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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I get foreign fruit without Wi-Fi?

I have tried mailing fruit but all I get is furniture and clothes.

Additional details - 6 years ago

<i>Make sure the letter is only one sentence lon with perfect grammar and you should get foriegn fruit.</i>

Are you sure about only 1 sentence? I have mailed a lot and never gotten a foreign fruit, but I'll try more.

Thanks for your help

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From: stitches34 6 years ago

Well the least common way is that your mom will send you a letter (but it is not a special occasion just a regular letter) and it will contain a gift and in that gift i will mor likle be a foriegn fruit. A pretty common way is when you send a perfect letter to a character in your town they will send you a letter and that letter will more likly contain a fruit but not all the time will it be a fruit that is also a way to get free furniture. And to me the most common way to get foreign fruit is while you are talkin to some of the characters in your town meybe they ask you a question and you answer it correctly they might give you a fruit or somtimes they will just give it to you for not one single reason. So thats pretty much how you could get foreign fruit in you town. =]

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Make sure the letter is only one sentence lon with perfect grammar and you should get foriegn fruit.

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Sometimes you will get a letter from your mom with a present attached. If the date is not a special occaision (i.e. New Year's or your Birthday), the letter will contain a foreign fruit. This is not a common occurance though, so you must be patient. Try to keep mailing fruits too. You might get a foreign fruit, but again, patience.

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The detail mario94 left out is that you need to also send a gift. So the letter must be one line long, spelled correctly, and have something attached to it. Anything will do. Seashells, garbage, furniture, anything.

You will be sent either fruit or shirts back.

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Be nice to your neighbors long enough
i did that and it worked

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Write a nice letter with a fruit on it.

Try mentioning the fruit in the letter.

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