Question from indinamarie

Asked: 4 years ago

Help with my house/roomies?

I have a used copy of the game, so I don't know if that has something to do with it? Are the three characters in the beds upstairs linked to my cartridge, like they were created by the previous owner? The game allows me to play as them, I accidentally selected one.
I'm confused because the house is full of stuff, and the characters in-game told me I could move if my roomies turned out to be thieves... so are they other people, and is that their stuff? If so, what room am I supposed to be decorating? There are no empty rooms, and all the walk-throughs I've found said that when you start the game, the house is empty. I think I'm the only person with this question... LOL. I'm dense. Help, please!

Accepted Answer

From: ii_clickypenns 4 years ago

um on the opening page it has a list w/ 5 choices
*new resident
*tag mode
*other things
*never mind
if u choose <other things> it will take u to another list
*rebuild town
*erease resident
*Wi-Fi settings
*never mind
if u choose erease resdient
u could erease them
good luck

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