Question from cosmothecool

Asked: 5 years ago

How do you hack things onto ACWW?

I was looking at a youtube cheats for ACWW and one playar hacked stuff like golden roses.

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From: Jinjonator1 5 years ago

Hacking is bad, it can mess up your game with things like Seeds.

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You'd need a cheat device, such as an Action Replay.

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Golden roses arn't hacks, you get them by watering a dying flower with the golden water can. I can probably explain the other things to if you can tell me.

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Golden roses is not that hard. Water black roses with gold watering can and the next day they're gold. Also I woldn't hack it messes up the game.

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you could probably hack with action replay, or maybe he just used a golden watering can. btw my old animal crossing WW i had to chuck away cuz i kept hacking and it ruined my game. dont make my mistake.

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