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How do I get to the canon on world 1?

On world one i need to get to the canon. Can someone tell me?

tristanjang asked for clarification:

Where excactly is the "room with various moving blocks and the second Star Coin"???

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romeo777 answered:

You need a blue shell for this one. In the room with various moving blocks and the second Star Coin, don't enter a door, because it will take you back to main area. Instead, go to upper right and press right on D-pad to go to a secret room. Become a Blue Shell Mario, break the bricks, enter a pipe to the right to exit. Now, move further to the red flagpole!
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1_Optimus_Prime answered:

To get to the cannon you must be shell mario. There are two green pipes in this level that shoot you up high. Go into the first one. The door you see at the right side is the room with "various moving blocks". In the room, go on to the platform with the door but to not go in the door. you will see two slowly moving blocks on your right. jump on the one on top, and walk right. in this secret place you need to break these blocks (do not go in the yellow pipe!)
Break the blocks and go into the green pipe, and then you will get the cannon!!
Good Luck!!
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gasolinecookie answered:

Just 2 more things I'd like to add to 1_Optimpus_Prime:1- the yellow pipe takes you out of the room, at the second green pipe cannon 2- when your in the secret room there's an invisible 1up block on the far left of the room (and about 5 invisible coin blocks next to it.)
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gasolinecookie answered:

Oh and 3- There,s only 1 slow moving block in the "various moving blocks" room.
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