Speed Guide by Mr Potter

Version: 1 | Updated: 06/20/06 | Printable Version

Metroid Prime: Hunters
Nintendo DS, March 2006 Release
Abbreviated: MPH
Mission File 79109


1. Table of Contents

1. Table of Contents
2. Introduction
3. Techniques
4. WR Times
5. About the guide
6. Speed
 6a. Celestial Archives 1
 6b. Alinos 1
 6c. VDO 1
 6d. Celestial Archives 2
 6e. Arcterra 1
 6f. Alinos 2
 6g. Arcterra 2
 6h. Arcterra 3
 6i. VDO 2
 6j. VDO 3
 6k. Alinos 3
 6l. Oubliette
7. Glitches and other fun stuff
8. Secret Worlds
9. Contact
10. Versions

2. Introduction

Hi. I'm Mr Potter. You may know me from the Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2 
No Space Jump games (which I have written guides  here for both of). Anyway, I 
want to keep this short for two reasons. The first is I really don't have much 
to say. The second is that I want to get on with the guide. That said, on with 
the guide!

3. Techniques

-Missile Jump
Aim down (the farther down you aim, the more height you get) and fire a 
missile. You will do a little hop into the air with the damage you take; after 
you reach the peak of the little hop, jump. You will get more height then you'd
normally get. Note this differs depending on which weapon you use; you can use
Battlehammer, which gets the least height, missiles, super missiles, or charged
Magmaul. You will get the most height from a charged Magmaul, but only use that
when absolutely necessary, as typically you get more damage from more height
and Magmaul is no exception. This can also be used at a higher angle in order
to push you down; you might not be able to find a use for this, but it is
useful for pushing yourself into and down morph ball tunnels, something we will
do just once.

-Morph Secret World
A good trick found by Dr. Trence. You go into morph ball mode and roll towards
a tunnel. Then you unmorph at just the right moment and you'll be a little
inside the tunnel. Use a missile or something to push yourself in. The "secret
world" part is inaccurate and only there because the trick was named after
Echoes's "screw attack secret world", which is when you screw attack inside a
morph ball tunnel.

-Missile Secret World
A better trick than Morph Secret World that allows you to enter tunnels as a
biped more easily. Put your back to a tunnel and perform a raised angle missile
jump. You will push yourself through the tunnel.

DBJ stands for Double Bomb Jump. If you have beaten the game, I do not need to
explain it, because AFAIK it is necessary to get the key in Frost Labyrinth.
And if you haven't beaten the game, go do it now, because this isn't a full
guide; it's a speed guide.

Pressing against walls with a certain slant, you will rise into the air. This
is called floating.

-Weavel Morph
In multiplayer, if you can get Weavel in a morph ball tunnel, you can enter a
secret world by going into alt form. Weavel does a little hop when he enters
alt form so he can sit atop his turret. This little hop allows you to jump over
the ceiling. One useful thing you can do by doing that is placing turrets in
morph ball tunnels.

4. WR Times

WR stands for "World Record". If you didn't know, there are three ways of
beating a video game. The first is any%: get anything that will help you
complete the game quicker, and do anything that will end up with a faster time.
The second is 100%: get every item in the game, and in Hunters's case, scans.
The third is low%: skip everything possible, even if it's quicker to get it.

Any%: iamthejackie, Time: 1:27
100%: Mr Potter, Time: 2:01 (bad and will likely be beaten soon)
Low%: No low% speed runs have been performed AFAIK at this time

5. About the guide

I'm going to talk a bit about the layout of the guide for the main attraction,
the "speed" section. It'll basically be like this:

I will start with either instructions on how to begin or speed tricks (usually
speed tricks). If there are no speed tricks for a section I will just write
stuff that you should remember that aren't quite speed tricks. These will be
written with hyphens followed by whatever the thing to remember I have for you
is. If there is a speed trick, I will write the speed trick's name in capital
letters followed by how to do it. After I'm done with all the speed tricks or
things to remember, I'll write "If you're going for 100%, make sure you collect
and scan:" followed by a list of every scan and item you should get in this
section of the game if you want 100%. Item names will be written in caps. After
the scan or item, I will write in parentheses where the scan or item can be 
found. If I have notes for the scan or item, I will right it in a second pair
of parentheses. Here is an example (no notes):

Object Alimbic Joist (Data Shrine 02)

I will also tell you whether or not the scan is one-time (only noting it if it
is. If it isn't, you will see nothing about it). Although Hunters doesn't have
many one-time scan, there are some. They are there, and you must not miss them.
The scans and items ARE arranged in the order you will reach them. If you get
a scan out of order, then you're off-route. Finally, this is not the only route
possible. Hunters is non-linear and there are tons of routes you can take. This
is just one that has suited me and others to be the quickest one possible at
the current moment. It requires leaving VDO early in order to have Imperialist
against Sylux, Shock Coil against Trace, Volt Driver against Noxus, leaving
Arcterra early to have the Magmaul in order to be able to get early Imperialist
during the escape, and leaving Alinos early in order to trigger the Alimbic
Cannon during the escape.

