Spire FAQ by _Bones_Zero_

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[1] Table of Contents

[2] Hunter Info
   [2A] Spire Profile
   [2B] Abbreviations
   [2C] Magmaul Statistics Chart

[3] Attacking With Spire: Weapon Combinations
   [3A] Power Beam
   [3B] Missiles
   [3C] Volt Driver
   [3D] Magmaul
   [3E] Imperialist
   [3F] Judicator
   [3G] Shock Coil
   [3H] Battle Hammer

[4] 2v2: General Team Strategies
   [4A] Samus
   [4B] Kanden
   [4C] Spire
   [4D] Trace
   [4E] Noxus
   [4F] Sylux
   [4G] Weavel

[5] Map Specific Guides
   [5A] Combat Hall
   [5B] Data Shrine
   [5C] High Ground
   [5D] Sanctorus
   [5E] Incubation Vault
   [5F] Alinos Gateway

[6] Credits & Copyright
   [6A] Copyright
   [6B] Credits

[7] Updates

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   [2A] Spire's Profile
Name:        Spire
Species:     Diamont
Origins:     Mondreus
Weapon:      Magmaul
Alt form:    Dialanche
Alt Ability: Climbing walls
Mission:     Thought to be the last of his species, he searches the galaxies
	     for traces of his ancestors. How touching. ;_;
	     (Don't worry, the pwnage is coming soon.)

   [2B] Abbreviations Used
MM  - Magmaul
MMB - Magmaul Burn (charged Magmaul)
u/c - Uncharged
PB  - Power Beam
Imp - Imperialist
Jud - Judicator
VD  - Volt Driver
SC  - Shock Coil
BH  - Battle Hammer
DD  - Double Damage
DA  - Death Alt
SK  - Spawn Kill
UA  - Universal Ammo
OHKO- One Hit Knock Out (Kill); may also be used with a number like 2HKO

   [2C] Magmaul Statistics Chart
	][    MAGMAUL PART    ][  VALUE  ][
	][ Maximum Ammo       ][ 59 UA   ][
	][                    ][         ][
	][ U/Ced MM           ][  1 UA   ][
	][                    ][         ][
	][ MMB                ][  2 UA   ][
	][                    ][         ][
	][ U/Ced MM           ][ 32 dmg  ][
	][                    ][         ][
	][ U/Ced MM Splash    ][ 16 dmg  ][
	][                    ][         ][
	][ MMB (Impact)       ][ 48 dmg  ][
	][                    ][         ][
	][ MMB (Burn)         ][ 19 dmg  ][
	][                    ][         ][
	][ MMB (Total)        ][ 67 dmg  ][
	][                    ][         ][
	][ MMB Splash (Total) ][ 28 dmg  ][
	][                    ][         ][
	][ MMB + MM           ][ 99 dmg* ][
	* Note that one MMB and one MM shot does enough damage to kill a newly
spawned opponent. This is very crucial knowledge to be able to know how much
your opponent has at any given time and to be able to SK opponents quickly and

 _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _
/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \
\_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

	Spire has a very unique affinity. He has the ability to hit people and
do damage after they are way out of sight or even after he is dead. Also, after
you hit someone with the MMB, you dont need to do anything else. If you know
they can't get to health in time and that the damage from the burn will kill
them, you are free to go off and collect some health for yourself or start
attacking someone else earlier than if you had to keep up and kill them.
	If it won't kill them, it is time to unleash a myriad of (what I refer
to as weapon combos) from your arsenal. A very unique feature of the MMB is you
can do damage while the burn does additional damage. These combos ends up to a
large amount of damage fairly fast. So, to teach you how to successfully use
Spire's special ability, I will be talking about each weapon combination in
turn. I will tell you tips for using them and what, where, when, why, and how
to use each of them.

