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What is the best strategy for to get the last big coin in world 2-5?

I am having trouble getting to the last big coin in world 2-5. I can see it below the rocks when I am standing next to the flag pole but I can't figure out how to get down to it. Can any one out there help me please?

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untuxable answered:

yeah, this was a tricky one to figure out. There's a pipe that you travel through right before you head to the area with the flag. Beneath the pipe is the infamous mario quicksand which makes mario slowly sink into the ground. Here's what you need to do. You will notice that there is a grey block directly underneath the pipe on the right side. That block is background: you can walk right through it. Simply jump into the quicksand, and let yourself sink under until you can walk sideways and reach the background block. You will need to jump like crazy to reach the suface again though. Once you're to the next screen, fall down the blocks until you can get the coin. You can reach the flag via a one way platform near the pipe.
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Snoopy44291 answered:

The other guy is right but to make it a bit more clear,step on the blockhopper ( the blocks that jump and walk) and wait for it to jump, then its your turn to jump and get the coin.
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untuxable answered:

"The other guy"? you could atleast say my name, sheesh. lol.
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DarkMarth01 answered:

As you start to sink in the quicksand before the last pipe press a so that you can stay alive then carry on till you get into the last area. Then jump down the blocks and grab it. Climb back up and grab the flag. Simple!
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