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What do i do with the coconut?

I found a coconut on the beach is there anything special i have to do with it?

clwarren asked for clarification::

Where are the coconuts supposed to be planted? I know it is somewhere on the beach...any tips?

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Citanul_Lunatic answered:

Something no one else posted:
You have to plant your coconut just above the beach, not in the sand.
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Fullflame333 answered:

No, it's just a coconut, plant it and you can sell them for a decent price. the tree with only have 2 coconuts on it unlike the other fruit trees that have 3.
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addybame10 answered:

You can plant the coconuts anywhere on the beach.
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xoxgymnastxox17 answered:

A coconut! A chance to use your watering can my dear friend. Plant it in the ground and then water it with the watering can. Soon the cocunut will become a coconut tree! Either leave it there for decoration or sell the coconuts to Tom Nook for a good price.
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