   [3A] Power Beam
	The PB has been underrated long enough. Players have found how useful
this little weapon can be when you are low on ammo or just spawned, and now it
is an important tactical-type weapon. It requires no ammo and you have it from
the start making it the most convenient weapon in the game. If you just get the
MM and have little ammo to spare, MMB them, then switch to the PB. It is
basically a weakened version of the VD but the charge shots are more important.
It is actually fairly strong and easy to aim.
	Rather than rapid shots like the VD, it is best to just keep charging
shots and going for headshots. A charged headshot does as much as a MM but the
MM is usually a better choice. I would suggest only using it if they are in
biped as headshots are the best way to deal damage but if they are running in
alt this is better than MMing. If you used the last of your UA, it is handy,
but again, only if they are in biped or if their alt is very quick making
missiles hard to use.

Usefulness Rating: 7.5
Convenience Rating: 10

   [3B] Missiles
	If you are decent with missiles, this combo can actually deal out some
serious damage. Unlike most first person shooters, the missiles in Metroid are
weaker and have smaller splash. However, you do spawn with 10 of them and they
are fast with decent power.
	MMB them then hit them with missiles. There isnt much to explain or
very much strategy involved overall, but you will find this can be a life saver
if you run out of UA as the opponent begins to run. Use your last bit of UA to
MMB them, then missile them for enough damage to let the burn finish them off.
	Again, this isnt the most dependable combo so only use it if it is a
sure kill, or you have nothing else but the power beam. It is good however if
they are running away as missiles not only do a fair amount of damage, they are
pretty darn fast with splash damage to reassure a final hit.

Usefulness Rating: 7.5
Convenience Rating: 9

   [3C] Volt Driver
	If you have ever faced a good Kanden user, you know just how dangerous
the VD can be in the right hands. Now, you can do the same insane damage, plus
more. Just MMB the opponent, switch to VD, and go to town with u/ced VD shots.
This is my favorite combo because it deals damage insanely fast and they
usually die from the burn while running. This combo is perfect for head-on
attacks where it's just you versus them. It's definately a combo you can count
	The only thing you really have to worry about is ammo. The VD shoots
fast and can drain your UA quickly. I would stick with MMB + MM if you dont
have that much ammo. However, you also have the option to drain your remaining
UA with the VD then switch to the PB. So, if you find yourself in a VD stage,
grab as much ammo as possible. With a max of 119, you shouldnt have too many
problems once you get it. I try to always have the MM and VD if they are both
on the stage becausue this may very well be the best combo for Spire. If your
VDing isnt that good, dont feel bad. I suggest you play a few matches as Kanden
and work on it. It definately has a worthy payoff.

Usefulness Rating: 9
Convenience Rating: 7

   [3D] Magmaul
	The simplest of the combos but still deadly. The ultimate SKing combo.
Right after they spawn, one MMB and one u/ced shot will always kill them unless
they reach health before the burn finishes them off. Unless you know they cant
get to health in time, I suggest hitting them with a few (2-3) u/ced shots just
in case, esopecially because your MMB might have only hit with splash damage or
you might have missed your u/ced shot. This combo is also useful against alt
spammers and snipers if you can get close. For alt spammers, just jump (or
stand on a nearby ledge) and shoot them avoiding their attacks as best you can.
Never forget you can climb a nearby wall then shoot from there too.
	Against snipers in close-mid range, this is a great combo as the MM
kind of shakes them up messing up their aim. You should be dancing around
trying to dodge them or in alt form so you can't be OHKO'ed. Shoot a few u/ced
to do some damage and it probably wont scare them away. Then, land a MMB shot
and they will be worried. Having lost some health and still losing health now,
they will try to run. A few u/ced shots should finish them off. The main reason
this is good is, while you are dancing around, they have to be too. So, just
shoot the u/ced shots underneath them or even bouncing them off the ground so
they go up at an angle into them. U/ced MM shots sit on the ground for a second
or two so they are bound to explode when the sniper steps on them. It's kind of
like making them walk across coals just to give you a basic idea.
	The MM's affinity is often underrated. It does a bit of extra damage
but, believe it or not, because of lag the best factor offered by the MM
affinity is the fact that you can see the opponent burn. If they burn, you hit
them with either a MMB or the splash of one. If your shot hit a nearby wall or
floor when they caught fire, it is likely to be splash damage so be careful not
to confuse them. What advantage does seeing them on fire provide? Well, aside
from making it slightly harder to aim and usually causing them to panic, the
fire can in theory tell you whether you shot hit, even in the worst of lag. Use
this to gauge how much health your opponent has at any given time.

