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Asked: 6 years ago

How do i unlock the last background in the Blue Mushroom House?

I have unlocked and bought the first four backgrounds in the Blue Mushroom House. How do I unlock the last one, and what does it look like? Help?

Additional details - 5 years ago

Ok, I know how do get it, BUT WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE??????

Accepted Answer

From: pokemon8 5 years ago

It looks like Mario is standing there by a goomba & luigi Jumping over the pipe.

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You need to complete every level in the game and find all hidden exits. You also need all of the star coins to buy it.

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All star coins, which means all levels. Good luck!

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The fifth touch-screen background (Furthest to the left.) is the default one! The four furthest to the right must be purchased, but you can switch between those and your default background anytime you want in the blue mushroom house. If you are entering your 'Profile' and you see three stars by it, you know you have all five, and you've beaten the game completely. Hope this helped!

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to get the fith background,you need 1 every level cleared normal and serect exit 2 have every level that cost you 5 star coins bought and 3 have every other star coin some people use AR to get all star coin all levels finshed normal & sercet and all mushroom houses open. using AR works the best.

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