Well, I'm done. Go on.

6. Speed
6a. Celestial Archives 1

There is nothing to note. But remember:

-morph + boost whenever possible.
-start a boost with a stylus boost and follow with R boosts.
-against Kanden, get as many headshots as possible; try to get charge beam
-On this Cretaphid, you do not need to go for the top part.
-The Guardians can be killed instantly with a charge beam headshot.

If you're going for 100%, make sure you scan and collect:

Object Celestial Archives (Celestial Gateway)
Lore Alimbic Prophecy 01 (Celestial Gateway)
Object Synergy Drive (Helm Room)
Object Synergy Processor (Helm Room)
Object Port Helm (Helm Room)
Object Starboard Helm (Helm Room)
Creature Psycho Bit V1.0 (Helm Room/Data Shrine 01/Data Shrine 03/Synergy Core)
Object Alimbic Panel (Meditation Room)
Object Navigational Chart (Meditation Room)
Creature Pterasyl (Meditation Room/Fan Room Beta/Data Shrine 02)
Object Synergy Strut (Meditation Room)
Object Tetra Trade Map (Meditation Room)
Science Hub (Data Shrine 01)
Alimbic Artifacts (Data Shrine 01)
Cartograph Artifact (Data Shrine 01)
Artifact Shield (Data Shrine 01)
ITEM ENERGY TANK (Data Shrine 01) (1 e-tank)
Creature Lesser Ithrak (Data Shrine 01/Data Shrine 03/Data Shrine 02)
Object Cooling Fans (Fan Room Alpha/Fan Room Beta)
Object Alimbic Joist (Data Shrine 02)
ITEM MISSILE EXPANSION (Data Shrine 02) (15 missiles)
Object Tetra Galaxy (Fan Room Beta)
Creature Kanden (Data Shrine 02)
Creature Stinglarva (Data Shrine 02)
Object Attameter Artifact (Data Shrine 02)
Object Anthropological Hub (Data Shrine 02)
Object Political Hub (Data Shrine 02)
Creature Alimbic Turret V1.0 (Data Shrine 03/Data Shrine 02)
Object Portal (Synergy Core/Celestial Gateway)
Object Lift Controls (Synergy Core)
Object Binary Subscripture (Synergy Core)
Lore Stronghold Void (Stronghold)
Lore Biodefense Chamber A (Biodefense Chamber A)
Creature Cretaphid V1 (Biodefense Chamber A) (ONE TIME!)
Object Stronghold Portal (Synergy Core) (WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY UNTIL ESCAPE)
Creature Guardian (Helm Room)

6b. Alinos 1

If you're doing a 100% run and thus going for the missile, when you're bombing
up to it and are inside the tunnel, use just one bomb. Follow it by a boost.
You should reach the missile with no need for a second bomb jump.

Morph into the tunnel and roll until you reach the point where the floor
changes (right under an arch near the Zoomer pit). Put the ball right after
where the floor is different and lay a bomb. Once you jump, move forward.
Follow this with a boost. If done right, you will go through the ceiling and
end up right next to the Artifact, with no need to collect the key. THIS CANNOT

In the second Zoomer wave, kill five Zoomers and walk back toward the door from
which you came. You will hear a sound and the door ahead will unlock, even
though there are still Zoomers to kill.

When Spire goes into alt-form, charge the beam and aim down while he enters
alt-form. Shoot and follow with some normal shots. If you got headshots, you
should be able to make Spire get up and leave without really rolling around
too much.

Go for headshots on Weavel. If you are quick enough, you can kill him while his
alt-form is inside the tunnel; however, I personally have only managed to do
this once and I don't know if anyone else has done it either. If you don't do
it, don't worry; it's very difficult. Just go on and take advantage of the fact
that his health is halved when he enters alt form.

If you're going for 100%, make sure you scan and collect:

Object Alinos (Alinos Gateway)
Object Magma Station (Alinos Gateway)
ITEM MISSILE EXPANSION (Alinos Gateway) (25 missiles)
Lore Alimbic Prophecy 02 (Alinos Gateway)
Lore Alimbic Datashade 01 (Alinos Gateway)
Lore Alimbic Datashade 02 (Alinos Gateway)
Object Exposed Rebar (Echo Hall/High Ground)
Creature Zoomer (Echo Hall/High Ground)
Lore History 01 (Echo Hall)
ITEM ENERGY TANK (Echo Hall) (2 e-tanks)
Creature War Wasp (Echo Hall)
Object Flow Regulator (High Ground)
Lore Interment Chamber (High Ground)
Object Magma Vent (High Ground)
Creature Blastcap (High Ground)
Lore Battle Sarcophagus (High Ground)
Creature Voldrum (Elder Passage)
Creature Spire (Elder Passage/High Ground)
Creature Dialanche (Elder Passage/High Ground)
ITEM MISSILE EXPANSION (High Ground) (35 missiles)
Lore Science Sarcophagus (High Ground)
Lore Biodefense Chamber B (Biodefense Chamber B)
Creature Slench 1A (Biodefense Chamber B) (ONE TIME!)
Creature Energy Blaster (Biodefense Chamber B) (Possibly four time, not sure)
Creature Slench 1B (Biodefense Chamber B) (ONE TIME!)
Creature Weavel (Echo Hall)
Creature Halfturret (Echo Hall) (Optional; you can scan this later if you want
 to kill him while he's in the tunnel. He usually shows up at Celestial