Usefulness Rating: 10
Convenience Rating: 9

   [3E] Imperialist
	The Imp is the most powerful weapon in the game, so it is a must if you
want to be competitive. Now, I'm sure you are wondering, "If I can snipe, why
dont I just snipe in the first place?" While that's true you could just snipe
but this combo can make it a lot more consistent, especially if you are up
close to begin with. MMB them and quickly see if they will stay to fight or
	If they stay to fight, I'd switch to an up close combo. However, they
will usually run right after being burned. If you have the Imp with you, this
makes it a perfect chance. Just pull it out and snipe them down before they run
away. Even if they are in alt, a shot will usually let the burn kill them. It
is important to zoom when sniping especially in this case because every bit of
damage counts. Scoping does more damage than no-scoping so if you have to, zoom
in then shoot quickly. It will be like no-scoping but do the damage of a scoped
	The great part is, if the snipe doesnt kill them as they run, the burn
will sometimes finish them off out of your sight. If they are in a big open
level, take another snipe if needed. This is also great for skinny hallways
where it is almost impossible to dodge and when you need to finish them off
fast. Only opponents with almost maxed health will survive so a few u/ced MMs
or another snipe will finish them off for sure. As long as you keep them
running, feel free to keep on gunning.

Usefulness Rating: 10
Convenience Rating: 9

   [3F] Judicator
	Not the best head on attack, but certainly great for finishing off
escaping opponents. MMB them then as they run then follow up with a spray of
Jud shots. This works best in small hallways and the "basements" of many
levels. There is little room to miss and even if you do, they have a chance of
ricocheting back at them. You will only need to land a few shots before the
burn takes care of them unless they had a lot of health. Using this in a
head-on battle is actually quite effective but it is important to land as many
of the triple shots as you can.
	The Jud shoots at a decent pace compared to other weapons but charging
takes a little longer than you will like. Because of this, missing shots can
seriously hamper your chance of victory but good aim will solve that. If they
are running away and are out of your sight, charge it as you walk around the
corner or wall following them. If you had enough time, the charged shot fires 3
Jud shots at once in all different directions. This is great for getting that
last hit in when you know they have almost no health left.

Usefulness Rating: 9
Convenience Rating: 6.5

   [3G] Shock Coil
	This combo, while fairly weaker than others, is easier to pull off and
good for beginners. Just MMB them then SC. The main reason it is easy is
because the SC is pretty easy to use as the coil will stretch a little to home
in on the opponent. This is helpful if they have a slow alt. Just MMB them, SC,
they change to alt, and you MMB them one more time.
	Another, preferable option, is to lead off with the SC then switch to
MM when they go into alt. While sometimes nifty, other combos are just better
so only use this if you want them to go into alt and their alt is slow. Even if
you can't SC well, you can force an opponent to try and fight Spire in alt.
That's possibly the worst thing they could do.

Usefulness Rating: 5
Convenience Rating: 5

   [3H] Battle Hammer
	The BH is often thought of as a bad weapon. Mainly because it is... At
least without Weavel's UA boost and triple-sized splash area. I wouldn't really
use it at all, the PB is so much better and won't waste your UA. However, if
you feel the need to mix it up, just know that it is best used in closed-in
areas where the splash will guarantee damage.
	The only advantage it has over the MM is it goes farther and faster. If
you see someone across Alinos Gateway and feel the need to BH them, go for it,
but don't expect to get very much out of it... Other than that, only use it for
sure kills or if you are running low on UA. The PB is almost always a better
choice, unfortunately.

Usefulness Rating: 1
Convenience Rating: 4

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/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \
\_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/


   [4A] Spire & Samus
	Have Spire burn the opponent and Samus' missiles can finish them off.
Another good strategy is have Samus do the most damage and use Spire
strategically so he can control the health and weapons. Just the sheer power of
these two and their affinities makes them a force to be reckoned with. Also
play with the fact that Spire is close range and Samus can support from afar.

