Question from Redhorn55

Asked: 5 years ago

World 7?

How can i get to 6 to 7 in world 7?

Please help?

Accepted Answer

From: Tsunao 5 years ago

To access World 7, defeat the boss in World 5 in Mini form.
To damage the boss in Mini form, use a Ground Pound.
Best to get a Minishroom from an Item House.

Same thing applies when going from World 2 → World 4.

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Submitted Answers


Uhhhh yo tsuano!in case you didnt notice, each warp cannon(those cannons you see around a world), send you exactly 3 worlds ahead. so simply go into world 4, take secret exit from ghost house, take warp cannon. congrats on getting to world 7, the easy way.

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