Question from amyrpf

Why won't Animal Crossing Wild World wi-fi work?

Whenever I talk to Copper and try to get my friend code issued, he always ends up saying: Unable to connect with this Nintendo WFC ID. However, when I go to Internet- Connection Settings- Advanced Setup (I must go to Advanced Setup, not Connection 1,2 or 3) and test connection, it is always successful. I have a Sky Netgear Router.


Jammer196 answered:

Maybe you put the Wifi code in wrong? Just my best guess.
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thegamefaqxprt answered:

ok i had this same exact problem but i figured it out. You cant use advanced settings with ac:ww at all...... it only allows the main settings (1,2,3
see if that works.
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thegamefaqxprt answered:

Also, any game that use nwc: nintendo wifi connection cant use advanced settings. If you look at a regular ds, it doesn't have advanced settings at all.
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