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Animal Crossing: Wild World - Turnip Guide
Written by: miknayl

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Table of Contents          [TOCO]

I. Introduction/Welcome!   [INTR]

II. Version History        [VRSN]

III. What are Turnips?     [TRNP]

IV. Red Turnips            [REDT]

V. White Turnips           [WHTT]

VI. Stalk Market Online!   [ONLN]

VII. Unconfirmed Rumors    [UNCF]

VIII. Cheating = Bad       [EBAD]

IX. Contact Information    [CTCT]

X. Credits and Thanks      [THNX]

XI. Legal Information      [LEGL]

I. Introduction/Welcome!   [INTR]

Welcome to the Turnip Guide for Animal Crossing: Wild World! This is my first
FAQ, and though this game is a bit dated, I found that there was no complete
guide to turnips, so I decided to write this in the hope that the reader will
become more educated about turnips and the "stalk market." Read on!

II. Version History        [VRSN]

1.0  7/19/11  12:35 PM

The guide is finished, but I may need to add sections later on, like FAQs and
unconfirmed rumors. Awaiting acceptance...

1.2  7/19/11   4:09 PM

Added an Unconfirmed Rumors section, as well as a Cheating = Bad section.
Corrected some spelling and grammar errors. Also changed some wording and
contact information. Updated Credits and Thanks.

1.5  7/23/11

This FAQ has been accepted! Let's hear it, people. I'm getting about 30 hits a
day, as of 7/20/11. Added websites that are permitted to post this FAQ in the
Legal Information section.

1.6  9/11/11

First off, pray for the families of the victims of 9/11... 10 years ago on
this day, planes crashed into the North and South Towers of the World Trade
Center. The Pentagon was hit as well, and one plane was hijacked and intended
for the White House. The passengers overpowered the terrorists, and the plane
crashed into a field in Pennsylvania instead. There were no survivors. On a
happier note, this FAQ has reached 1596 hits on GameFAQs! Let's here it,
people! Added a couple questions to the Unconfirmed Rumors section. An FAQ
section is not yet available at this time, since I've only had 6 emails, but I
won't give up hope! Also updated Credits and the Stalk Market Online! section.

III. What are Turnips?     [TRNP]

Turnips are your key to succeeding at your AC:WW game. You will make lots of
money if you are wise with your turnips. Even if you aren't being wise, you
could still make loads by randomly getting lucky with the stalk market. Anyway,
the fundamental key with turnips is the same with stocks: Buy low, sell high.
Seasoned veterans with turnips, feel free to skip this section."How do we get
these wonderful turnips?" you implore. Simple. Every Sunday, a sow (or boar,
not really sure which) named Joan will be in your town from 6 AM to 12 PM. Find
her, and she'll tell you all about turnips. The first thing you need to know
about turnips is that there are two kinds of turnips: red and white.

IV. Red Turnips            [REDT]

Joan obviously has short term memory loss, because she only remembers to bring
ONE pack of red turnip seeds with her every Sunday. Not frustrated yet? Don't
worry: you will be if you don't know how much money you can make of these
things? I recommend buying the pack: after all, it's only 1,000 bells. Now,
find area that you are sure you will see every day for at least the next week,
and plant the turnip seeds like a flower, so you don't have to dig a hole.
Here comes the hard part: you must water this turnip every day until Saturday,
or it will die. Not so tortuous, if you play everyday. The catch is that it
will die next Sunday anyway, so you MUST sell it on Saturday in order to earn
the most money off of it. The frustrating part is that Nook will buy the fully
grown red turnip for 15-18,000 Bells. That's why only being able to buy one at
atime is so frustrating. And also, if there are days you know you won't be
able to play AC:WW, this is a waste of time and money on your part. I suggest
doing this only at the beginning of the game as a way to pay off your house
debt. The only other time you need a red turnip is to start the secret trading
quest amongst town visitors. Read the Special Visitors FAQ by pixelblues to
learn  more. Moving on, let's get to the nitty-gritty of this guide: white
turnips and their awesomeness.

