occurring is to always have the DS on a
table or other surface and to simply control it that way.  There are also
commercial styluses which wrap around a finger instead of being held like a
pencil which may help stop the cramps.

|                                     /                                  [AMDW]
|  VII.  Adventure Mode Walkthrough  /

Bring up room and chamber difference.

|  A.  The Hunt Begins:  The First Octolith in the Celestial Archives  | {OL#1}
                       /                                \
                       |  Scans, Expansions, and Items  |

Celestial Gateway:                                          -------------------
 ^Alimbic Prophecy 01                                       |       Key       |
 ^Celestial Archives                                        |       ===       |
 ^Hunter Gunship                                            |                 |
~~~                                                         | ^ --> Scan      |
Helm Room:                                                  | # --> Expansion |
 ^Synergy Processor                                         | % --> Item      |
 ^Synergy Drive                                             -------------------
 ^Port Helm
 ^Starboard Helm
 ^Psycho Bit v1.0
 ^Guardian (during evacuation)
Meditation Room:
 ^Small Energy
 ^Alimbic Panel
 ^Navigational Chart
 ^Tetra Trade Map
 ^Synergy Strut
 ^Small Missile Pack
Data Shrine 01:
 ^Science Hub
 ^Alimbic Artifacts
 ^Cartograph Artifact
 ^Artifact Shield
 ^Shield Key
 ^Energy Tank
 ^Lesser Ithrak
 ^Medium Energy

 #Energy Tank
Fan Room Alpha:
 ^Cooling Fans
Data Shrine 02:
 ^Missile Expansion
 ^Alimbic Joist

 #Missile Expansion
Fan Room Beta:
 ^Tetra Galaxy
Data Shrine 03:
 ^Kanden (if you missed the previous scan)
 ^Attameter Artifact
 ^Political Hub
 ^Anthropological Hub
 ^Alimbic Turret v1.0
Synergy Core:
 ^Lift Controls
 ^Binary Subscripture
Stronghold Void:
 ^Stronghold Void
 ^Cretaphid v1
 ^Biodefense Chamber A
                             /                    \
                             |  Area Walkthrough  |

     Watch the opening dialogue and the short cut scene or skip ahead by tapping
skip and then tapping the screen.  The Tetra Galaxy Scan Screen will then
appear, with a map on the bottom screen.  Notice that you can move the Abscissa
Axis (horizontal line) and the Ordinate Axis (vertical line) using either the
tabs connected to them or via a press of the D-Pad.  As you can see, the lines
intersect at a space station called the Celestial Archives; thus, you can guess
that they are used to navigate.  Now, either tap the "Land Ship" icon or press
A to land at the Celestial Archives (be sure the axes intersect at the
Celestial Archives).  Enjoy the cut scene and the nostalgic music and prepare
for your first mission!

*Celestial Gateway*

     As you walk toward the door a popup will appear that will instruct you on
how to use the scan visor.  Why not take a minute to get used to your
surroundings and controls?  Activate the Scan Visor and scan the Door in front
of you and the symbol above it (remember the symbol, as it is quite common).
Turn to your left now and scan the Portal.  Turn again to face your ship;
notice that you cannot scan it from a certain distance.  Walk toward it until
you can and get that scan.  To the left of your ship is a pedestal that, when
scanned, gives information on the Celestial Archives.  If you look below the
platform that the Gunship is on you will see a green force field.  Scan this as
well.  You may wish to explore this room further, looking for the elevators
beside and behind the Gunship and testing out your gear (Morph Ball, Morph Ball
Bombs); also go back to your ship to save and look at your Logbook.  Note that
not everything you scanned was recorded; that is normal.  Also note that the
four categories correspond in color (before they are scanned; after you scan
something its scan icon will turn gray in color) and symbol with the scan icons
that you saw in the game.  Before you leave the ship, see that you can change
your control settings in the Options menu and set what Sub-weapon that you have
when you leave the ship in the Weapon Select menu.  Now, leave the ship, shoot
the door you saw earlier to unlock it (this is standard procedure), walk
through it, and then through the next two doors.

*Helm Room*

     Walk into this room and scan the lower part of the first pillar you see
and the green screen next to the window.  Walk up the ramp that leads to the
platform that connects the two pillars in the room and scan both of the orange
pillars on top.  Now walk over to the door with the red image floating at its
center (note the cut scene) and scan the yellow hologram next to it (I would
note that the scan icon is a red circle with an exclamation mark; this denotes
an important scan). 

     Continue on until you enter a room and see a cut scene.  The doors have
been locked until you defeat all of the enemies in the room.  First, you should
scan the floating enemies.  Second, you should hide behind the crates on the
upper half of the room.  After reaching the crates, you should start shooting
the Psycho Bits (two shots apiece should take care of them all).  Once all of
the enemies have been defeated, the doors will unlock and you can continue on
through the next little connecting room.

