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That's what the walkthroughs are for. I might eventually update and make
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I'd like to thank Kratos_42 for the advice on my formats and stuff. I guess I 
had writer's block or something, and he promptly smashed the block to bits and
put good ideas there instead. Thanks!

NOTE: This is a guide for multiplayer mode. A lot of things are different in
single player mode. Mostly minor things, though. 

This is a guide for the weapons, and weapon strategies for the game Metroid 
Prime Hunters, for the Nintendo DS. There are many different weapons in this 
game (9, not counting alts), and each of them is different. Many of them also
have a second effect, or do something different when used by a specific person. 

There are many ways to do damage. There's regular shots, head shots, charged
shots and head shots, etc. Head shots always do more damage. 

Some weapons have an affinity hunter. This means that that hunter can do 
something special with that weapon. 

Press control and F at the same time to open the search box. To find the thing
you're looking for, search the code next to it. 

Power Beam: w01
Missiles: w02
Shock Coil: w03
Magmaul: w04
Judicator: w05
Imperialist: w06
Volt Driver: w07
Battlehammer: w08
Omega Cannon: w09
Affinity Weapon: w10
Double Damage: p01
Cloak: p02
Deathalt: p03
Ammo Chart: AChart
Damage Chart: DChart
Level Chart: LChart

Every level, with the exception of Oubliette, will have your affinity weapon, 
either by having it actually there, or having the affinity pickup. To get the
weapons that you don't start with, you have to pick them up. They'll look like
colored orbs. 

Weapons also need ammo to fire. When you pick one up, you get some ammo, but
not much. There are two different kinds of ammo, Missile Ammo, which is a 
floating missile, and UA ammo, which is a little green diamond. Missiles use
Missile ammo, while the Shock Coil, Magmaul, Judicator, Imperialist, Volt 
Driver, and Battle hammer use UA. The Power Beam and Omega Cannon don't use 
ammo. The Power Beam has infinite, and the Omega Cannon is one shot only.

=Power Beam=
The Power beam is the basic weapon in the game. It's a ball of energy that is
fired at the opponent. It doesn't do much damage, but it can be charged, and
shot very fast. 

You spawn with this weapon, so you can use it as soon as you're spawned. It's
the machine gun weapon of the game. Also, it is the only weapon that doesn't 
have an ammo limit, so it's likely to be the weapon you'll fall back on. 

It's not anybody's affinity weapon, so it doesn't do anything special when 
used by anyone. It can't do splash damage to you. 

An uncharged shot to the body does 6 damage. An uncharged head shot does 8.
A chaFrged body shot does 36, and a charged headshot does 48. Thus, it can do 
significant damage, but it's hard to do so with. So, I'd reccommend this to be
the weapon you use when you run out of ammo with the other weapons. 

It's range is, however, pretty high. I think it's infinite, actually. Also, 
when charged, it gets a slight (very slight) homing effect, that you probably
won't notice from far away. 

When you hold the fire button, you shoot this weapon three times quickly (in
single player, it's 4 times), and then start charging it. I say you should
just rush people with lots of uncharged shots if you're going to use it, or
do however you like. There isn't really much strategy with this.

This weapon is standard, as in you spawn with it. Therefore, it's in all

If you're facing someone who's power beaming you, it's likely they're out of
ammo for the other weapons. Just defeat them however you like. 

The main weakness of the Power Beam is that it hardly does any damage usually.

Missiles are another weapon you spawn with. They're an explosive missile that
can do heavy damage if used right. They use one missile ammo, and whne charged
they use two. 

If you're Samus, your missiles will home in on people if you charge them. If 
you're good, you can dodge these, but it's difficult. You'll know when they're
charged when they make a beeping noise. 

They do 32 damage uncharged, and do 48 damage charged. Samus doesn't get any
extra power, although they still home in. Missiles cannt headshot. 

Their rate of fire isn't great. It's not as bad as the Imperialist, but they 
can't really shoot fast. 

Beware of the splash damage. This is when your explosion hits you, too. That
does 24 damage to you, so don't aim close to your feet. 

Once again, this is a standard weapon, so it's in every level. 

If you're facing someone who's using homing missiles a lot, get it so you're 
looking at each other, and side step and jump a lot. That seems to work, or at
least it does for me. 

A good strategy for using Missiles is to aim at your opponent's feet, if you
are not confident you can hit them. The splash damage will eventually kill em.
Max Ammo: 59

The Main weakness if the missiles is that they're sort of easy to dodge, plus 
there isn't much ammo for them, so you're likely to run out. 

