Question from dark_chaos34

Asked: 5 years ago

Wep key is right but animal corssing wont work?

Alright well my wep key is correct cause i can play all my other games on wifi but animal crossing just wont connect to wifi

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I have the same problem! The same thing happens for Mario Kart DS. I was told by a friend that, you have to turn the safty thing off for it to work. Sorry if this is not the right answer your looking for.

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Happens to me too :(

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Do you have any friend codes registered? You need them to do everything on wifi.

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I knew what the Wep key was, but I forgot! Sorry dark_chaos34

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Oh, get to the nearest Wi-fi connection. If it doesn't work, Internet is blocked by Bell Canada or other companies. That happened to me too!

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What number error message are you getting?

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