*Meditation Room*

     Now you will see a corridor of small crates; these usually hold some sort
of pick-up, especially when you are lacking energy or ammunition.  The quickest
way to destroy them is to shoot them with a charged shot, which will be
automatically indicated at some point.  There should be a Small Energy unit (it
refills thirty units of energy) that appears; scan it for another addition to
your Logbook.  You should note that the Charge Beam has a "tractor beam" effect
in that it draws pick-ups to you; this can be very useful in some situations.
Once you are finished continue walking through the corridor and down the ramp.
Scan the orange wall to your left, jump over the indestructible crates (a help
screen will come up) and scan the blue wall in front of you.  Go through the
hole at your right and drop to the floor.  You should scan the panel to your
left, the panel in front of you, and the floating green jellyfish-like creature
to your right.  Now, look at the door close to you; try shooting it with your
Power Beam and a help message will pop up.  Now try scanning it; it says that
it is a blast shield that is impervious to most weapons and that only a Missile
will damage it.  Thus, kill the Petrasyl, scan the Small Missile Pack that will
appear, and collect it using the Charge Beam or collect it by touching it.
Switch to Missiles and shoot the shielded door.  That sound will tell you that
it is now unlocked (it, and other similar shielded doors, will never be locked
again, by the way; from this point forward any such door can be opened by any
beam).  I would kill the respawned Petrasyl again and collect another Small
Missile Pack to be prepared for future situations.  Also, I suggest switching
back to the Power Beam after you finish using Missiles or, as you will
eventually see, Sub-weapons, so that you will not accidentally waste ammuntion.
Go through the short connecting room.

*Data Shrine 01*

     Walk to your left, defeating the Psycho Bits that you will encounter,
until you are stopped by a message from the Gunship warning you that someone
else has just arrived at your location.  Press A or tap the screen and clear
the screen, and go through the door in front of you and to your right.  The
doors will lock in this chamber, but there is nothing to worry about yet.

     Scan the barrier to your right, walk around it and scan the display, and
finally jump up onto the bridge between the sides of the room and scan the
bottom and center scan icons in the crystal-shaped force field in the stated
order.  Now prepare for battle!

     A horde of Psycho Bits will attack you, and they can get annoying.
However, you should have nothing to worry about, as each will go down after two
hits.  Once they have all been destroyed, jump onto the center bridge, scan the
newly appeared object (the Shield Key), and collect it.  This will deactivate
that force field, allowing you to collect the unprotected Cartograph Artifact. 
There are three of these hidden in each mission, and you must collect them to
activate a teleporter which leads to that mission's boss.  Now the doors will
unlocked; go through the one that you did not come in through (you will know it
is the correct one if there is a wall to your right in the hall).  Now, defeat
the small group of Psycho Bits and continue walking through the tunnel.  Soon a
help message will pop up telling you how to go into Morph Ball Mode; go ahead
and do so.  Roll through the tunnel in front of you (a Small Energy unit is in
front of it) and at the end you will find an Energy Tank; although you cannot
scan it, it will be added to your Logbook.  Energy Tanks provide a permanent
increase of one hundred energy units to your maximum capacity.  Roll back out
and continue in the direction you were moving before until a large creature
drops from the ceiling; scan it.  The Lesser Ithrak likes to attack by leaping
at you, so be prepared to move quickly to prevent it from damaging you.  Charge
shots will be most effective; soon it will die and a Medium Energy unit will
appear.  Scan it and collect it.  Now head through the door that unlocked after
you killed the Lesser Ithrak, and then exit the small connection room.

*Fan Room Alpha*

     Scan the pillar in front of you as soon as you enter the room.  Make your
way to the top of the room by jumping between the orange platforms.  When you
get to the top, go through the door and the small room.

*Data Shrine 02*

     Make your way to the left; scan the door and notice that it has a green
shield over it, meaning that you are currently blocked from getting past it
until you find the appropriate weapon to destroy it.  However, that will come
much later.  Now turn around and start walking in the opposite direction.  Soon
you will come across Kanden, one of the other bounty hunters searching for the
ultimate power.  If you are careful, you can scan him without causing the chase
sequence, which will occur as you get close to him, to begin.  When it does
begin, go into Morph Ball Mode and follow him through the tunnel.  On the other
side there will be a few Psycho Bits; however, continue to stay in Morph Ball
Mode and continue going forward.  Eventually you will reach a tunnel that holds
a Medium Energy unit and a Missile Expansion (the Missile Expansion will be
automatically added to your Logbook upon being collected; thus it does not need
to be scanned).  Missile Expansions permanently increase your maximum Missile
capacity by ten.  Roll back out, activate the Scan Visor, and scan the second
diagonal structure that is in the hallway.  Continue on, jump over the tunnel
that you chased Kanden through, and go to the blue door that is ahead of you.
Go through the small connection room.

*Fan Room Beta*

     After you enter the room you will receive another message from the Gunship
regarding Kanden, telling you how he found you and to assume hostile intent.
