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Metroid Prime: Hunters
Anti-Altspammer Guide
Created by Mr. Ifafudafi

Note: Say hello to the note.  These make little comments that are not
specifically dealt with.


Note: Each section thingy has "sgiaa" and a number in parentheses on the
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0. Contents
1. Intro (sgiaa1)
2. General Anti-altspammer tips (sgiaa2)
3. Anti-Samus (sgiaa3)
4. Anti-Kanden (sgiaa4)
5. Anti-Spire (sgiaa5)
6. Anti-Trace (sgiaa6)
7. Anti-Noxus (sgiaa7)
8. Anti-Sylux (sgiaa8)
9. Anti-Weavel (sgiaa9)
10. FAQ (sgiaa10)
11. Copyrights and Other Legal Junk (sgiaa11)
12. Credits... of Doom (sgiaa12)



The world is full of spammers; people who forget that the point of a
video game is not, in fact, to pwn4g3xx0rz n00bs, but to have fun.
Nearly every online game gives birth to these spammers, and MPH is no
exception.  The altspammer, one who turns into the alt-form and abuses
its advantages in a boring and strangely efficient way, is the primary
spammer, and this guide is designed to repel said altspammers.
Every Hunter has their own little section about how to avoid and/or kill
their respective altspammer, showing what to look out for and what to
And that's about it.  Questions?  No?  Good.

Note: The techniqes described in this guide may not do anything to help
prevent altspammers, as every player has their differences, but in
majority these strategies work.



There are some things that apply for pretty much everything, so I list
them here.

First and foremost, DO NOT COUNTER ALTSPAM WITH ALTSPAM!  The alspammer,
being an altspammer, will nearly always have the advantage over you.

Kind of in accordance with #1, remember that altspammers are limiting
their own capabilities by seperating themselves from the main weapons.
Exploit this as much as possible.

Also, I refer to "speed weapons" and "power weapons" in the following
sections.  Speed weapons (Power Beam, Volt Driver, Battlehammer) have
very rapid fire rates and moderate to high speeds, while power weapons
(Imperialist, Magmaul, Missile) have moderate to low speeds and a low
fire rate, plus limited ammo.  (The Shock Coil and the Judicator don't
fall into either category.)

Altspammers love to chicken out, and will run away to find health right
before you kill them.  They'll be dashing in a straight line towards the
nearest bit of health, so whack 'em with a power weapon while they're
trying to escape.

Alt-forms can almost never get high enough, so when you see ledges try
your best to get up there and take them out.



And so without further ado, let us find out how to annihilate Samus

Samus' alt-form is the Morph Ball.

Morph Ball Weaknesses: Slow moving unless boost is used, large size,
bombs do minimal amount of damage

Morph Ball Strengths: Boost can damage opponents, bombs regenerate

You will rarely find a Samus altspammer.  The Morph Ball is best used for
escape rather than attack, but nevertheless there is the occasional one.
Height is the trick here.  Samus can't boost into an airborne hunter, and
the bombs will only damage enemies on the ground, so keep jumping and
take your shots after the Morph Ball spammer boosts.  Powerful weapons
are your best bet here, as the Morph Ball tends to slow down during
sharpturns.  Remember not to stray too far, or you'll get yourself a 
nice whack in the face by a boosting Morph Ball.

Best Hunter to use against the Morph Ball: Spire
If you jump and fire a charged Magmaul shot, the extra damage and fire
effect will help cut down health severely, while the jumping protects you
from its effects.



A more popular (though still rarely seen) altspammer, Kanden is generally
used by new players who are still trying out the game.

Kanden's alt-form is the Stinglarva.

Stinglarva Weaknesses: It's attack has a very short range, and does
little damage

Stinglarva Strengths: Bombs will home in on a short range

More of a balanced character, the Stinglarva makes a good candidate for
close range altspamming.  Should you be contfronted with one, keep your
distance, and use a high-rapidity weapons such as the Battlehammer, (ideal
as it does a good amount of damage and won't harm you if you're out of
the Stinglarva's range) the Power Beam, and the Volt driver.  A distanced
Stinglarva is a dead Stinglarva.

Best Hunter to use against the Stinglarva: Any
As affinities won't really help in this case, the Power Beam is your best



The first common altspammer we'll deal with, Spire is most notable for
his ability to use his alt-form to climb up walls.

Spire's alt form is the Dialanche.

Dialanche Weaknesses: Probably the biggest target, it is only about a
thirdless tall than Spire himself, it is very slow moving, and it has a
very limited range attack.

Dialance Strengths: Allows Spire to climb up walls for a surprise attack,
standard attack can do big damage

Once again, try to stay away from this altspammer.  Even if you're hit by
the attack, it will do minimal amounts of damage if you're only hit by
the tip of it.  Although it is slower moving than most alt-forms, it
is still faster than your standard biped, so make sure to use power
weapons to kill him quickly.  A charged Judicator with Noxus is also

Best Hunter to use against the Dialanche: Noxus
Dialanche-spammers need to charge into you to attack you, so wait for
the spammer to come and freeze them right before they hit you.  You can
either keep hammering them with the Judicator, or switch to a power
weapon and continue.



The worst next to Sylux, Trace's alt-form will do huge amounts of damage,
making it popular among many new and old altspammers.

Trace's alt-form is the Triskelion.

