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Metroid Prime: Hunters
Noxus guide v. 0.10
May 25, 2006
Written by Coco monkay


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Part 1: General information [1.00]

1- Introduction [1.10]
2- Noxus Info [1.20]
	- Noxus [1.21]
	- Vhoscythe [1.22]
	- Judicator [1.23]
3- Damage chart [1.30]
	- Power beam [1.31]
	- Noxus and affinity [1.32]
	- Samus and affinity [1.33]
	- Sylux and affinity [1.34]
	- Spire and affinity [1.35]
	- Trace and affinity [1.36]
	- Weavel and affinity [1.37]
	- Kanden and affinity [1.38]

Part 2: Strategies [2.00]

1- Basic strategies [2.10]
	- Defensive [2.11]
	- Offensive [2.12]
2- Hunter strategies [2.20]
	- Samus [2.21]
	- Kanden [2.22]
	- Spire [2.23]
	- Trace [2.24]
	- Sylux [2.25]
	- Weavel [2.26]
	- Noxus [2.27]
	- Lag [2.28]
3- Team strategies [2.30]
	- Battle [2.31]
	- Survival [2.32]
	- Bounty [2.33]
	- Defender [2.34]
	- Capture [2.35]
	- Nodes [2.36]
4- Level strategies [2.40]
	- Small [2.41]
	- Medium [2.42]
	- Large [2.43]

Part 3: Assistance, credits, etc. [3.00]

1- Frequently Asked Questions [3.10]
2- Contact me [3.20]
3- Legal information [3.30]
4- Version history [3.40]
5- Credits [3.50]

Part 1: General information [1.00]


Noxus really isn't that hard to understand, so I'll be brief on the basic
strategies. It's when you start facing people who know how to aim and can give
you a challenge regardless of character that advanced noxus strategies will
make the difference. This guide will talk mainly about advanced strategies, so
I'll assume you know the game mechanics by now. You should also have tried out
every other character to see their strengths and weaknesses first hand and work
out how you might fight someone who uses that character better than you did.

Noxus is a vhozon from the planet vho who is searching out the ultimate power to
prevent it from falling into the hands of lawbreakers or the unworthy. The
vhozon race's fanatical view of morality exceeds that of virtually all other
civilized societies, and to enforce their sense of justice they have sent noxus.

Noxus info

Here's information about noxus, via samus's scans.

Analysis indicates that the skin of this hunter has extraordinary insulating 
properties. Noxus's weapon is the judicator, capable of a charged shot that can
freeze an opponent in its tracks.

The vhoscythe is the alternative form of the hunter noxus. An evolutionary
defense mechanism of the vhozon species, it serves both offensive and defensive

The judicator is powered by cold-fusion synthesis. It fires supercooled plasma
at temperatures approaching absolute zero.

Damage chart

Power beam
Damage - 6
Headshot - 8
Charged - 36
Charged headshot - 46

Vhoscythe: Spin attack
42dmg per slice; 1.5 seconds full warm up per slice, .5 seconds immediate

Max ammo - 119
In relation to freeze shot - 1:5
Damage - 24
Headshot - 32
Charge - 42
Charge headshot - 96
Affinity charge - 12

Morph ball: Morph ball bombs and morph boost
16dmg per bomb, 20dmg per boost; 2.5 seconds between boost for maximum

Max ammo - 59
In relation to judicator - N/A
Damage - 32
Charged - 48
Splash - 24
Charged splash - 32 

Lockjaw: Electric bombs
1-bomb: 10dmg
2-bomb tripwire: 40dmg
3-bomb trapwire: 180dmg and up (Less distance between wires: More damage)

Shock coil
Max ammo - 59
In relation to judicator - 1:2
Damage - 1 sec: ~10 (Increases with time elapsed)

Dialanche: Fire blade
Min: 8dmg, Max: 64dmg; Blade lasts for 1 second each deployment

Max ammo - 59
In relation to judicator - 1:2
Charged in relation to judicator - 1:4
Damage - 32
Charged - 56
Splash - 16
Charged splash - 28
Burn - 19

Triskelion: Jump strike
50 per strike; 4 foot lunge distance, .5 second warm-up

Max ammo - 29
In relation to judicator - 1:4
Damage - 36
Headshot - 100
Zoomed - 72
Zoomed headshot - 200 (Instant kill)

Halfturrent: Halfturrent and halfturrent slice
12 per shot, 36 per slice; 1 second warm-up for slice, .5 second fire rate for 
halfturrent (Increased rate when under constant fire; returns to normal when 
abandoned by attacker)

Battle hammer
Max ammo - 149
In relation to judicator - 2:1
Damage - 12
Splash - 8
Affinity damage - 30
Affinity splash - 18

Sting larva: Larva bomb
20dmg per segment; 1 second delay between segment regen.

