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                             Metroid Prime Hunters
                        Various Attributes (Multiplayer)

                         Document Version 1 Revision 2
                               Date: Aug16, 2006
                              Author: Guy Perfect


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Hunter Attributes      The juicy stuff: Quirks of the Hunters
Weapon Attributes      Quirks of the Weapons
Map Attributes         Quirks of the Maps
Revision History       Didn't think I'd need one, but I do
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This document is provided to the public as-is with hopes that it will be useful.
While copyright  still exists for the author,  it is only  asked that  those who
borrow this  document or parts  of it acknowledge  credit to the  author for the
content that was borrowed.  Other than that,  there are to be no restrictions as
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Pardon the non-decorative heading there,  but I nearly pulled out my hair trying
to get  the  ASCII  art to  be  as shiny  as the  game's packaging.  That's  how
terrible I am at ASCII art.  (Truth to tell, I see no reason to put anything but
a title up there)

Previous iterations of  this document stated "I've been looking  through Metroid
Prime Hunters  for  a while  and  for  the  life of me,  I can't find  a  single
exploit."  Surprise to me,  there are a  few exploits.  Big  ones.  Those aren't
documented here.  Well, we're pretending there aren't exploits, so the following
paragraph should make more sense.

Well,  that's just  good  handywork for  Nintendo Software Technologies.  It's a
good thing that their first game isn't bug-prone as the first Metroid was.  This
simply  serves as  a good  reputation.  But  being a branch  of  Nintendo,  they
certainly couldn't  let a perfectly  good bad  reputation go  to waste,  so they
pulled a weird stunt that leaves us all awe-struck... ken. Awe-strucken.

Instead of allowing us to cheat,  they took all the cheap moves and gave them to
the Hunters in multiplayer mode. And now they call them "attributes"  instead of
whatever kinds  of  unholy  things  we'd like to call them.  Every character has
some  demonic quirk  that makes  them  a  nasty  opponent,  so  the  multiplayer
experience as  a whole can  sometimes  turn  into who  can cheap  out the  other
players most.

Okay,  well...  It's really not that bad once you  get to know your Hunters on a
more personal level.  Not too personal,  though. That's just gross. But with the
knowledge  that every  character has  some  flippin'  abilities  that  the other
Hunters don't comes the ability to play one fun multiplayer game.

So with hopes  that no one will tear  out all their  hair while playing the game
online,  I provide this list of observations  so you can be aware of what you're
up against. 'Cause lemme tell ya:  Those people online only know of, like... two
of these.  And that's what they use.  Nothing else.  They're cheap players,  but
easy to beat.

                               Hunter Attributes

Hunter:          Samus
Affinity Weapon: Missile
Alt-Form:        Morph Ball


Attribute: Bouncy Bombs
If Samus  is near an enemy when a Morph Ball Bomb is deployed,  it will detonate
immediately. If you time things just right,  you can lay three consecutive Bombs
on top of your opponents.  The visual result of this will be that it appears you
are bouncing up and down on  top of their head.  Funny as it may be to  look at,
it's a world of nastiness for the opponent. There is no Alt-Form attack that can
harm you when you're doing this.  So if someone tries to  Alt-Form you to death,
this is the perfect response.

Attribute: Bowling Ball
The  Morph Ball Boost,  while it could  act as  an  evasive  mechanism,  is also
somewhat lethal.  It does a fair amount of  damage to enemies  when you  collide
with them,  so it's a perfect way to keep that  guy with high damage from making
it to the Energy in one piece.

Attribute: Seeker Missile
Okay, the Seeker Missile  is an item in  Metroid Prime 2: Echoes,  but I figured
the name was approperiate.  When Samus charges a  Missile and fires it,  it will
follow targets.  This is a great way  to peg your  opponents from  a map's  walk
away. While it costs 2 Missiles per shot,  it's a great way to get some powerful
kills at a distance with high accuracy.


Hunter:          Kanden
Affinity Weapon: Volt Driver
Alt-Form:        Stinglarva


Attribute: The Wiggler
When the Stinglarva  drops its tail,  it normally stays put and explodes shortly
afterwards.  If there is an enemy nearby,  however, it will skitter towards them
like  college  studends to  a case  of beer.  Never,  ever,  EVER chase  after a
Stinglarva. Didn't your grandpa ever teach you that?

Attribute: Kapwowawoahuwioiyooiowioop
You've undoubtedly seen it in  Adventure  mode:  A big ball of lightning follows
you as you try  to run for safety and,  when it hits you,  the whole screen goes
all  wavy and  you can't  see straight.  It's  usually  against  those  friggin'
Guardians.  So  you shoot  the charged  Volt Driver  at them  but you  notice it
doesn't follow them.  You wonder,  does it at least screw with their vision? No.
Only Kanden has the  skillz for that.  When he charges the Volt Driver,  it will
seek enemies and disrupt their visors on contact.

