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How do you get forein fruit without wfc?

I just got seeded and i need to move but i had all the fruit so i want to have all the fruit in my new town.

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brownybob answered:

This is what I did to get foreign fruit:
1. Your mom will ocassionaly send you fruit in a letter
2. You send a letter with a fruit to one of your neighbors
3. Sometimes a coconut will wash up on the shore

I have NOT GOTTEN fruit EVER from:
1. Giving anything other than fruit in a letter I sent to a neighbor in a letter
2. Completingerrands for neighbors, I always either get bells, wallpaper, or a carpet
3. The recycling ben, it has furniture that neighbors get rid of, or the lost and found, it has clothes and letters and pitfall seeds only in there
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kh2fanatik answered:

Sometimes your mom mails you various fruit. ALso if you knowa friend who has the game you could visit their town via DS to DS.
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Thegreatlark answered:

Send a letter to an animal in your town saying "Give me fruit!" or any other one-lined sentence. Then go get some fruit from a tree and put the fruit inside of the letter by dragging and dropping, and mail it at the post office. A day or so later, you will receive a letter from the animal *if you did it right* containing either a piece of clothing or a fruit. Also, Coconuts will randomly wash up onto the shore.
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Dcaptain23 answered:

There are many ways to get different fruits:
1) Your mom will send you a fruit every season.
2) Neighbors will give you fruits if your friendly and complete errands.
3) Coconuts also occasionally wash up on the shore.
4) They also can appear in the lost in found or recycle bin.
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smash_boy answered:

How much do co co nuts cell 4
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Thegreatlark answered:

Coconuts sel for 500 bells.
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acwwpowns answered:

Write to ur neighbors "here's a present!" with capital leters and a gift. they will either give you a shirt or a fruit in return if you rote it correctly.
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dabomb305 answered:

You send a neighbier any item and they might give you a fruit.
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