6c. VDO 1

There is nothing to note here. But remember:

-do not kill the Alimbic Turret 1.4 in Weapons Complex. It's quicker to leave
it alone, though it's sometimes difficult to enter the morph ball tunnel while
it's shooting at you. If you must kill it, try not to use anything other than
power beam.
-don't go for the Compression Chamber UA expansion in an any%
-in Weapons Complex, kill one of the Ithraks while it is hanging and kill the
other with morph ball bombs
-after you defeat the Crash Pillar, scan the portal and head back to the ship
to leave without killing Sylux or getting the Octolith. We will do that later.

If you're going for 100%, make sure you scan and collect:

Object VDO (VDO Gateway)
Lore Alimbic Prophecy 03 (VDO Gateway)
Object Lab Equipment (Bioweaponry Lab)
Object Spore Farm (Bioweaponry Lab)
Object Fuel Rod (Bioweaponry Lab)
Object Mixing Tanks (Bioweaponry Lab)
Object Clone Engine (Bioweaponry Lab)
Object Frozen Fuel Line (Weapons Complex)
Creature Alimbic Turret V1.4 (Weapons Complex)
Object Cortex Chamber (Cortex CPU)
ITEM MISSILE EXPANSION (Cortex CPU) (45 missiles)
Lore History 06 (Compression Chamber)
Lore Alimbic War 10 (Compression Chamber)
Lore History 05 (Compression Chamber)
Lore History 07 (Compression Chamber)
Lore History 04 (Weapons Complex)
Lore Octolith Safeguard (Weapons Complex)
Lore History 07 (Weapons Complex)
Creature Crash Pillar (Weapons Complex) (TWO TIME!)

6d. Celestial Archives 2

Take the portal and head down to Data Shrine 02 that way.

To skip the elevator, jump to the top level. Notice on the walls there are two
pairs of two blue bars. Jump on the bottom bar of the pair closer to the jump
pad. Stay still on it until you stop moving. Then carefully jump to the top
bar and stay still until you stop moving. YOU MAY FALL OFF HERE! If you can
successfully stand on the top bar, move toward the jump pad and jump off the
bar onto the ledge. Then take the jump pad and jump in mid-jump to make it all
the way to the door.

I don't know if cutscenes take time, but if they do, save a few seconds. In the
back, when you hit a switch, a cutscene occurs showing you the force field
disappearing in the front of the room. There's a little time between when you
hit the switch and when the cutscene occurs. Standing at the right spot, it's
possible to hit another switch in the little time you have. If done right, only
one cutscene will occur, although both force fields open.

In Docking Bay, get the shield key and take the platform on the far right

Instead of fighting all those creatures, do a DBJ to the top of the room.

Take the portal that leads to the platform with the portal leading to
Incubation Vault 01 in Incubation Vault 01. From the platform, go to the left.
Jump off the ledge and land on the UA Expansion ledge. Grab the UA Expansion
and keep going. Jump down one more ledge to the Artifact's ledge. Now look to
the next platform. See how there's this thing sticking out? Jump onto that and
then onto the higher part of the platform with the portal to Incubation Vault
03. Take it.

Not much of a speed trick, but don't fight the Greater Ithrak. Not even if
you're doing a 100%. In a 100% run, you should scan the Greater Ithrak later,
in Sanctorus. Also, don't get the energy tank; you can get it while waiting for
the platform on the escape, while getting it before the escape will likely
result in you needing to wait for the platform to return to you.

If you're going for 100%, make sure you scan and collect:

ITEM UA EXPANSION (Celestial Gateway) (70 UA)
Creature Halfturret (Data Shrine 03) (Weavel usually appears here. Only scan
 if you didn't in Echo Hall.)
Object Literary Hub (Data Shrine 02)
Object Medical Hub (Data Shrine 02)
ITEM UA EXPANSION (Data Shrine 02) (100 UA)
Lore Alimbic Prophecy 05 (Synergy Core)
ITEM UA EXPANSION (Transfer Lock) (130 UA)
Creature Psycho Bit V2.0 (Transfer Lock/Tetra Vista/New Arrivals Registration)
Object Photon Stabilizer (Transfer Lock)
Lore Alimbic Order 02 (Docking Bay)
Lore Alimbic Order 03 (Docking Bay)
Object Docking Bay L1 (Docking Bay)
Object Docking Bay L2 (Docking Bay)
Object Docking Bay L3 (Docking Bay)
Lore Final Wish (Docking Bay)
Creature Electro Voldrum (Incubation Vault 02) (ONE TIME!)
Object Incubation Vault A (Incubation Vault 01)
ITEM UA EXPANSION (Docking Bay) (160 UA)
Lore Alimbic Order 01 (Docking Bay)
Lore Alimbic Order 04 (Docking Bay)
Object Incubation Vault B (Incubation Vault 03)
ITEM MISSILE EXPANSION (Incubation Vault 03) (55 missiles)
Object Shield Generator (Tetra Vista)
Object Gravity Stabilizer (Tetra Vista)
Creature Quadtroid (New Arrival Registration)
Lore Gorea 07 (New Arrival Registration)
Lore Gorea 08 (New Arrival Registration)
Lore Gorea 06 (New Arrival Registration)
Lore Gorea 09 (New Arrival Registration)
Creature Slench 3A (ONE TIME!)
Creature Slench 3B (ONE TIME!)
Object Octolith (EIGHT TIME!) (This can be scanned earlier; this is simply when
 I got it)
ITEM ENERGY TANK (New Arrival Registration) (3 e-tanks)