Volt driver
Max ammo - 119
In relation to judicator - 1:1
Damage - 14
Headshot - 21
Charge - 56
Charge splash - Min: 1dmg Max: 56dmg

Part 2: strategies [2.00]

Basic strategies [2.10]

No matter what character you play, there will always be two directions you could
lead them in. These directions are defensive or offensive. As you get
progressively better and better, it will be harder to tell what side you're on,
but you'll probably always have traits from whichever side you started on. It
should go without saying that the defensive will probably tilt toward survival,
and the offensive will probably tilt toward battle.

Bounty - Defensive
Defender - Defensive
Prime hunter - Offensive
Capture - Offensive
Nodes - Neutral

Below, I put the order in which you should seek out upgrades. If a weapon is in
parenthesis, that means they're optional, but still in order. After that,
strategies you should follow based on your tactical style. You should follow
both sides, but put precedence on the ones that suit you.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. There's another technique noxus can do that I won't be
discussing, as it stands the chance of being abused like the spire glitch. It
was discovered by GF_Arctic at about april 25, so when it inevitably is leaked,
yes, it was known for a while. If the needs are met, which I won't be
discussing, it could make the battle unbelievably hard. I'm sure he won't mind
it I just give it a name, though. I name it:

Shadow freeze

Defensive strategies
Health, Weapons - Jud., Mag. (Btl., Shk., Vlt., Imp.)

Reverse DF technique
More luck than anything, but if you pull it off, it's one of the most satisfying
headshots ever. If you're about to be frozen by noxus, have an imp, and don't
think  he can do the DF, position your reticule for his head (don't bother
changing weapons just yet), change to the imp while in the ice, and give him a
headshot right when you thaw.

Positive there's someone in the bushes waiting for you to pull off that freeze?
Give them what they want, but don't try to save your kill, go after the one
taking your prey. For everyone not using an imp, they shouldn't be too far for
you not to get an imp head shot on. For those that are sniping, just hope
they're nervous enough not to concentrate and not get the kill, then hunt them
down and don't get killed yourself.

See that noxus coming at you? Or better yet, that aggressive trace who'll finish
you the second you mess up? Shock coil. Then what do they do? Alt form. And
that's when you switch to missiles and change the tide of battle. Or, if for
some reason they want to keep battling you, this'll give you time and
opportunity to switch to magmaul or battlehammer. Magmaul for smaller areas,
battlehammer for larger.
Offensive strategies
Weapons - Jud., Imp. (Shk., Vlt., Mag., Btl.), Health

Death freeze technique

Freeze with the judicator, then headshot with the imperialist. It's simple on
paper, but it'll take about a week before you can rely on it, assuming you train
regularly. If you master pulling this off without getting killed yourself, you
should be at your peak as a noxus. Of course, it goes without saying that if you
don't learn this, you won't be at your peak.


Noxus is megaman. Just think about it. When you get close to an enemy, what do
you do? Jump. What did you do in the classic megaman games when you were
fighting an enemy who shot back? Jumped. That said, the skies are your greatest
ally against your foes. The best noxi are often heard but not seen. Sure, the
charge is loud, but where is it coming from? Around the corner? Behind you?
Above you? Below you? Know the level by heart, including health respawns, imp or
affinity spawns, powerup spawns, etc., and all the entry and exit points to an
ambush area.

See an enemy hiding in or behind something? Give up trying to get to them before
getting killed yourself. Rather, just fire judicator shots into the hiding spot
until they die or move, then follow with volt if they try to run away, shock if
they try to move toward, battlehammer if they try to move away in alt, and
magmaul if they try to move toward in alt.