Some people  have e-mailed me  to say that Kanden does  not take damage from the
electrical reactors on Incubation Vault. He does.


Hunter:          Spire
Affinity Weapon: Magmaul
Alt-Form:        Dialanche


Attribute: The Suction-Koosh
Spire's alt-form has the ability to scale walls. Lots of people e-mailed me 
since previous versions of this document stated that this ability isn't
particularly useful in combat. While it won't deter other players from blasting
your head off, this maneuver vastly increases your ability to traverse the map
and can even get Spire to some places that other Hunters can't go.

Attribute: Cold Feet
I often wonder... When Spire steps in lava, does it heat him up or does he heat
it up? Whatever the case, it's not important. What IS important, however, is
the fact that Spire will not take damage from Lava. It's like his home away from
homes. And you don't dare attack a man in his own home. Alinos Gateway and 
Council Chamber are places to make use of this.

Attribute: Need a Light?
On a cool  night in  late spring,  there's not  much that's  more relaxing  than
seeing your  rivals burst into  flame and flail  about in  pain as  they burn to
cinders.  Charging the Magmaul while equipped with  a Spire will let you do just


Hunter:          Trace
Affinity Weapon: Imperialist
Alt-Form:        Triskelion


Attribute: Abra Cadabra!
Trace is one dodgy little  fellow who likes to go missing.  I wonder if  he ever
exploited this  fact as  a rebellious  teenager?  Well,  he'll  disappear  while
immobile.  As a biped,  however,  he must be holding  the Imperialist to perform
this magic trick. Triskelion, however, can disappear whenever.  This is good for
hiding in corners. Oh, and sniping, but I guess you knew that. Hiding in corners
is what all the cool kids do, though.  Just not in Survival mode.  The game will
point you out if you camp.

Attribute: Was That Your Foot?
The lunge  attack of the  Triskelion  is  incredibly painful.  Given the  proper
camping location, unsuspecting waywanderers can have their feet slashed out from
under them. And since this character vanishes when he sits still, the entire map
pretty much qualifies as the  proper camping location.  Hanging out by Energy is
always good.  'Cause then you can figure  anyone who comes  along will  have low
enough energy for you to kill them. Beware the Coward detector in Survival mode,


Hunter:          Noxus
Affinity Weapon: Judicator
Alt-Form:        Vhoscythe


Attribute: Vho-Gyro
The Vhoscythe,  while being a rather effective attack all in itself,  also makes
for one  of the best  games of  Battle Tops  you'll ever play.  Holding the Fire
button in  Alt-Form  mode  will  make  the  Vhoscythe  extend and  stay extended
indefinitely.  Just drive  around until  you touch  someone and  instant  damage
abounds. The only thing  that would make this  move more perfect is if Noxus got
dizzy and fell over when you get back out of Alt-Form mode.

Attribute: Chill Out!
Depending on the strategy employed,  Vho-Boy here can be quite the nasty freezer
on legs. Charging up the Judicator fires a short-range puff of mist. Contrary to
initial response, this is not due to his gun being defective. No, this mist will
somehow encase any nearby  targets in a shell  of ice and leave them immobilized
for what all but Noxus would consider too much time.

Attribute: Grav Gyro
Looks like  the beta testers  were slacking off,  here.  I'm a veteran  and very
experienced programmer (hey, it's not bragging if it's true) and I can't explain
how this one ended up existing. When you're twirling around with the Vhoscythe's
attack in low-gravity areas, the gravity will be normal.  Useful if you need to,
um... fall quickly, I guess. Try this one out at the bottom of Head Shot and try
not to laugh.

Some  people  have  e-mailed  me  to  say  that  Noxus  does  not  slide  on ice
environmental effects. He does.


Hunter:          Sylux
Affinity Weapon: Shock Coil
Alt-Form:        Lockjaw


Attribute: The Sylux Triangle
Being in a prototype  Power Suit,  Sylux gets access to Bombs,  much like Samus.
The difference here is that these are STEALTH bombs.  Yeah.  They can explode so
quietly that...  oh, no. Wrong kinda stealth. Laying down two bombs will connect
them with an ensnaring stream of  electricity that sticks  to players like stink
on cheese. And that means, of course, that once they step in it, both bombs will
retract and blow  up in their face.  Using a third  bomb will make a triangle of
electricity momentarily,  catching anyone who  happens to be in the way. But the
third bomb will also  remote-detonate the other two.  Expertise with this attack
takes some practice, but it gets  aggrivating for  other players once you become
proficient with it.