6e. Arcterra 1

Scan Proxy Lock 5 first, followed by a charged missile jump to the orange ledge
Trace fights from later. Scan Proxy Lock 1. Go toward the elevator, scanning
Proxy Lock 6 on the way. Then take the elevator up and scan Proxy Locks 3, 4,
and 2 on the bridge.

Drop into the area with all the energy routers and go toward the UA expansion  a
behind a Judicator gate. To the right of it float up to the top. DO NOT USE A
JUMP TO BEGIN THE FLOAT. When you reach the peak of the float, Samus should be
bobbing up and down (if they're big bobs, just wait until they get smaller).
Now move toward the ledge with the missile expansion and jump onto it. Grab
the missile expansion (you will need it whether you are any% or 100%) and go
through the tunnel to skip the whole Barbed War Wasp/Energy Router thing. IN A

Yes, again... in the Judicator room, you can do a DBJ to the Judicator instead
of doing the morph ball puzzle. A later, easier, quicker way of doing it was
found; instead of DBJing, jump onto the broken pillar and do a missile jump
onto the ledge with the Judicator on it.

Once you have Judicator, scan the portal and leave Arcterra through it.

If you're going for 100%, make sure you scan and collect:

Object Arcterra (Arcterra Gateway)
Lore Alimbic Prophecy 04 (Arcterra Gateway)
Object Alimbic Emblem (Sic Transit)
Creature Noxus (Sic Transit)
Creature Trace (Sic Transit)
Creature Vhoscythe (Sic Transit)
Object Damaged Bridge (Sic Transit)
ITEM ENERGY TANK (Sic Transit) (4 e-tanks)
Lore Alimbic Pride 01 (Ice Hive)
Object Vault Door (Ice Hive)
Creature Barbed War Wasp (Ice Hive) (ONE TIME! but if you do the speed trick
 after they show up but before you kill them, they will still be here during
 the escape for some reason, which means they will be here forever if you don't 
 kill them)
ITEM MISSILE EXPANSION (Ice Hive) (65 missiles)
Lore History 11 (Ice Hive)
Lore History 10 (Ice Hive)
Lore History 09 (Ice Hive)
Object Ice Bridge (Ice Hive)
Object Witherite Shards (Ice Hive)
Object Ammolite Shards (Ice Hive)
Creature Blue Barbed War Wasp (Ice Hive)
Object Alimbic Insignia (Ice Hive)
Object Heating System (Ice Hive)

6f. Alinos 2

Instead of going around behind the Judicator gate, scanning the panel, and
riding the platform to the Judicator door, jump up the platforms you used after
fighting Spire on the first visit here. At the top of the ledge, do a charged
missile jump to the Judicator door. This can also be done with a DBJ. THIS

Those platforms are soooo slow. Instead of riding them, jump into the lava and
morph. Roll across to the gate blocking you from the second portion that the
morph ball tunnel takes you to and DBJ over it. There you go; no need to ever
ride those platforms.

Not sure how much of a trick this is, but... After you have Magmaul, turn
around and come back here for the first Alinos 2 artifact. After you activate
the first jump pad, use it to go to the large ledge and unlock the door. Then
before you jump off the platform, look down and try to find the switch that
triggers the third jump pad platform. Hit it from atop the ledge. Then jump off
and try to land carefully on the second jump pad platform. Stand on the very
edge and activate it. After the cutscene, use it to launch yourself to the
third jump pad platform, and from there to the newly-unlocked door.

Returning here after getting the Artifact, go over to the elevator that must
be activated (yeah, the one with a force field over it). Activate the pad and
turn on the scan visor. You should be able to actually see the computer that
turns off the force field and scan it from underneath. Once above the ledge,
get the artifact, scan the ship deck portal, and leave Alinos.