Hunter strategies

Samus - Samus is feared by all hunters, and for good reason. A samus is
primarily going to charge her missiles to get the full effect from them. Charged
missiles do almost 50dmg. This means, of course, that about 5 good hits from her
is the end of you. 5 missiles don't charge in an instant though, so you should
have time to escape before dying. Missiles need different ammo than the other
sub weapons, and it can sometimes be very hard to conserve ammo. In some stages,
she'll literally have to survive kill to kill on missile rations.
Bad ammo conservation isn't a strategy, though. The only way she'll hit you on a
constant basis (Assuming she doesn't have the high ground) is if she somehow
predicts your moves, which means you're moving too predictably and need to
change your pattern. For the most part, you should be able to jump her missiles.
Be careful as you make the approach, though, they get progressively harder to
dodge after a while. If she doesn't go alt and run away, proceed with the death
freeze technique. If she does, try to get in a few hits with some jud. shots,
then repeat the process over again.
Headshot - Aim about where her chin would be.
Alt - Jud., Btl.

Kanden - Like samus, ammo can disappear fast with him. You can only hold 119
shots at max, and as this has the accuracy and fire rate of the power beam,
he'll be out of shots fast if he doesn't make good use of them.
Give up trying to freeze him, the volt driver guarantees that you won't get that
close. If you have good aim, try to hit him with jud. shots, if not, use the
volt and hit him as much as possible. If he charges his shots instead of using
the regular shots, jump strafe to advance on him and freeze him.
Headshot - For him, his head is pretty much where you need to hit for a
headshot, so a good shot below it should do.
Alt - Mag., Jud.

Spire - For what spire doesn't have in rapid fire, he gains in generous ammo
consumption. His gun doesn't exactly shoot slowly, either, maybe at a rate of
one shot every half-second or so. Even with all of this, he never really runs
into ammo issues unless he didn't stock up beforehand.
Okay, this is the first medium range fighter here. Spire users may say
otherwise, but if you're lobbing shots at a distance, you'll have major
accuracy problems, and it'll show. The shots do roll on the floor, though, so
watch out in case they're trying to get you into a trap where you can't avoid
damage. To fight him, I'd say just stick to judi shots until he goes alt, then
freeze him. I would say to just get up close and freeze him, but at that point
you're totally relying on the fact that he can't aim, not to mention the lava
on the ground you'll have to avoid. Just hit him with jud. shots unless you're
sure you can handle him up close.
Headshot - If you see his eyes, slightly below it, which would be around the
chest of his body.
Alt - Mag., Jud.

Trace - Don't underestimate trace users. Yes, anyone can use the imp, and yes,
his affinity is all but useless in 1vs1, but only he gets the imp straight from
affinity spawns. That's why higher-level users continue to use him even though
they don't use his affinity's power. That, and his alt can create enough
distance for an immediate headshot by experienced snipers.
Anyway, onto the strategy. He's a sniper just like any other, but just a bit
more dangerous due to the speed in which he can get his affinity. Stay in alt
until you find where he is. Now, if you're within freeze distance of him, you
could either hammer him with judi shots, or try to get in close with a freeze.
Then again, if he's still trying to headshot you when you're that close to him,
he shouldn't be underestimated.
Headshot - Chest shot is more like it. See that floating thing they call his
head? Don't aim for that. Aim below that, at the top of his center body.
Alt - Mag., Btl.

Sylux - In my opinion, they're too gracious with his ammo. Yes, it takes forever
to kill someone, but the ammo drains so slowly, not to mention the damage rate
multiplies by about ten after a few seconds. His health restores even faster
than that, taking all but 5 seconds to heal fully even when it's in the red.
So, since he is best close range like you, that's one thing you'll want to
avoid. Hit him with jud. shots until he tries to hit you with shock coil. Like
he'd expect, you should go to alt mode. One thing you should've done before
going alt, though, was to check the surroundings. Tripwires are ineffective over
long distances, so while you were fighting him in biped, you should have checked
to see if he had any traps waiting for you in advance. If you think he does make
him bring the battle to you. He has the fastest alt, he has the strongest alt,
so him being offensive and coming after you  shouldn't be too foreign to him. If
the sylux you're fighting doesn't think you're gonna fall for the oldest trick
in the book, you're gonna need some more biped strategies against him. The
absolute most effective stopper of his coil is a wall. Charge, go behind a wall,
and when he comes to get around the wall, go toward him and freeze. Heights are
also pretty effective in that it'll be hard to aim if you're coming in from the
Headshot - Same as samus, bottom of helmet.
Alt - Jud., Btl.

