Bounty/Capture Guide by Matty_G33

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Bounty/Capture Guide

By Matty_G33

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Note: My first guide, so don't be too rude.
If the numbers below are on one line, you're fine:

Table of Contents
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Version History - [bount01]
Introduction - [bount02]
Weapon/Item List - [bount03]
Bounty Laws - [bount04]
Character Tips - [bount05]
Solo Tips - [bount06]
Team Tips - [bount07]
Arena Stratergies - [bount08]
Bounty FAQ'S - [bount09]
Capture Laws - [captu01]
Team Tips - [captu02]
Combination Tips - [captu03]
Arena Stratergies - [captu04]
Capture FAQ's - [captu05]
Bonus Material - [captu06]
Glossary - [captu07]
Contact, General FAQ, Legal, Links, and WANTED - [captu08] <updated>

Version History [bount01]


This Guide was made by Notepad. I follow the instructions how to write a FAQ
on the GameFAQS help page, but I haven't read SuperCheats' one nor Neoseeker's.

Version 0.01: 2/04/2007 - Started this Guide.

Version 1.00 19/04/2007 - Basic Guide Fully Composed.

Version 1.06 20/04/2007 - Made this easier to read. Submitted to
Supercheats and Neoseeker.

Version 1.15 4/05/2007 - Glossary added; you can email me and you can tell me
some info you'll like in it (such as information on Noobs, atl. spam, etc.)

Version 1.30 ??/??/2007 - Updated a few quetions, and the WANTED section is
born. Please read and send me emails as my mailbox is empty.
I am alive and well, and have gotten at least one email.

Version 1.35 21/04/2008 - Added a links section. See for yourself. The guide
is one year old.

Okay guys, I just don't have the time to update my guide or play MPH, or post
on the horrible board at GameFAQs, because it simply allows off-topic posts.

GameFAQs is ALWAYS getting first update, so others will have to wait...shortly.


Introduction [bount02]


Welcome to my Bounty/Capture Guide. This covers both modes, which are
both Octolith games, which means you have secure it to score points.

There are many ways to play both modes (even with Bounty's lack of levels),
so it becomes and stays enjoyable.

You are reading a in-depth guide about the two modes. Those who
read this also get to see some bonus stuff.

Note: Some phrases are initials, as for speed purposes.
PH = Prime Hunter
D.D. = Double Damage
TL = Transfer Lock
DB = The Docking Bay (TL)
alt. = Alternative Form
UA = Universal Ammo

When online, some people have initials in their Username, such as:
GF = GameFAQs
NS = NSider

These were used for a interforum war I don't get.

I do think these two game modes I am writting about WILL alter if you are
playing online or offline.

Without further ado, let's start the guide...


Weapon/Item List [bount03]




You read the weapon section like this:

Weapon Name (Colour Orb)
Projectile Type
Starting Ammo and MAX Ammo
Indicates if Charge can be used. If can, shows how much ammo it consumes.
Affinity Effect
More information on this weapon, such as how it fires, etc.

And here we go...woohoo.

Power Beam
Energy Shots
Unlimited Ammo
This weapon will go good as a backup weapon, due to it's low power,
but many very accurate players may consider it a deadly weapon. Example
with 2/3 star bots - you'll then know why.
It happens if you are the PH, the beam curves, like in Adventure Mode.
Tip: Enimies will drop small UA if you kill someone with the Power Beam.

High Speed Explosive
10 Start, 59 MAX
Comsumes 2 Missle per charge.
Homing Effect
The missile goes in a straight line when fired, and more damage is dealt
when charged. Yet again, accurate players may consider this weapon good.

Sub Weapons
Find green orbs to recover ammo (UA). Remember, your current sub weapon
ammo supply is also your other sub weapon ammo supply. They are found
as orbs with different logos on them.

Battle Hammer (Green Orb)
Mini Nuclear Shots
15 Start, 149 MAX
12 Start, 119 MAX for Weavel
No charge
Bigger Impact, less ammo
This weapon fires in a arc, meaning it can be decent when firing over fences
and walls. Not much to say, but for the lack of charge, it has good ammo
amount and rapid fire (don't waste UA!)

Judicator (Purple Orb)
Ice Projectiles
12 Start, 119 MAX
5 per Charge
Freezing Effect
This weapon is pretty reliable, as it bounces off solid walls and also
has the ability to shoot 3 projectiles at once when charged up. Refire
and Charge Speeds are slow, but it's powerful.

Volt Driver (Yelow Orb)
Electricy Projectiles
12 Start, 119 MAX
5 per Charge
Homing and Visor Interfernce Effects
Not much to say, it's like a stronger Power Beam if fired rapidly. The
charge attack will fire a big ball that a bit slow, but powerful.

Shock Coil (Blue Orb)
Stream of Electric Energy
6 Start, 59 MAX
Fired continously
Drain Effect
A simple weapon, but short ranged. When a enemy comes nearby while you
hold the button down, it will "lock on" if you are in range and have
your crosshairs lined up. It will start depleting the enemy's energy
slowy, then faster overtime. It's not as good as it sounds.

Magmaul (Orange Orb)
Superheated Mortar Shots
6 Start, 59 MAX
2 per Charge
Wider Explosion and Flaming Effects
It's a mortar launcher...basicaly. It arcs when shot, skids across
the ground (charged shots explode on impact). The explosion is wide,
so it's another "splash damage" weapon.

Impearilist (Red Orb)
Sniping Laser
3 Start, 29 MAX
No charge
The sniping weapon of the game, this favored by many people. Press
SELECT or double tap the Impearilist Icon to zoom in/out. It's
weak unzoomed, but powerful zoomed in. Headshots are very deadly,
as they cause instant deaths.

