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How do I get the golden watering can?

I have kept my town weed free and Pelly says that my town is PERFECT! She's said that for at least a year!

Rainbow_CupCake provided additional details:

Yes It is PERFECT and always has been for a year!

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Nubchubz answered:

If you have "Perfect Town" then this is where you find out. To get a perfect town you must do the following: make sure all the weeds have been picked, even the ones behind trees where they are difficult to see. You have to make sure you don't have any wilted flowers in your town at all, if they start to wilt, water them. Make sure there aren't
any stray items lying around. Now here's where it gets difficult: just like Animal Crossing on the Gamecube it's based on an acre-by-acre system. Each acre is considered to be 16x16 panels wide. Each of these supposed acres must
have between 12 and 14 trees in them, the trees cannot be touching. Each acre
must have three flowers total. Do this and ask about the environment, she
should tell you that your town is perfect. Maintain this rating for a total
of 16 days and after doing that you will get the Golden Watering Can.

~.A Very Big Special Thank You To : A l e x for this whole entire guide.~.
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bigeyes1992 answered:

Are you sure it's "perfect". Because if a year has passed and you have not gotten it yet, something is wrong.
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bigeyes1992 answered:

I'm to my knowledge there might be a glitch out there like that. Go onto the boards and ask for SilentLoner. He would know.
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LimitedX answered:

Try keeping your DS internal clock and the Animal Crossing clock in sync as close as possible cuz some really crazy stuff will happen if its so much as a minute off
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Ruffledude answered:

Make sure that there are NEVER any...
clean it up EVERY SINGLE DAY. then u can check with her again. or else there is a glitch
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Vincent_Streak answered:

It doesn't have to only be weed free. there has to be a certain amount of trees, a certain amount of flowers and lots of other touchy things.
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clboy21017 answered:

Ok,one,it doesnt matter bout time,two,you sure its "perfect",you need to watter all plants every day,you need to weed every day,you need to pick clovers,you need to plant a couple of trees and make them grow by watering them every day.If youve don this,you have a glitch,but ther is another way to get it,you can get any item with an action replay.
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Reiver_Neriahz answered:

Actually, as long as you maintain your town, and Pelly/Phyllis says its fine/perfect, you should have it in 15 days.

After 15 days go talk to Pelly/Phyllis, and one should give it to you.
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shawnhart1996 answered:

first you need a perfect town talk to pelly everyday for 16 days about the enviroment on the 16th day you'll get a piece of mail with the gold watering can in it MAKE SURE YOUR MAIL IS EMPTY THE DAY BEFORE or in this case empty it
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MetaKnight39 answered:

Something's wrong with the game, it only takes 16 days to get it. You could check the mail to find it that pelly sent. Or you have a glitch.
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