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How do you use the golden shovel?

I got the golden shovel but I can't figure out what it does. What does it do?

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SilentLoner answered:

Note that for every 1000 bells you bury with the golden shovel, the tree will have a 1% chance of becoming a money tree, considering that it grows in the first place. A money tree will always grow three bags of 30,000 bells, regardless of how many bells you bury. The money will not grow back once picked.
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Chrono007 answered:

The only difference between a golden shovel and a normal shovel is the fact that you can plant money trees with a golden shovel. Just bury a bag of bells in the ground with your golden shovel and hope that your tree matures.
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xvolution answered:

It is an upgrade to the Shovel that allows you to bury money trees. For every 1000 bells your chances of a money tree growing increases by 1%, maxing out at 99% (making it an unreliable way to earn Bells).
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DiabloNeonX answered:

From my personal experience, I've found that it increases your odds of digging up fossils and gyroids, while lowering the odds of digging up pitfall seeds. That could very well just be random, but I rarely ever dig up pitfall seeds ever since I got the golden shovel.
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TStodden answered:

The abilities of the Golden Shovel has decreased from the original Animal Crossing.

The abilities of the Golden Shovel now is that it allows you to plant money trees. The amount you plant (up to 30K) will be tripled upon the tree's maturity. Due to the magical nature of the money tree, it only bears fruit... err Bells once in it's life. Once harvested, it acts like a regular, non fruit-bearing tree.

However, the odds of the tree become mature are uncertain. Why others have stated that planting more Bells increase the odds of maturing, it has not been confirmed.
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girlygal_alix answered:

Well,Just like a normal shovel-it can dig holes,hit rocks-and so on.
but whats diffrent about the shovel and the golden shovel is...
the golden shovel can plant money trees,Just dig a hole-and drop 2thousand bells,a sprout will POP-UP and it will grown into a beautiful MONEY tree ;)
also it highers your chances of geting rare fossils and more money from rocks-...if u dont know already,a sertan rock in your town,will give you money if u hit it with your shovel,hit every rock in your town and one will pop out money
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Gamer_Pat answered:

Well a Golden Shovel is made when you dig a shovel while digging a shovel and you can do anything like the old one except you can dig a bag of bells(not to much like 1000bells to 60000)and you can get as much golden shovel as you can hold.(And live in a town full of golden shovel)
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Incorporeal146 answered:

Yes you can plant bells but them growing is extremley low the golden shovel wont break however many times you hit rocks it wont break
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