Pickup color: Blue

The Shock Coil is a weapon that shoots a stream of neutrinos at a target. It
can lock on, and the longer it is locked on, the more damage it will do. It 
doesn't use much ammo, and you can hold down the fire button, and it will fire
at about 1 ammo per 1.2 seconds. 

Since this weapon works so much differently then the others, I'm not going to 
put a damage guide, because it's not consistent. However, you might want to 
know this...

The Shock Coil cannot be charged, and it cannot score a headshot. It's 
affinity to Sylux, who, when using it, sill leech HP from the opponent. It's 
maximum ammo is 59. 

A good way to avoid getting owned by a Shock Coiler is to get into alt. It's 
hard got the Coil to lock onto alt forms for some reason. Also, if you just 
move around randomly, it'll be hard to the Coiler to lock onto you. 

The main weakness of the Shock Coil is that it's hard to lock onto someone if
they're in alt form, or if they move around randomly, so you'll just do 1 
damage a bunch of times, and not really a lot of damage. But, it seems to be a
"macho" thing between Syluxes to stand still and SC each other to see who 
dies first. If you get caught in one of these matches, after about 5 seconds,
just move the side side a bit. You'll have been locked on for so long that 
you'll get an easy, fast kill. 

This level is a pickup in: 

Pickup color: Orange

The Magmaul is a large bouncing ball of magama. It will bounce around the area
until it hits someone, or a few seconds (abnout 2.5) seconds pass. 

It uses one UA for an uncharged shot, and 2 for a charged shot. 

The Magmaul is affinity to Spire. When he uses it, a charged shot will burn 
the opponent, doing an extra 11 damage. The burn keeps burning for about 6 
seconds. He doesn't get extra power, though. The Magmaul can be charged,
but it cannot headshot.

An uncharged Magmaul shot will do 32 damage. A charged, affinity shot will do 
67 damage. A charged non-affinity shot will do 56. 

The Magmaul will do a 29 damage splash to you if a charged shot explodes near
you. And, Spire can burn himself. Also, if a regualr shot rolls back to you, 
you get 32 damage. 

A good strategy against the Magmaul is to run far away. It's range is short, 
since the Magmaul is lobbed, not shot. If you're using the Magmaul, try to 
get the shot to bounce around them. It seems like it might just aim for them.

The Main weakness of the Magmaul is that it can't shoot very far. Just go away
from a Magmauler if they're using it a lot. The Magmaul's max ammo is 59.

Pickup Color: Purple

The Judicator is an ice gun that shoots spears of ice. They will bounce around
and rebound off everything until they hit someone or 2 seconds passes. 
A regular Judicator shot will use 1 UA, and a charged one will use 5. When 
charged, a non-affinity blast will shoot 3 spears, while an affinity shot will
make a solid wall of ice that freezes anyone solid who's caught in it for 3

The Judicator is affinity to Noxus, the ice guy. When he uses it, anyone close
to him is frozen solid for a few seconds, so they can't move, leaving you with
the opportunity to either run for health, ammo, keep shooting them, whatever. 

A regular, non charged shot will do 24 damage. A charged, non affinity shot
will do 24 for each spear, and up to 96 if all of them headshot. An affinity 
shot will do 12 damage and freeze the enemy. A non-charged headshot will do 
32 damage.

A good strategy for this weapon, affinity and not, is to get right near them,
and unload a charged shot. This will either make it more likely that all the 
spears will hit them, or freeze them, so you can shoot them while they're 
frozen. If you're in a tight corridor, non-affinity charged shots are a good 
idea, since they'll bounce around and hit your opponent. Max Ammo: 119.

The Main weakness of the Judicator is that it's not very accurate. The spears
just bounce around randomly and usually don't hit anything, unless you're
especially good with it, or you're in a tight hall. The weakness of Noxus's
Judicator is that it can't freeze very far. I know there's a way to make it 
shoot infinitely. I'm not going to say what this glitch/bug/exploit/strategy/
technique/whatever you want to call it, because I don't think it was meant to 
be in the game. It's nooby, and it exploits a programming error left in the 
game, which enables you to freeze a lot longer then you're supposed to be able
to if you don't cheat. But unfortunatley, most poeple know what it is now, so
you rarely face Noxuses who aren't cheating noobs anymore. Freezing is cool if
you don't cheat... but most do now. It's unfortunate, this is one of the 
things that's ruining wifi most. 

Pickup Color: Red

The Imperialist is the Sniper rifle, or more accuratley, laser of this game.
As far as I know, without hacking, it has the longest range. On wifi, you will
often find someone using it no matter what, because if it hits you in the head
while it's zoomed, you're dead, no matter what. You can't charge it, so 1 UA
per shot. 