Weavel - Even though it's rapid fire, it has more ammo than the volt, comes out
slower, and consumes less ammo than it. Thus, he shouldn't ever have a problem
with ammo. Others may disagree, but I think he starts out with his affinity
just like samus. When he goes alt, he automatically gets a battlehammer, he just
can't control it. Seeing as it's stationary until you remove it and place it
down again, it's pretty good for defense, like leaving it as a trap when someone
goes to get the health under it. This can be a crucial strategy early in the
match, when you're both at standard health. He'll still be getting weapons, and
you'll be defending yourself.
Okay, now for the strategy. He has this anti freeze technique where you drop the
turret right when you go to freeze, then just retracts it once it's frozen. Of
course, when you go alt, you have to stay that way for a few seconds until
you're given the ability to go back to biped. In this time, shoot at the weavel,
not the turret. Don't even waste your time taking out the shock coil, most
weavels worth anything will do the rapid drop strategy, where you drop your
turret and retract it so the coil can't track and they get away. The damage
isn't the problem at all, it's that they'll be going too fast for you to keep
up. Thus, since your jud. shots make mid-long range, just keep hitting him with
Headshot - Like kanden, his head is pretty evident. Aim slightly below it.
Alt - Mag., Jud. (Shk. for turret)

Noxus - One of the best ammo conserving weapons, in my opinion. Honest, if I get
head shot while I'm samus, the only weapon I use is the judicator. That's
assuming, of course, they're good enough not to give me free imp shots. With
that said, noxus won't run into ammo problems unless he just picked up the
judicator and has the preliminary 20 ammo.
A noxi battle, for the most part, amounts to nothing more than a giant game of
chicken. If you can freeze him, he can freeze you. A large portion of the time,
you'll both end up getting frozen. Unless one of you messes up with your
reaction timing, it'll stay this way until one of you changes your strategy.
This includes ditching freezing all together, in lieu of using another weapon.
A good choice is the shock coil, or imp, but seriously, he'll have to suck if
you think you can get a headshot that close. Another good one is the volt, less
average damage than the shock coil at average, but more when he starts to run.
My favorite, though, is the judicator, as it does good damage all around, and
when he starts to retreat, it'll be much easier to hit his alt with good damage
than had you been using the volt. The main, and best strategy, though, is the
natural one. If it wasn't clear, I mean sticking to the judicator and freezing
him. To do this without getting frozen yourself, you're gonna have to take risks
getting near him. When someone takes a risk to freeze, that's when, for the most
part, only one of you gets frozen. Risks include hiding behind a door, behind a
corner, or above him but so close he still thinks you're on the ground
somewhere. If you're successful in not being seen, his defense will be down for
a crucial few seconds until he realizes you're going to ambush him. If you don't
take advantage of those few seconds, he'll know what you're up to and be on
heightened guard. Be stealthy, and be swift, those few seconds could decide the
rest of the match.
Headshot - Like trace, his model lies about where his head is. Shoot his chest.
Alt - Mag., Jud.

Lag - Don't waste your time trying to freeze them. If they're only impervious
to freezing, try out the shk. if you don't want to use the jud., but if they're
warping and stuff, I suggest the volt driver. Basically, though, just anything
that causes immediate damage, not anything that's reliant on an effect happening
to him ex: Freezing, burning, homing, etc. If they're a friend, I'm sure I don't
have to say this, but be sure to tell them they're lagging so bad they made
themselves immune to your affinity.
Headshot - If, for some reason, you did try to freeze them and it worked
(Seeing as a normal headshot would leave them unaffected), follow the same
head shot strategy for whatever character it is.
Alt - Follow the same strategy as for whatever character you're fighting, but
if there's a choice between the magmaul and battlehammer, I would sway toward
the battlehammer. I've actually noticed, though, that alts don't seem to lag
around like bipeds do, or at least, they don't show it.

Team strategies

Now I know what you may be thinking. Why no spire, at all? Spire's mode is prime
hunter, and as we all know, there aren't teams for that mode. But if prime
hunter is about killing, why isn't he put as a team member for battle? Yes, all
bipeds have the same speed. This probably confused you when people say prime
hunter fixes his speed problem. You see, they don't mean that he's slow, but
that his weapon charge time gives people plenty of time to get a safe distance
away. With his increase in speed, he can chase people down with his weapon, and
he can charge far away and still expect to hit someone with it, instead of
having to go to alt form to close the distance between him and his prey.
Unfourtunately, his mode is free for all only, so for the modes with teams, I
don't use him when I can use someone else.


