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How to win the Fishing Tourney?

Poncho caught a 96.6 inch tuna is it even possible to catch something bigger once he caught it?

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prutain69 answered:

Catch a big fish. i havent caught all of my fish but here are some big ones:
stringfish, salmon, king salmon, gar, tuna, blue marlin, and all sharks. only when those fish come out though.
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addybame10 answered:

You have to catch a shark which are located in the Ocean June-Sept. and they are out Morn, Eve, and Night. They are rare so if you can't find one catch a Sea Bass. Those are usually big.
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loverofdraco answered:

you don't HAVE to catch a shark. i have caught a big sea bass each time and have won all but once.
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Esmay1 answered:

Catch the biggest fish you can. I caught a bass and won.
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purplereader answered:

Try a tuna.
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Crockeo answered:

Catch a big shark, or get one a while ago, and save it for the fishing tournament. That's what I do for the fishing and bug tournament.... and for the flower one, well steal other's flowers.
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Hotguy845 answered:

Use the fish walkthrough in the FAQs.
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xnhlx answered:

If you catch a shark, don't waste it on the dumb contest. It's really not worth it. Try and catch another fish that prutain69 listed
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