Omega Cannon (Black Icon)
Minature Nuke/The Ultimate Power
1 Start, 1 MAX
No charge
The weapon is only found on the last arena, Oubliette. It is a One Hit
Kill, so let's say it's deadly, in the right hands...
There are some flaws, such as the speed, it is slow, and the user can
blow up him/herself instantly. But the blast radius is huge, and can
be avoided if you are behind a structure. Apparently, when the PH fires
it, the speed is faster, like in Adventure Mode. It bounces off green pads on
the walls, so it can destroy enemies if you do it right.
This info is not needed as Oubliette is not a Bounty/Capture level.

Items, Pickups & Others

Energy Orb
Blue and Gold
Your energy is essential, and you can pick up orbs to restore it.
Blue gives you 60, while Gold gives you 100.

UA Pack
Small and Large
Sub Weapon ammo, number restored depends on weapon. They are green.
There are no differences, but small are dropped by a dead enemy,
large is found in different parts of arenas.

Missile Pack
Small and Large
Recovers 10 or 5 depending if picked up in arena or near dead player.

Sub Weapon Icon
Listed above was the colour orb for each weapon. Refer to them for

Affinity Orb
Get your Hunter's desired weapon. Samus gets 5 missles instead.

Double Damage
This pickup will double your attack power temporary.

This turns you invisible temporary.

Forces you to go in alt form and can destroy opponents by touching them.

Octolith (Bounty, Capture)
Essential for scoring in the above modes. Unlike their Adventure
counterparts, they are smaller, and come in gray, red, and green.
They aren't magical, so you'll have to carry them on your back. You'll
drop them if you go in alt form.

Bounty Drop Off Point (Bounty)
Drop the Octolith at these point to score in Bounty.

Octolith Base (Capture)
There's a red one and a green one in all capture games. They have
a team's Octolith. They are used for scoring purposes.

Node (Nodes)
Used to score in Nodes.

Ring (Defender)
The ring for Defender. Used to score.

Jump Pad
A black pad that shoots a player higher, or in a different direction.
They are found almost everywhere, and are essential to move around some parts
of the arena.


Bounty Laws [bount04]


In this mode, players go for a Octolith set in a familiar location in
the arena. Players know where to go because a white marker indicates
the posistion, regardless.

When a player runs into it, they pick it up. A sound occurs to other players
that the Octolith has been taken. The player with it should go to a also
familiar location (also guided by a marker) to drop it off there and
score a point.

But the player should fend off the others - if he dies, the Octolith will
either reset location or drop where the player died, depending if
Auto Reset is on (it's basically on) or off.

The player cannot carry the Octolith in alt form or he/she will drop it


Character Tips [bount05]



Hunter's name
Affinity Weapon
Alternative Form (alt.)
Basic Information (affinity effect, alt, etc.)

Then there is some tips.

Samus Aran
Morph Ball
She's the all-rounder here, but not a very dull character. However, 
Samus isn't perfect though. Her alt form, the traditional Morph Ball,
is the most manoverable alt in the game. She can drop bomb with the
FIRE button, and boost with a stroke at the touch screen or use the
button that was JUMP. The bombs will make the Morph Ball jump if
underneath one. Missiles are her preference here, and they'll home
if charged and pointed to general direction.

You start with ten missiles, so make good use of them...

The Morph Ball is one of the 3 fastest alt forms, if constantly boosting

You could use the Morph Ball for attack, but you're better off using it
for escape

If in a narrow corridor, use Missiles to get the enimies off ya

AVOID using Morph Ball on jump pads - in Harvester they kill ya!

Samus' helmet is big...avoid snipers

Volt Driver
I barely use this guy, as I never seem to use his abilities right.
Using the Stinglarva is easy or hard depending on yourself, so it's
a gamble. Unaccurate players are no match for his bombs, which home.
From a distance, you're screwed. Use the Volt Driver in different
ways - Rapid Fire, or Charge up, Release, and repeat and rinse.
Or you could do a mix.

Try firing a charge shot, then fire multiple uncharged at a enemy

Using the Stinglarva for escape isn't always reccomended

Charge up a shot, then change to whatever weapon and spam that
enemy! (The Imp will do)

The Stinglarva Bombs can make Kanden jump if in alt

Used to use this guy. Our rocky friend is invincible to lava
in Alinos Gateway and Council Chamber...lucky fella. Let's see...
Dialanche...the infamous slow-ass alt. But to make it up for it,
it has an attack that can cause a lot of damage if you play your
cards right. But that's not all - he can scale walls to get to
good sniping ass. His Magmaul affect can set
players on fire for a while, which means the opponent's energy
will steadly drop down...HA!

Spire can be known for a glitch he can perform in Alinos Gateway

Use Dialanche to hide in lava, then unmorph and attack, but
lava is rather shalllow

Spire is sometimes a better sniper than Trace...look on SuperCheats

Use Magmaul Burn when there's a collab of players

Spire is slow, one of his big weaknesses

This guy is suited for sniping, seeing he is one. Trace can turn
invisible if he stays still while wielding the Impearilist. His
alt, the Triskelion, can do the same cloak thing while he's still.
Press FIRE and he will lunge in whatever direction he's in.

The Triskelion is controlled like the Lockjaw and the Half Turret

On levels without the Imp, find a affinity orb

Sniping is an important skill, especially for Trace

Avoid small areas of arenas when sniping

A close ranged fighter, Noxus relies on his affinity and alt form
to win. The affinity is performed by charging up the Judicator
and releasing the button. It then unleashes a short ranged mist,
which freezes anyone in range. A glitch allows players to
increase the range to quadruple or even unlimited! On the alt.
theory, the Vhoscythe is basic. Hold down FIRE makes Noxus
stick out his arm/blade, which can cause good damage if
anyone is struck by it. It is very closed ranged.

When you freeze somebody, use a weapon (Imp, PB, VD, etc.) to
give good damage

The Vhosychte has trouble with slopes

Use Noxus' alt for both defense and offense

The Vhoscythe can sometimes fend off the Triskelion's attack

Shock Coil
One of the most cheap hunters, Sylux has a good affinity and
alt. form. First of all, the Shock Coil will add the energy
that was formerly the victim's onto Sylux. The Lockjaw is
fast and deadly, with tripwire bombs and good speed. The
bombs can form a triangle if there is a hunter in the
middle. Then it will take off a chunk of health or make
them dead. Mostly dead.