While the Imperialist is fun to use if you don't use it cheaply, it's hard to 
use it effectively and not cheaply. These are some strategies I do NOT think
are ones you should use:

- Sniping from far away, just standing there sniping: Unless you're facing
some extremely new newbies, they'll snipe you back and kill you. 

- Sniping, and whenever anyone gets near you, running away to another far off
place. You shouldn't do this. One, because you're not likely to get a kill. 
Two, because it's extremely cheap. This, on the boards, is known as 

Some good strategies for the Imperialist are to snipe from far, but if they
get close, switch to the Magmaul or Judicator or whatever and fight close
range. Sniperunning is really cheap. 

Often, you'll find poeple who get near you with the Imperialist, and just 
sidestep and try to headshot you. A counter for this is to do what they do, or
switch to alt and go behind them and shoot them, and repeat when they turn 
around. Of course, that's alt spamming, so you shouldn't do that either.

The Imperialist cannot charge. A regular body shot does 32 damage. A zoomed
body shot does 72. A regular head shot does 100, while a zoomed head shot does
200, which, under normal circumstances, is an auto kill. 

The Imperialist is affinity to Trace. When Trace uses it, he can become semi
invisible when he's standing still. When he takes a shot, he breifly comes in
to view again. I say semi invisible because if you look carefully, you can see
his outline. But if you take the time to look carefully, he'll probably be 
able to headshot you. 

A good way to counter invisible snipers is to use the Imperialist's second 
function. When it's zoomed in, if you're aiming at or near a hunter, it zooms
in even more. So if you're zoomed in, looking for someone, and all of a sudden
the Imperialist zooms in even more, it means there's someone there, so watch 

In places where you can't really move the the side, like in the side chamber 
in Combat Hall, the Imperialist is deadly, because all you have to worry about
is Height. Just line that up and BOOM, they're dead. If they jump, just wait
for them to come down. 

The Imperialist's Max ammo is 29. The Imperialist's main weakness is that it
fires very slowly, and uses a lot of ammo. It's not reccommended that you use
it up close, unless you're very good. Potentially, it can be the most damaging
weapon in the game, but it's hard to use right. 

Pickup Color: Yellow

The Volt Driver is a weapon that shoots high-voltage blasts of electricity at
a target. It can be charged to do high damage with a massive blast radius. It 
has the highest rate of fire besides the Power Beam. An uncharged shot uses 1
UA, and a charged shot uses 5 UA. Also, it is very similar to the power beam.
It's a ball of energy shot in a straight line at an enemy. It's just bigger 
and more damaging and has limited ammo, but besides that, it's pretty much the
same weapon. 

The Volt Driver is affinity to Kanden. When Kanden uses the Volt Driver, a 
charged shot will follow a target. It goes slower then a Samus Missile, but it
does more damage, and can turn at a much greater angle. Also, if it hits you,
or it's blast radius hits you, your visor will be disrupted, so everything 
looks all wiggly and weird for about 1.5 seconds, and it makes an odd noise.

The Volt Driver can be charged. It can headshot, but only when uncharged. An
uncharged body shot will do 14 damage. An uncharged headshot does 21. A 
charged shot will do 56 damage. If  you are caught in the blast radius, you'll
take 18 damage, if the user wasn't Kanden. Getting caught in Kanden's blast 
radius will do 20-40 damage. Beware, you can hurt yourself with the blast 
radius (it's the same as splash damage). And Kanden can screw up his own visor
too, so watch out. 

If you want to use this weapon effectively, do what you do with the power beam
because it's similar. Charged shots, from Kanden or not (Kanden's is bigger), 
have a large last radius, so if you're not very accurate, shoot a charged shot
near your opponent's feet. Or if you are, shoot them really fast with
uncharged shots. 

One of the biggest problems with the Volt Driver is that you'll find yourself 
running out of ammo quickly. Make sure to pick up a lot, or be careful with 
it. The max ammo is 119, so if you fill up, don't worry about that. 

Pickup Color: Green

The Battlehammer is a high-calibur burst of energy that is lobbed, not shot. 
It explodes on contact, making it the closest thing to a Grenage launcher you
can get. However, Grenades usually do a lot of damage, and the Battlehammer 

The Battlehammer can't be charged. Holding down the fire button just makes you
shoot it continuously. It can shoot pretty fast, though. I think it's third in
rate of fire. One UA per shot. One of the things about the Battlehammer is 
that it uses almost no ammo. 

The Battlehammer is very powerful; not in the damage sense. Damagely, it's
mediocre, but it can push you backwards quite forcefully. Weavel's hammer 
forces you back especially far. This is useful if you're near a ledge. You can
just push them off the ledge into space or whatever. 

