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How do i get to the secerite exit in world 4-Ghost house?

I am trying to unlock everything in the game and i cant find the world 4 cannon, my friend told me there is a secret exit in 4-ghost house but i cant find it please help me.

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light_rock_zz answered:

Yes, your friend is right, there is a secret exit in the World 4 Ghost House.

This is taken directly from the Alternate Exits Guide, but tweaked a bit to make it more eye-pleasing, so all credit goes to Douggie:

W4-Ghost House -- W4-Cannon (Warp to World 7)
Requirement: Mini Mushroom

When you've reached the second section (by going through the first section all the way to the upper right and then enter the door), there's a switch all the way to the left. Jump on it and the red blocks appear (it helps to have the
Boo on the left so he doesn't disturb you). Go the right and jump up to the pipe above, but do NOT enter it. Instead jump on the pipe, then jump as high as you can (vertical), wall jump and jump all the way to the right. There's a
narrow path you can wall jump through above you. Do that and enter the door to go to last part of the stage with the red flag pole.
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