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Asked: 6 years ago

How do you get into world 4 or world 7?

We can get past world 3, but it goes to world 5 then. The same happens with world 7?

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From: cloudeoneon 6 years ago

Beat the boss with mini mario by body slaming them.

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To add the above, it wont work if you beat the boss and then "call" for a Mini mushroom in your items.

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ya, They are right. You beat the level 3 boss while mini (from start to finish) and then when you chase baby bowser out to the next world there will be a smaller passage and since you are mini then you go through the passage and you will be in level 4!

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I have two things. One : I think you can press the item button when you have mini mushroom right after you beat the boss, or two :you have to do it from start to finish. I did number two but it was medium not easy not hard but medium.

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