If you're going for 100%, make sure you scan and collect:

Object Thermal Regulator (High Ground)
Lore History 02 (High Ground)
Lore Alimbic Prophecy 06 (High Ground)
Creature Red Barbed War Wasp (Alimbic Gardens)
Lore Gorea 02 (Alimbic Gardens)
Lore Gorea 01 (Alimbic Gardens)
Lore Alimbic War 02 (Alimbic Gardens)
Creature Geemer (Alimbic Gardens)
Object Alimbic Garden (Alimbic Gardens)
Creature Psycho Bit V3.0 (Thermal Vast/Alinos Perch)
object Ceremonial Charms (Alinos Perch)
Object Wall Scroll (Council Chamber)
Creature Fire Spawn (Council Chamber) (ONE TIME!)
Object Council Chamber (Council Chamber)
ITEM ENERGY TANK (Council Chamber) (5 e-tanks)
Creature Fire Voldrum (Alinos Perch)
ITEM MISSILE EXPANSION (Alinos Perch) (75 missiles)
Object Structural Debris (Crash Site)
Lore Alimbic Pride 03 (Crash Site)
Alimbic War 03 (Council Chamber)
Lore Gorea 05 (Council Chamber)
Object Glyph Pattern (Council Chamber)
Lore Alimbic War 07 (Council Chamber)

6g. Arcterra 2

Use the Shock Coil on Trace on the way out. Oh, and by the way, don't go toward
Arcterra Gateway. Go through the Magmaul door so we can pick up Imperialist on
the way out.

Remember when I told you to pick up the Ice Hive missile expansion? You'll be
glad now. Use four missiles each on the Quadtroids. If you run out, use the
power beam. Use the Magmaul on the Arctic Spawn (I hope you have enough left
over from fighting Trace and Slench 2, which can consume quite a bit of ammo).
When you have Imperialist, quickly shoot the target so the platform will come
down during the cutscene. Then quickly jump onto it. Take the jump pad to the
section with the pillar. Take out the Psycho Bits, using Judicator on the
spawn ports and the green ones, and Magmaul on the blue one (again, I hope you
have enough ammo). Get the shield key and missile jump out (don't use the
pillar). Then take down the big force field with the Imperialist and scan the
portal, which surprisingly works even though we're escaping. Take the portal to
the ship and escape.

If you're going for 100%, make sure you scan and collect:

Creature Slench 2A (Biodefense Chamber B) (ONE TIME!)
Creature Slench 2B (Biodefense Chamber B) (ONE TIME!)
Creature Triskelion (Sic Transit)
Lore Alimbic War 09 (Fault Line)
Lore Seal Sphere 01 (Fault Line)
Creature Arctic Spawn (Fault Line) (ONE TIME!)
Lore Alimbic Prophecy 08 (Fault Line)
Creature Psycho Bit V4.0 (Fault Line)
Lore Oubliette 01 (Fault Line)

6h. Arcterra 3

Start by going to Subterranean

Jump off the platform, either by not going on it in the first place, or by
stepping on it then going into morph ball mode. Boost through the bottom of
the room (yes you can stand down there) and at the end, jump up the platforms
and take the jump pad to the top.

If you're going for 100%, make sure you scan and collect:

Lore Alimbic War 11 (Subterranean)
Creature Alimbic Turret V2.7 (Subterranean)
Lore Alimbic War 05 (Subterranean)
ITEM UA EXPANSION (Drip Moat) (250 UA)
ITEM ENERGY TANK (Frost Labyrinth) (6 e-tanks)
ITEM UA EXPANSION (Sanctorus) (280 UA)
Lore Alimbic War 01 (Sanctorus)
Creature Greater Ithrak (Sanctorus)
Lore Gorea 04 (Sanctorus)
Lore Alimbic War 06 (Sanctorus)
Object Spectral Locks (Sanctorus)
Lore Alimbic War 12 (Sanctorus)
Lore Gorea 03 (Sanctorus)
Creature Cretaphid V4 (Biodefense Chamber A) (ONE TIME!)
Object Alimbic Crest (Arcterra Gateway)

6i. VDO 2

Take the portal to where we left off

Use Imperialist on Sylux. Go for lots of headshots. As you know, the first time
you see a hunter they have far more health than they do at any other point in
the game, so a zoomed Imperialist headshot won't kill Sylux, but it will do a
lot of damage. Go for Imperialist hits, even when he's not in biped form, and
it's actually possible to kill him BEFORE his ship shows up. (If you're going
for 100%, don't worry; if you time it right, the ship will show up immediately
after the fight and won't leave. If you timed it badly, though, Sylux will die
right as the ship shows up and the ship will start to arrive, suddenly snap
into space, then fly away. If this happens in a 100% run, reset.)

If you're going for 100%, make sure you scan and collect:

Creature Sylux (Weapons Complex)
Creature Lockjaw (Weapons Complex)
Object Delano 7 (Weapons Complex)
Object Gestation Tanks (Weapons Complex)
ITEM UA EXPANSION (Compression Chamber) (310 UA)
Lore Oubliette 08 (Compression Chamber)
Lore History 07 (Compression Chamber)
Creature Cretaphid V2 (Biodefense Chamber A) (ONE TIME!)

6j. VDO 3

To start, take the portal.

When going for the first shield key, you can do a DBJ to the platform holding
the key. (to be honest, this is how I've personally always done it... never
could find the walkway to that platform in time :D)

Not much to say here, but hurry... my personal best here is around 30 seconds
left IIRC. Try to match that, or beat it. Go for at least 25 seconds left on 
the clock.