The Battlehammer is affinity to Weavel. When Weavel uses it, it does more 
damage, the blast radius is much bigger, and that also does more damage. But
beware, becuase like all other exploding weapons, you can hurt yourself, too.

The battlehammer can't headshot or charge. A non-affinity battlehammer burst 
will do 12 if the hammer hits you. The splash damage is 8, to yourself and to
others. An affinity battlehammer shot does 18 if it hits you, and the splash 
is 12. 

A good time to use the Battlehammer is when you're in a tight corridor. Since
it does the most damage if the "hammer" actually hits them, they won't really
have anywhere to go, so it'll hit them, and you'll do a lot of damage in no 
time becuase it can shoot fast. The Battlehammer's max ammo is 149.
Weavel's Battlehammer has a max of 119, but everyone else's has 149. 

Pickup Color - Blackish

The Omega Cannon is a weapon of mass destruction. It's only available on one 
stage - Oubliette. It's an automatic kill on wifi. It does the same amount as
an Imperialist Headshot, 200, which is more then the maximum, if you don't

A direct hit and the splash damage is 200 damage. The splash radius is forever
but it'll stop if you're behind someting. People on the boards like to call it
a "deadly light". If you're caught in the light, you die, but just get behind 
something, and the light won't get you. It's also possible to hide behind 
someone, but it's very hard to do, especially because they'll probably be 

The Omega cannon is only good for one shot. It does not take UA, or Missile 
ammo. It re-spawns after about 30 seconds though, so you can get it again.

A popular way to use it is to get it, and when another hunter goes for it in
the middle of the "palm" of the Oubliette tree, run by and jump and shoot the 
cannon at about a 45 degree angle, down, towards them, and quickly run to the 
lower floor before the burst hits the ground. Since the "palm" is pretty wide,
and there's nothing on it, they'll have nowhere to go, and they'll die. 

Sometimes, you'll kill yourself with the Omega Cannon for no apparent reason,
but this is rare. Usually it's predictable. 

An annoying thing to do on Oubliette is to stay on the top, and if anyone 
comes up, blow them up with the omega cannon. Now there's a counter for that:
The green thing on the tree reflects Omega Cannon (and other weapon, except 
for the Shock Coil and Imperialist, but you can't get those in that level 
legitamently anyway) shots, and it angles off onto a little branch that sticks
out near the top of the tree. I don't know if it actually is a tree, but it 
looks like one, so I call it one. I guess Structure would be better... but
whatever. Anyway, it'll kill people in the palm. 

The Affinity Weapon isn't actually a weapon. It's a pickup, the same size and 
shape as a regular weapon, but the weapon it gives you is whatever your weapon
is. For example, it'll give Spire the Magmaul. It gives Samus 5 Missile ammo, 
because she starts with her Affinity Weapon. The Affinity Weaopn is Black and 
has some shapes on it that looks like v's. 

Like all sucessful and awesome games, Metroid Prime: Hunters has a few powerup
items that if you get, power you up, or something like that. When you get a 
power up, you turn a different color, so people will know you have it. You'll
know when your power up time is almost up because while you have a power up, 
you hear a beeping, or something, and when time's almost up, it starts beeping
a lot faster. 

An important thing to remember is that Power Ups are NOT weapons. You don't
select them from a weapon screen. When you collect a power up, it goes on by
itself, and stays on until it runs out. I'm not sure exactly how long any of
them stay on, or what the respawn counter is (its seems to vary between
levels), so if anyone has that information, I'd appreciate it if you email it 
to me. iammax64@hotmail.com. Thanks. Anyway, onto the power ups...


The Double Damage is a pick up that makes you do double the amount of damage. 
It's an orange sphere with some black lines over it. If you pick this up, you
will turn shiny purple, and you will hear a bellish chime until time's up. 

A good strategy with this is to used the Charged Magmaul, Volt Driver, or non
affinity Judicator. Their naturally high damage, combined with the Double 
Damage, will make MASSIVE DAMAGE! Also, the Shock Coil's leathiality suddenly
skyrockets, because it does a lot more damage, and still increases. 


The Cloak is a power up that makes you invisible. It's not really invisible, 
it's like Trace-invisible, which means that you're transparent, but if someone
looks really hard, they can still see your outline. The Cloak is a gray sphere
with a weird white symbol on it. Obviously, you don't turn a color with it, 
because that would ruin the purpose. 

A fun way to use the Cloak is to sneak up behind people and headshot them with
the Imperialist. Don't miss, though, because then they'll know you're there. 
Charged weapons aren't a good idea for stealth, because they're loud when 
charged, and the little burst of energy on the end of your weapon isn't 
invisible, like you are, so if your opponent is smart, they'll see that. 


