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My New Life - Review/Storymetal_conker10/10
A game that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.lufia228/10
If this kept me busy through the whole summer, I think it's good.Bass26010/10
It's a great game, but it still has flawsBlack_Cheese7/10
Be careful -- it's a Wild World out there!bluej339/10
Such A Wild World We Live In! - Animal Crossing: Wild WorldCCM308/10
The real reason why the chicken crossed the roadChocobahn9/10
Go Wild!crabbydude_119/10
Once Upon a Game...cream14710/10
It's the hard-knock life for us...discoinferno8410/10
Perfecting an already amazing gameEvan110910/10
Just Chillin...Galactus218/10
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boyGene Parmesan8/10
Welcome To Animal Corssinggk1289/10
ACWW = Fun!Hincra10/10
Life is Wildhorror_spooky8/10
Doesn't matter if you're under 10 or over 40. Absolute MUST buy for all DS owners.Kowbrainz9/10
An Old World With New OpportunitiesMallowNinja9/10
Story of my life.Malorkus9/10
A whole new world of Animal CrossingMario27410/10
You can fish, farm, collect--WE KNOW.meepcheese8/10
It's Your Life!NDS_Master9/10
This game is funPikachu3410/10
It's A Whole New World!Raditz_Mage8/10
Yardwork, Package Delivery, Home Decorating... Talk About Fun!Rottenwood8/10
Another new life? Thank you, Nintendo!ShadowGuardian99/10
Totakeke, Tom Nook, Kapp'n, Pelly, Phyllis and all your favourites are back for more!SharmHedgehog10/10
Okay so its a little bit better than real life.Soldier_0_Cross9/10
Here is a comprehensive review for AC:WW!SpiderMan410410/10
A fun game for all agesTheFanBoyDestroyer9/10
A fantastic game on multiplayer, though the online is butchered by hackersTheMadcapLaughs9/10

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An online game..with a passionA Friendly Cactus9/10
A fun game that quickly gets boring.BlizzardandBlaz7/10
Play it once, and you'll never stop.bookwormDS198710/10
The Addiction is Now in Your Pocketcali7279/10
Next Stop, ADDICTION!CatalystGuitar1810/10
The game that lives forever... now on the DS...ChiefLemon8/10
Prepare to lose your life.FlaminFro9/10
It's a Wonderful Life-in Animal Crossing:Wild WorldGamecube_Gamer8/10
A GCN classic, now portableGeek of Doom10/10
A good game, but I don't see what all the hype is about.iammaxhailme9/10
Animal Crossing returns, the addiction continues...IStormywatersI9/10
Never Ending Fun...Jammer1969/10
Handheld Love <3Jankers10/10
ACWW is like my virtual life.joaggie9/10
A game worth buying twice? Save yourself from doing it, only buy it once. =^_^=Justin_Grimm8/10
A second life!KirbyRx1328/10
Kinda like The Sims -- Yet a cuter, more touching game.KittyCat10319/10
Are you Sure this is a Game?Megamankid83/10
More than a just a remake.MetallicTreecko10/10
Great Game! Although It Could Have A Few Corrections...mysterydungeon09/10
It's not a poofy little girls game, really!Neogannonmaster10/10
The DS was made so others could play this game...Nintendo4eva928/10
Leik OMG!NokeoOTSS10/10
For those of you who are hoping for an amazing sequel, donít hold your breath.PrincessZelda847/10
Animal Crossing, on the go.RayUltimate10/10
WiFi is excellent, single player could be worked on thoughRiphamilton327/10
Life? After this, you can forget life!Sailorfan1310/10
All the fun plus more - and it's portable!Seagaia10/10
A great game but online has faults...Stevewins1238/10
Crap CrossingSuperGamecube645/10
If you thought the first one was good...supertails6110/10
Sorry, I can't go out on Saturday, I'll miss K.K Slider's concert at Brewsters coffee shop.the_jun9/10
What A Wild World It Is!Tuckendo9/10
Perfect DS game....No....VashYsk8/10
A review from the perspective of an Animal Crossing newbie.VGF9/10
Harmless addictionWist9/10
A fun game but not all that great online...ZabuzaR8/10

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