Again. Yeah. When you're going for the artifact, instead of getting the key,
then going back out to the fuel stack and climbing the platforms to get back
to the artifact, do a DBJ followed by a boost to make it onto the platform.

If you're going for 100%, make sure you scan and collect:

Creature Ice Voldrum (Stasis Bunker)
ITEM UA EXPANSION (Stasis Bunker) (340 UA)
Lore Seal Sphere 03 (Stasis Bunker)
Lore Oubliette 04 (Stasis Bunker)
Lore Oubliette 06 (Stasis Bunker)
Lore Oubliette 02 (Stasis Bunker)
Lore Oubliette 07 (Stasis Bunker)
Lore Oubliette 05 (Stasis Bunker)
Lore Seal Sphere 04 (Stasis Bunker)
Lore Oubliette 03 (Stasis Bunker)
Object Silo Levitator (Fuel Stack)
Object Cryogenic Storage (Fuel Stack)
Object Cooling Vent (Fuel Stack)
Lore Alimbic Order 05 (Fuel Stack)
Lore Alimbic War 08 (Fuel Stack)
ITEM MISSILE EXPANSION (Fuel Stack) (95 missiles)
Lore Seal Sphere 02 (Fuel Stack)
Object Methane Pipeline (Fuel Stack)
Creature Slench 4A (Biodefense Chamber B) (ONE TIME!)
Creature Slench 4B (Biodefense Chamber B) (ONE TIME!) (scan it while he's
 rolling around; this is when it takes no time at all to scan because you can't
 be doing anything at that time)

6j. Alinos 3

Okay, here we go. Go to the morph ball tunnel (the one that leads to Double
Damage in multiplayer, not the one that leads to Piston Tunnel). Roll through
it until you reach the end. Now very carefully roll toward the edge as slow
as possible. At the very edge, tap the unmorph icon and press toward the tunnel
you came from. You will end up unmorphing and standing on the tunnel. Now this
is tricky. You'll be sort of stuck in the tunnel. You must move toward the
hole, but be careful not to fall. Instead, jump up to the top part. This is
easy to screw up because it's random when you exit the tunnel. When you finally
make it to the top part, shoot the door and turn around, putting your back to
it. Fire Battlehammer to push yourself through the tunnel until you come out
the last room in Piston Cave. Get the artifact and jump up the steps. Shoot the
morph ball door and morph to leave.

During the escape, go to Combat Hall instead of escaping. Trigger the Alimbic
Cannon. After the good-graphics cutscene, the countdown will be gone and you
can take your time exiting Alinos (well... you're speed running, so not

If you're going for 100%, make sure you scan and collect:

Lore Alimbic Pride 02 (Processor Core)
ITEM UA EXPANSION (Processor Core) (370 UA)
Object Backup Processor (Processor Core)
Object Lava Processor 01 (Processor Core) (do this AFTER you get the Artifact)
Object Lava Processor 02 (Processor Core)
Creature Cretaphid V3 (Biodefense Chamber A) (ONE TIME!)
Creature Shriekbat (Council Chamber)
Lore Alimbic Pride 04 (Council Chamber)
Object Alimbic Scripture (Council Chamber)
Lore Alimbic Pride 05 (Combat Hall)
Object Blast Shield (Combat Hall)
Object Sniper Shield (Combat Hall)
Lore Combat Hall (Combat Hall)
Lore Alimbic Cannon 04 (Alimbic Cannon Control Room)
Lore Alimbic Cannon 02 (Alimbic Cannon Control Room)
Lore Alimbic Cannon 03 (Alimbic Cannon Control Room)
Lore Alimbic Cannon 01 (Alimbic Cannon Control Room)
ITEM UA EXPANSION (Magma Drop) (400 UA)

6l. Oubliette

First off, if you're running any%, do NOT trigger the second phase. The credits
scrolling across the screen means the game's finished, and in an any% run
anything that extends game time should be avoided if possible. Anyway, that
being said, to defeat Gorea, use Power Beam on the arms until they're in the
red health bar phase. Then wait until he turns purple. Finish off the arms with
the Judicator and take out the Seal Sphere's first third with the Judicator.
Next, use Magmaul to weaken the arms until they're in the red health bar phase.
Then take out Shock Coil and use it to finish off the second third. While he's
recovering from the Shock Coil, morph ball to the edge of the arena and switch
to Imperialist. This thing will take out each arm in one shot, and the seal
sphere in seven (assuming you're zoomed in). Then sit back and watch the

One more thing. If you accidentally destroy an arm early, make sure you're
alert. If Gorea's arm starts to come back, take out Shock Coil and hit the arm
where it's about to reappear. This is actually quite useful, because for some
reason this instantly destroys the arm and gives you a large health. This would
probably work with other weapons, but I haven't tried it with any.

Then there are you... you 100%ers, who need to fight Gorea 2. Not much to say;
just use Omega Cannon.