White Turnips         [WHTT]

THIS is the real deal. No more picking fruit, selling fossils, or pawning 
furniture. Welcome to the main source of income for the rest of your virtual
life. Once again, these turnips can be bought from Joan for around 100 bells a
piece. Note that turnips must be bought in groups of 10. There is an unlimited
supply so buy as many as your greedy little heart desires. You probably want
to have a fully upgraded house to get as much money as possible in a short
period of time. If you don't have a mansion, you soon will once you start
investing in the "stalk market," as Nook calls it. Though most of Joan's white
turnip prices hover around 100 bells, the lowest I've ever seen is 90, and the
highest I've seen is 131. I suggest buying them at any price up until around
115 bells, because after that, you'll be risking it. Anyway, check Tom Nook's
turnip prices every day over the course of the week. As Migitoneo3 says in his
money guide,

"If you don't get a price that you would make a decent amount of money on by
Wednesday, sell on the next price that comes up that will get you your money
back.  If Nook at any time offers 30 bells more than what you bought them for,
sell.  It's worth it.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL SATURDAY TO SELL.  Why the urgency?
Like their red counterparts, white turnips spoil after Saturday."

Most of the time, Nook will buy white turnips for between 58-109 bells per
turnip. However, about once a week, white turnips will become in low supply
and high demand, and he will buy them for between 110-144 bells per turnip. It
is in this instance that you want to sell and watch the cash come flowing in.
In very rare cases, Nook will buy turnips past the 300 mark. Highest I've seen
in my town is 627 bells. I mean, come on! How insanely awesome is that!?!?
Granted, this happens maybe once every year, but still. If this happens,
preferably when Nook will buy turnips for 300+, take your town to the online
stalk market.

Stalk Market Online!  [ONLN]

If you want others to share in your good fortune, post your price on the boards
along with your friend code. If you're well known on the boards and have lots
of friends, just post something like "ATTN: Friends of (name): High Turnip
Prices!" Make sure that you check some of the older board posts regarding
brickers, hackers, and seeders to make sure your game stays in good condition.
Also, unless you're playing locally with friends that you actually know, you
may do well to charge an entrance fee. What this means is that other people who
visit your town have to pony up some of their cash to give to you. A good rule
of thumb is to charge by this formula: Take the price Nook is buying for.
Multiply it 100. Add 15,000 and round up to the nearest thousand. There ya go.
As a note, most local people (who you know) will let you in for cheap or free,
unless they're like me, and try to make as much money as possible off of
everything. Some websites, like Animal Crossing Community (ACC) actually ban
entrance fees, and you can get your account deleted if you charge one if you
go online through their site. As another note, if a seeder/bricker/hacker comes
to your town andmesses it up, SHUT OFF THE POWER IMMEDIATELY. This way whatever
they did will(hopefully) not save. Good luck with your turnips and the stalk

Unconfirmed Rumors    [UNCF]

Here is the most mysterious part about this guide: unconfirmed rumors. Mainly,
rumors about the stalk market that have been circulating around. I'll try to
confirm these rumors, though it is very likely that I won't be able to confirm
or disconfirm these rumors. On that note, let the questions begin!

Rumor: Tom Nook changes his prices after noon of every day.
Status: Confirmed. Most of the time, it's only a +/- 15 bell difference, but
        he does, in fact, change his prices at noon.

Rumor: Before Tom Nook offers 300+ bells for turnips, prices will decrease, and
       then suddenly increase two days before.
Status: Still Unconfirmed. Someone had asked me about this a while back, and I
        never really gave it much thought until I read Liquefy's FAQ. Liquefy
        analyzed four different "patterns," and from what I could see, he is
        right: prices will decrease for a few days, then occasionally spike and
        render some 300+ bell prices. Until I get more notification, or see
        this for myself, however, this rumor is still unconfirmed.
        *UPDATE* I have witnessed the "small-spike pattern," but I am still
        waiting for the "large-spike pattern."

Rumor: Turnips do not survive Time Traveling.
Status: Confirmed. One of my friends was willing to let me test this out, and
        this rumor is absolutely true. Turnips will spoil when TTing.

Rumor: Tom Nook will buy red turnips from you for different prices, even if
       they have been watered the same amount of times and you sell them to him
       on Saturday.
Status: Still unconfirmed. Most of the FAQs on here state that Tom Nook will
        buy fully grown red turnips for 15,000 bells, but my experience is that
        he buys them from me for 18,000 when I grow them. Interesting...

Rumor: If the 25th of December falls on a Sunday, Joan will give you a free
       pack of red turnips.
Status: Busted. There's no way that this could happen, and here's why. First of
        all, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or other religious holidays
        were never programmed into the game. Second of all, Joan NEVER gives
        away free turnips, neither red nor white. Lastly, this happened in
        2005, and nothing special happened with Joan on that day.