Before you starting ascending the blue platforms, walk over to the floor level
windows and scan the central window.  Now, ascend to the top of the room, but
be careful, as the platforms are spaced further apart than in Fan Room Alpha.
Again, go through the small connecting room.

*Data Shrine 03*

     Destroy the small crates to your right if you do not have maximum energy
or Missiles.  Now, continue in the opposite direction until you reach the door
to the inner chamber.  Prepare yourself for your first battle with another
bounty hunter!

   |                             BOSS - Kanden                             |
   |                                                                       |
   |Difficulty:  2/5                                                       |
   |                                                                       |
   |Weapons:  Volt Driver (Biped); homing bombs (Alt-Form)                 |
   |                                                                       |
   |Strategy:  At the beginning of the fight Kanden will change into his   |
   |           Alt-Form, Stinglarva.  Scan it quickly and shoot at it with |
   |           charged Missiles if you can; however, try to conserve       |
   |           Missiles for later in the fight.  When he goes back into    |
   |           Biped form, if you were not careful enough with your        |
   |           procedure earlier in Data Shrine 02, scan him quickly and   |
   |           go back on the offensive.  He will go to the center of the  |
   |           room and shoot a charged Volt Driver shot at you, and may   |
   |           run about the arena shooting normal shots at you.  Continue |
   |           to pelt him with charged Missiles or charged shots as he    |
   |           alternates between Biped and Alt-Form modes.  The Volt      |
   |           Driver has a unique ability when used by Kanden; it will    |
   |           disrupt the vision of whoever it hits when it is charged.   |
   |           Fortunately, the charged shots are very slow and easy to    |
   |           dodge it you move fast enough.  The Alt-Form is easily      |
   |           overcome by jumping onto one of the platforms; the homing   |
   |           bombs cannot hit you.  Just relax and focus, and he will    |
   |           eventually go down; if your energy or ammunition levels get |
   |           low, you may find pick-ups in the various small crates      |
   |           around the room.                                            |
   |                                                                       |
   |Reward:  Shield Key (unlocks Morph Ball doors in Data Shrine 03)       |

     Now that those small doors are unlocked, you can now access the Attameter
Artifact (be sure to scan it before you collect it) and a Medium Energy unit to
heal you if necessary.  Now you should scan certain things in the chamber for
your Logbook.  The last two scans in this area are on the two barriers that are
symmetrically positioned from the central bridge; one solitary scan is on each
barrier.  Once you have scanned those two scans, destroy any remaining crates
if you need pick-ups and go to the barrier that is on the same side as the
doors; go through the door on the right side of that specific barrier.  On the
other side of the door turn to your right and turn on the Scan Visor to scan
the enemy in front of you.  Destroy the two Alimbic Turrets and go through the
door.  Go through the small connecting room.

*Synergy Core*

     The first thing that you should do is scan the yellow hologram next to
what you should remember is a Portal.  This creates a portal which leads back
to your Gunship, allowing you to save, replenish energy or ammunition, and so
forth.  You can also scan the now online Portal next to the switch.  Anyway,
ascend the room using the hexagonal platforms.  When on the fourth platform, 
turn to face the yellow force field.  To your right is a scan for the Logbook.
After you get that scan continue to ascend until you reach the top; there is a
long corridor with a door at that end.  Enter the next room via that door and
scan the important scans in each corner (four in total) if you wish; you must
shoot each Power Conduit to make the Shield Key to appear.  Once the force
field surrounding the artifact is down, scan and collect the Binary
Subscripture.  After you collect the third and final artifact, you will receive
a message that a Portal (what will be referred to as a Stronghold Portal) has 
been activated.  Go through the door opposite the entrance to the room that you
are currently in.  In this room, scan the Stronghold Portal to know what it is
and enter it.

*Stronghold Void*

     Activate the Scan Visor and scan the entrance to the next chamber.  Go
through the doorway and walk up to the big door and scan it.  Now return to the
Gunship via the Portal in Synergy Core to save your game and, if necessary,
replenish your health and ammunition.  Return to Stronghold Void after saving
your game and enter through the two Stronghold Doors that are in your way to
Biodefense Chamber A, where the boss is.  Now, watch the cut scene and brace
yourself for the first boss!

   |                          BOSS - Cretaphid v1                          |
   |                                                                       |
   |Difficulty:  1/5                                                       |
   |                                                                       |
   |Weapons:  Rotating lasers (basic mode); energy blasts (core)           |
   |                                                                       |
   |Strategy:  Scan the boss right away so that you do not miss the scan   |
   |           (the scan icon is near the top of teh Cretaphid).  This is  |
   |           a very simple boss if you know what to do.  First, keep     |
   |           circling it at all times to prevent the lasers from hurting |
   |           you.  Second, destroy all of the blue targets that are      |
   |           spread around its structure.  Third, blast the blue,        |
   |           shining core with charged Missiles and charged shots.       |
   |           Fourth, repeat, adjusting as the lasers come lower to the   |
   |           ground and increase in number by one in the second round    |
   |           and the final round.  The "rounds" are basically what you   |
   |           are supposed to do every time you cause the boss (any boss, |
   |           by the way) to become vulnerable; that is, you are supposed |
   |           to take away one third of its total health (if you do not,  |
   |           then the round is not over).  If you run low on health or   |
   |           ammunition, destroying the blue targets may provide         |
   |           pick-ups.  Overall, this should be the easiest battle in    |
   |           the game.                                                   |
   |                                                                       |
   |Reward:  Octolith                                                      |

     Scan and collect the Octolith and you will receive a message from the


           "Octoliths may be the key to the "ultimate power" alluded
                         to in the telepathic message."