   [4B] Spire & Kanden
	Spire burns, Kanden volts. Gotta love this one especially if there is a
VD on the stage because burning then having both of you volt at them kills so
fast, they won't even know what hit them. Sticking together is of course
important but it is effective to just swap mid-battle. Have Spire go in, weaken
the opponent, then let him run for health. While they try to chase him, Kanden
can ambush with a charged VD and finish him off.

   [4C] Spire & Spire
	1 MMB and 1 MM from each teammate will automatically kill anyone, even
at full health. Crazy rape team here. If you can get around the alt speed
deficiency, not much will be able to stop you. It is more important to stick
together with this pair because it will really help if you have some bad luck
and miss a few MMBs. You will have a teammate right there to cover for you
until you can get back in the groove.

   [4D] Spire & Trace
	Spire burns, Trace snipes them as they run. (Trace sniping them first
then having Spire burn them as they run also works great.) Trace provides cover
so Spire can get health and Spire stalls by MMing so Trace can get ammo. These
two are crazy if you can help eachother when each of you needs it. 

   [4E] Spire & Noxus
	Noxus freezes, they both fire. 3 magmauls is basically equal to 4 Jud
shots (3 Jud headshots) so as long as both people get off their necessary
amount of shots they should die every time they're frozen. Just avoid getting
picked off while shooting frozen people by always moving and stay close
together for some easy kills. Both of their alts are quite slow so use Noxus's
ability to guard health well.

   [4F] Spire & Sylux
	You can do MMB and have Sylux SC but that really doesn't deal much
damage. A better strategy is to have Sylux force them into alt with the SC and
let Spire finish them off. Sylux can use his alt to guard health, (using the SC
to maintain his own health) which also helps Spire overcome his slow alt. With
two strategic people working together, this team is truly a difficult one to
get around.

   [4G] Spire & Weavel
	A nice combo of MMing and BHing will keep the enemies very
discombobulated, so to speak. Being on fire and getting knocked around with the
BH can not be fun and in 2v2s, Weavel's turret is more accurate (thanks to
slow-down, where everyone moves slower but the turret does not) so using it to
finish them off is almost unstoppable. If one or, dare I say it, both of you
get a DD pickup, the opponents might as well give up because they'll be dead in
a matter of seconds. Very painful seconds, I might add.

 _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _
/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \
\_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

	Each arena in this game has particular traits that will challenge
different parts of your overall skill level. This can range from having to use
a certain weapon better or more than others, to having to use your alt climbing
and biped jumping skills differently.
	I think the most important parts of interacting with levels are finding
neat tactics to trick or deceive your opponent. If you can make them think you
are doing one thing or going one place, you can do something else they wouldn't
expect. Sometimes, the best weapon is your mindgames and the element of
surprise. And frankly, against evenly-matched opponents, that's sometimes the
difference between a win and a loss.

   [5A] Combat Hall 
	Famous for alt spammers, Combat Hall is a very cramped stage with tons
of health. Unfortunately for Spire, the only weapons are an affinity and a
Magmaul so you don't have much to work with. (However, the MM is so great here
it is often better to just have two pickups for it than it would be to have two
different weapons.) There are two healths on the first floor. One at one end of
the tunnel of doom and the other behind the blast shield and affinity and UA
pickup. The second floor has two long alt tunnels with health inside.
	A basic strategy is to control all of the health orbs but this becomes
a problem since there are 4 and spread out quite a bit because going through
the tunnels takes a while. By guarding the jump pad, you can basically choke
your opponent off of the two upper level healths, in the tunnels. All they will
have is the health in the tunnel on the first floor.
	Once you get in position, make sure they can't get around you to the
second floor as giving them free access to the second level health will make it
a lot harder to finish them off. They will have two choices if you can shut
down the jump pad: Fire long distance and try to chase you to the top floor or
tunnel; their other option is to charge straight at you. If they fire long
distance, be patient. If you think they will never attack, make sure you have
full health and charge them with all you've got.
	It is recommended that you wait until you land a long range shot before
charging as it can give you a great advantage. Also, make sure they just got
the health so they can't stall until it respawns. Take them out with all you
got. They shouldn't get even half way past you before you finish them off. If
they try sneaking through the tunnel they are a free kill. Chuck a bunch of
u/ced shots into the hallway and they almost never come out alive.
	When you do not have position either because of a bad spawn or they
took you out, learn tricks for getting to health. The Dialanche is a savior
here but only if you use it early. One simple maneuver is in the hallway of
doom. Usually once you go in, the opponent will MM the crud out of you but with
this little trick, that's a lot less of a problem. Go in alt through the tunnel
but when they shoot through the gap in the wall to kill you, ride along the
wall so MM shots will lay below you and you will get out practically unharmed.
	Another option is to can climb the wall by the affinity and go over the
side for the two healths in the alt tunnels. Make sure you go early because it
takes a tad long to climb up and they could hit you easily. I suggest faking
going to the right side on the wall near the missile pickup or if you already
did this once, go there for real. You can get both alt tunnel healths from
either way, but be careful about them finishing you off as you climb through
the tunnels or over the bridge.
	Speaking of that, you should do it all the time! There's no better
morale booster than killing a speeding alt inches before they reach health.
While it is fun and is almost funny to pull off, it's better not to let them
get that close. U/ced shots tend to bounce out unless you shoot almost parallel
to the wall, so take the few seconds you have to charge up a MMB and finish
them off. Learning the timing of opponents' movement both in alt tunnels, and
through the first floor tunnel are imperative, but with some good strategy and
MMing, this is a level you won't be too disappointed to see anymore.

