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How to catch the Shark and Seabass?

How to catch shark and seabass

raymond4292 asked for clarification:

The Sea bass is easier to catch than the shark. To catch the sea bass you have to pull fast when the fish bites. When using the stylus touch the bass (when it's biting) and hold it down. I don't fish the buttons on the D.S. Catching the shark is ALMOST impossible, but I've known people to have caught one. I don't know how... sorry

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pizzaman95 answered:

Sea Bass are very common, just go fishing at the beach a lot.

For sharks, go fishing at the beach, and look around for a fish shadow with a dorsal fin.

Catching sharks are not easy, so good luck.
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End_Game_410 answered:

dude the sea bass is common in the ocean all year (I've been able to catch them pretty easily), comma, however the shark is pretty rare to see, even in it's seasons, summer and fall. It has a dorsal fin sticking up above the water and I caught it out of pure luck. you (on both fish) have to have INSANE reflexes to catch them. the shark more than the sea bass. as soon as the bobber goes down you have to pull like all get out!!!!!!!!!! that, in normal speak, means very very very very very hard.
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