Question from Annalowann

How do i change my hair color?

Please I wana change my hair to brown please tell me! Is it Even possible?


Mothership1953 answered:

When your Nook's is upgraded all the way to Nookington's it will have a hairstylist available. You can get your hair style and color changed there.
Also, if you have wi fi available you can find someone on one of the forums who can allow you to visit their Nookington's to get your hair done.
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Birdwings26 answered:

Harriet can help you change your hairstyle, and the colour. It costs you 3000 bells. And you can only change your hairstyle and colour once every day.
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Birdwings26 answered:

Oh, and also you can check out some FAQ's for information about what colour you might get and the hairstyle. It depends on what you answer for Harriet's questions.
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BelleTAT answered:

Get your Nooks Cranny store upgrated to Nookingtons and there will be a hair salon. Then the poodle in there will ask you questions and give you a "hair style that refects your personality". If you dont like what you get keep changing it untill you do.
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