     Before you leave, collect the energy pick-ups that are around the room,
and scan the area to the left of the door to find another entry for your
Logbook.  Now, exit through the door you entered through and continue out of
the connecting room.  As you are about to step onto the steps that lead to the
bridge, you will receive another message from the Gunship; apparently, when you
acquired the Octolith you activated a security mechanism that result your death
if you do not leave the Celestial Archives in eight minutes (8:00:00).  Quickly
go into Morph Ball Mode and boost to the Portal that leads from the Stronghold

*Synergy Core*

     Leave the room with the Stronghold Portal.  You will now be attacked by a
group of Psycho Bits; kill them quickly and exit that room.  Go into Morph Ball
Mode and drop to the bottom of the next room (you do not take damage from falls
while in Morph Ball Mode), return to Biped form, and go through the door.
Interestingly, the Portal to the Gunship does not work; obviously, it is to
increase difficulty.  Go through the connecting room.

*Data Shrine 03*

     Go to your right as you enter Data Shrine 03.  Remember the barrier
instructions?  Take the one on the left side now, which is simple as it is the
only other full-size door in the room other than the one you entered through.
Go to your right again, destroy all of the Psycho Bits, and go through the
connecting room.

*Fan Room Beta*

     Again, go into Morph Ball Mode, drop to the floor, revert to Biped form,
exit the room, and go through the connecting room.

*Data Shrine 02*

     Go to the right, go into Morph Ball Mode, roll under the floor that you
were walking on (do not mind the Psycho Bits), boost to the other side, kill
the Lesser Ithrak that falls from the ceiling, and continue to the other door.
In front of that door are two Alimbic Turrets and a Lesser Ithrak; destroy them
quickly and enter the connecting room.

*Fan Room Alpha*

     Again, go into Morph Ball Mode, drop to the floor, revert to Biped form,
exit the room, and go through the connecting room.

*Data Shrine 01*

     Go to the left, kill the Lesser Ithrak that fell right after you entered
the room, and continue left until you reach a white door.  Enter the chamber
and destroy all of the Psycho Bits inside, including the improved Psycho Bit
v1.0 (these are green).  Take them out quickly, and avoid the shots of the new
Psycho Bit.  Go out the other door (if you get disorientated, it is the door
farthest from the Meditation Room on the map) and go left, destroying any
Psycho Bits on the way.  Enter the connecting room.

*Meditation Room*

     Destroy any Petrasyls in your way, jump up to the doorway, and make it up
the ramp and through the corridor to the upper door.  It should not be
difficult.  Go through the connecting room.

*Helm Room*

     Go through the room where you first fought Psycho Bits and then through
the next little connecting room to the room with the two orange pillars with
the scans of the Port Helm and the Starboard Helm.  However, be prepared for a
small battle with three Guardians.  Scan them and destroy them quickly; they
are fast but they will go down with speed and accuracy.  After all three are
dead go through the two connecting rooms.

*Celestial Gateway*

     Run over to your ship and enter it.  Tap "Launch Ship" and then "Yes" to
leave the Celestial Archives.  Congratulations!  You have your first Octolith.
                            /                      \
                            |  Current Statistics  |

Total Scans:  15%                Equipment:  55%                Complete:  14%
   Lore - 3%                                                    Octoliths:  12%
   Bioform - 13%
   Object - 30%

|  B.  Ruins in Fire:  Alinos and the Second Octolith  |                 {OL#2}

                       /                                \
                       |  Scans, Expansions, and Items  |

Alinos Gateway:                                             -------------------
 ^Alinos                                                    |       Key       |
 ^Magma Station                                             |       ===       |
 ^Alimbic Prophecy 02                                       |                 |
 ^Alimbic Datashade 01                                      | ^ --> Scan      |
 ^Alimbic Datashade 02                                      | # --> Expansion |
                                                            | % --> Item      |
 #Missile Expansion                                         -------------------
Echo Hall:
 ^Exposed Rebar
 ^History 01
 ^Large Energy
 ^War Wasp
 ^Weavel (during evacuation)
 ^Halfturret (during evacuation)

 #Energy Tank
High Ground:
 ^Flow Regulator
 ^Interment Chamber
 ^Magma Vent
 ^Spire (during Part 1/3 only)
 ^Spire (during Part 3/3 only)
 ^Dialanche (during Part 3/3 only)
 ^Science Sarcophagus (after defeating Spire)
 ^Battle Sarcophagus (after defeating Spire)
 ^Alimbic Scripture (after defeating Spire)

 #Missile Expansion
Elder Passage:
 ^Spire (during Part 2/3 only)
 ^Dialanche (during Part 2/3 only)
Stronghold Void:
 ^Energy Blaster
 ^Slench 1a
 ^Slench 1b
 ^Biodefense Chamber B
                             /                    \
                             |  Area Walkthrough  |

     Watch the cut scene and wait for the scan of the Alimbic Cluster to end.