Sylux is the anti-Samus here, but don't get cocky...

It is possible to add more bombs to the normal tripwire

Use the coil in Weavel's Halfturret...HA!

Don't seperate two bombs by structures or make them far
apart or they will detonate

The bombs make good path blocks, landmines, but they
explode after a while.

Continualy lay bombs in low gravity areas to make Sylux "fly"

The human NiMH (Nickle Metal Hydryde) battery is known for "not grabbing
energy pickups and rather taking some from players". However, this doesn't
mean you don't have to be bothered finding energy, as you will be a vunerable
target if you have low energy and go look for a player to use the 'coil on, as
they can easily can kill you.

Battle Hammer
Not the character you would use if you weren't a
"Battle Hammer Spammer", cos that is Weavel.
His version of the crap weapon has less ammo, but
has increased attack. As for alt, it's good or bad
depending how it is used. His energy is divided by
half, which is used to support the turret. If the
turret is struck, it loses energy as well as Weavel.
If the turret is destroyed, he has only got 1 hp,
meaning if he gets shot, he dies.

If Weavel is biped with only 1 hp, then goes into
alt and back, he gets another one (2 hp)

Use Halfturret for diversions, so you can keep a
hunter busy while you just cancel it out and then snipe that fool

The Halfturret shoots Battle Hammer shots.

Use Battle Hammer when you can only hit players with an arc shot


Solo Tips [bount06]


.::General advice when you have Octolith::.

Backpedal when players are behind you, constantly shooting.

Going into alt. form drops the Octolith, known as a fumble.
However, you can use this to bring others players attention.

Use speed weapons to avoid alt. spammers (PB, VD, BH)

Load up on weapons, ammo, and energy - you'll need it.

Normaly, bots will wait at the drop off point, so they
can try to kill you and snag the Octolith [auto reset off]
However, if they are 1 star they can't really kill you cos
they are inaccurate players. 2 - 3, however, are deadly.

Watch for snipers. You don't want to hit by 3 Imp lasers,
do you?

.::General Advice when wthout Octolith::.

When going to the pick up spot, use your alt and the
shortest route possible.

Don't wait at the drop off point - the carrier will
either blast you away or he'she will have a a lot of
energy. If you are good at Imping...suit yourself.

When it is impossible to reach and kill your opponent,
just let them have the point and wait near the pick up

Alt. Spam if you want, the person with the Octolith
can't. If you con him/her into going in to alt, you're
lucky, aren't you?

Use others to shoot at your target; this will water him/
her down.

Don't snipe too far away if reset is off. The others will
snag the Octolith.

I'm a bit a update I'll have some more...:-})


Team Tips [bount07]


.::You have it::.

Get your mate to snipe somewhere. When you are attacked,
your mate will hopefully take the opposistion out.

Get your mate to protect you. But if your mate is a bot,
and uses Trace, Noxus, or some other one, and you have
the Octolith, it may stay close to you and protect.

Try going into alt. to drop it and let your mate pick
it up. It's handy if you are low on energy.

.::Your mate has it::.

Protect him/her from others. You may want to be a
living shield (can't say human shield, unless if
you are using Samus, or Sylux if he is one).

Snipe. It's always handy when you have a Imp
(And they say I was against it...tisk, tisk).

If your mate dies, and the rule is reset off, you
will may consider getting the Octolith (duh).

.::The opposistion has it::.

Do whatever it means to get it! You should
consider sniping with your mate.

The other guy may alt. spam. Use the Magmaul or some
good weapon (they say bounty/capture is a alt.
spammer's worst mode(s)...)


Talk to your mate before a match and plan! That's
reccomended. If they are in some other country,
use messages if your voice is embarrasing enough.

Gee...I am lazy...sorry.


Arena Stratergies [bount08]


Bounty lacks many arenas, but here you go.


"A cheesey caption"

The Basic Design

Some Information about the arena

Octolith Location

Drop Off Zone

Tips 'n' Stuff

"You can't find any locks around here"

Basic design: If you have played this on Battle, Survival, or PH,
you'll know what to expect. It has the same layout, but there is
a extension. If you have played adventure mode, you can recoginze
this as the Docking Bay.

Some Info: The Volt Driver and Impearilist are
relocated in the bit that seperates TL and the DB.
The Shock Coil is found here, too. The DB is a low gravity zone.

Octolith: In the TL, in the middle near the back.

Drop off: The center platform in the DB. Use a jump (that is
affected by the gravity) to get there.

.::Tips 'n' stuff::.

The teleporters near the affinity can be used for cat and mouse
like chases. Handy when you have the Octolith.

There are jump pads in the area that breaks up TL and DB. They
shoot you flying towards the Octolith.

The low gravity can make Samus and Kanden do massive air if they
are in their alts and do a bomb jump. And what's better, is that
Sylux can fly...weeeeeeeeee!!!

This is pretty basic for a bounty arena, but all sorts of stuff
can happen...

Move while you're in mid-air...or in this case, mid-gravity.

There is no good route.

" I decleare this game a year old...the council has spoken!"

Basic Design: Remember Alinos (Not Alinds) Perch? This the
extension, if you haven't played it. It is a decent one,
though. It moulds on Counicl Chamber on very well. However,
it is somewhat pretty easy compared to TL.

Some Info: There is one of every sub weapon here, but we
don't have time to get them all, don't we? There's plenty
of missiles and ammo, and the Shock Coil replaces the

Octolith: Up the ramp, through the door ahead, left, right,
and there is the Octolith : )

Drop off: Up a different ramp, which has missiles on the

.::Tips 'n' Stuff::.

As said, this is easy. But you need to know the layout.