Samus - "Quick killer"
If you two are close together, you're reducing your efficiency. Samus should be
in the distance, waiting for you to make the advance for a freeze, then, she
should hit them with missiles. That should be just the distraction enough for
you to close the distance and get a headshot. Then, as samus is already far, she
can go immediately onto the next opponent while you search for the first. When
she's missiling her target, try to hit the opponent with an imp shot. One should
be enough if it hits to give her the advantage. The key to getting the most
kills is to be separated, but united.


Kanden - "Hard to kill"
A good kanden should be very hard to kill. If he ever needs to go for health, he
will get fired at, but he won't get followed. Thus, when he does get health, he
can fully  charge his volt driver and kill whoever was after him. What should
you do, though? Do all you can to prevent him from being shot at. When he gets
health and comes back, he should more than repay that favor. Yourself, with your
judicator, shouldn't be getting killed either. Noxus is pretty much the most
defensive character. Just look at his alt, the limited versatility says it
really isn't built for alt spamming, but when any other alt tries to kill it,
it shows that it really is an "anti-alt". And your judicator, if you're being
double teamed, it possesses the ability to freeze two people at once. The volt
can do the same thing with it's vision blurring. So even if you're double
teamed, if you're lucky enough to get them side to side, you can kill one right
there with the DF technique.


Noxus - "Freezing"
Bounty is like a biped sprint. Get to point A from point B with as much health
as possible. It should be obvious why rendering your opponents unable to attack
as well as follow is such an asset. With another noxus on the team, it becomes
all too easy. Arm yourself with the imperialist, make sure your partner is at a
designated spot, then when you pass it, watch your opponent get frozen. Turn
around, headshot, and change rolls for maximum efficiency. They won't stand a
chance if you do this.


Trace - "Headshot"
As noxus, you should go to the defender circle and rack up the seconds. Trace
should wait in the backround, cloaked and waiting. Charge your judicator and
jump erradically, you'll have to act as bait for the time being. When someone
comes and tries to take the circle, you freeze them, and let trace take the kill
(Heh, I didn't think I would've ever condoned that). If they actually use
strategy, though, they'll try to headshot you. If you're jumping good enough,
you should be fine. Trace will  track the location of the sniper by looking at
the shot, and counter snipe accordingly. Oh, and if, for some reason, you have
to leave the ring, trace can occupy it in alt mode and push whoever wants to get
in out of it with his alt attack.


Sylux - "Chase"
Like bounty, but this time it's a relay. You take the octolith and make sure to
survive, sylux will be doing the killing. Keep your judicator charged, if you
freeze him while sylux is hitting him with neutrinos, he should die in seconds.
You'll have to defend yourself from the other character, just follow the
character strategy for whoever it is, and you should be fine. If you think he's
going to shock you, don't forget to use walls to your advantage.


Weavel - "Multitask"
Weavel will capture the nodes, you will defend them, primarily. Without a
battlehammer, he won't be very equiped to fight anyone who can concentrate on
him. Adding to that, any shock coil in the level, and his turret won't be
trouble at all. That's why he'll be capturing, he'll leave his turret down on
whatever node he got last, using his alt for transportation. Like trace, if you
hit with your alt attack, it'll push whoever's in the node out of it. This'll
keep the node safe if it's near being stolen. If it isn't, just freeze whoever's
in it and kill them. You shouldn't have many problems if you use this strategy.

Level strategies

Contrary to popular opinion on wifi, there are more than just five levels
(Combat hall, Alinos gateway, Ice hive, Headshot, and alinos gateway) in
multiplayer. Hopefully these strategies prepare you for all of them, including
the overused ones.