Your next destination, Alinos, will be found and become available to travel to.
I should note that you can go back to the Celestial Archives at this point, but
it would be pointless as you cannot go anywhere important that you have not
already been to just yet.  Anyway, select Alinos using the Abscissa Axis and
the Ordinate Axis and tap Land Ship.  Watch the landing cutscene and exit the

*Alinos Gateway*

     When you gain control of Samus, look to your left and scan the holographic
pedestal that you see; it gives information on Alinos and its history.  Now
walk down the ramp in front of you and go to your left, remaining in the
"island" that you landed on and keeping your Scan Visor active.  Eventually you
will see a scannable holographic pedestal; scan it and continue to walk around
the "island" until you reach where you were after walking down the ramp.  Now,
start going across the lake of lava via the stones directly in front of the
ramp (they do sink once you step on them; they also come back up after a few
seconds).  Once on the side with the door walk to the left, behind the rubble,
until you see several blocks, arranged like steps, that lead to a Morph Ball
accessible area that holds a Missile Expansion.  Jump up to the area with the
branch-like structures, activate the Morph Ball, and use Morph Ball Bombs to
"jump" up the two steps (simply do not move from the area that you set the Bomb
at; it will detonate, and you can then use the D-Pad to move onto the next
step) and collect the Missile Expansion.  It would be wise to note this
technique, called bomb jumping, and to practice it (you can, with timing,
perform a double bomb jump by dropping one bomb, dropping a second right before
the first detonates, and then setting a bomb at the peak of the initial bomb
jump; the second bomb will then send you upwards were you should hit the third,
which will send you even higher).  Anyway, roll out of the step where the
Missile Expansion was, go back into Biped form, and activate the Scan Visor.
Walk back toward the door and scan the icon above it.  Now walk to the left of
the door (while facing it) and scan the two icons that you come across (both
should be readily visible from in front of the door).  Finally, walk back to
the door and go through it and the connecting room.

*Echo Hall*

     Activate the Scan Visor again and scan the blue icon in front of the
obviously damaged wall.  Throughout the chamber that you are currently in are
Zoomers (the first are right above you, on the ceiling support), insect-like
enemies that crawl around and pose no real threat.  Scan one and destroy the
rest, especially if you need ammunition or energy.  Once you get to the flat
section of the floor you will see a new addition to the Metroid universe;
poisonous plants that you cannot scan (I have a feeling that they are based
upon Venom Weed, which does not appear in this game).  These are easily
destroyed with a Power Beam shot and can provide useful pick-ups.  Destroy
enough to clear yourself a path and walk to the sandy square.  If you have not
scanned a Zoomer yet, scan one of the creatures; then destroy them to avoid
annoyance.  Activate the Scan Visor, scan the orange icon to your left (from
where you entered the sandy area; the "rebar" scan is also present across from
the orange icon if you need it).  Now go up to the hole in front of at the end
of the current chamber you are in; go into Morph Ball Mode and roll into it.

