Question from JediMasterRokai

Asked: 3 years ago

How do u grow money trees?

pls tell me T_T

Accepted Answer

From: Matamori 3 years ago

plant any amount over 15,000 bells using a golden shovel. Water twice. Wait.

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First, get a bag of money. Then using a GOLDEN shovel, dig a hole and go to your inventory. Press the money and click " Bury". You will bury the money. Money trees grow like normal trees do, taking 4 days to grow. If you plant it and check the day after and the leaves have broken, then that means it will not grow. Otherwise, it will grow like other trees do. But even if the tree successfully grows, it might not have money on it. Money trees have a very less chance of giving money, as planting 1000 bells has only 1% of growing. If planting 30000 bells than the chance of it growing is only 30%. If you plant more bells than the chance of it giving money will increase. Watering it has no effect at all.
Note: For a money tree to grow, even if it does not give bells, you need a golden shovel. To get one first buy two shovels. Using one shovel, dig a hole and plant the other shovel. Wait until the next day, ( after 6:00 am the next day) and you will have a golden shovel. Use it to plant the bells. Also if money trees to give you bells, after you shake it down the first time, it will not give you any more money and will just become regular trees that do not give you anything. Hope this helped you

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