   [5B] Data Shrine
	One of the few stages with all of the affinities but that is certainly
beneficial for Spire. This is good as it lets you use different combos
depending on the situation. MMB + VD for head on attacks, Imp them as they run
or shoot u/ced Jud shots after them, into the alt tunnels. If you've ever
played a Samus or Trace here, you'll know how deadly it can be to be caught in
the alt tunnels. For this reason, it is imperative that you maintain at least
100 health at all times. If it's a 1v1 the only way to get health will be in
the alt tunnels and if it's a Samus you are facing, you will almost
never get out alive. Instead, go in with half or three-fourths health
remaining. Their alts may be powerful, but the Dialanche is too; the trick is
getting close enough to hit with it.
	If they follow you in, just ram backwards into them (to ensure they are
near you because of lag) and smash away. If you are near dead however, just
attack while heading for the health. Even if you don't deal full damage you
will do a significant amount which might scare them off of their pursuit. If
you go backwards, you should almost always deal the full 64 damage because you
will be right up next to them. If they start running, it is usually best not to
follow. They'll either lay bombs killing you or go biped once out of the tunnel
and finish you off. The only time you should try to finish them off is if they
have a slow alt and you still have some health to spare.
	When you see people running away around the outer ring of the level,
follow them as fast as you can changing to an appropriate weapon. Almost always
they will head for the health in the alt tunnels. Pull out the Imp and snipe
them but once they get inside the alt tunnel, use the bouncy, u/ced Jud shots
to get that last hit. If they run away on top to just get around the corner
faster, do the same type of strategy.
	In the center part of this level, Spire is quite dangerous if you know
how to move and aim. Shots can be lobbed at so many different angles you will
be very unpredictable and all the while you should be taking cover, popping out
just long enough to take aim and fire. The bad part is, if you get caught with
too little health, it's a long way to the alt tunnels and they will usually
finish you off before then. The top two mini alt tunnels with the SC and Imp
inside are not good places to hide. Any decent opponent will just use whatever
they have to flush you out or kill you. However, it is a great way to escape
rather than using the doors below because they have to go into alt to follow
you and because they can't usually tell which way you went.
	In the common case that your opponent is going through the alt tunnels
while you are on top, there is a slightly unorthodox solution. The screens that
create the ceilings of the alt tunnels are wafer-thin allowing splash damage to
actually hit your opponent through the floor. No more opponents waiting beneath
your feet. If they do, MMB them and laugh as the splash and burn finish them
off before the health respawns. Utilize the center area, stay concious of fast
and powerful alts, make sure you grab health early and often, try to have all
of your core weapons (MM, VD, Imp, Jud) when possible, and you should be just
fine here.