Triskelion Weaknesses: The lunge attack will often propel Trace off a
cliff, and will leave the spammer vulnerable for a short time.

Triskelion Strengths: Unbelievably fast, and the lunge attack will let it
catch up to pretty much anything.  Does about 49 damage when it hits.

My god, the Trace altspammers.  These are the most common among one to
three stars, used to climb up the ranks quickly before pretending to
fight fair and square.  Now.  As hard as it may be to believe, the lunge
attack is actually pretty easy to avoid, and will leave you with a window
of attack as well.  But, above all, DO NOT JUMP.  The lunge will still
reach you, and it will only slow down your movement, which you need here.
Don't circle them either, it will allow them to make a lunge just where
you're about to be.  This is, however, what you need to exploit.  Make it
so that they never know which direction you're going; and although you'll
still get hit, it will happen a lot less, and give you the chance to go
in for the kill.  Power weapons are the best way to go here.

Best Hunter to use against the Triskelion: Kanden
Although he doesn't have a power weapon as an affinity, Kanden's ability
to disrupt the opponent's screen with a charged Volt Driver will help
considerably in preventing the altspammer from deciphering where you will



Noxus is right in between Spire and Trace in terms of altspamming
popularity, so you'll see him occasionaly, although he is generraly used
for freeze-spamming more than altspamming.

Noxus' alt-form is the Vhoscythe.

Vhoscythe Weaknesses: Attack takes a while to ready, turns are hard and

Vhoscythe Strengths: Large attack area, high speed

Speed weapons will help you considerably here.  Since the Vhoscythe has
difficulties turning, curve, circle, and swerve as much as possible,
while still keeping your distance.  Fire whenever it is in front of you;
you won't get another change.
(Short description, I know, but not much strategy to this.)

Best Hunter to use against the Vhoscythe: Sylux
Speed weapons are indeed happy, but because the Vhoscythe has no way to
raise itself, and it has difficulties turning, the Shock Coil will help
you a ton here.  You don't have to worry much about it hitting you, as
the Coil will replenish your health, and you can keep it on until they're



The king of altspammers, Sylux is used by nearly all 4 and 5 stars.

Sylux's alt-form is the Lockjaw.

Lockjaw Weaknesses: Attack is hard to use at a distance, and is hard to
place correctly.

Lockjaw Strengths: Highest speed, attack can do unholy amounts of damage
when at its most powerful, easy turns

This will definitely be the hardest Altspammer to deal with.  Sylux
altspammers will lay a trip wire, run away, and hope you trip over it.
If you don't, they'll try to triangle you, or get you in between three
bombs.  This will most likely kill you in a single hit, so don't let this
happen.  If they manage to get ahead of you, they'll bounce around the
place nearly untouchable, especially in low-gravity areas.
Of course, the biggest strength is the biggest weakness.  Sylux is most
vulnerable when he is trying to triangle you, so get in there and use
whatever weapon you're best with to hammer him in his attempt to trap
you.  The problem is that you'll probably hit the two-bomb trip wire in
the process, so be extremely careful.

Best Hunter to use against the Lockjaw: None
Whether you can repel a Sylux altspammer is based on how good you are
with the game, as there are no glaring weaknesses that can be taken
advantage of by a specific Hunter.  Use the one you're best with.



Weavel is loved by the cowards (who, incidentally, disconnect the most.)

Weavel's alt-form is the Halfturret.

Halfturret Weaknesses: Half of Weavel's health will go to the turret,
leaving him with only half on his actual side.  The upper half is also
still vulnerable to headshots.

Halfturret Strengths: The bottom half will spit out an endless volley
of non-affinity Battlehammer shots, which are automatically aimed towards
you.  The top half is moderately fast, and can attack you with a slice.

Dealing with these altspammers is fairly easy.  If you can eliminate the
bottom half, half of Weavel's health is gone, allowing for easy shots.
Sniping is actually a good way to deal with Weavel, as the top half is
vulnerable to headshots, and most Weavel altspammers usually make a
beeline for the nearest health pickup.  If sniping just isn't your thing,
don't worry about getting down and dirty with the upper half.  The slice
almost never hits; and if it does, it won't do much damage.

Best Hunter to use against the Halfturret: Weavel
Weavel's biggest weakness is himself.  An affinity Battlehammer will
destroy the bottom turret half in no time, and can also take out the top
half just as quickly.



This is where I answer questions you send me.

Note: These are not actual reader questions, but I'm pretty sure I'll be
getting some of these.

Q: OMG sylux is t3h 1337 u n00b
A: ...

Q: I tried using your strategies... but one altspammer still got the
better of me!
A: ...

Q: Can't I also use X Hunter against X altspammer?
A: Thanks for the actual question.  These are just based on affinity; you
can use whatever you want.

Q: wtf do u have against altspammers thats why were at the top
A: It's not what I have agains y'all; it's what the general public does.

Q: What does "sgiaa" stand for?
A: Don't ask.  Trust me.



'Kay... this guide may NOT be replicated for distribution outside of that
for personal use, may NOT be sold, may NOT be claimed as property of any
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Thanks to GameFAQs for posting this guide, the MPH GameFAQs board members
for expressing their hatred of altspammers, tempting me to write this
guide, and reviewing the guide, and thanks to Nintendo for keeping the
record of no dissapointing Metroid games.

Now go outside and... I don't know, make a BBQ or something.  I'm hungry.