1/26=Combat hall (DF no) -Msl., Aff., Mag. 
Favored toward: Samus, trace

2/26=Data shrine (DF yes) -Msl., Shk., Mag., Jud., Imp., Btl., Vlt. 
Favored toward: Kanden, Noxus

3/26=Processor core (DF no) -Aff., Mag., Jud. 
Favored toward: Sylux, Weavel

4/26=High ground (DF yes) -Msl., Aff., Mag., Jud., Imp. 
Favored toward: Spire

5/26=Ice hive (DF yes) -Msl., Aff., Jud., Imp., Vlt. 
Favored toward: Samus, Sylux

6/26=Alinos perch (DF yes) -Msl., Aff., Shk., Mag., Imp. 
Favored toward: Samus, Trace

7/26=Sic transit (DF yes) -Msl., Aff., Shk., Imp., Btl. 
Favored toward: Trace, Noxus

8/26=Transfer lock (DF yes) -Msl., Aff., Imp., Btl., Vlt. 
Favored toward: Kanden

9/26=Sanctorus (DF no) -Msl., Aff., Vlt. 
Favored toward: Samus, Trace

10/26=Compression chamber (DF no) -Msl., Aff., Jud. 
Favored toward: Trace

11/26=Incubation vault (DF no) -Msl., Aff., Shk., Btl. 
Favored toward: No one

12/26=Subterranean (DF yes) -Msl., Aff., Shk., Mag., Imp., Btl., Vlt. 
Favored toward: No one

13/26=Outer reach (DF yes) -Msl., Aff., Shk., Jud., Imp. 
Favored toward: No one

14/26=Harvester (DF yes) -Msl., Shk., Mag., Jud., Imp., Btl., Vlt. 
Favored toward: No one

15/26=Weapons complex (DF yes) -Msl., Shk., Mag., Jud., Imp., Btl., Vlt. 
Favored toward: Sylux

16/26=Council chamber (DF yes) -Msl., Shk., Mag., Jud., Imp., Btl., Vlt. 
Favored toward: No one

17/26=Elder passage (DF yes) -Msl., Aff., Shk., Mag., Jud., Imp. 
Favored toward: Spire

18/26=Fuel stack (DF yes) -Msl., Aff., Shk., Jud., Imp., Btl., Vlt. 
Favored toward: Noxus

19/26=Fault line (DF yes) -Msl., Aff., Shk., Mag., Jud., Imp., Btl., Vlt. 
Favored toward: No one

20/26=Stasis bunker (DF yes) -Msl., Aff., Imp., Btl., Vlt. 
Favored toward: No one

21/26=Head shot (DF yes) -Shk., Mag., Jud., Imp., Btl., Vlt. 
Favored toward: Sylux

22/26=Celestial gateway (DF no) -Msl., Aff., Mag., Jud., Btl. 
Favored toward: No one

23/26=Alinos gateway (DF yes) -Msl., Aff., Mag., Imp., Btl. 
Favored toward: Spire

24/26=Vdo gateway (DF yes) -Msl., Aff., Mag., Imp. 
Favored toward: Sylux

25/26=Arcterra gateway (DF no) -Msl., Aff. 
Favored toward: Trace

26/26=Oubliette (DF no) (EX no)- Msl.
Favored toward: Samus, Sylux

DF stages: 18/26
Small: 0/5
Medium: 8/9
Large: 10/12

As you can see, most stages allow for the DF technique. For most of the ones
that don't, you wouldn't want to pick them anyway. So, of course, learn the
technique, and practice it as much as possible.

Part 3: Assistance, credits, etc. [3.0]

Frequently asked questions

To ask me a question, you could either check out any topics I have up and ask me
there, or make a topic yourself and ask me. If this is so far in the future that
I'm not even on the board anymore, and no one there can help you, you could ask
your question on the board.

Q: NOxUs SuXz111!!1!11!

A: NO U!

Q: When you use the charged Ice attack does it damage the player if they get
frozen, or do they have to be directly in front of your gun and get hit like
normal to take damage?

A: Well, if they get frozen, chances are they're in front of your gun anyway,
but if they're not, if they get frozen at all, they suffer 12 damage.

Q: Is it possible to jump down from above, aim down and freeze someone? It seems
to me that it seems to project foward from the body whenever I do it so it never
freezes anyone.

A: It's the same as freezing too early and having the freeze fall short of your
opponent. The only difference when doing it in the air is that the timing will
be different, and  you'll have to be more precise with it. It can be hard at
first, but it's nothing a little training can't fix.

Okay, from here on, I'm going to let my good friend, a five star noxus, answer
the questions. Ladies and gentlemen, GF_Arctic!

Q: What levels does Noxus have an advantage?