   [5C] High Ground
	Using  Spire here is pretty darn fun because there are a 4 main levls
with 4 differring strategies. The top three platforms revolve mainly around
sniping, the big open area for MMBing, the middle height for popping out of
nowhere and MMing someone, and the underground basement with small tunnels
perfect for the MMB and Jud combo.
	In the basement hallways, MMing is way too easy and you should almost
never miss. It's straight as an arrow so just dont hit the walls or ceiling and
you're almost bound to hit your opponent. Also, if you see someone on the radar
who you think is following you, turn around and walk backwards charging a MMB.
Do NOT stop and wait by the door because the better players will see this and
know you are aware of their precense. By turning around while walking
backwards, they will think they are being sneaky and try to follow you to
either get an easy snipe or ambush you with whatever they have. As soon as they
come through that doorway (shooting before they come through is even better),
launch a MMB shot and keep pelting them with u/ced shots.
	The surprise factor will help you take out most people, but if they had
maxed health and they start to run away, pull out the Jud (take note it spawns
down in the basement) and send a barrage of the ricocheting ammo following them
through the tight tunnels. They bounce so they are perfect for nailing that
last shot to kill the opponent.
	In the middle height area, there are a bunch of nice open spots people
walk through, so with some practice you can fairly easily long-range MMB them.
Of course, one MMB usually wont kill them, so pull out the Imp right after
launching and if you're quick, get an Imp shot at almost the same time the MMB
shot hits. I always try to imagine their reaction to being caught on fire and
sniped at at the same time and it always ends up as a very surprised person
wondering how they just got OHKOed by a Spire from across the map.
	Spire can climb up the black metal tunnel below the Imp to get to it
the fastest except for Trace (by grabbing the affinity) and sometimes Sylux (if
they are close to the MM platform they can glide over to the Imp). Pretty much
any nook and cranny on High Ground is perfect for taking cover then jumping out
and MMBing them. Once you kill them, go back to the center unless you need
health badly. Charge a MMB and when they spawn, lob it at them. One MMB and one
more u/ced MM shot should take care of them, but to prevent them from getting
to any nearby health before the burn finishes them off, I suggest hitting them
with 2 or 3 u/ced shots.
	You can use this SKing technique and do your best to prevent them from
escaping. However, since High Ground is pretty big they will usually find a way
to escape. That's no reason to just let them get equipped though. Try to
prevent them from getting the two healths beside the Imp platform and you will
confine them to the lone health in the basement next to the Jud and below the
MM. Once you see them drop down, corner them in the tunnels and kill them.
Either wittle their health down by poking in Jud shots or u/ced MMs, or go all
out, recklessly charging in and MMing the entire room.
	The biggest draw back for Spire here is that he will hardly ever get
the DD when the game starts. Rather than trying with a little chance (unless
you are facing a slow alt and you know you can beat them to it), just go get
health and ammo then wait at the top of the Imp platform until their DD time is
up. He may not get it the first time, but that shouldn't discern you from
making sure you get the second DD spawn. When you come down to it, Spire is
great at this level with his special Imp-availability and MMB/MM spawn camping
so practice and have fun suprising the Traces who think they can hide at the
top the whole time.

   [5D] Sanctorus
	The first thing you should always do at Sanctorus is get the MM and DD
first and you basically win. Kill them once then get in position for SKing. MMB
shots easily reach across the arena and from up top you can reach far too. From
the bottom, you can lob shots into the hole in the second floor or right into
the makeshift doorway near the VD. Don't just concentrate on killing though.
Control the health by taking each one as they appear. Even if you don't need
them, it will give you about 30 extra seconds to kill a spawned person in case
they escape up top.
	The skinny hallway on the second floor is another great MMing spot. If
you're low on health, you can stall in the hallway until health respawns. (Keep
an eye on your radar, you can see the health spots through the floor.) To get
to you, they will have to come up the jump pad where you can MMB them (make
sure you only pop out quickly then go retrive health; they will most likely
fire the second they see you there) or they come up the center ramp behind you
where you can also MMB them. Either way they come, don't forget to go the
opposite way to get the nearest health.
	The VD here allows an alternative to u/c MM shots but are really only
useful for the wide open middle. Burn to u/c VD works insanely well but SKing
should help you control the match. Just stay in the main room and try to get as
many kills from the DD as possible. Once they leave the room, they have a
chance to counter back and start killing you, which is obviously not what you
want. Try to predict their movement. In the little tunnels in the main room,
most of the time when they go through one side, they will come out the other.
See this coming and launch and early MMB. This is a critical tactic as the
tunnels are easy ways to predict their movements. If they do manage to escape,
just make sure to cut them off from health.
	While SKing, controlling the health and DD; it is best to grab the
affinity as you walk back and forth from each health. If you have to choose,
take the health instead of the affinity (unless it's a Noxus). The rest of the
hunters can be taken out rather safely. Control the DD, health, and affinity
and you're sure to win. Mix it up with MMB spawn camping and if they try
running along the back wall, use some MMB + VD.
	This level being so small, the winner is normally decided in the first
DD spawn or kill. However, whenever you find yourself on the receiving end of
the DD, stall as long as you can, grabbing health only when it's safe. Use
mindgames to get your opponent out of spawn killing position and try to turn
the game around on the second DD spawn. Either very easy to win, or nearly
impossible, this lopsided level still manages to sometimes be enjoyable.

