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Asked: 6 years ago

How do you build a perfect snowman?

Details please

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From: Twiddlesnaps 6 years ago

Taken from the Snowman FAQ:

[5.05] What makes a Snowman "perfect"?
Size does not matter when making a Snowman, only proportion. Here are some
examples of me standing next to my "perfect" Snowmen:

That first Snowman is quite large, but it doesn't need to be that big since
only proportion counts. Just make the head slightly smaller(about 3/4) of the
body. Also, many suggest that rolling the body snowball until it seems it won't
get any bigger makes things easier. After that, you would just make the second
snowball slightly smaller than the body like you'd usually do. Another method
is to make the body snowball as large as your head and then roll the head
snowball until you start rolling with your hands and then a little more. One
more method is to roll a snowball until it just reaches guidable size. At this
point, just roll the other snowball slightly larger. I prefer the "body as
large as head" or "just reached guidable size" methods, but you can do what
works for you.

Also, a request from Eyedunno1 was for me to also take a picture of what
snowballs looked like before completion. You can compare the two sizes in this
picture I took:

If you have any other Snowman questions here is the link to the FAQ:

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I never even knew HOW to make a NORMAL snowman.

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