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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get to level 7-7?

I want to get to the big castle but I don't know how to get to the level 7-7 please help.

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From: Kraleck 5 years ago

Go to 7-6.

Head right through the opening area. You will find a couple of pipes with Piranha Plants, followed by a tilting toadstool with three Red Paratroopas to deal with. Leap up to the high ledge to reach the halfway point. Here's where the level splits for the Black Flag and Red Flag Goals.

You need to be Super, Fire, or Shell Mario here to bust bricks. Take out the top row and the two Green Paratroopas, followed by the lower row to reveal a vine that goes up to a new area. Jump onto the toadstool on the right, which will move across the large gap ahead, jumping to snag the first Star Coin while en route, reaching a pipe to go up. Red Flag Goal to 7-7.

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