The Deathalt is a power up that forces you to stay in alt form for about 90 
seconds, but if you touch someone, they die. It looks like a burst of flame
contained in a few black lines which make it sphere shaped. 

In my opinion, the Deathalt should not have been included in this game. It is 
overpowered and cheap. Thankfully, most poeple know which of the few levels 
it's in, and they don't pick those levels because of it. It's too bad, because
Ice Hive would be a good level, if the spawn points weren't all the same and 
the Deathalt werne't there. I'm not going to include a Deathalt strategy, 
because I don't approve of using the Deathalt. 

This chart is a UA ammo chart. If you think of it this way, you'll understand.
If you have full UA ammo, you can have 29 Imp shots, right? But if you switch
to the Battlehammer, you'll have 149. Since 149 is the highest you can get, 
the Battlehammer uses 1/149. Since the imp uses 1, but the max is 29, it uses
1/29, which is five times as much!

NOTE: This chart will round all the max capacities up by 1, so they're all
multiples of 30. It'll make it easier. 


Weavel's Battlehammer has a max of 119, but everyone else's has 149. 
NONAFFHAMMER is Non-Affinity battlehammer. AFFINHAMMER is the affinity one.

=VOLT DRIVER=====119=========2=========================10========
=SHOCK COIL=======59=========4========================N/A========

DAMAGE CHART This is on medium damage, which is standard for wifi.


==WEAPON NAME================DAMAGE======================
=OMEGA CANNON===============200==========================
=ZOOMED IMPERIALIST HEADSHOT=200=========================
=IMPERIALIST HEADSHOT========100=========================
=MAXIMUM CHARGED JUD==========96=========================
=ZOOMPED IMPERIALIST BODY=====72=========================
=CHARGED MAGMAUL==============56=========================
=CHARGED VOLT DRIVER==========56=========================
=CHARGED MISSILE==============48=========================
=CHARGED POWER BEAM HEADSHOT==48=========================
=IMPERIALIST BODY SHOT========36=========================
=POWER BEAM CHARGED===========36=========================
=JUDICATOR HEADSHOT===========32=========================
=VOLT DRIVER HEADSHOT=========21=========================
=VOLT DRIVER==================14=========================
=JUDICATOR FREEZE=============12=========================
=POWER BEAM HEADSHOT===========8=========================
=POWER BEAM====================6=========================


Each map has a different selection of pick-ups. This is a chart to make it 
easier to remember which map has stuff you like:

This is the key:
S: SHock Coil
M: Magmaul
J: Judicator
I: Imperialist
V: Volt Driver
B: Battlehammer
A: Affinity Weapon
D: Double Damage
C: Cloak

In each little box, there'll be a Y or N. Y is yes. N is no. Duh. 

Note: I'm not including the map, Oubliette. Oubliette only has the Omega 
Cannon. It's the only level with the Omega Cannon, so I'm not including that
either. I'm also not including the Deathalt, because 1: There's already a D 
and 2: It's only in 3 levels, so I'll just list them right here:
Ice Hive has a Deathalt. 
Head Shot has a Deathalt. 
Processor Core has a Deathalt, but only in 4 player matches/team matches.
You'll be capable of getting your affinity weapon, whether naturally or by the
affinity pickup, in every level, except Oubliette.

COMBAT HALL:::::::::N:Y:N:N:N:N:Y:N:N:
DATA SHRINE:::::::::Y:Y:Y:Y:Y:Y:N:N:N:
HIGH GROUND:::::::::N:Y:Y:Y:N:N:Y:D:N:
ICE HIVE::::::::::::N:N:Y:Y:Y:N:Y:Y:N:
SIC TRANSIT:::::::::Y:N:N:I:N:Y:Y:Y:Y:
OUTER REACH:::::::::Y:N:Y:Y:N:N:Y:N:N:
FUEL STACK::::::::::Y:N:Y:Y:Y:Y:Y:Y:Y:
FAULT LINE::::::::::Y:Y:Y:Y:Y:Y:Y:Y:Y:
HEAD SHOT:::::::::::Y:Y:Y:Y:Y:Y:N:N:N:
VDO GATEWAY:::::::::N:Y:N:Y:N:N:Y:Y:N:

OK, that's it. I might add alt forms later, but for now, this is it. If you 
have any questions, email me at iammax64@hotmail.com. Don't email me anything
stupid. I might just put it up here if you do. Email me useful things, like 
questions that I might want to put in an FAQ section here, or if I missed 
something, or if the Chart's wrong, etc.