     Here is a map of this area:

                           |          Key          |
                           |          ===          |
                           |                       |
                           | +DD+ --> Incline Down |
                           | +UU+ --> Incline Up   |
                           | :    --> Door         |
                           | ^V>< --> Note         |
                           | [0]  --> Shield Key   |
                           | {0}  --> Energy Tank  |
                           | . .  --> Path 1       |
                           | ? ?  --> Path 2       |
                           | ! !  --> Path 3       |

                                 ~~~FLOOR 1~~~
             ______________      _____________________________
            | {0}          |    |  ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?<EXIT
            | !   ____     |    |  ?  ________________________<
            | !  |    |    |    |  ? |
            | !  |    |    |    |  ? |     ___________________
            | !  |    |    |    |  ? |    |         +DDD+<PT C|
            | !  |    |    |    |  ? |    |     ____+DDD+<    |
            | !  |    |    |    |  ? |    |    |    |         |
            | !  |    |    |    |  ? |    |    |    |         |
            | !  |    |    |    |  ? |    |    |    |PT B     |
            | !  |    |    |    |  ? |    |    |    |VVVV     |
            | !  |    |    |    |  ? |    |    |    |++++     |
            | !  |    |    |    |  ? |    |    |    |DDDD     |
            | !  |    |    |    |  ? |    |    |    |DDDD     |
            | !  |    |    |    |  ? |    |    |____|++++ ____|
            |++++|    |    |    |++++|    |           .? |
            |DDDD|    |    |    |DDDD|    |_________  .? |
            |DDDD|    |    |    |DDDD|              | .? |
            |DDDD|    |    |    |DDDD|              | .? |
            |++++|    |    |    |++++|      ________| .? |
             ^^^^     |    |     ^^^^      | ?.?.?.?.?.? |     PT A
             PT D     |____|     PT E      | ?.  ________|     VVVV
                                           | ?. |             |++++|
                                           | ?. |             |DDDD|
             ____      ____________________| ?. |             |DDDD|
            |    |    | . . . . . . . . . . .?. |             |DDDD|
            |    |    | .   _______________  ?  |             |++++|
            |    |    | .  |               | ?  |             |  ? |
            |    |    | .  |               | ?  |             |  ? |
            |    |    | .  |               | ?  |             |  ? |
            |    |    | .  |               | ?  |             |  ? |
            |    |____| .  |_______________| ?  |             |  ? |
            | . . . . . .                    ?  |             |  ? |
            | .   _________________________  ?  |             |  ? |
            | .  |                         | ?  |             |  ? |
            | .  |_____________            | ?  |             |  ? |
            | . . . . . . . .  |           | ?  |_____________|  ? |
            |_____________  .  |           | ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? |
                          | .  |           |_______________________|
                          | .  |
                          | .  |

                                ~~~BASEMENT 1~~~
                                               PT C>+UUU+     |
                                                   >+UUU+     |
                                                    |         |
                                                    |         |
                                                    |     [0] |
                                                    |         |
                                                    |++++     |
                                                    |UUUU     |
             PT D                PT E               |UUUU     |
             VVVV                VVVV               |++++_____|
            |++++|              |++++|               ^^^^
            |UUUU|              |UUUU|               PT B
            |UUUU|              |UUUU|
            |UUUU|              |UUUU|
            |++++|______________|++++|__ __________________________
            | ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !? ? ?:? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? |
            |___________________________:_____________________   ? |
                                                               PT A

Go through Path 1 in the maze until you reach the chamber where the Shield Key
is indicated to be; here you can go back into Biped form.  Destroy the three
Zoomers in this room and collect the Shield Key that appears.  Go back into
Morph Ball Mode and follow Path 2, using a bomb to open the door.  Roll along
on Path 3 when you reach it to find an Energy Tank.  Once you have the Energy
Tank, return to the door and continue where you left off on Path 2.  When you
reach the end of Path 2, use a bomb jump to get inside the passage.  Continue
rolling up the passage until you reach a chamber in which you can go back into
Biped form.  Do so and then destroy the crates; one of them should contain a
Large Energy, which you need to scan for your Logbook.  When you are done
collect the Cartograph Artifact that is in the room.  Once you have the
artifact, go over to the Morph Ball-sized door, shoot or bomb it to unlock it,
and roll through the passage behind it.  When you get to the next chamber that
you can change to Biped form in, do so and quickly scan one of the three War
Wasps in the chamber.  After you scan one of the creatures, destroy them and go
through the door.  Go through the connecting room.

*High Ground*

     First of all, destroy all of the Zoomers moving about in the corridor that
you are in to onlock the door.  Second, activate the Scan Visor and scan the
glowing panel on the left side of the corridor.  Finally, try to remember the
yellow force field on the left side of the corridor.  Once you are done, go
through the door.

     Continue through this new corridor, destroying the Zoomers as you see
them.  Like in the previous corridor, this unlocks the door.  You might wish to
remember the yellow force field in this corridor as well.  Go through the door.

     Activate the Scan Visor and scan the fluorescent blue icon and the purple
force field.  Note the force field, and continue onward until you reach the
chamber with an open air ceiling and four passages connecting to (the passages
have the yellow force fields that I told you to note).  Scan the floor below
the open air ceiling jump out of the underground.  Here is another boss fight!

   |                        BOSS - Spire (Part 1/3)                        |
   |                                                                       |
   |Difficulty:  1/5                                                       |
   |                                                                       |
   |Weapons:  Magmaul (Biped); spinning rock melee (Alt-Form)              |
   |                                                                       |
   |Strategy:  The Magmaul is very much like a grenade; thus, for the      |
   |           first part of the fight Spire is very much content to lob   |
   |           exploding lava bombs at you.  Now would be an excellent     |
   |           time to scan his Biped form, but do not worry too much if   |
   |           you cannot, as you get another good chance to later.        |
   |           Anyway, shoot him every chance you get (he generally moves  |
   |           when he gets damaged).  Charged Missiles work wonders, as   |
   |           they home in on their target.  Once you have done enough    |
   |           damage, he will leave and a door will unlock.               |
   |                                                                       |
   |Reward:  Unlocks door leading to Part 2/3                              |

     The door should be easy to find (it is on the structure opposite to the
structure with the Artifact Shield).   Scan the moving mushroom that blocks
your path, and then destroy it (wait a second or two for the yellow dust to
fade).  Go through the door and then the connecting room.