If you're going for 100%, make sure you scan and collect:

Lore Sealing Gorea 01
Lore Sealing Gorea 04
Lore Sealing Gorea 02
Lore Sealing Gorea 03
Lore Sealing Gorea 05
ITEM ENERGY TANK (7 e-tanks)
Creature Gorea
Creature Gorea
Creature Gorea Arm
Creature Gorea Seal Sphere
Creature Trocra
Creature Gorea 2

And there you go! You've finished the game! As you get better, keep running
the game. Your first time should be above the two hour range, but if you're
quicker you can get under 2 hours and maybe even under 1:30 (something I'm
personally close to doing but have yet to do)! Some tips are to make sure
you're always going as fast as you can, and if you feel you could have done
better in a segent, reset the game and do better to get the best time possible
for you!

7. Glitches and Other Fun Stuff

-Alinos Gateway Rock Glitch
In Alinos Gateway, take Spire. Go under the Imperialist platform. There is a
large rock by the Imperialist platform. At the bottom, there is some empty
space between it and the platform. Go between this in biped and enter alt form.
You will actually enter the rock and be able to snipe people. No one will be
able to hit you. I am writing this not just for abuse, but also so the people
who don't want to use it can know what it is and how to be ready for it. And
this is how. Many hunters can get in the rock by going toward that space at
full speed. Sylux should be able to lay a triangle bomb to cover most of the
space of the rock. Noxus might be able to get a charged Judicator in to him.
If you encounter someone using this glitch, just try to get in first place and
stay somewhere he can't snipe at you from until the end of the match.

-Oubliette Rock Glitch
In Oubliette, near the top there are some ledges leading up. One of the ledges
leading up has a ledge sticking out of it. Almost every hunter and go into
alt form on the ledge sticking out and go underneath the ledge. From there they
can be inside the ledge. Inside the ledge, the Omega Cannon cannot hurt them.
They cannot be hurt unless someone comes under the ledge with them. And that's
just how to handle it: go inside the ledge with them. Because from that ledge
there is no spot they cannot hit with a good Omega Cannon.

-Combat Hall Inside the Walls
Use the Combat Hall secret world (see the secret worlds section). You should be
able to land in a space inside the walls from which point you cannot be harmed.
To deal with someone using this, a charged Judicator from Noxus should be able
to hit them. Sylux should be able to do a triangle bomb jump to hit them, and
the other hunters... well, I can't think of anything they can do to be honest.

-Hunters in the Wrong Rooms
Found this neat little trick recently... In Adventure mode, play the game until
you see a hunter in a room other than the first time you see this hunter. Run
right next to it so it'll go into alt form and then run to a door. Open it and
run in. The hunter should follow you into the hallway room. Unfortunately, if
you open the next door, the hunter will vanish.

-Alt Form Pushes
Alt forms are glitchy... they can push you through morph ball tunnels and even
through walls! This allowed me to enter a secret world in Stasis Bunker, which
is not recognized as an official secret world due to the randomness of alt
forms. The secret world consisted of getting Spire to go Dialanche on you and
push you through the wall.

-Secretized Rooms
If you jump from a secret world to a secretized part of the room, everything
will be black except for the part that you jumped from and you will be unable
to see anything, including other players. I don't care what you've heard this
called; its rightful name is a secretized room, as it's been known since the
Metroid Prime days (way back in 2002/2003). The only way to fix it is to
somehow work your way back to the point you jumped from and hit a trigger to
load the graphics of a different part of the room.

8. Secret Worlds

A secret world. What is a secret world? A secret world is any point where you
can exit the normal boundaries of the game. Prime had forty-something of these,
Echoes had over 100. And Hunters is definitely on the list of Metroids with
secret worlds.

Metroid had secret worlds. In Metroid, you would allow a door to close on you.
Then you would ascend the wall by repeatedly pressing down to morph and
immediately unmorphing. Doing so allowed you to reach rooms that weren't meant
to be part of the actual games, thus creating the term "secret world".

Metroid 2: Return of Samus also had secret worlds. Metroid 2 was not built well
in the sense that holes could be opened in the floor and wall by pressing
select. Secret worlds contribute to the sequence breaking of Metroid 2, some of
which allows you to actually skip the morph ball bombs.

Super Metroid once again had secret worlds, although they weren't discovered
until recently. You would do something to get yourself stuck in a wall (such as
allowing Crocomire to push you inside the wall) then crouch. Then you would
somehow use the X-Ray Visor to force-stand, thus rising up in the wall. Secret
worlds allowed people to get the Plasma Beam before fighting Draygon.

Prime took a while to find all the secret worlds known today. Its secret worlds
were more fun to enter and involved things such as jumping on ledges that
weren't mean to be ledges and were actually intended to be part of the
background, such as a plant sticking out of the wall.

Echoes attempted to fix this, and for a while there were not many secret
worlds, when a glitch was discovered. You could Screw Attack into a morph ball
tunnel and unmorph inside it, then by jumping you could enter a secret world.
This led to a large boom of secret worlds being found. 116 have been found at
the time I write this.

