Question from Game_Guy567

Asked: 5 years ago

How do i get music for my radio?

I can`t find any music.

Additional details - 5 years ago

Do you have to talk to him because i heard a song before and nothing happened?

Accepted Answer

From: MIBYFO 5 years ago

every saturday at about 7:30 until midnight K.K. Slider will come. you can request a song (Im pretty sure theres a guide that lists all the song titles) or you can make him choose. After the credits roll and K.K. sings what ever he was supposed to you'll get up and walk over to K.K. who will start talking about the industry fat cats putting a price on music. He will then give you a bootleg of his song.
You can come back each and every saturday for more songs too!

hope it helped

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In the basement of the museum, every Saturday night from 7:30 pm until Midnight. Talk to K.K. Slider and he will play music, and when he is done you will get the song he played and u can put it in to your radio.

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Oh yeah i almost forgot he comes to the Roost, the coffee shop owned by Brewster. The Roost is in the museum.

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