Here's a good route: Go up the ramp, go through the door,
left, right, grab the Octolith, left, grab the VD, down
the hole, grab the Large Energy, go through the hole near
the energy, walk up, jump, go along the left side of the
rock, jump onto the small one, then jump onto the drop
off. Otherwise, if there is a sneaky player there, kill

Go when going up the ramp, use your alt. Noxus players
are gonna have trouble.

The good route needs you to be quick as other players
can pop out and start to follow and kill ya.

You shouldn't have too much trouble...

"There are a few passages, as I call this one Younger Passage..."

Basic Design: This is the extension version of High Ground, but
really, it's has a stupid name...why Elder Passage? It was only
a small thing joined onto High Ground! Anyway, it omits the
Crash Pillar Statue in the middle, but there's a hole underneath
it, makes the going underground stuff easier. 
The designers have put in more passages...oh...god...passage this
passage that...

Some Info: No Statue, no D.D. There is a Blue Energy Orb and a
UA Ammo Pack somewhy glitched together. If you get it, it gives
60 Energy and some UA. It's found in the actual Elder Passage.

Octolith: Opposing side of where you spawn. It's in a passage I
call "Younger Passage". Enter it, go left/right. Use the jump
pad to reveal that Octolith...

Drop off: The passage behind where you spawn.

.::Tips 'n' Stuff::.

Don't hang around the top or bottom areas of the arena - it is

This is harder on 1v1's

The Judicator is useful if you bother to get it.

Like in Council Chamber, Noxus will have trouble with ramps in
alt. form.

If you go around the outside and skip corners by jumping over
them, this is a good route to take if you have the Octolith,
as most players will hopefull be in the center.

"This is not a line, and there are no faults"

Basic Design: Subterranean's extension counterpart, and it is
decent. Weird thing is that Fault Line and it's normal self
have swapped names. You will find the
REAL Subterranean joined on.

Some Info: Fault Line loses it's second D.D, and the two
remaining powerups have changed posistions. Cloak is now
along that side path thing that was used to go the former
D.D. The new D.D. powerup is in a crack between two ice
walls, at the bottom, in the new area. This is the last
Bounty Arena :-B

Octolith: In the new area, top floor. You start in the
opposing area, so it won't be too too figure out.

Drop off: The area where you spawn, at the top.

.::Tips 'n' Stuff::.

If you are aproaching the Octolith via bottom, watch
for players on the radar. Also, when you go on the jump
pad, don't move or you'll go back down.

If you use the jump pad near the start, you go to the main
room. If you jump at the right moment, you will grab the
Large Energy, and may land at the top.

Anyone who waits near the drop off can get some decent
shots in, unlike the others when a player jumps in your


FAQ's [bount09]



Q. I used your stratergy, but it didn't work!
A. You either must be doing something wrong or something,
I don't know. Remember, Spire is pretty slow.

Q. I have a stratergy for Bounty you can use.
A. Look at the section that mentions "contact". You will
find my email address, send me the thing (not an attachment)
I will look at it, perform it, and if it goes very well,
I then type it up on the next update,
and you will be credited for it. You must tell me if you are a
member of a website that is listed on the top of the Guide.
Example: Bob of GameFAQs

Q. How long is the Capture part?
A. It's going to be longer, due to many arenas, but,
however, some of them are gonna be short.



Laws of Capture [captu01]


In this mode, there are two teams, Orange and Green.
In that order, they are also called Team 1 and Team 2

A team must capture the opposistion's Octolith, while
protecting their own. Whoever gets the stolen Octolith
and brings it back to their base gets a point for his/her

But there is a twist. Your team must have their Octolith
at your base if you want to score, meaning this makes it

Whoever nicked your Octolith must die in order to retrive
it back. If auto reset is off, you must run into your
Octolith to reset it. This appilies to dropping it
in alt, always, even if auto reset is on.


Team Tips [captu02]


Some of this info may be on the Bounty bit, but who
cares? Maybe you.

.::You have Octolith, yours ain't stolen::.

Run to your base quickly, get your mate to protect ya.

If energy is low, go into alt so your mate can grab it.
Otherwise your enemies will take it back. It's risky...

Grab the health ON YOUR WAY. Do not waste time as the
opposing may grab your Octolith.

.::You have Octolith, yours stolen::.

Stay in a area that is close to your base, because
there is usually a guy trying to kill you (as your
mate tries to kill the other).

If your mate respawns close, get him/her to kill
your chaser.

.::Your mate has Octolith, yours ain't stolen::.

Protect him/her from enemies.

Go near him/her if you are ready to pass.

.::Your mate has Octolith, yours stolen::.

Kill the enemy that is trying to kill your mate,
then proceed onto the enemy base. Kill that guy
again or weaken him up, then kill the guy with
your Octolith. Wait there until you see the
opposing Octolith (which means your mate has
scored) and nab it! That's fine, isn't it?

.::No Octolith Possesion, yours stolen::.

Kill that fool or simply get his Octolith.
They may get away with it, so don't expect
yourself to be a failure-free guy.

.::No one has a Octolith::.

Just steal your enemy's. Duh.

TIP: Your hunter's visor has a Octolith
symbol that alters if you have it
or if your mate does.

You may consider talking to your mate
and plan what you are doing.


Team Combinations [captu03]


You can have the following normally:


You can't have the following normally:


Update: A glitch in the game allows you to play 1v3 matches anytime. It is
performed easier on WiFi, and harder to do locally. I can't say I've done it,
seeing I can't connect to the Nintendo WFC.


Noxus Madness
"What do you preffer?"
Use Noxus to freeze, then let
your mate use an affinity effect on the frozen dude.
Imp, H.Missiles, "Tribombing", Magmaul burning, or
anything else is fine by me.

Dropped? (Does not work on bots)
"Hey, there's my..."
Use a pair of Traces for this one.
Let one take the Octolith and stand still somewhere.
Let some enemy come (if he/she is gulible) forward.
You could him in the face, or let your mate shoot
him...and I have never done it.

"Look at're now dead"
I had nothing to come up with so here's one. Find an
enemy sniper and distract him/her. Then get your mate
to snipe that sniper.

more soon...