Rumor: You can control turnip prices with good "yellow" feng shui, Wishy the
       Star, lots of Bells in your account, Tom Nook fully upgraded, or a fully
       upgraded house.
Status: Busted. There is no known way to raise Tom Nook's prices for turnips.
        Someone had emailed me about feng shui, and although I did read the
        guide posted by pNin01, it appears that turnip prices are not affected
        by high feng shui. The rest of these are busted, for a better reason:
        The first day I played my game, Tom Nook bought turnips for 627 Bells
        apiece. I have never come close to that price again, and I have a fully
        upgraded house, fully upgraded Tom Nook, approximately 30 million
        Bells in my bank account, and I've gotten Wishy the Star about thirty
        times. So unless you have the ultimate feng shui, plus proof, this is
        a complete fallacy.

Rumor: If you TT to get 99,999 bells of interest in your bank account, the
       turnip prices for the rest of the time you play the game will not exceed
       100 bells.
Status: Confirmed. That same friend that I tried the TT turnips on let me do it
        again. Not only will Tom Nook's turnip prices cap out at 100 bells, but
        a Rafflesia, a big red flower, will spawn in your town, cockroaches
        will run rampant in your house, and weeds will cover every spot that
        they can possibly grow. Which brings us to our next section...

Cheating = Bad        [EBAD]

Okay, here is what annoys me. People should just be able to play this game with
minimal complaints and be happy with what they have. Uh uh. SOME people just
HAVE to have more bells than their neighbors, so they hack the game or they TT.
That, my friends, is cheating. I understand if you want to seed your own town
with flowers, trees, or something that won't actually effect you or others that
much. I can live with that. The problem is that some people just don't seem to
understand that, and instead flood the online community with literally millions
of bells. Take, for example, the "table trick." I am not going to explain how
to do this, but you can basically store turnips on tables so that they won't
spoil. This exploits a loop in the game's coding and defeats the purpose of the
stalk market. In real life, would turnips spoil if you put them on a table?
For those of you who don't know, yes, they would. Because this doesn't happen
in the game, the objective of the game (virtual life) has been defeated by this
one, simple glitch. Fortunately for the good, dedicated players, the
programmers took into account the issue of time traveling, and coded the game
so: 1. Turnips will spoil if you TT, and 2. If you change your in-game clock by
means of the telephone in your room, Joan will refuse to sell you any red
turnip seeds on Sundays. Take that, cheaters.

Contact Information   [CTCT]

The first thing I am going to say is this: NO SPAM, VIRUSES, FLAMING, TROJAN

Now then, e-mail me if: 
you have information that I overlooked.
you have constructive criticism or compliments.
you have worthwhile suggestions on what to include or not include.
you have information on the online stalk market that I forgot to mention.
you have questions about my guide or turnips in general.
you have found spelling or grammar errors.

Do NOT e-mail me if:
you have info in downloads. I don't trust them, and they will be deleted.
you have criticism that is not constructive.
the subject line is off-topic. Put something like "AC:WW Turnip Guide".
you want to go online with me. For all I know, you could be a deranged lunatic.

Any e-mail with downloads, blank or off topic subjects, online requests, or
hate mail/unconstructive criticism will be deleted on sight.

E-mail me at: miknayl AT gmail DOT com. Take out the AT and DOT and replace it
with @ and .

Credits and Thanks    [THNX]

-GameFAQs, SBAllen, and the rest of the mods, for hosting this guide and
 keeping things running smoothly.
-Migitoneo3, from whom I quoted his money guide.
-pixelblues, from whom I referenced the secret trading quest.
-My friend, Ryan H., for letting me test some unconfirmed rumors on his game.
-pNin01, for the amazing Feng Shui guide.
-DoL Lee, for the question on controlling turnip prices.
-Amy Shipley, for the Christmas turnip question.
-Me, miknayl, because I wrote this guide and because I can.
-Lastly, you, the reader, for taking the time to read this guide.

Legal Information     [LEGL]

This file may be reproduced for personal, private use only.  It may not be
placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without my advance
written permission.  If a site wishes to host this file, please contact me at
the e-mail address in the Contact Information section.  It is my right to
decide which sites may host my work.  Without my permission, hosting this FAQ
on any web site other than those listed below is prohibited and a violation of
copyright.  If I ask a site to remove the file and it does not comply, I will
ask once more.  If that request is ignored, I am prepared to take legal action.

The current sites that are permitted to host this FAQ are:


Sites wishing to use this file must not sell the guide or offer it as a free
bonus with something else.  The site may not edit the document in any form, no
matter how small.  E-mail me instead so I can make the necessary changes to my
master copy.

This entire document is copyright 2011, Kenny Creasy. All trademarks used
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with Nintendo in any way.