Attribute: Techno Dracula
Sylux has always been a real cheap shot at heart.  So cheap is he,  that he uses
an  unauthorized Shock  Coil even in  multiplayer matches!  What's so different?
Well, using  the Shock Coil  as Sylux will leech energy  from your opponents and
add it to your own.  Talk about mega-cheap.  While the Shock Coil doesn't deal a
terribly great  amount of damage in the  first few seconds of use, you can still
use it as some emergency recovery if you need to.  Use this one  from a ledge up
above so you can  duck to safety once  your host  figures out what you're doing.
And I might just be wishful, but I  swear it seems that Sylux has a longer Shock
Coil range than everyone else.

Attribute: Alt on Wings
Shenryu sent me an  e-mail and notified  me of a  for-real exploit!  And to make
matters worse,  it works in  multiplayer games.  Wherever  there's  low gravity,
Sylux's bombs come in useful.  Since the third bomb will auto-detonate, you will
float up in the air when you lay it. Using that third bomb with good timing, you
can fly all over the place.  This can be very  useful on  Head Shot once you get
the Deathalt. I've had some luck with Samus bomb jumping in low-g,  but it's not
too useful to go straight up.


Hunter:          Weavel
Affinity Weapon: Battlehammer
Alt-Form:        Halfturret


Attribute: Who Needs Aim?
The Halfturret  will autofire normal  Battlehammer  shots at opponents in range.
Its accuracy is remarkable,  so it can deal a  good chunk of  damage when you're
not around.  Mix this  in with your upper body  jumping on people and you have a
fortitude second to none other.  The turret can be shot dead,  but it takes half
of your energy every  time you deploy it.  Reconstructing  yourself will combine
any  energy  both pieces  still have  at  time of  reconstruction.  Battlehammer
observation sent in by Jamias.

Attribute: Splash Hammer
At first,  I didn't think Weavel had any more attributes.  But he does!  A whole
gob of people  e-mailed me  once I  released  this document to  let me  know the
following bit of juicy info. Weavel's Battlehammer attack detonates when it hits
something,  causing  a considerable  amount of  splash damage.  I  noticed  this
myself, but it never clicked that only Weavel could do it. Thanks, e-mailers!

                               Weapon Attributes

Due to their concussive nature, head shots with Missiles end up being whole-body
shots.  I personally have  never seen a  Missile  round register as a head shot.
Adam Halenbeck e-mailed me and stated that it's possible,  but don't count on it
happening. This is especially evident for Samus'  homing missiles,  which target
the center torso.

People  have  e-mailed  me  with  differing  information  about  the  power of a
zoomed-in Imperialist headshot. Consensus is that  it's a 1-hit kill even if the
opponent has 199 Energy,  but I haven't verified that.  Other sources state it's
close, like 180 or so.  Regardless,  headshots with  the Imperialist  are almost
always fatal.  Another  fascinating  quirk is  that you  only  get half  as much
Universal Ammo when using the Imperialist.

While the weapon is affected by gravity and is not super-powerful per shot, this
weapon doesn't  use as much  Universal  Ammo.  When equipped,  you will have 2.5
times as much Universal Ammo as the other weapons.

Noxus is the only one who can freeze with the Judicator. Everyone else will fire
three  simultaneous  blasts  of  Judicator  when charged.  Truth to  tell,  this
actually deals more damage than the former. Preference is really the determining
factor when figuring out if Noxus is the right choice for you.

Shock Coil:
This weapon  will  attach  to  enemies  while  in  biped  mode,  but is somewhat
ineffective against Alt-Form enemies.  Not good  if you're the slug bearer,  but
it's the best way to avoid the weapon's gaping maw. The weapon is more effective
at range, as it will even attach to Alt-Form enemies that way.

Affinity Weapon:
Occasionally,  you will find a white  pick-up on the map that  equips you with a
subweapon. This special item is the Affinity Weapon, which will equip the player
with 10 rounds of Universal Ammo as well as their affinity weapon.  For Samus, 5
rounds of Missiles are rewarded instead.

Not  exactly  a weapon,  but it's  there  nonetheless.  This item will  make you
invisible for a short time,  vanishing from sight for  everyone and making Trace
be super-jealous of you. This will let you sneak up on people in a way that it's
more  accurate to  describe as  "walk up to their face."  So  I suppose  it is a
weapon. Just a psychological one instead of a physical one.

