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No one should miss out on this awesome game.benthekid229/10
An Impressive Shrinking of a Great Console Seriesburuburu18/10
Samus has some competition nowadays... NOT!chunkyliver120410/10
The top Metroid gameCompuman10/10
Best portable FPS of all time, stunning visuals, great multi-player and single player.corrax89/10
You haven't experienced Wifi until you see the business end of a blasterDarkRoninCrono9/10
Samus still has what it takesdarksoulpriest9/10
Samus will hunt YOU if you dont buy this killer-app!DrollTroll10/10
Touching is good, Shooting is better...Foxarwing4210/10
No, seriously you guys, this could be the next Halo!jenovaproject9/10
Too bad I don't have wi-fi...JonWood0079/10
I'd hate to be an enemy in this game...Marioface510/10
Insert overexaggerated hype hereMeloman8/10
Samus is in her Prime as a Hunter!Nidtendofreak9/10
Hunt down Hunters before it's too late!PKMNRULES10/10
Nintendo DS's best in multiplayer actionPlasmaTrooper9910/10
A must-have for those with wifi. Without wifi, it's still pretty goodpyroman939/10
Impressive Single Player, but astounding multiplayerReploidProtoman9/10
Excellent WiFi, single player can be worked on a bitRiphamilton328/10
Single Player is all that stands between this game and a 10SageOfTheWise9/10
A Must Buy!Shrimpcracker8910/10
A Metroid in a league of its own.stantherobot9/10
The BEST online DS game!TridentWizard9/10
A good FPS multiplayer with a very condensed single player "Metroid" on the sidevideogamer10306/10
This is a must own game!!WarriorLut8/10

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