Question from MJ_Michael

What is the use for cans,boots,and tires you pull out of the ocean?

I dont know what they are used for and im really confused about the tires..

I heard somewhere that if you get 4 tires then knock down a spaceship, he gives u a car.... is that true?

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Awesomeggs answered:

You could use the traash to get a fly. What you need to do is put it on the groung for a day and Alakazam! You'll find the annoying vermin known as flies doing what they do best, flyin' around trash. Hoped I helped!

P.S. Please pick my answer! :)
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queenmeg8 answered:

I dont belive that is true that when you shoot down gulliver, that he gives you a car, as I have done it many times and it have never happened to me.
I just believe that the cans, tyres and boots are just everyday pollution that you would find in the real world!
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rikku32 answered:

The boots,cans and tires are just junk, you don't get anything for them even if you try to sell them.
You can either put them in the recycling bin or when you have items that you want to sell to nook just add them to the list.
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pokemaster360 answered:

There is no use for the trash. My best advice is to put it in the recycle been. You can try to sell it to Tom Nook, but he won't give you any money for it.
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FireCharizard answered:

It's just Junk!
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poweradefan100 answered:

Nothing, they're just trash. To dispose of it, just throw it in the garbage at the Town Hall.
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jassie588 answered:

I have an idea i her dis b4 im not shure if it works well do u know wen u dont save da game dat stupid thing comes up and talks 4 ever well if you put stuf down on the ground wher he comes up i herd it blocks him and he wont nag u i never tryed it out but im not shure if it works so maby you can put da trash wer he comes up so he wont nag u.
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