Fusion and Zero Mission did not have any secret worlds; it seems Nintendo had
learned their lesson about 2D games and secret worlds. However, it seems they
still don't know how to prevent them in 3D, because the secret worlds are there
in Hunters. However, it seems they have learned a lesson about preventing us
from using them, because while in Metroid, Metroid 2, Super Metroid, Prime, and
Echoes, they were useful, in Hunters, you can't use them because touching a
wall means you are absorbed back into the level. Also, if you can't find a
solid ledge to stand on in the secret world, you will fall to your doom;
something that never happened in Prime or Echoes. So, here's the list. The
secret worlds are arranged in the order in which they were found or at least
brought to my attention.

Secret World 1
Echo Hall
Alinos (Single Player)

The first secret world found. Up near the artifact, there is a box. Close to
the box is a wall. Jump on the box and push against the wall the ball is up
against and move away from the wall the box is close to (the one it's CLOSE to,
not the one it's touching). You will go through the ceiling and enter the
secret world.

Secret World 2
Thermal Vast
Alinos (Single Player)

A simple one, hard to see how they overlooked it. The moving platforms can take
you to one of two platforms that has a morph ball tunnel on it. Take the
platforms to the one on the left (or morph through the lava and DBJ onto it).
There are some pipes running across the top of the platform. DBJ onto the pipes
and start walking toward the back of the room. After you reach a certain
distance you will reach a point where the wall is gone. Here you can jump into
the secret world. This is one of the few secret worlds with something solid to
stand on; you can stand on the lava that pokes out of the edges of the room.
Be sure not to get too close to the inside, though, because you can't see the
walls and will be unable to see if you are too close to the walls.

Secret World 3
Biodefense Chamber B
Stronghold (Single Player)

During the Slench 3/4 fights, you can apparently have Slench ram you through
the wall. Not much else to say about it, other than I've never tried it myself.

Secret World 4
Ice Hive
Hunter: Samus

Under where the heating system scan is in single player, shoot the walls where
they change color. At one point your beam will go through the wall. Go up to
this point and DBJ to the hole. The morph ball will go through and you will
fall to your doom.

Secret World 5
The long hallway in Oubliette
Oubliette (Single Player)

In the long hallway, go to the entrance to the morph ball tunnel. Use a missile
to push yourself in, and then push yourself down the tunnel. After a certain
point you will fall through the wall.

Secret World 6
Processing Core
Hunter: Weavel

This can be done with any character, including Samus in single player, but it
is easiest with Weavel. Push yourself inside the morph ball tunnel and Weavel
Morph through the tunnel.

Secret World 7
Tetra Vista
Celestial Archives (Single Player)

There is a bridge you use during the escape to reach a ledge that's a little
high for average gamers to reach. Go to the top of the bridge and do a DBJ onto
the top of the tunnel. You might not believe it but this is a secret world, as
from here you can jump through the walls to your doom, or you can drop behind
the doors and end up in a secretized hallway.

Secret World 8
Fan Room Alpha
Celestial Archives (Single Player)

Jump up the platforms until you're on the fifth one. Now jump. You may notice
some invisible ceiling blocking your jump. Once you land again, jump toward the
pillar. The idea is to get this invisible ceiling to push you inside the
pillar, at which point you will fall to your death. If you don't get it at
first, keep trying; it's random.

Secret World 9
Combat Hall
Hunter: Weavel

Push yourself inside a tunnel with a charged missile (never could get morph
secret world to work here, so a charged missile's the only way to do it) and
Weavel Morph through the tunnel to your doom.

Secret World 10
Celestial Gateway
Celestial Archives (Single Player)

From the ship, go to the left. There is an oval-shaped window. Jump in the left
half and walk up to the top. Now charged missile jump so you land on top of the
window. From here walk up. You will be able to see the secret world now; walk
into it.

Secret World 11
Helm Room
Celestial Archives (Single Player)

Apparently, all oval-shaped windows are the same, because this is almost the
exact same secret world as Celestial Gateway. Walk to the window, charged
missile jump to the top of the left half, and walk up and jump into the secret

Secret World 12
Sic Transit
Hunter: Weavel

In the alcove that held Proxy Lock 6 in single player, there is a broken
pillar. Jump onto it and Weavel Morph through the ceiling into the secret

Secret World 13
Data Shrine
Hunter: Weavel

Jump up onto one of the Alimbic Joists and walk to the top of it. Then Weavel
Morph through the ceiling.

9. Contact

My e-mail address is mr_potter_19@hotmail.com. E-mail me if you have a question
or suggestion. Yes, I have Wi-Fi. No, I will not be your friend on Wi-Fi so
don't bother asking. Do not insult the guide; if you must say something
negative, say it as constructive criticism, like "here are some areas your
guide could use some work on", not "ur gud sux!11". Please do not spam. I don't
check my e-mail every day but I do reply to most e-mails I get when they're
from an actual person, so if I don't reply instantly don't think I deleted it
or something.

And no. This guide will stay where I'm sending it, and it won't go anywhere
else. I'm giving permission to Samus.co.uk and GameFAQs to have this guide up,
no other sites, so if you see this anywhere else please e-mail me about it.

10. Versions

Version 1
June 20, 2006

Wrote the entire thing today and yesterday. :D