A: Fuel Stack, first of all, hands down. Basically, the narrow corridors are
perfect for bouncing Judicator shots, it has a natural Judicator spawn, and it
has a natural Imp spawn that many players either don't know about, won't bother
with, or may die trying to get. FS also has enough corners and surprise drops
that freezing is cake. Seriously learn this level's layout, and practice getting
the Imperialist and double damage here quickly and in one run, but more
importantly, without dying. Haha, almost forgot one more thing! It's hard to do
blindly, but if they've jumped down after the double damage, they're only got
one path to take upwards, and if you're standing right there, you can freeze
them when they travel up the antigravity pull for a free death. I've beaten a
5 star trace that way before. ^_^

Next, IMO is Incubation vault. There're no decent weapons for your opponents
besides their affinities (so Sylux is screwed because his affinity sucks against
experienced players) here. They've only got rockets, their affinity, and the
Battlehammer. They can't even alt spam to run away stay alive here since it's so
small. 1v1, there're only two health spawns. Learn to control them. After
freezing enemies, you'll do a little over 100 damage to them (if frozen in alt,
much more in Biped), and if you control both health spawns, another freeze (or a
hit and run Vhoscythe) will either kill them of bring them dangerously low. The
key to this level against any character is strangulation. Control the health,
and they'll slowly die. This is easy to do, since Noxy's alt can reach both
spawns, and they're both close together. It's also perfect for grabbing the
elevated spawn since the blade's deployment causes faster falling. Anyone that
ventures too close gets a blade in their face, and suffers an awful lot of
damage for not being able to heal. When you know they're low, and desperate, you
can make a risky move and let them have a health, but make it look like you're
racing to stop them from reaching it, so they'll rush in to feel the cool
delight of a measly 60 energy, and get frozen, never to thaw alive. Even in 4
player mode, the spawns are perfectly timed for orb whoring; just make a loop
picking up all 4 spawns, and you'll only have to stop for about a second on one
spawn to make the whole loop perfectly timed.

Other than that, Noxus does well on just about any level with the Imperialist,
since then the long ranged characters have no real advantage, and on the levels
without it, health spawn control will win you the match anywhere else.

Q: I hit enemies with the Vhoscythe a lot, and they should be dead. Does this
mean that the damage doesn't always deal 42? Does the damage only reach 42 once
the blade is in full swing?

A: It's 42 dmg, regardless of distance or time deployed. I think the real issue
online is that you register the hit on your DS, causing you to hear the "chink"
and have the blade retract. In fact, the opponent wasn't right there, and the
dmg didn't register on their DS, which is necessary for damage to actually
occur. Damage has to register on the victim's DS to actually occur, and the
Vhoscythe is just a particularly bad example of it.

Erk210 had something he wanted to add to this answer:

About that Vhoscythe not doing damage, but making the 'clink' sound. I Figured
that it is lag, obviously.. But that is not the entire story. You're DS will
register the 'hit' and you will see that you hit, although, on the opponents DS,
they see you coming at them with it. Now, Your DS may be a little behind the
others (due to a laggy host/your bad connection.) So, what this means is that
your DS will think that your scythe hit, and retract the scythe, But really,
you didn't hit them and your scythe was forced to retract before you even really
hit them. Sucks, yes, the only one counter to this that I can think of is
holding down the 'fire' button a little while after you see it hit. I doubt that
that will change anything, but it may work. This has not been tested, but it is
the best explanation I have, and is better than anyone else's I have heard/seen.

Q: I hear about people using the Imperialist after freezing an opponent whom has
begun the tranformation to alt form. How do I go about killing them?

A: I've already made a huge explanation to this on some other forums, so I'll
just copy it here...

Half of all Noxi on message boards claim to kill with the Imp after freezing,
yet I've not played one yet who has ever killed me with it. I've seen a total of
two try to use it on me, but the switch was slow, and I was unfrozen before they

This needs to change, guys.

Every single Noxus user with an Imperialist in his inventory should be able to
freeze and have a kill within two seconds, guaranteed. Seriously, don't
underplay it, it's not that hard to learn; it may take a day of practice, and
another week of fine-tuning, but the results of freeze=death are too beneficial
to pass up.

If anyone isn't trying to learn it; saying "it's too hard," or that "it's not
worth it," is only too lazy to learn it, and will wallow in mediocrity
(someplace Noxus doesn't belong).

Once you get the switching mechanism down, you need to learn how to never miss a
shot. This includes aiming quickly, and knowing a thing or two about "head
boxes." Also, when you do miss a shot, you need to learn how to switch to Alt to
quickly unscope and avoid danger, and switch back to the Judicator.