Arena Stratergies [captu04]


Let's get started...[sigh]

Notes: Written as if you were doing a 2v2 match
and getting the Octolith (unless specified).
Some info for maps will be omitted as many
maps are symetrical, or similar to others.
Tested with 2 star bots.


"Here's some data; OCTOLITH TAKEN!"

Basic Design: It is one of the many symetrical arenas,
which are pretty crap. I will BARELY give info about
these types of arenas.

Orange and Green Bases: Opposite sides of each other,
they are both on the other ring of the arena.

Spawns: Both teams spawn in the inside.

Symetrical Stratergies: Go on the bridge in the middle
and go into alt. form to go faster and go in and then
out of the tunnel to see your enemy's Octolith. Take
it, then start walking on either side. Beware of
enemies that come out of the doors.

Greens will get the 'coil on the way, but Orange
players get a Imp to play with. Nice.

Nab energy in the inside if you are on the run...

"A vault in a hive? That's not right..."

Basic Design: If you played it before on a different
mode, you'll know what to expect. Expect that the
bridge to the Imp is blocked off. However, if you
get on the bridge somehow, you will see that the
Imp is gone. The Deathalt is replaced by a Med
Energy. Unlike others, this ain't symetrical ; )
Also, a ice wall is added so Orange Spire players can't cheat.
My fav level (capture)

Orange Base: Near the thing you scan in Adventure
Mode that activates a puzzle.

Green Base: In the room you get D.D. (omitted),
or Adventure Modies may reconize this as the
room where you get a UA expasion.

Spawns: The main room.

Orange Stratergies: This team has advantages on this
one, so that's why I always play as Orange! Go to
the jump pad nearby and turn right. Go through the corridor
and enter your alt, as this is FASTER. Unmorph when
you get to the next jump pad and go up. Take the
Octolith and go down the hole to get out.

Noxus is a good character to use here, as he can do
some nice freezing moves:

The freeze attack goes through walls, so if you go
underneath the Green Base, and jump and then freeze,
you can get that player above you...but sometimes,
if you use bots, they will fall down into the hole
and give you some cheap shots (they must have the

When you have to eliminate the theif stealing your
Octolith, and if you are Noxus, go near the UA and wait. When they come
near the jump pad, go down and freeze them. If you
are right, you the player will fall to his/her doom.
This is handy if reset is off as the Octolith resets
if a player falls and dies.

Green Stratergies: Okay, if you are unfoutunately on
this team, there are two ways to get to Orange's Base:

1. Go up the jump pad near the spawns and turn left.
Enter alt. as this will be faster. Walk across the
destroyed pillar and get your booty.

2. Go to the jump pad a bit further away. Use alt.
as it is faster. Go up the slope, and the pillar,
then take the Octolith.

Noxus' Freeze moves will also help you greenies, but
in different fashion - like defense. 

You will have a long way to walk in the first attempt.
Get used to it ^__^

"Some Trace action here..."

Basic Design: The downgrade of Council Chamber, it is
still considered large, but I think it's a Medium.
It's not symetrical, but rather bland instead.

Orange Base: Where the Drop Off was in Council Chamber.

Green Base: Near the 'Coil, at the top.

Spawns: Near your base.

Orange use this: Go to the top and come back down. The
Shortcut with the rock applies. Now get your booty

Green, over here: Use the rock shortcut, and nab the
Octolith; now get yours.

I am lazy, but this IS a bland level. Let your mate

"Build a crap wall and shoot through it..."

Basic Design: Similar to it's Battle/Survival/PH
Counterpart, but, as usual, it has several changes.
Like that new wall and a blockade to the bridge.
It's a "half symetrical" level.

Orange Base: A corner of the main room, above the

Green Base: Opposite side of the wall, in a corner,
like the Orange team.

Spawn: Near your base.

Orange, read me: You have serveral paths to choose
from, so here they are, when facing the brick wall:

1. Go right and drop down the hole, then use the
jump pad, then go right and follow...
2. Same, but don't use the pad and go through to
the next room.
3. Go to the left and enter the wall, then turn
behind you and follow the path.
4.Go in the wall, but go forward and follow.
There are more combinations...

When you have your booty, take a path of your
choice and grab the affinity if you are Trace.
Now stand on your base and let your mate do some

Psst, Greener: Take a path of your choice,
then follow it to the Octolith. You can
let your mate take out the trash when you
reach home.

TIP: When Trace, if you grab the affinity orb,
and reach base, snipe at the other base (it goes through the wall) so you
can get a easy point. It's limited, so you better
not miss and you'll be better making it unexpected.
For both Orange and Green.

"Back to this stage...can you find a lock?"

Revist: You remember this one...low gravity.

Orange Base: The Drop Off Point in Bounty...

Green Base: The Octolith in Bounty...

Spawn: Near your base.

Orange Guys: Play like you do in Bounty.
Go to the Jump Pad for a boost (go in alt.),
nick, run, hit, and score.

Green Guys: Play if you were delivering
the Octolith to the drop off, and going back,
killing Orange Guys.

Playing this in Capture is similar to Bounty,
unless you are green...

"But you are in reach..."

Symetrical = Simple Map

There is no real stratergy here. You will be exposed
many times and the multi-layered layout can makes battles complicated.

"Assault Cradle, what happened?"

Symetrical and simple. There are no cloaks this time >__<

You can jump across to the middle thingy and to the opposite side,
so you don't have to go around.

"When you play it after a while, it's not complex"

Little of the map is used, but 'cos of the
the locations for the Octoliths, it is - yes,
symetrical : (

Sylux users can fly...cheapasses

"Revist and rinse..."

Revist: You should be fond of this map now.

Orange Base: The Drop Off in Bounty...

Green Base: The Octolith in Bounty...

Spawn: Your base.

Info: Orange can use Bounty's good route to get
their booty to base, and green can use a bit
of the Alinos Perch good route.

"No, you can't call that Newborn Passage!"

Revist: It's so not different...

Orange Base: The Drop Off in Bounty...