This pick-up is out in the open on the map Head Shot,  but there's a few more of
them hiding in other maps such as Processor Core and Ice Hive. They're a pain to
find,  but once  you know  where they are,  it's paradise  for you in the  Tetra
galaxy. It forces the player to take  Alt-Form and it will kill other players in
a single hit just  by touching them. Players  with  the Deathalt have an orange,
smokey aura  around them,  so if you see them  glowing at you,  it'd be  best to
turn  the  other  way and  run as fast  as your  little legs can  take you.  The
Deathalt has a very slow respawn interval (if it respawns at all on a given map)
and lasts for a limited time.

Double Damage:
A few maps, such as  High Ground  and SIC Transit,  have a pick-up called Double
Damage that,  contrary to what I  used to fear,  does not  make enemies  inflict
twice as much damage on you. In fact, it's the contrary:  You deal twice as much
damage  to enemies.  The pick-up makes  you blue and shiny,  so it's  obvious to
everyone else that  you've obtained it. I've noticed  that things often become a
game of "Shoot the shiny blue guy!  He's got Double Damage!" Double Damage lasts
for a limited time only, so get your credit card ready!

Omega Cannon:
After  beating  Gorea 2  in  Adventure,  you'll  unlock  the Oubliette  map  for
multiplayer mode.  Up at the top of  the map is a  pick-up  to obtain  the Omega
Cannon. This is the only weapon on the map, so most people will  probably make a
b-line  for it.  It's a powerful  weapon  with an  interesting  twist:  It kills
instantly if you have a direct line-of-sight to where it detonates.  It explodes
when it hits something,  so shoot at a distant structure and hide behind a wall.
This is the cheapest of the cheap,  and battles on  Oubliette invairably degrade
into contests to see who can obtain the Omega Cannon first.  The Omega Cannon is
only good for one shot.

Many people have e-mailed me about  the validity of my  diagnosis for the effect
of the Omega Cannon,  but I have  verified it to be correct.  Watch what NPCs do
when you fire it: they hide behind things.

                                 Map Attributes

Alinos Gateway:
Joe Pomerening  wrote in  to inform me of an exploit.  From the ledge  where the
Imperialist is, you  can see some piles  of rubble  laying on the  ground on the
far side of the map. You can shoot THROUGH  these with the Imperialist from that
ledge for some reason. If someone's hiding behind  one of those, you can make it
so they're downright baffled when you snipe them to death.

This map  is unlocked  after  beating  Gorea 2  in Adventure mode.  The music is
different  from all  other  maps,  there are no  Sub-Weapons,  and  there  is no
Universal Ammo. All there is is the Omega Cannon and Energy. Is that green stuff
in the sky, like... flowing brain matter or what?

Stasis Bunker:
I didn't see this  map until I first  played a Wi-Fi game.  I don't  know if you
have to win or not, but I'd say it's safe to assume you'll unlock it if you play
a Wi-Fi game.  Additionally,  this is the same map that's used in the First Hunt
demo for the Morph Ball Training.  Weird, huh? That secret passageway leading to
the Imperialist is there in First Hunt,  but there's an  invisible wall stopping
you from getting in. Freaky.

Maps with Outer Space:
Anywhere there are stars beneath you,  with the exception of Outer Reach,  there
will be low gravity.  This is useful for doing some weird Matrix-esque fights if
you're the kind of  person who likes doing  that kind of thing.  It's especially
useful in Capture and Bounty modes,  since you're nigh-impossible  to catch when
floating around aimlessly.

Maps with Shared Rooms:
A few maps appear to be identical to another map at first glance, but in reality
those maps are  extended versions of their counterparts.  Such map pairs include
Alinos Perch -> Council Chamber,  Subterranean -> Fault Line  and High Ground ->
Elder Passage.

Number of Players:
In Survival mode and games with only two players,  changes in available pick-ups
will take place: Large Energy may turn into Medium Energy and Universal Ammo may
not appear.

                                Revision History

Drat.  I'm not perfect.  Turns out some  revisions did  need to be  made to this
document.  Fortunately, only two to date have been made since the time it's been
up on GameFAQs. Let's hope it stays that way, lest I be more imperfect.  I mean,
my NAME is Guy Perfect,  so I don't  think I can handle much imperfection.  (Guy
Perfect is not my legal name, in case you try to look for me)

v1r3 - Aug16 - Changed a whole lot of crap
v1r2 - Apr19 - Fixed typoes (2), added Disclaimer, added Map attributes (3),
                 adjusted Imperialist attributes (2), ammended Sylux 
                 attributes (2), added Noxus attribute (1)
v1r1 - Apr15 - Added Weavel attribute (1), added Sylux attribute (1)
v1r0 - Apr13 - Initial release


I  probably  missed  something...  or posted  some incorrect  information...  or
something.  Questions and comments  will be accepted  at the following  for-real
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