Aiming for the head is one thing, hitting is another. Different characters are
more or less difficult to hit. The two I have the most trouble with are Trace
and Noxus. Trace's head is just naturally small, and with his gangly frame, his
"head" isn't always in his "headbox." Noxus is confusing because his "head" is
actually a forward hanging appendage that can't be harmed. The "headbox" is
actually behind it, in the lump his back has.
The rest of the characters are relatively easy to hit. Weavel and Sylux being
easiest, Samus, Kanden and Spire being next.

There's one final thing to know. When on your freezing approach, (smart) enemies
know they can't escape you in an open room with corners. If they're back into a
corner and turn towards another corner, you can take the inner circle and cut
them off; if they back into the corner, well, we all know what happens there.
Instead, once they've gotten near that corner, they'll usually go alt, while
turning towards another corner. You can still take the inner route and cut them
off in these cases.

So, you've frozen a half transformed, hovering mass of flesh, you whip out the
Imperialist, zoom in and ask, "well crap, where's his head? Oh, it's down
What happened? This brings us to the most important tactic of the Noxus freeze
assassin, freezing in the middle of transforming. The key here is that no matter
what phase of the transformation you've frozen an opponent in, they have a head.
As long as they're not 100% into their alt, and the popsicle isn't shaped like a
round ball, they have a head. This head is always right where it normally is.

So, if you freeze someone halfway (or even most of the way into alt, it
registers a hit! I've frozen Sylux in his transformation and he looks like he's
lying face-first on the ground (and been called "haxxor" for it). You need to
aim approximately in the middle of the sprite, and in the general vicinity of
where the head would be if they were standing straight up. This will often look
like empty air (like during Trace and Sylux's transformations), but it's where
you must shoot.

Experienced players know when they're about to be frozen, and they'll switch to
alt. This means that 90% of your freezes on advanced players will be in the
middle of their alt transformations, where they think "HA! Headshot me now! I'm
in my alt!" Nothing bursts their bubble like when you freeze them in the middle
of it and snipe their invisible head for a kill.

Q: Imperialists pwn me! How do I prevent myself from getting shot?

A: Aside from being in alt if you're not feeling safe, here's another of my
lectures from those forums...

"QUOTE (Spark-sys @ Apr 30 2006, 11:57 PM)
I Don't really know, because I just counter Imp. with Imp.
(It's my favorite weapon, along with judicator of course)ENDQUOTE"

It really is about all you can do, unless you're positive you'll be evasive
enough and be able to approach and freeze them. On your approach, I recommend
small zig-zags (just large enough to fully displace your "head" hitbox to one
side and the other) while jumping constantly (as in, as soon as you touch the
ground, you should be jumping again). I guarantee you that the only place you'll
get killed is when you're touching the ground, since snipers will level their
crosshairs at "head" level and aim, since that way they only have to mess with
one axis. This means that if you're jumping, they only have very small windows
of opportunity to actually land a hit.

However, assuming they didn't fall off the apple truck yesterday, they'll be
mentally plotting your trajectory and predicting where you'll land after your
jump, and fire there. This is where the zig-zagging in the air comes in; you
never want to land in a simple parabolic trajectory from where you begin your
decent (like, if you throw a ball off a building, think about the predictable,
round path it would take; that's the shape I'm talking about that you want to
avoid). Rather, always try to make your landing pattern erratic by changing
direction on your decent and landing in a more
  / \
 /  /\
.  .  X

shape, since the crosshairs will be at the X, waiting for you to land. As they
change their aiming, you're back up in the air, jumping in perhaps a different
direction this time.

Doing this, I have never been killed by a sniper on my freezing approach. If I'm
killed, it'll be because I'll loosen up and actually land on the normal
trajectory, or panic and switch to alt or something.

You really only want to use this at semi-close range; about the range of a Shock
Coil. Any farther than that, use your alt to get closer; but not too close,
otherwise you'll scare them into alt as well. Anyway, hope that helps; I do
strongly recommend you get good with the Imp though, after all, if you've got
one too, Trace has no advantage at Imp vs. Imp battles except perhaps
experience with the weapon.


Ok, I think I'm done now. ^_^;

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Meeh for making the league of extraordinary noxus users. Without this, I
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