Green Base: The Octolith in Bounty...

Spawn: Your base.

It's symetrical...almost.

"Last revist...yay!"

Revist: The same, but I see another Magmaul
replacing D.D...and cloak is once again gone.

Orange Base: The Octolith in Bounty...

Green Base: The Drop Off in Bounty...

Spawn: Your base, but for some reason,
when I was Orange, I respawned near the Green Base...

Use the Bounty method (do I have one?) and
reverse's almost symetrical

"A non-symetrical map...yay again!"

Basic Design: They say it's a remake of the
demo's Trooper Module arena. I can't get
ahold of another game card (don't give me
eBay listings, I don't use it), so I don't
know much of Trooper Module. It is very
similar to the adventure mode version,
but doesn't have Guardians in stasis
chambers or a dead one jamming a door (now a wall in Capture).

Orange Base: Near the shaft you fall down,
which used to have a jump pad at the bottom.

Green Base: Under the Impearilist, or in other
words, on the other side of the wall that was
a door.

Spawn: Near your base, but Greens can respawn not too
far from Orange's Base.

Orange: Enter your alt, then go on the jump pad and
go through a "holo door" and get the Imp (if needed)
and the Octolith below. Run up the ramp (beware of
enemies) and go straight, pass the core thingy (get
the energy behind it if needed), go left, fall down
the shaft and you are home. You may consider doing
laps as a enemy will be likely on your tail.

Green: Go down and run for the Octolith, then go
up and through a "holo door" to your base. You
can be Imped, be careful.

Fun: Play a 1v1 against a 2-3 star bot, and play as
Orange. Nick the Octolith, let the bot take yours,
then go kill it when on the platform above the
Green Base. Run back and score a point. Realize
that Green is helpless at most times...

"Deathalt Madness...not really"

Symetrical, but here's some advice:

Basic Design: Low Gravity makes it's
final comeback, and the arena is made
with four platforms on the outside,
and a big building in the middle,
complete with a inside, that has
three levels, one that can only be acessed from
the top, one in the middle (anytime), and a bottom
that can only reached by dropping into a hole. It
houses the 'Coil X2, Deathalt, and four exits via

Edits: Orange and Green Lights on their respective
bases, other platforms are altered, two entrances
to the top (there were 4), two exits at the bottom.

Orange and Green Bases: on the spare two platforms.

"Or VDO, as you and the game call it..."

Symetrical Stage, just one thing: GET THE D.D!
Just remember you slide on ice. Example with
Trace's alt. This is useful when collecting D.D.

"The long drop, as I call it"

Basic Design: A bit on the symetrical side, The
Long Drop is also a long drop, and features
nothing special but good places to snipe and
put Halfturrets, thanks to the destroyed parts
of the map. Your resource center is on top, featuring
some energy, an affinity orb (your ONLY sub weapon),
and some missiles.

Bases: Each one is behind a wall-like thing that gives
some sniping protection. They are on the same level of elevation.

Spawns: Pretty much near your base.

I don't have much for this, as I hate this map. If I
have to give you tips, I give you tips:

If you are quick, you can get the gold energy and
get your enemies Octolith.

That energy is at the bottom, and can only be gotten
via alt. form.

Green can stand a chance, they can use a jump pad to
land on their base when they have the Octolith.

Trace users may consider using the destroyed parts of
the arena as sniping points, and Weavel users may use
the Halfturret on these as advantages.


Capture FAQ's [captu05]



Q. Why are not much info on symetrical stages?
A. Those stages are not much fun and they are mostly
the same. Example with Outer Reach, Head Shot, or
Data Shrine.They are really symetrical.

Q. One of your stratergies didn't work!
A. Right...make sure you are Orange...

Q. Why is Orange that great?
A. Cos I think I do better as that team, they mostly have the upper
hand of getting the Octolith and returning it to base.

Q. I have this stratergy...
A. Press Ctrl + F and type [bount09]

Q. Is it okay if I use a Secret World as part of my plan?
A. If you are using bots in the match, no. They can shoot you good.
If there are none, maybe. You will need to remember the arena layout really
good. You need "Hunters on Radar" activated, as you see anyone but the
players in it.

If you have a Secret World Stratergy, I want it! Type in [captu08]
or [bount09] with Ctrl+F. I am curious of these...


Bonus Material [captu06]


You'll need to know these if you are fighting
two or more people using the same hunter in Bounty as they
will be a different colour, and the list is here:

Samus: She is multi-coloured, but here's some simple
Normal: The classic trademark Varia Suit.

Second: Dark Purple and Light Blue, giving a cool
Dark Samus look. A blue Morph Ball.

Third: A blue/green like colour, it's okay. The
Morph Ball is purple, get used to it.

Fourth: A black and red theme, looks really similar
to the Phazon Suit. The Morph Ball is dark silver.
Really cool. The arm cannon is red.

Kanden: Got some nice themes here, they slightly
change the black on his normal theme.
Normal: Yellow and Black.

Second: Purple, but has a blue Stinglarva.

Third: Red, suits Kanden. An orange Stinglarva.

Fourth: A Blue Kanden, with a purple Stinglarva...don't confuse.

Spire: All themes change the Orange on his body.
Normal: Orange and Black.

Second: Add some green...after some nuclear waste bath...

Third: A purple Spire? Hmmmmm...possesed by the Ing?

Fourth: Light Blue, and it stands out...has he been bathing in Phazon?

Trace: There are some ugly Krikens after all...and they make them stand out.
Normal: Red, looks like a badass.

Second: A light green...yuck.

Third: Yellow, it's fine.

Fourth: He's dark blue...does he use paint?

Noxus: Doesn't use secondary colours, making him
Normal: He's blue.

Second: Looks like he's roasted or something...mmm...Vhozon...

Third: Grey, it's pretty plain.

Fourth: A much darker blue.

Sylux: Has 2 colours on the stolen suit. They change the bomb colours also.
Normal: Blue Suit and Green Lights.

