Question from PurplePanus

What do i do with tom nook's picture?

Okay so I gave nook the safe and he gave me a picture now what? Who do I give picture to?

PurplePanus provided additional details:

This is on my hunt for scallop to get golden axe if u didn't know:P

PurplePanus provided additional details:

Lol I said do do XD Sry randomness

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SimMaster6 answered:

The picture is just a piece of furniture.Put it on an end table,coffee table or whatever.Put it in your house wherever you want.
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baris10 answered:

Sorry, you've reached a dead end. You needed to get the massage chair of saharah, not the red vase. :( So sorry.
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f1reis0blivious answered:

To add to what simmaster6 says aparantly happyroom loves pictures and they boost your score along with trophys and nook's mini shops
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Rtaper answered:

You can put the pic on a table and stair at him!ISTAIR AT HIM!
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mywhiskyrocks answered:

what i would do is hang it in my house for alot of hra pointS
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