   [5E] Incubation Vault
	Incubation Vault is a small level and is similar to how to play
Sanctorus. Immediately from the start, you should do a mental checklist.
Number one priority is health. There is limited room and around the health an
attack can come from almost anywhere. Getting health is the way to control the
match here. When you get the health, it means they can't, and as long as you
have health and they don't, there is no need to rush an attack.
	Your second priority should be obtaining the Magmaul. There is no MM
pickup here so you will have to rely on the two affinities by eachother. You
can get in some serious trouble by going for the affinity in the small cubby
so if you are on the second floor just take the affinity above the health and
it's also a bonus because you can get the health and ammo quicker afterwards.
Keep taking both healths, walking back and forth, and peg them with one or two
u/ced shots when you get a chance and eventually finish them off.
	The BH is far from the health and is in a spot that is hard to hit the
lower health from, so don't go for it unless you are desperate for ammo. A
better way of getting ammo is the two UA on either side of the SC in the
middle of the arena. Hopping through the windows can speed up the process and
can allow you to get ammo fast in just a few seconds. Keep hogging health and
sneakily get health if they control the map. Spire is great on this level if
you have the mentality of "get health now, kill the opponent later."

   [5F] Alinos Gateway
	Alinos Gateway is the ideal level for a sniping Spire and is one of
the few with enough lava to make Spire's resistance actually somewhat useful.
Do not just charge up a MMB and stand in the middile of the lava. That is
suicide. Instead, stay near the health on the ground, on top of the center
podium-shaped rock with the affinity and two healths, or on the top of the
balcony by the Imp.
	While down on the ground, make sure no one else is ready to snipe you
from afar. There is a MM pickup next to some ammo and UA is very scarce here
so be sure to pick it up when you can. A better place than on the ground is
on the center podium. With an affinity and two healths, you can keep up a
minimum amount of UA and there are two healths right next to eachother. While
the health is good, the MM can't do much unless someone is right next to you
and since the arena is so big, you would be a fool to not use the Imp. From
the center, you can Imp and get ammo from the affinity.
	The best area you can be in would be on the balcony by the Imp. If
you can get the MM and Imp you can just snipe from there, picking people off
with plenty of ease. When they come up to fight you close range, get one last
body shot snipe and whip out your MM to finish them off. The few things you
have to worry about are ammo since you will only get any from the Imp pickup.
You can not do much with 6 MM shots so try to get a bunch of UA before
camping up there. For health, there is one the right of the balcony and
instead of trying to jump across where you can get sniped easily, go alt and
roll along the wall to the health and roll back.
One warning about staying up there for most of the match is the opponent(s)
will usually catch on quickly and wait for your to just poke your head out.
While it is a great strategy to stay up there and protect the Imp, I would
recommend you only stay there if no one else has the Imp. Also beware of
Trace and Samus users as they can deal damage from far away without using the
Imp pickup. Trace gets the Imp from the affinity and Samus's missiles are a
pain to avoid on such a big level.
	Be patient and cautious but once you can control the Imp on this map,
it is fun to just pick people off as they ride the jump pads or MM them
giving them nowhere to hide from a follow-up Imp shot.

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