*Elder Passage*

     Enter the chamber to your right.  A force field will come up, blocking
your escape, and a triangular teleporter will bring a Voldrum into the room.
Concentrate on destroying the teleporter first (simply shot at it) and then
scan and destroy the Voldrum (if a teleporter is not destroyed before the
creatures it brings in, it will simply bring even more enemies into the room).
Once the first Voldrum is gone, a second teleporter will activate and bring in
another Voldrum.  Repeat the strategy that you just used on the first Voldrum
and prepare for Part 2/3 of the Spire boss fight.

   |                        BOSS - Spire (Part 2/3)                        |
   |                                                                       |
   |Difficulty:  1/5                                                       |
   |                                                                       |
   |Weapons:  Magmaul (Biped); spinning rock melee (Alt-Form)              |
   |                                                                       |
   |Strategy:  Now Spire will come to investigate the disturbance,         |
   |           standing on the edge of the hole that leads to the chamber  |
   |           above you.  Now he will repeat his old strategy, except     |
   |           this time you have much less room to use to dodge the       |
   |           bouncing Magmaul shots.  However, you will also have an     |
   |           easier time shooting him this time, so this will actually   |
   |           be a bit easier than Part 1.  After you shoot him enough    |
   |           times he will jump down into your chamber and switch to his |
   |           Alt-Form; keep moving and jumping to dodge the Dialanche's  |
   |           attacks.  Remember to scan it before you start attacking    |
   |           it.  Once you scan the Dialanche, switch to Missiles if you |
   |           can and shoot him until he leaves again.                    |
   |                                                                       |
   |Reward:  Activates a scannable switch which reveals a Shield Key       |
   |         Removes force field and leads to Part 3/3                     |

     Switch to your Scan Visor and scan the red exclamation icon that will
appear over the orange holographic symbol on the wall to the left of the
chamber's entrance (the left is from the perspective of entering the chamber).
Collect the Shield Key that appears and collect the Attameter Artifact that had
been covered by the Artifact Shield (it is in the chamber to the left of the
corridor that you entered Elder Passage through; it is not easy to miss).
Leave the chamber you are in and walk through the connecting room, returning to
High Ground.

*High Ground*

     Get ready for Part 3/3 of the Spire boss fight.

   |                        BOSS - Spire (Part 3/3)                        |
   |                                                                       |
   |Difficulty:  3/5                                                       |
   |                                                                       |
   |Weapons:  Magmaul (Biped); spinning rock melee (Alt-Form)              |
   |                                                                       |
   |Strategy:  Now Spire has a new attack; his Magmaul shots are always    |
   |           charged.  The good news is that they no longer bounce       |
   |           around.  The bad news is that they now set fire to anything |
   |           that they hit or is around them when they detonate.  Hide   |
   |           behind one of the pillars around you, charge a Missile, and |
   |           shoot Spire in his obvious location.  He will now come      |
   |           after you.  Continue hitting him with charged Missiles and  |
   |           try to evade his now varied attacks (he will use uncharged  |
   |           and charged Magmaul shots, as well as switch to Alt-From    |
   |           occasionally).  When he uses the Dialanche get to higher    |
   |           ground.                                                     |
   |                                                                       |
   |Reward:  Shield Key (unlocks Artifact Shield in High Ground)           |

     Collect the Shield Key to unlock the Artifact Shield around the Binary
Subscripture, and go to its location (it is on the opposite side of the room as
the door to Elder Passage, near the purple force field) and collect it.  Three
teleporters will activate, and bring Psycho Bits v1.0's with them.  They are in
obvious locations; you know the strategy.  After destroying the teleporters and
Psycho Bits you should find the scans and other collectibles that are in High
Ground (there are three scans and one Missile Expansion).  The three scans are
found basically at ground level, and are easily seen.  The Missile Expansion is
found by going to the side of the chamber with the door to Elder Passage, going
to the level of that door, taking a right and thus going to the area where
Spire was at in the beginning of Part 3/3 of Spire's boss fight.  It should be
easy to see.  When you have those four collectibles go to the side of the room
where the Binary Subscripture was and follow the path opposite of the purple
force field (there will be a Blastcap on this path).  Jump onto the barrier
next to that path and jump from floating platform to floating platform until
you reach the other side.  Go through the door and then through the connecting

*Elder Passage*

     First of all, activate the Scan Visor and scan the red exclamation icon to
activate a Portal which leads back to the Gunship.  I would go back to the
Gunship to save and to replenish ammunition and energy.  When you are done at
the Gunship return to Elder Passage via the Portal and go through the
Stronghold Portal.

*Stronghold Void*

     Continue on to the next chamber, through the Stronghold Door, and through
the connecting room.  Now meet the second style of boss that guards the
Octoliths--the Slench.