Second: Black Suit and Yellow Lights.

Third: Black Suit and Pink Lights.

Fourth: D. Blue Suit and L. Blue Lights.

Weavel: Visor Colour omitted, sorry.
Normal: Gray-Green, like Master Cheif...

Second: Red, suits him.

Third: Yellow-green, bright...

Fourth: D. Blue, a bit too dark...

What does your hunter look like on a certain
team? I will tell...

Samus: Orange and Green are both pretty cool.
Kanden: Orange, cool. Green? It's up to you.
Spire: Both are neat.
Trace: Green is ugly. Orange is cool.
Noxus: See above.
Sylux: I say Orange is a better choice. Bombs change colour. Green's good too.
Weavel: Green makes him look like a zombie...

So Orange is perfect after all...

You would be considered cheap if you do...

The Infamous Spire Glitch ;-)
Use Spire, go to Alinos Gateway and go
underneath the Imp plalform. Go between
the rock and the step. You will be in the
lava. Go into alt. and push against the rock.
You should be in the rock. Now snipe.

Others can enter the rock (like Samus), so
they can go ahead and counter.

Shadow Freeze <:-()
Anytime, as Noxus, aim his Arm Cannon at
the ground, then charge and fire. This
makes the freeze range longer by a lot.

You must be in FRONT of the enemy.
He/she must be on the same elevation.
It goes through walls ^__^

Oubliette Platform Glitch 
On that respective stage, most hunters
can get stuck in a platform that makes
them almost invincible to the deadly
weapon found here (The Omega Cannon, silly!).

But where is it? Go to the top, face
the direction you came from, go right,
and you can find a hole you might be
able to go through with most alts.
Samus works perfectly. Unmorph and
you are in the platform! Just walk
out to get...out...

"Super" Aiming Glitch [thanks to SuperCheat's Glitch FAQ!]
When you have the Imp, select it and use up all of your UA. Good, now
select Missiles or Power Beam, then double tap the Imp icon. You should
hear the zoom in sound.

Notice your crosshairs are locked/fixed and don't move around. This may
improve or screw up your aim, depending how you control your hunter.

This only works for the Missiles and the Power Beam, so it is good for Samus
and PB spammers.

I'll get more...

Go to Headshot in Survival. Press fire
JUST when you hear the typing sound.
Depending, you probably would respawn in the middle, giving you
a chance to grab Deathalt and a early Imp.
This works for me, but if two+ players do it, you may respawn
outside, in the cold, cold, outer space.


Glossary [captu07]


Here's some basic info, and some internet "slang". Some of this
may be already mentioned, or from adventure's story.

Alinos - One of the planets in this game. It gives multiplayer many
large maps.

Alimbics - The now extinct warrior race wiped out by Gorea. They had
left behind Datashades that can be seen via scan visor.

Alt. Spammer - A player that uses a hunter's alternative form to play the
game instead of using the Biped form (humanoid).

Arcterra - The other planet, it is ice themed.

Celestial Archives - A space station, that was struck by Gorea before
it landed on Alinos, leaving it half destroyed. It mainly features
medium arenas.

Battle Hammer - A weapon that fires arced shots. Mostly used by

Bounty - A mode involving a Octolith, a Drop Off, and many hunters.

Bounty Hunter - In this term, a player with the rank of one star, and
is considered a noob.

Capture - A mode with two teams, who each have a Octolith and try to
steal the other while keeping theirs.

Dialanche - Spire's alternative form, it can scale walls and attack
close up.

Elite - A player with the rank of three stars, a decent ranking for a
player. Also a enemy in Halo games.

Glitched Name - By adding certain characters to your name, you can
screw up your user name. Nintendo won't allow these.

Gorea *SPOILERS* - The final Boss of MPH. It has two forms, one secret.
The secret form must be beaten to unlock Oubliette.

Halfturret - Weavel's alternative form, he legs become a turret while
his upper torso comes off and walks around...

Impearilist - A sniping weapon also known as The Imp. Some consider
this as a rifle, but is a weapon function in the hunter's weapon.
Mostly used by Trace.

Judicator - A weapon that fires powerful projectiles. Mostly used
by Noxus.

Kanden - One of the seven hunters, he was made in a lab, but he
broke out and now seeks the "ultimate power".

Legendary - A player with the rank of five stars, the best rating
a player can get.

Lockjaw - Sylux's alternative form, it can lay tripwire bombs.

Locked Crosshairs - A glitch whereas it envolves the Imp, and locks the
crosshairs for easier Power Beam and Missile aiming. Does not apply to
Sub Weapons

Magmaul - A mortar launcher, mostly used by Spire.

Magmaul Burn - The burn effect of the Magmaul when used by the PH or Spire.

Master - A player with the rank of four stars, proving that he/she
is a good player.

Metroid - A creature that latches onto people's faces and drains their
energy. They do not appear on this game.

Missile Launcher - An explosive weapon, inflicts lots of damage.
Mostly used to push yourself through alt. tunnels, and in combat,
more used by Samus.

Morph Ball - Samus' alternative form, it can lay bombs and boost
it's way around the arena.

Noob - A player who is new to the internet. Newb = Noob.
They are given the insult when a player sees him/her doing something
that normal players wouldn't do. This insult is really useless, seeing
everyone starts as a noob. No one starts legendary, you know.

Noob Hunter - A player that preys on noobs for easy kills, which
is considered cheap, and lets them easily win the match. If they
only can kill noobs, try killng them. They may not be able to pick
on you (unless you are part of the noobish kind).

Noxus - One of the seven hunters, Noxus' race is about justice, but
does not like the Federation, meaning he is a enemy compared to Samus.

Oubliette - The place where the final battle awaits Samus.

Power Beam - A basic weapon, with limitless ammo. It has been the
main weapon in Metroid Prime 1,2 and maybe 3.

Phazon - Not in this game. Try Metroid Prime 1, 2, 3.

Samus - One of the seven hunters, she's the star of the Metroid series,
and her full story involves killed parents, a brain in a stasis chamber,
a radioactive substance, a dark side, and some parasites...

Secret Worlds - A area where you are in the game's boundaries, but
to you, everything looks black. You can't see anything but the area
that leads you back to the real "world" and everything in it (hunters, etc).
Other players can't see you, but both you and them can shoot each other.
Bots always can get a shot at you. Also dubbed "Shadow Worlds"

To enter, you must exit th level's boundaries and must enter them again,
but in a area that is black or else you will fall to your doom (you WILL
die) or you end up back in the "real world". Use your radar, it helps.
You can see others who are in the secret world that you are in.

Shadow Freezing - Also called SF(ing). Allows Noxus or PH to extend the
range for the freeze attck.

Shock Coil - A weapon that operates similar to the Wavebuster. Sylux
users like this weapon.

Spammer - A player "addicted" to a perticular weapon. A hacker or
a person who uses glitches alot is not a spammer, but rather annoying.

Spire - One of the seven hunters, he woke up one day to find his race of
species Spire goes around the universe finding them.

Spire Glitch - A glitch where Spire goes inside a rock.

Stinglarva - Kanden's alternative form, it's armed with homing bombs.

Super - A player with the rank of two stars, a fine rank for players
who are pretty good.

Sylux - One of the seven hunters, he uses equipment stolen from the
Galactic Federation to fight. He also has an intense hatred for Samus...

Trace - One of the seven hunters, he is mostly used for alt. spam or

Triskelion - Trace's alternative form, features cloak and lunging features.

Vesper Defense Outpost (VDO) - The smallest area in the game, it
boasts a few larger maps. It is also ice themed, due to a fuel leak.

Vhoscythe - Noxus' alternative form, it features good offense and

Volt Driver - A weapon that is similar to the Power Beam. Mostly used
by Kanden.

Weavel - One of the seven hunters, he was seriously injured by Samus in a
past battle. He is now rebuilt with new legs, and is favoured by cowards.


Contact, General FAQ, Legal, Links, and WANTED [captu08]


You all are very lazy people. No one has told me anything NEW.

REAL Questions - I don't want to update questions and make up some.
Symetrical Map Stratergies - If you can be bothered, send me some...or one.
Any stratergy - As long if it's related to this game.
Pics of Paris in jail - just kidding, although it'll be funny if I had some.
Glitches/Bugs/Cheats - New additions are nice.
Glossary Additions - They are good to the collection.
Top of Page ASCII - Make one and send it to me. Please.
Anything that'll help - Plezz help...
Comments and ratings: rating this guide from a scale of 1 to 10 will be good.

Copy and paste the link in the address box.


The Metroid Database
Most of your Metroid needs here. Sadly I am kicked off this site's forum.
No front page nor forums (it's dead), content still active...good.

Videos of glitches, sequence breaks, easy boss battles, and others for Metroid
games. Hunters excluded.


Ultimate cheats site, quite active on forums ; )

Super Cheats
Only vist for guide updates. Used forums for ONE topic on MPH. Nice though.

Dodgy looking cheats/hardware site, never used forums there.

Forum Boards

GameFAQs - The WANTED thread.

Q. This guide sucks.
A. That's lovely.

Q. You suck! [xZephyruSx]
A. And you bite ; )


Q. What's your friend code?
A. I don't have WiFi, meaning:
1. You can't get mine, sorry.
2. Can't call me a noob.
3. Few people have.

Q. How do I beat Gorea?
A. Wrong guide, mate. Look up something else. Or you can email me and
I will send in something. 

Q. I found this guide on a website that was not on your list.
A. This is important. Tell me at once. I will ask the webmaster
of the site to take it off. I could sue them.

Q. Can you help me with my own guide?
A. Maybe, and you can't just take paragraphs and sentences off
my guide(s). Just email me and I'll see what I can do. If it's
this game, it's almost a yes.

Q. Can you make another guide for this game?
A. Depends. Defender is basic and doesn't need one, but I could write
one on a Hunter that is not listed...but nah.
I'll write when I get to it.

Q. Will I be credited for info I give you?
A. Yes, you will. If you are a member of
this site, I will. But if you aren't, tell me a nickname you'll like to have.

Q. Can I put this on my site?
A. Certain rules apply to Fan Sites and Major Sites:

Fan Sites have to ask me, and I'll send the txt file to them if I accept.
Major Sites need to bring my attention to them and I'll sign up and post it.

Q. Isn't the game over a year old?
A. When this was first posted, I wasn't in my country. Now it is.

Q. Start updating more!
A. Make me.

Q. Do you still play this game?
A. Not really, busy with D/P instead.

Q. I found a typo/spelling error.
A. Really? Tell me! Look | |
                   Below \ /


email me if:

You have a stratergy for Bounty/Capture
You want to say my advice is good
You want this on your site
You got a question
You have a Glossary entry (I need these, non-noobs!)


"You Rock" Messages

However, my email box is running rather empty. It would be nice
if I get some mail eventually.


This is the more reliable method of contacting me, as I almost check it
every day.


I think yo guide is shizzle ma nizzle in the fact that it
sucks and none of your cheats work.
I am a veteran player of the ds and i know what im about.
Also in your guide you have spelt the word samus wrong. You spelt “Saums”
instead of “Samus”.
This spelling error has upset me greatly as i am a huge fan of SAMUS and
you are dishing out great insults on not spelling her name right. Get your
noob act together and fix this horrendous error. If this is fixed within
10 working days i shall forgive you and get on with my life but if i find
that samus is SPELT WRONG, then i shall post your guide on bebo.

Yours sincerely

Uberbot 117

“Bring on the Justice Guild UBERBOT”

My reply:

One thing is that I have never misspelled Samus' name.


Metroid and all likeliness is owned by Nintendo.
The Prime Series is developed by Retro Studios.
GAMEFAQS is owned by cNET.
I don't know much of
Same with
These companies copyright and trademark their own material. All cheat/guides
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This guide is copyright, 2007, Matty_G33.
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