   |                         BOSS - Slench 1a & 1b                         |
   |                                                                       |
   |Difficulty:  2/5                                                       |
   |                                                                       |
   |Weapons:  Green venom torpedo, deuterium laser (1a); energy blasts     |
   |          (1b)                                                         |
   |                                                                       |
   |Strategy:  First of all, switch to the Scan Visor and scan one of the  |
   |           three Energy Blasters that are around the Slench 1a, and    |
   |           then scan the Slench 1a itself.  When you have those two    |
   |           scans, charge the Power Beam and shot each of the three     |
   |           synapses that connect the Slench to the Energy Blasters.    |
   |           Each will retract after one hit from a charged Power Beam   |
   |           shot.  After all three have retracted, the Slench 1a will   |
   |           detach from the wall and become Slench 1b.  Scan the now    |
   |           floating Slench 1b and shot around the iris and pupil of    |
   |           its eye while dodging its energy blasts.  If you end the    |
   |           round the Slench 1b will reattach to the wall; it will also |
   |           reattach if you do not complete the round.  Now, if you are |
   |           quick you can disable the synapses before the Slench 1a     |
   |           becomes capable of attacking you.  Repeat the "charge shot" |
   |           strategy to take out the synapses and, when you can,        |
   |           continue shooting the vulnerable eye.  The second and third |
   |           round (remember the rule of one-third of maximum health in  |
   |           regards to rounds) will become more fast-paced than the     |
   |           previous round.  The battle should take around three or     |
   |           four rounds all in all (the third round may be a bit        |
   |           difficult).  Simply move quickly and shot accurately and    |
   |           you will come out the victor in this fight.                 |
   |                                                                       |
   |Reward:  Octolith                                                      |

     Collect the Octolith and you will receive a telepathic message:


                       "...the cannon holds the power..."


     Collect the two energy pick-ups that are in the room, as you will need
maximum energy later.  Also scan the icon to the left of the Stronghold Door.
Go through the door and the connecting room.  Like in the Celestial Archives,
when you collected the Octolith you set off a security protocal which will
require you to evacuate or die; this time you have four minutes and thirty
seconds (4:30:00).  Like before, go into Morph Ball Mode and boost to the
Portal that leads from the Stronghold Void.

*Elder Passage*

     Drop down through the hole in the floor that is in front of you (it is the
one that Spire stood above in Part 2/3 of his boss battle).  Go through the
door that leads to the connecting room that leads to High Ground.

*High Ground*

     Although there are active teleporters and Psycho Bits in this chamber, it
is not necessary to do any but drop through the hole in the center of the
chamber.  From there go through the only corridor not blocked by a yellow force
field and go through the door at the end of the path.  Do the same for the next
corridor as well as the one after that.  Go through the connecting room.

*Echo Hall*

     Go into Morph Ball Mode and roll along the bridge into the tunnel.  Open
the door at the end of the tunnel using a bomb and roll out.  Now prepare for
another boss fight with a rival bounty hunter!

   |                             BOSS - Weavel                             |
   |                                                                       |
   |Difficulty:  2/5                                                       |
   |                                                                       |
   |Weapons:  Battlehammer (Biped); slash (mobile Alt-Form); Battlehammer  |
   |          (stationary Alt-Form)                                        |
   |                                                                       |
   |Strategy:  This should be fairly simple as long as you dodge the       |
   |           Battlehammer shots, which do a fair amount of damage and    |
   |           knock you away.  Scan Weavel first, and then start shooting |
   |           him with charged Missiles.  After a certain point Weavel    |
   |           will go into his Alt-Form, which can be very annoying as    |
   |           its stationary half's shooting range is basically large     |
   |           enough to hit you at any point in the room.  Scan either    |
   |           half for the Halfturret scan, and then target the           |
   |           stationary half of the Halfturret.  Soon the mobile half    |
   |           will walk through a tunnel (which was closed by a force     |
   |           field when you where first in this chamber).  Follow him    |
   |           through the same tunnel start attacking again.  He will     |
   |           probably go back into Alt-Form, so be prepared to get out   |
   |           of the range of the stationary half's Battlehammer shots    |
   |           (you can do this in the chamber that you are in; it is the  |
   |           one where you first find the Zoomer).  Just keep attacking  |
   |           him and dodging his attacks and you will defeat him         |
   |           eventually.                                                 |
   |                                                                       |
   |Reward:  Unlocks door in Echo Hall which leads to the Alinos Gateway   |

     Go through the door, and then through the connecting room.

*Alinos Gateway*

     Cross the lava lake using the unstable stones, walk up the ramp, enter
your ship, tap "Launch Ship" and then "Yes" to leave Alinos.  Congratulations!
You now have a second Octolith in your possession.
                            /                      \
                            |  Current Statistics  |

Total Scans:  27%                Equipment:  62%                Complete:  25%
   Lore - 13%                                                   Octoliths:  25%
   Bioform - 32%
   Object - 38%

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